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Congolese Music / Is it true that ADT Yanki Mpuy died ?
« on: July 22, 2018, 08:59 »
Is it true that ADT Yanki Mpuy died ?

I heard that Shesko l'Emeraude also left Fally's musiclabel and music collectiv F-Victeam. Is that true ?

Shesko is that guy of that new generation before Naza & Keblack, who had some succes in the African-Francophone diaspora in France, Belgium and the rest of Europe along with the group Shakalewa (ex'member of Jessy Matador's Selesao), which doesn't exist anymore.If they were more patient they could have been on the same level with Naza & Keblack. Can't find other songs of Shesko, smees that his ex'label Banger Studio deleted all his songs.

Congolese Music / Doudou Copa - Loba (Clips Officiel)
« on: July 20, 2018, 00:45 »


Both JB & Fally-fans and cleboa want to create polemique by claiming that Fally wanted to say JB with Mbwa-Tatu.

Congolese Music / Heritier Watanabe will perform in Abidjan
« on: July 13, 2018, 07:45 »

Congolese Music / Archive; Making of Chaise Electrique
« on: July 12, 2018, 18:02 »

I wonder which language they talked, because back in those days Fally didn't really talk English.

I remember how alot people in Paris, Brussels & Kinshasa couldn't believe their eyes with Fally singing with not long after that fans of Ferre saying "She's finished and 50 Cent fired. Saying that he had to do a collaboration with Keshia Cole, Rihanna or Keri Hilson . So that he can earn respect from them hahahaha".  This song and the song Sexy Dance with Krys opened many horizon's for Fally Ipupa. The album Arsenal des Belles Melodies was already finished in the summer of 2008, but David Monsoh wanted to have featerings in that album for commercial reasons, which delayed the release of the album to 2009 with Fally recording also Bicarbonate on the last minute in Kinshasa. It has been reported that the album is the first Congolese album to become a Platinum record in France (2011). The album it self was certificated as a gold record, for selling 50.000 copies in one week, which was then a record. But this all is contested with people discovering that SACEM doesn't recognize any gold record of Congolese artists.

Congolese Music / So there was a fara-fara in Paris ?
« on: July 11, 2018, 17:48 »


Lol I didn't knew that Vieux Poly used to smoke cigarettes.

Papa Wemba, Pepe Felly Manuaku, Nyoka Longo, Evoloko Lay & Mavuela Somo rehearsing in Nsele along with the musicians of Zaiko for the 18th birthday which took place at Salle des Congres of Palais du Peuple. It would have been more special if Gina Efonge & Bozi Boziana were also present. The full concert of Zaiko's 18th birthday used to be on youtube, but they deleted it. Till this day I don't understand why Nono Monzuluku and Bebe Atalaku didn't participate to that party, what was the reason ? 5 months after that concert Zaiko would split. With Bimi Ombale refusing to wear those Skol uniforms, you could feel that their were tensions in the band. Beniko Popolipo would already leave Zaiko after that concert and join Monza 1er's band Stars Magnats and JP Buse would also leave some weeks later.

Congolese Music / Academia Quartier Latin live in Paris
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:47 »

Congolese Music / This video was so funny
« on: July 10, 2018, 15:19 »

The way Werrason walks hahahaha. I think that Ekokota smoked alot that day.


Roi David's first concert in Europe, after missing out on the two LSC concerts at Christmas.

Times are going fast. It's now 5 years that Ferre released his 3th solo album Boite Noire on the market. It was released in 2013 on the 19th July.

I remember back in 2010 that Ferre said in many interviews that he was preparing a group-album with him giving musicians like Guy Gola, Marcahouse, Charly Solo, Chikito and Nicodeme Kanday the chance to release songs. When I heard that I was so happy. Back in those days wasn't liking Fally and was always attacking Fally's fans that their musicians aren't known and that Ferre would pass him soon, like Werrason pass JB Mpiana. Then Ferre changed his mind and decided that Boite Noire would become a solo album and made it clear in some interviews in 2011 and ancoucing a featering with Celine Dio. Then he was teasing us with Kiti Ya Libaya in concerts and sebene. I was really liking the duo of Kunzardo (who was remining me Celeo) and the then newly recruited Bercy who came from Wazekwa's band with the new sebene-partition of Charly Solo (not knowing that he would play sebene of the same style 5 years long) and couldn't then wait for the generique.

