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I didn't had the time to watch the video


Nouvelle Ecriture's arrival in Paris for Wemba's first Zentih. They performed the same day. Here you can see them rehearshing quickly with Maradona & Dezay who stayed in Europe. With Nouvelle Ecriture dancing on the new crie "yo bazo tinda yo", which was against Koffi Olomide. Koffi was attacking Papa Wemba alot in interviews, after that Wemba ancounced that he would perform at Zenith. With Koffi mocking him and saying that he could not fill that hall. So made that crie. There were rumors that Koffi was looking for ceased fire when he heard that crie, but the Nouvelle Ecriture-camp refused. Nouvelle Ecriture missed their flights two times. since there was someone who didn't want them to go at Zenith, but they made it on the end.

R.I.P. Iboss le Grand Mbati, Alpatshino & Mere Malou

Papa Wemba called performed at Zenith that day with Molokai, Les Quatro, Nouvelle Ecriture and Viva La Musica "Cours des Grands". It was a huge succes. Then started record Fula Ngenge and touring Europe. But the tour was not going very well due those polemic-videotapes Koffi made against Viva La Musica and everybody being focused on Werrason, JB Mpiana and Koffi Olomide whom the three albums were dominating Europe (Droit de Veto, Titanic & Force d'Intervention Rapide). So Wemba ended the tour earlier then planned and performed then on the 8.000 seats musichall Forest National in Brussels.

Was JB Mpiana's show in Abidjan the first concert where JB Mpiana started to get his own entrace ? Because Wenge BCBG was normally always starting his concerts with all the 4 singers (Blaise, JB, Alain & Aimelia) getting on stage with the sebene of Titanic.

Jb Mpiana's entrance

here are Blaise Bula, Aimelia Lias, Alain Mpela & Tutu Calugi singing Tchane before JB Mpiana's arrival on stage. Btw this is Blaise Bula's last concert with Wenge BCBG. Some weeks after that Wenge BCBG held a big show at l'Esplanade de Palais du Peuple, where many people saw Jules Kibens for the first time. Who became then a frst, after being a PPU/Pipiyu for many months with Rio, Chai & Heritier.

Their succes was in Abidjan was big. They went their 4 times in one year. I remember Ahmed Bakayoko going to Cotounou with his friends and collegues just to watch JB Mpiana performing there. This show was during the new eve of 1999 with their new album Titanic being number one there.


his voice is like Gentamicine of 1999-2002 and Tutu Calugi

Hahaha did this guy know that he was giving a shot-out to Bebe Ramazani (who was in the past close to JB Mpiana). He did that animation of Biscuit des Ecoliers who was animation for Papa Wemba's Nouvelle Ecriture.


I hope that someone would re-upload those rare Viva La Musica, Victoria Eleison, Isifi Melodia and Dr Nico's of Meni Massamba's channel back on youtube. They/We need to create a groupp of people who still have old VHS's of the 70's, 80's, 90's and early 2000 and upload them on YouTube and reupload if a channel gots deleted.


Rapha Bounzeki was so funny man (R.I.P.),

That day Papa Wemba invited Rapha Bounzeki, Petit Makambo, Sam Mangwana & Gatho Beevans for Viva La Musica's 18th Birthday.


The event was cancelled the same day in the early morning by the governor of Kinshasa Andre Kimbuta. Because according to him the police and soldiers they hired for that day could not control the big crowd, who would come that day, having already difficulties with the big events of JB and Werrason during their concerts there and their arrivals in Kinshasa after being months abroad. But what I don't understand is why he came with that the same day. Why didn't cancel that already on week  one week in advance. Was it just an excuse and were there things going on behind the scenes ? I remember how disappointed was in a interview with Mamy Ilela at home, saying that he prepared a special entrance with lions in the stadium and hired a helicopter for that day and that Maison Mere's entrance would have been like robots.


Here is Dindo Yogo (R.I.P.) talking about music and polictics problems in Congo DR. If the most bandleaders were thinking like him, then our music-scene would have been different.


Will Calugi not get problems with performing in Europe by rejoining Wenge BCBG ?


This was after that Shiro Vuemba, Alpha Kopeya & Zamuagana died in 1992 and start of 1993. During that time they were preparing Avis de Recherche.

(R.I.P.) Marie Mboyo, the day after that concert she went to join Quartier Latin.

i like the choreography at the start of the concert or that budza/mutuashi part when the girl dancers were dancing.

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