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Cindy is already 34 years old. Will we ever see Cindy having Africa in her control like Tshala Muana and Abeti Masikini did in the past. Peforming at Zenith, Olympia, Carnegie Hall, etc.

I can't forget the moment how my sister had something like WTF when saw that green dress that Cindy wore. Times are going so fast.

Congolese Music / Archive; Cindy Chante Koffi vol. 1 (2010)
« on: September 22, 2018, 15:48 »

She had to leave Koffi after Abacadabra or her first EP. Now she's already finsihed before having left Koffi. She's blind she doesn't know that Koffi is using her. The day she will discover it, it will be already to late.

Congolese Music / Melina Gola starting her music-carreer ?
« on: September 20, 2018, 21:40 »


Who played lead on Augustine ? Flamme or Japonais ? Because in Solola Bien US Studio, it's Japonais Maladi playing it with Werrason also mentioning his name (6.45 min). Or was the sebene of Augustine Japonais's creation with Flamme playing it in the album-version and adding his paritions, like he did on the generique of Solola Bien where the first part was Japonais's creation until the Chibida Bibiche-rap/animation.

1.50 min

I never saw Japonais playing Augustine in concerts it was always Flamme who was playing it until Japonais's departure.

Japonais on the rhytm-guitare and playing rhythm exactly how it was played on the cd-version.

Congolese Music / The way Marie Paul danced in the studio killed me
« on: September 19, 2018, 22:07 »

9.50 min and 11.14 min


I see that they changed the capacity of Zenith de Paris. From 1984 until 2013 it used to have the capacity of 6.283, but since 2013 it has 9.000 and they changed the name of Zenith de Paris in Zenith Paris "La Villette" and also it's logo. It will be a new challenge to fill Zenith the same for Bercy which has now 20.300 spectators while in the past it used to have 17.000.

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