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I noticed that performing in Genève (Switserland), doesn’t have the same impact like it had in the 90s & 80s and DVD’s & VHS’s of concerts after 2000 are very rare to find on the market. Does it come because of the Congolese community in London getting bigger tHan them ? Back in the 80s and early 90s, Congolese artists were often bragging about performing in Genève and some dreaming about running away there. Because back in those years it was easier to get papers there than in France & Belgium.

Congolese Music / Is it true that Didier Ndenga died ?
« on: March 21, 2019, 15:51 »
The man who made the concept of the videoclips Ligne11, Mayi Ya Sika, Sous Sol, Techno Malewa, Suite & Fin, Nkunzi Lele, etc

Congolese Music / Koffi Olomide is free
« on: March 18, 2019, 13:14 »

I was saying it already to people weeks long, but they weren't believing me


Joss Diena, Cindy Le Coeur, Meje30, Mbetenge, Zobozi with journalist Djo K and his daugther Lisette Kabengele (who went to work later for Congopromotv). Lol the way Djo K was scared when Wazekwa came hahahahahahah


Biya Chante really sounds like Pepe Kalle on this album. I understand now why he was pissing Pepe Kalle off before joining Empire Bakuba.

I feel for Lofombo. He put alot of energy in this album and even paid some studio sessions with his own money, but didn't get anything in return. He wasn't able to promote this album in Kinshasa, because of not him not being able to return to Kinshasa and being forced to do some little jobs here and there and doing session work for other artists. Seeing then key-members like John Scot, Ile de Camboge and Teka Diobanza leaving his band for Quartier Latin and Maison Mere.


What made those in Kinshasa recorded albums Guerre de 100 Ans & Bana Congo so sound good like they were recorded in Europe compared to Sala Noki, Copinage & Amour Interdit who were also recorded in Kinshasa.

In an interview Defao made with Papy Gene he revealed that he brought Pecos to Paris to do the animations when he was about to mix the album Guerre de 100 Ans. So means it that Theo Mbala (who just left) did the original animations in both albums ? Is that also why they called Bana Congo vol. 1 made in America, because of them being at moment on tour in the US for 1 year. What is the reason that Theo Mbala decided to leave Big Stars. In interviews Theo never made it clear and he gives reasons that doesn't make sense. (for example saying that he left Defao for Bozi because of wanting to go to Europe while Bozi hadn't alot of succes like Defao at the moment when he joined Anti Choc and Defao was about to go on tour to the US).

Its a shame that they didn't had an official VHS with videoclips for Guerre de 100 Ans like they did for Tremblement de Terre. I hope that the bonus of Tremblement de Terre (when Defao praise Theo Mbala) will get uploaded one day. I wonder if mr Simon recorded at least one videoclip which he was often doing for his bands/solo artist for working for his label SIPE Production.


I never knew that they released a dvd of the Francophonie-festival at Stade des Martyrs. The producer must have lost alot of money by releasing that dvd. I remember the way the most people were against that concert, saying that it was legimitate Joseph Kabila's power. The festival was a big mess, Djo K claiming that Wenge Maison Mere stole their keyboard, people in the stadium complaining about the sound and wanting to enter the lawn but being forbidden by the presentators, King Kester Emeneya falling on stage, Zacharie Bababaswe accusing Jean Marie Kassamba for having stole the money who was meant to buy professional instruments in Europe claiming then that Kassamba rented the instruments from Brazzaville (meant for the Fespam-festival), Congolese bandleaders battling about performing first on stage (I know for what reason, must be something spiritual) and leaving then Stade des Martyrs which forced foreign artists like Petit Pays, Magic System, Meiway, etc. to perform in front of a empty Stade des Martyrs.


The famous concert in Germany where all ex'Quartier Latin were talking about in interviews. Lebou Kabuya disrespecting Rigo Star by not wanting to give him the lead-guitare which made him to play lead. The concert used to be on the youtube-channel of Pan African Music. I never understood why it got deleted. I remember that it the video was titled as "Bonne Annee '99", so means it that Droit de Veto was released early 1999 ? But I saw also a concert of Koffi Olomide in Brussels at Concert Noble on Cyprien Wetchi (I can't find the video) with Koffi Olomide wishing people happy new year(making then the mistake that he wants to hurt more people in 1999, but correcting it quickly lol) and Youyou Tchivundu and Zina Bilaho still being there.

Babia Ndonga already left here, hanging then around in Paris with his friends of Ndjili. Zina Bilaho, Rossette Kamono & Youyou Tshivundu also already left (They and Nono were wondering then how their lives would be after the tour, being scared to be fired because of all those tensions in the band).


after being arrested at the airport of Brussels when they came for the mixing of Techno Malewa (vol. 1). Because of getting a call from people that they brought ngulu's instead of musicians. Btw it was the trip when Chrisitan Bombolo (aka Christian Solo) decided to ran away and stay in Europe. Before that Papy Kakol made many interviews in Kinshasa, attacking Koffi Olomide and calling him Koko Ntiri Ntiri which made Koffi very furious in private. With Koffi deciding to sue him, so that they could arrest him nad humilate him, but it didn't happen.

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