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Adolphe Dominguez & Wenge Tonya Tonya in Nsele preparing the videoclips of Jugement Dernier. It's crazy how Adolphe always have people in his band who are singing exactly like Didier Lacoste, Ferre Gola & Serge Mabiala. Jugement Dernier was like Adolphe last chance to go back on the top after those many departures and Mouna which reception was so/so due to the bad promotion and the many departures.

I think that I saw the first singer singing in Les Mineur de Quartier Latin. Also that girl who danced for Reddy in the Compteur a Zero-clips, I saw her in many videos of Koffi in 2007 & 2008.


with Burkina Faso Mboka Liya on the lead guitar


He reacted very strong against Bipoli who dissed him on the famous polemicvideo Vita-Imana and reacted against JB-fans who were angry against him because of being present on weddingparty of Amida Shartyr and Didi Kinuani. Claiming that he and people from the Bandundu-province had made a complot against JB Mpiana. Beside of that he talked about the Kora-awards claiming that it is a mafia, he also talked about the succes he got in Kikwit and Angola and his album Avatage ya Goal Average which would become Jour Le Plus Long. In the same video a there is a part that they are showing JB singing at FIKIN that he's married. He married then Sylvie Mulumba.

I don't believe Emeneya lol. Saying that he didn't knew that Amida used to be JB Mpiana's wife, while JB Mpiana always praised her in songs and Amida appeared sometimes on tv.


Elliot Mondombe reveals that Werrason did everything to recruit Manda Chante in Wenge Maison Mere. He also said that Adolphe Dominguez brought Shella Mputu to Maison Mere, but that Werrason refused him. Because he came like Didier Lacoste from Yolo, which made him think that they could in the future start a band with Dominguez.

In the same video he said that the song Nostaglie was orginally written by Do Akongo (ex'Quartier Latin-guitarist) and that Heritier Wantanabe had to sing the song by his own. But that Ferre Gola was against by Heritier singing that song byhimself on the day that they were recording that song. With them ending up to sing the song together.

I think that Ferre feared that the song would be a huge succes, boost Heritier more and have a bigger impact than his song Victime d'Amour.

Congolese Music / What did Fabregas say in this interview ?
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What did Fabregas say in this interview. I don't watch his interviews anymore since 2016 when started to clash artists and praise himself.


Koffi Olomide & Marie Paul are so funny hahahaha. From 4:23 min


With Wenge El Paris (Marie Paul, Depitcho,...), Maika Munan, Nyboma, Deese Mukangi & Djenna Mandako (R.I.P) of La Nouvelle Generation. Someone told to me that the song Djena Top Model from the Ngobila-album was dedication to her.


In this era when Bill Clinton Kalonji just started his solo-career, Cardozo Mwamba was doing his best to get Bill Clinton in Wenge BCBG, but he kept refusing. He was then calling himself the founder and leader of the 5th Generation.

You all know the interview Kakol made saying they didn't sacrifice ADT Yanki Mpuy and saying that if they wanted to sacrifice someone in the band then it would have been him or other musicians, but not staffmembers and giving then Zaiko as example. Claming that they sacrficed their guitarists. This made me think about the death of Blaise Kombo & the stroke Kusangila got.

The death of Blaise Kombo created alot of contreversy with almost everybody claiming that Wenge Musica sacrified their mi-solist. Rumors were spread in Kinshasa and two other musicians of Wenge would die very soon, which made Maradona leave Wenge 4x4 and Don Pierrot Mbonda being absent for some concerts. Alot of people started to hate Wenge for that and people didn't follow them anymore. But after their Europe-tour, people quickly forgot about that and they got then massive succes with them being the most popular band of Zaire until the split in 1991.

