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the former-members of the Zaiko-generation of 1971-1974 gained alot of money by making reunion-albums and concerts in the '80s and '90s.

Congolese Music / This guy is so jealous of Fally's succes
« on: October 12, 2017, 20:29 »

Congolese Music / Archive; Fabregas in the Amour Amour-era
« on: October 11, 2017, 00:57 »
The time is going fast

Here recoring the album with Michel Bass, Kimbangu Solo, Leny Bidens and Yron Douds

After the succes of Fally Ipupa's featering with J. Marints, Fabregas wanted also to record a song with a Nigerian artist and he decided to invite Chriscent to his album. The videoclip of that song was never released.

the one of the two generique's of Amour Amour

In order to promote his album Fabregas went to several nightsclubs of Paris, Laussane & Bruxelles. I this video he was invited in Laussane for Bal des V.I.P. organised by BB Jitrois who was then working as dj in that nigthclub

Publicomstudio was promoting Amour Amour before and after the release very hard on the then only two of the three Congolese diaspora website Congomikili and Congonumberone with the manuqette of the song Ya Boye Ezala te

His album was not a succes in Europe with people saying that he must return to Kinshasa to promote it there, but he couldn't since that he hadn't the papers yet. He tried then to perform at Bataclan in Paris. But the concert was cancelled by the combattans. So he started to give showcase

Here he gave an acoustic showcase in Lyon

After getting his European papers he went to Angola where he performed with Leny Bidens's band.

After some concerts in Luanda, he went to record a generic there. For the deluxe version of Amour Amour. In order to promote his album in Kinshasa.

During that time people were complaining that Nigerian music was taking over in Kinshasa and guys from the 3d Generation saying that guys from the 5th generation were nothing because they didn't invite a new style. Which motivated Leny Bidens and Fabregas to chance the Ndombolo-generic in to a Techno/Ndombolo Generique.

In Mars 2013, he finally returned to Kinshasa and perform at Hotel du Fleuve. Which was not packed and Sankara starting to insult him on tv.

During the time he was in Kinshasa to recorded a videoclip for the song Bolole. Where you can see the journalist Carine Mokonzi. He promoted the song on various tv-channels of Kinshasa. The song was well received and got Koffi Olomide's attention. Koffi Olomide who had plans to start a new recordlabel contacted then Fabregas. And Fabregas came to his house where they made pictures, who led to some controversies. With people claiming that they were gay.

Fabregas decided then to leave Publicomstudio, which made Leny Bidens very angry and decided to join Koffi's recordlabel Koffi Central, where he didn't signed a contract yet. He started then to make various interviews explaining why he choose Koffi as his new mentor and on some point he was even claiming that he was a non-official member of Quartier Latin. With people saying that Fabregas killed his career by joining Koffi Olomide

Later on Publicomstudio released the videoclip of Formule, which was also well received.

After getting Fabregas on his label. Koffi Olomide decided to organise a concert for him at Grand Hotel de Kinshasa.

Many people forget that Koffi Olomide and Fabregas both announced that next the song Manioko Frites, he Fabregas would feature on a generic, where would be the atalaku animate the Congolese version of Bela. But that generic was never released.

I always tought that Weah didn't like Koffi. Because in the '90s rumours were spread in the African press that Koffi slept with his ex'wife.


Fally Ipupa's first concert as solo artist performing at GHK. Koffi Olomide was performing at FIKIN and waiting for Fally Ipupa. Who during that time didn't officialy anncounced his departure from Quartier Latin.

Congolese Music / Which disstrack against Koffi was better ?
« on: October 02, 2017, 18:04 »

Zaiko reacting very hard against Koffi' rond point song. What was the story that Mercedes-key story about?


When Maison Mere anncounced their concert at FIKIN and that BCBG released their new album Internet (August 2001). With Sankara de Nkuta & King Tekila attacking Wenge BCBG and Seguin reacting against them on his own way with Chai Ngenge promoting his song Duo de Paris.


With the famous dance "Nkila Mogrosso", who was forbidden for some months after this concert. Nkila Mogrosso ont dethroned the Koyimbi-Ko dance in Kinhsasa. In this they gave some preview of the Somo-Trop album by playing songs like St Jean Mbelekete, Lamentation & Sodome et Gomorrhe (who was orignally dedicated to Geneve)


During the time that they were preparing their first Zenith & recording Papa Wemba's solo album Fula Ngenge.

The title is wrong because Nouvèlle Ecriture did already exist since 1996.

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