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Congolese Music / Booklet: Papa Wemba - Molokai (1998)
« on: December 06, 2019, 11:48 »

Congolese Music / Booklet: Papa Wemba - Emotion (1995)
« on: December 06, 2019, 11:47 »

Congolese Music / Booklet: Papa Wemba - Le Voyageur
« on: December 06, 2019, 11:45 »


Why did Sunda Bass (RIP) and Alba Accompagnero not have songs on Internet ? Wasn't it unfair ? Because guys like Jules Kibens, Chai Ngenge and Rio Kazadi had songs in that album, while back in 1998 they still PPU-members  on the moment that Sunda Bass and Alba Accompagnero were already accepted as official members of Wenge BCBG and already touring with Blaise Bula, Titina, Burkina, JB and co to African countries. Were they punished or what ?

Congolese Music / RIP Ben Nyamabo (founder of Choc Stars)
« on: December 04, 2019, 16:47 »

He died today


from 15:34 min he said that he joined Blaise Bula.

from 17:02 min giving the reasons why he left Ponderation 8, saying that when they were about to perform he had always to hold clothes and Petit Reagan sending him to give water to the flowers (the way he said that was killing me). Also saying that he asked Reagan if he could borrow his shoes (aventurie hahaha) and Reagan then becoming mad and giving order to give water to the flowers.


It's so weird to see Oxygene performing Pepero with Sonor Digital, Ramatoulaye, Rav4, Juventus and Dido Senga. Also the fact that it was seen as a diss to Roga Roga. If it were musicians of Fally helping Ferre Gola or vice-versa, then they would have been fired or suspended for a long time. Musicians of Congo Brazza are very different than those of Congo Kinshasa who have all weird behaviour since the split of Wenge 4x4. I always agree with elders when they saw that Wenge came with a bad influence in the music of Congo which changed eveything.

Congolese Music / What is going wrong with Ado Yuhe's show
« on: November 23, 2019, 16:21 »
Last month, Ado Yuhe invited after interview comedian Siatula, all famous actors/comedians, dancers and former bandmembers of Quartier Latin, Victoria Eleison, Maison Mere and Wenge BCBG to come. Adding that he was looking for Beniko Popolipo. But until this day nobody came, only Abby Surya, Devos of groupe Evangeliste, Suzuki  and an actor who isn't really known. While before interviewing Koffi with Ingrid Kabongo and Popol Mopasula, we had every 2 day a new interview. Donors like Bernadette Masengu and other giving Ado money to let those based other French cities or Belgium come to Paris and sometimes even giving gift like we say with the interview of Aime Buanga who received some sneakers.

  What makes actors and musicians not wanting to go to Ado's show anymore ?

Congolese Music / Picture of Wenge BCBG at Bataclan (1998)
« on: November 20, 2019, 01:49 »

Looks like its from a cd-booklet. So means it  that the live-album of Wenge BCBG's concert at Le Bataclan exist ? But why did Simon then just upload the sound of the VHS-version that Ingenieur LZ uploaded on youtube on all digital platforms while the original cd of that concert exist ?

Hahaha look Nana standing there. How was it living with those musicians of Wenge 4x4 years long as only girl in the band after that Carine left ? Ekokota has to come to Ado Yuhe's show or that Ingrid Kabongo. What made him always hide from the media ? Last year I saw sapeur Norbat de Paris making a video with him, but he just used a tactic to make the video short, so that Norbat couldn't ask him questions.


from 3:26 min (I think that its is one of his best sebenes, but its so underrated).

It is btw the last album Popolipo recorded with Zaiko Familia Dei, he decided to stay in France after the tour and joined Quartier Latin some months later. According to Bebe Atalaku, they called Beniko when they were about to return back to Kinshasa and looking for him with Koffi then answering the phonecall, saying that Beniko left, that he will never play for them again calling their band "orchestre moko epola" hahahhahaha.

Congolese Music / Aliane Olomide celebrating her birthday
« on: November 16, 2019, 21:17 »


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