Then when people started to focus on the combattans-phenomenon and the presidential-elections, Ferre Gola was invited to perform at Trophee des Arts-Afro Caraibeens. I was surpised to see Ferre there and I was also happy, thinking that he was on his way to make his name known in the French/African-Diaspora showbizz. The same day ahe posted a picture with Orphelie Winter with me thinking that he would have a featering with her.

Then the next day Vasco Mabiala claimed that Ferre won Best Clip & Best song for Zazou and the trophies Best Singer of Central Africa and Best Male singer of Africa, while he didn't won those trophees and those categories didn't even exist on the Trophee des Arts-Afro Caraibeens. But it didn't create controversial since that people didn't really pay attention those awards.

In December 2011, Ferre released the Avant-Gout, which had to give people some foretaste of Boite Noire. Coming with slogans like "Toko mema bango likolo", "2eme Monde" and himself getting the nickname "Phantome" The EP was a huge succes with the rumba's Porte Monnaie & Leke Leke and the coupe-decale song Tshekele Pete featering Phil Darwin (French comedian). Tshekele Pete was number 1 for some weeks on Trace Urban. Porte Monnaie used to be a favorite rumba then. Koffi Olomide praised him on tv for that song. The same month he gave a succesfull concert in Abidjan. Avant-Gout made me except alot of Boite Noire, thinking that it would become the best album of the 5th generation and a classic one.

After spending months abroad Ferre returned in Kinshasa giving a big vip-concert at Grand Hotel de Kinshasa, called soiree Porte Monnaie.

The same year Ferre Gola came with the concept "Nuits des Oeuves", which was to honor Pepe Kalle, Carlyto Lassa, Madilu and many other legends with Celeo Scram being invited. It was one of the musical highlights of 2012 in DR Congo.

In October 2012 Fally Ipupa anncounced that he would release Power 'Aller-Retour' (which had to be a double album. A World-version and a Rumba version) on his birthday the 14th December. Then suddenly some days after it Ferre posted on his facebook a poster which made clear that Boite Noire would be released on the 15th December. Like Qui est Derriere Toi, the poster was scary with everybody talking about it. On the end both days didn't release their albums.

After many negotiations with the commbattans. Ferre Gola gave a acoustique-showcase in Paris with some of those combattans being present. After the show Ferre made an interview with Mamie Ilela giving the reasons why they still didn't release Boite Noire, saying that he sung about different subjects, which made me think that he would come with strong songs about the society like Reddy. He also talked about that acoustic-show, the death of his female dancer Vicky Leta and in the same interview he attacked Werrason. Saying that there are only three artists who give expensive in Kinshasa with people coming and there are some who are only giving public-rehearsals (repetition sur repetition). Which made clear that things weren't going well between him and Werrason. In the same interview he said that he, JB Mpiana, Koffi Olomide and Fally Ipupa (calling him masta na nga Fally, which suprised people) are the only artists where from their rumba's are succes. Saying that the rest doesn't have rumba's only seben (Le reste oyo batikali baza na ba rumba te. Kaka seben na seben. Tour oyo toko kende na bango likolo).

The cd & dvd of the acoustic-showcase would be released and sold like a studio-album. For me it's the best acoustic-concert ever. In those days I was liking acoustic-concerts and songs.

Shortly after that a satanic video was released to announce Boite-Noire, which scared alot people. But people forgot quickly about it.

On the 7th April 2013, Fally Ipupa released his album Power. Alot people were dissapointed including me. With me saying in those days calling it the worst album ever in the history of Congolese music, saying how someone could record a bad album like that. Ndombolhino said then that Fally Ipupa was suffering of depression. Ferre Gola's staff was happy and partying on facebook and instagram, screaming "to gagner!!!". Which gave me the fealing that Boite Noire would be magic. It me 4, 3 months to like Power and quickly changed my mind about that album hahaha.

On the 21th June 2013 Primus invited several artists to perform at Stade des Martyrs (Werrason, JB Mpiana, Zaiko, Blaise Bula, Reddy Amisi, Ferre Gola) to celebrate their 90th anniversary. But something went wrong on the background between Ferre & Werra with Werrason wanting to prove Ferre a point and ordering to his fans to bring whistles. There are rumors that Werrason & JB had to perform as the last artists, but that Werrason talked to the officials to change the program and him before just before Ferre, which also happened. When Werrason finished his show he orderned to his fans to whistle on their whistles with them all leaving the stadium and Ferre perfoming in front of a small crowd, which angered him.

