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Was this generique recorded in Kinshasa or Paris ? I remember the press reporting that Koffi was reworking the generic of Danger de Mort, in the last days of their tour in Europe. Because he wasn't happy with the original generic and he didn't want the generic flop like those of Monde Arabe. But the crazy thing is that you can hear Brigade & Mukusa Ya Mbwa animating in that generic, while they were left behind in Kinshasa.

Congolese Music / Before Aliane Olomide we had Stephanie
« on: December 06, 2017, 17:34 »

Koffi Olomide dedicated many songs to her.


The time is going to fast. This concert was 2 months before Zenith '10. Werrason & Wenge Maison Mere were on fire with Techno Malewa vol. 1 and the new dances they created for Techno Malewa vol. 2 (alingi alela, mbelelele).

Also in this concert Didi Kinuani gave Werrason an ultimatum of 48h to go to Koffi's house an reconcile with him. With the public booing as reaction to Didi Kinuani's ultimatum. Werrason & Koffi Olomide started beefing against each other since 2002. It became worser after a short reconcilation during Maisha Parc in 2005, after that Ferre joined Quartier Latin. Badive wanted to organise a face-to-face concert in 2007, in Paris, but it got cancelled on the last minute. With Badive losing all his money and Werrason that he could not perform because of not receiving visa's, while it was because his fans refused and his staff intoxacting him that Koffi wanted to steal his fame through witchcraft.

In 2009 they were fighting about the dance Sima Ekoli. With the Werrason-camp claiming that they created that dance, which came from those coupe-decale groups from Brazzaville. With Koffi Olomide saying that they were the real creators, because they had atalaku Rossignol in their band who recreated that animation. But Koffi Olomide became quickly quiet when the problems about him and the French justice were known by the Congolese press. And the musicians of Maison Mere started then to mock him and started to call him Franc Congolais(which is the money they use in Congo), since that he was going to Europe anymore. With his single Skol Mandramanda being a flop and people wondering if this was not finally the end of his career.



Is it true that the song Ntima Mbote was meant for Werrason's wife Sylvie Masaki "aka Sydegie Mampata" instead of Nakoyamba yo ? But that Annie Ntimambote gave Werrason alot money to have a song on the Kibuisa Mpimpa-album, which made Werrason dedicate the song to her instead of his wife. And Werrason then quickly recording Nakoyamba Yo on the last minute for his wife, since that they had relationship problems.


You can see and feel Fally's anger in the way he's talking and acting, then Gypson taking over who's so happy to sing the song of his "mpangi" and Mirage Supersonic killing it.


Adolphe Dominguez messing the duet up by doing unnecessary mabanga's.


Bizima Kondos was in the past atalaku in Wenge El Paris (1997-2003). He joined Wenge El Paris when they were looking for new atalaku's, since that the animation of Le Monde envers "Armageddon"-album was weak. The succes of Couvre Feu made ACMCO vote him as best of the year in 1998. On the end of 1999 he joined Quartier Latin in the hope to be selected for the Bercy-concert. But he was left behind and decided then to return to Wenge El Paris, where he made his comeback at YMCA  (the famous fara-fara concert against Wenge Maison Mere). On the end of 2000 Wenge El Paris got finally their visa's and back to Europe after 7 years absence there. Bizima then animated on KO Debout "Carte Jaune" (2001), which was recorded in Kinshasa and Eboulement (2002). After that he joined Papa Wemba's Viva Tendance in 2003 with other Wenge El Paris-members (Celezino, Pitshou Santiango & Patou Bofosa).


Les Maquis first concert in LSC (August 2004)

Did Les Marquis had a proper presentation concert of Miracles in Paris, before Ferre's & Bill Clinton's departure to Kinshasa ? Because I did notice nothing about it in the time of the release of their album in December 2004 to their return in February 2005. Werrason really dominated them with the release of Alerte Generale and his quick atterisage force in LSC during christmas 2004.

Congolese Music / Is it true that they arrested Ferre Gola ?
« on: November 21, 2017, 18:19 »
Is it true that they arrested Ferre Gola ? Because almost every Congolese Facebook it's saying it.

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