Kakol is lucky that Congolese people forget quickly and don't save archives. Otherwise they would quickly have made a video about it including Charly Mpaka Lingomba (ex'mbonda player of Maison Mere, nowadays Hertier's spokemen) claiming that they wanted sacrifice Patient Kusangila and Adolphe Dominguez talking admitting that JB & Werrason sacrificed Blaise Kombo

from 2:59 min

About Patient Kusangila. He joined Wenge Maison Mere in 1999 during their goodbye-concert at Palais des Sports. Which created alof of buzz, since that he came from Wenge BCBG. During his presentation at Palais des Sports and that one at Stade des Martyrs in 1999, they made a comedy about it with Werrason being an angel and saving him out of the Titanic. In 2000 Wenge Maison Mere got a crazy succes with their album Solola Bien and performed at a packed Stade des Martyrs (concert-correction), giving concerts with huge crowds in Kinshasa and went to Luanda where they performed in a packed Estadio da Cidadella. After that they went to Dundo in Angola and it's there where it went wrong. Kusangila got a stroke during the concert and almost died with newspapers in Kinshasa who were pro-JB, claiming that Werrason wanted to sacrifice Kusangila and some even writing that he died. Maison Mere went with Kusangila back to Kinshasa. Kusangila wasn't able anymore to talk and the half of his body was paralysed. Shortly after it rumors came out that it was a family-problem. Saying that Kusangila's dad wanted to sacrifice him so that he could reach another level in the job his was doing (he was a wealthy man).

from 3:51 min. Here's Werrason talking about it during a press-conference in London, which was made to promote his upcoming Bercy-show. In his version he said that Patient got the stroke during the soundcheck with him not being present and the musicians informing him when they wanted to pray, since that he was asking about him. His brother fr Patrice even asked him why he did that to Kusangila, which angered him. Before going to Brazzaville they informed him that Kusangila died in the hospital. Werrason went quickly to the hospital where he met Kusangila with him doing prayers. After that he met his bodyguards and sent them to the house of Kusangila's parents to create havoc. With his mother on the end admitting that it was because of his father. After that Werrason talked with the family about it in private. Then a bodyguard went to threaten Kusangila's father saying that they will burn his house if Patient Kusangila dies and the father assuring that Patient would stand up the next day. With Patient Kusangila being recovered the next day.  That was Werrason's version of the story. But Patient's story was totally different.

14 years later Patient Kusangila made an interview with Popol Mukelenge, Pitshou Laura Tendence, Nicole Vangu, Marc Tabu & Marlene Kassanga talking about it. from 37:37 min. Kusangila's version is so different then that of Werrason in 2000. He said that he did the first part of Wenge Maison Mere, playing those variety music (zouk, pop, etc.) like he used to do and talked with the public (attendence of more than 10.000 peoples) in Portugese. With some people informing Werrason in the hotel about it, claiming that he must be careful, since he could steal his fame. Then when the concert really started. Werrason sended guys to Patient to say that he had to leave the stage with Patient refusing and replying why, since that he didn't see anything he did wrong. Then after a moment he finally accepted it decided to give his guitar to another one. But then he was feeling an intense pain on the right side of his body and felt down on stage, losing his consciousness. After it he continued that version people told him who were present that day. Saying that Ferre, Wasenga Kipuni (R.I.P.) and Jus d'Ete Mulopwe brought him to the hospital by carring him on their backs. They informed Werrason about it with him replying heartless, he falls often down leave him that way. They tried to treat him in the hospital, but his situation getting worser and worser. They went to back to Luanda to look for specialists, since that Dundo was a village. With Kusangila getting in the intensive care and being in coma. Then he went out of his coma. With people saying that he had to return to Europebut others saying no. Giving the argument that he would die in the middle of the trip. Problems started with his family mixing in and saying that he had to return to Kinshasa. He went back to Kinshasa and started re-education, since that the right part of his body didn't react anymore. It took him almost 9 months. In meanthime in went to Brazzaville with Maison Mere, who went there to get plane to go to Europe for their Bercy-concert. But they left him then behind there and a ngulu then going with his passeport to Europe. After that he recovered and he went on his own to Europe. When he came in Europe, he made some check up in the Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels, but amazingly enough they found nothing in his body.


Congolese Music / (New) Kabuya - Lingala Facile
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