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Does Planete J, Village Bercy, Grand Libulu and Mayi Ya Pembe still exists ? Because I don't hear Congolese artists perform there anymore. Did the family of Sony Ecco Homo (RIP) sold Mayi Ya Pembe, after Sony's death ? Koffi Olomide used to perform often at Grand Libulu back in 2012. I remember alot of Congolese artists performing often at Village Bercy between 2000-2004 and at Planete J (2004-2005).

Congolese Music / Did Rice Matadien rejoin Wenge Maison Mere ?
« on: August 17, 2019, 13:12 »


Its the 2006  re-issue version of Kiki Touré’s music-label who brought the dvd back on the market.


I hope that he don’t delete is channel.

Congolese Music / General Defao rehearsing with his musicians
« on: August 15, 2019, 15:57 »

Nice to see Theo Mbala towards the end and also Montana Kamenga.


It looks like that the arrangement of the song Libala was inspired by songs of Big Stars, where they were starting some songs with sebene and playing sebene throught the verses .

Libala is for me the best song Reddy Amisi ever wrote. If he lived in France or the US he would get alot of respect for the songs he made about different subjects of life (Verite Kinuani, Bomengo ata Kala, Profitez, Ekomba, etc.)  and be a multimillionaire.

Reddy once releaved in an interview that the song came after a conservation with Didi Kinuani where they talked about the disadvantage and profits of a mariage and how a woman had to be, etc.. Reddy added in the same interview that Didi Kinuani sometimes jockes to him that he has to give him the royalties of the song, because he kind of co-writed the song.


the first cris is from this song

the last cris are from this song from 5:10 min

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