So the next day Ferre made an interview with Mamie Ilela with him and his musicians attacking Werrason.

Werrason and his staff were all angry about that and the next day Sankara & Papy Kakol attacking Ferre Gola on tv with Sankara calling him "Tilapia" and threaten Primus to leave, saying that they had the choice between Werrason or Ferre. With Papy Kakol ordering Maison Mere-fans the "Operation chasse a l'Homme". Saying that if they see a musician Ferre, they have to attack them, which gave Marcahouse, Bercy, Chikito and Nicodeme a hardtime.

1 year long both camps would attack each other with Ferre having the camp of Nicodeme, Marcahouse, Chikito and Bercy (Fantastic Four) to attack Werrason and Marcahouse even finishing Sankara with him cutting his dreadlocks and Marcahouse being rewarded with a car from Ferre's donor Costa Couleur.

On 30th June 2013, Ferre Gola release the generique of Boite Noire. In the beginning it dissapointed everybody with everybody asking themselves how they could a record a bad generique like that. But after 2 weeks peoples started changing their minds and suddenly it became a huge succes. It was my favorite generique. With the slogan "Sango Naye Epanzani" also being a succes. People said that Ferre was mocking Fally with that slogan about becoming bisexual to get fame.

On 19th July Boite Noire vol. 1 & 2 were finally released. With the album solding 10.000 copies in 5 hours with in France, Belgium, Switerland and Canada the albums being n. 1 & 2 on Itunes. It's said that the album became gold in France two years later, but with SACEM not recogizne any Congolese artist having a gold album, I'm starting to doubt about it.

The album gives me memories about "ba cheris ya Paris" if I listen to Eyindaka Mab  and also Kinshasa if i listen to Match Kwata (even if I don't really like the arrangements of the songs, but the lyrics is good). Aaah Kin... I need to return.

The album was a succes and the generique Kimbobanda became later on a bigger succes than the main generique. Ferre toured in some african countries and was invited for the Femua-festival in Abidjan, being interviewed there by CNN. He appeared in many magazines in France. A week after the release of Boite Noire he performed in front a huge crowed at FIKIN. Which was also the last FIKIN with huge crowd in concerts and the first one without involement of Primus and Skol. The same year he gave a concert at Grand Hotel to present his album.

I like Coureur de Juppon, but Kirikou messed that generique up. My favorite songs of that album were Vive les Maries, Eyindaka Mabe, Pakadjuma, Likata, Echebi, Kiti Ya Libaya and Chichiwash were my favorites and I like those songs from day 1.  But I was on some way very dissapointed with the album. Because I except alot, because of Avant Gout and the noise Ferre, his musicians and spokemen were making in the media and facebook, also the fact that it was like alot songs were sounding the made with that acoustic-guitar and alot of songs were about sex, while he said that he wouldn't sing about that in Boite Noire. The album made me hate acoustic guitars after hearing it months long. I prefer Power over Boite Noire, like almost every song in that album. About the clips he really killed Fally in that department. The clips were excellent. The best clips are Mere Chef and Pakadjuma. The clips were released on DVD in the summer of 2014.

Boite Noire made Ferre finally be respected in the departement of recorded generiques. Because before that people were attacking him about that. The succs made him have concerts everywhere with Primus contacting him to record an EP for them for the summer. But the sad thing is that Werra's camp (donors, staff)  felt really humilated how he attacked them and they were preparing a big mission against him. It started with the recruiment of Arnacle R. Kelly who was fired by Ferre with a female dancer following him. Then they started to contact all key-members of Ferre's band (Nicodem, Chikito, Echappe, Kunzardo, Charly Solo & Marcahouse). Nicodeme accepted the offer and then Bercy followed who left Ferre 2 months after the release of Boite Noire. Some members were doubting about the offer, but  Chikito acceped it and decided to leave Ferre's house where he was living and he was then spotted with Sankara & Kakol, but he was on some point not accepted by some people who have to accept you before you had to do the public-test with Chikito going to Angola having some concerts there who were mpiaka and planning a to record an album Grimoire who was never released. People thought that Kunzardo would join Werrason after he left Ferre, but it didn't happen with him then becoming a brother in christ.

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