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JDL of Wenge BCBG on the keyboards and Depitsho on the animations .

This is a studio version, so I think that Depitsho sounded more horrible in the chorus during the concerts. They were lucky that Manda Chante joined, which made his voice covering that.

Jus d'Ete Mulopwe had a big potential to become one of the leaders of Wenge EL Paris after Marie Paul & Zing Zong. But Depitsho took that place in, since that he not returned with them to Kinshasa in 1993.

So sad that Kongolo Mobutu blocked them, otherwise the competition against Wenge Musica 4x4 would be more interesting and maybe like BCBG vs Maison Mere (98-02) but softer. The competition was really harsh in the beginning (1991-93). I remember alot of Wenge 4x4 fans coming to Hotel Intercontinental, wanting to beat them when they came for the first time in 1992. Wanting to force them to change their name of their band  instead of using the name Wenge. Or those funny interviews of Marie Paul against 4x4. They or people who were in their staff need to upload their rare VHS's of that time on YouTube to let people remember that era. The biggest event of Wenge El Paris was that at l'Esplanade de Palais du Peuple in '97 with Marie Paul being carried on a tshipoyi. Crazy that people forgot all those things in no time.

It smees that Wenge EL Paris wasn't a real band, but more a zong-zing band. With everyone doing his own things and teaming up sometimes for concerts. Kongolo's rage against Wenge 4x4 messed everything up, using them as his toys but Marie Paul who was looking for revenge and and very hungry to get the leadership of the 4th generation did not understand that. With them split in two camps and on the end being dumped like dirty garbage.


from 24:13 min people giving their opinion about Desi Mbwese's decision to launch his career in Kinshasa.
People of Kinshasa are sometimes very harsh with their reaction instead of encouraging him and giving good advice they starts to crack him down. Espcially that girl in the videoshop who had very hard words. It was very difficult for Paris/Brussels/London-based artitsts to start their in Kinshasa, having on the same time their family in Europe. Many tried, guys like Duc Herode Mandiangu, Damien Aziwa (who even divorced with his wife because of that), Colombani Wa Senga (R.I.P.), the list is long. The moment that he released his album Drapeau Blanc, was the same moment that Werrason released Kibuisa Mpimpa with alot of people waiting for Internet which came out in August 2001.

The only guys who succeed are Koffi Olomide, Felix Wazewka & Karmapa. Felix Wazekwa worked very hard to become the artitst who he is today day. He was supported by people of his area Matete, the Congolese press who voted him as revelation of the year '97 with his album Pauvre Mais and by artists like Papa Wemba, Madilu, Tabu Ley, Boziana Boziana, J.B. M'piana & Werrason who helped him and some sung with him in albums. But he succeed with his 5th album Signature. Koffi Olomide also had very long way, being helped by Fafa de Molokai, Rigo Star, Maika Munan, Josky Kiambukuta, Manu Lima, King Kester Emeneya, Papa Wemba, Zaiko Langa Langa, Langa Langa Stars and  Choc Stars on his albums. Looking for a way to get his succes of 1978 back and breaking through with Diva in 1985 and succeed with Dieu Voit Tout in 1987, after the unexpected flop of Ngobila in 1986. Karmapa was lucky that at the moment he came that nobody released an album with everybody being focused on the ngulu-affaire and that he producer Eric Lukasi had alot of connections. With big record labels like JPS & Sonodisc/Next Music (aka Sono) being closed, which made albums like Monde Arabe, Miracles and Et Apres delayed.  Karmapa came also with something different (Rumba), while Ndombolo was dominating the Congolese-music scene. His first album Je m'apelle toi was a huge succes, which created polemic against his former'friend Wazekwa and Tabu Ley calling him his heir


So Roga Roga will perform at Palais des Congres instead of Bataclan ? Was the boss of Bataclan scared for the combattans ?

Did they ever released the Ziggy-videoclips on DVD ? Because I can't find them in Paris & Brussels.

What made Wazekwa lose alot of Influence after the succes period of (2001-2010) ?

Congolese Music / Madilu's album 95 is so underrated
« on: March 14, 2018, 23:02 »

Is the beginning of Etage ya Suka plagiat from the folklore-band Mbonda Loningisa of 12 Balles and Isiro 1er, who had Kinshasa in their hands in the period of 1991-93 witht the animation swabiwutu. Or is that just music of the yaka-tribe. Becayse


This was the first concert without Adolphe Dominguez. This was a fara-fara against Quartier Latin Academia who was peforming at LSC the same day (30-12-2000)



Did Cindy Le Coeur use C4 or tia foin to have bigger tits and a bigger ass ? Because she was very skinny in the beginning.

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