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Zaiko Langa Langa rehearsing in Kinshasa at Bar Kimpwanza. This was some days before that they went on tour in Europe. During that time did his best to return in Europe after 3 years of absence. Because Koffi Olomide was mocking them that they are a local band, who he was only performing for Congolese people. While he sold out Olympia & Zenith,which was pissing of Nyoka Longo. The thing which made it worser was the release of the Droit de Veto-album in Decembre 1998, where Koffi Olomide was mocking Zaiko in the song Rond Point. Rond Point means rondabout in French. With Rond Point, Koffi refered to the Rond-Point Kimpwanza in Kinshasa, where they Zaiko was rehearsing and performing every week. Nyoka Longo would react strongly with generique Proverbs 22:1, calling Koffi "Antoine Missisa".  From 1:08:36 min a journalist pissed atalaku Doudou Adoula off by saying indireclty that Koffi said that they are local and he international. With Doudou reacting that if you are performing in France, that French people have to watch you. And that if Zaiko performs in Europe that white people and black people watchs them, but other artists perform only with black people are spectators.

This was some days after the split with Meridjo "Machine Ya Kauka", Oncle Bapius Muaka, Modeste Modikilo and administrator Mosain Malanda who went to form Zaiko Universal.

This is the worst ndombolo-album ever. The generic was huge succes and made them tour in many African countries. This band wasa mix of artists from DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville & the Central African Republic. This was their second album. The first album was Nono Manzanza's solo album, who left them after the first album and started a solo carreer, doing session work for various artists (Wazekwa in Bonjour Monsieur, Defao in Nessy de London, Aurlus Mabele in Dossier X, Rigo Star in Formule 1, Awilo Longomba, etc.)

One of the singers, Top Frisson One is known for doing some animations in the song "On Dit Quoi" of Zouk-singer Kaysha.


Bendoson is really killing Viva La Musica.


hahaha the way mboshi dissed Koffi in the beginning


from 2:47 min

from 2:16 min

Mille Soucis was recorded in 1982, when he made his comeback as an artist after not finding work in Zaire. It was recorded with Viva La Musica

Congolese Music / Extra Musica back in Europe after 17 years
« on: February 12, 2018, 05:18 »


Will the families who lost their members accept it ? Doe people who don't know it, in 2003 Koffi Olomide peformed in the Stade d'Amitie-stadium of Cotounou, where 17 people lost their lives and more than 50 got hurt. It created alot of contreverse at that time. Because he didn't made any statement at that moment. It became worser when he was invited at RFI by Claudy Siar, where he was bragging how he filled that stadium. With people calling him inhuman. It led to a boycott of Congolese music in various West-African countries and with the coupe-decale hype getting bigger. Since that they decided to stop to support "forgein" music and promoting their own music more. Koffi Olomide asked 6 months after that forgiviness, but it was already to late. Nobody filled that stadium again since that day.


Congolese Music / Didier Lacoste singing with Zulema
« on: February 04, 2018, 00:22 »


We all know that Djodjo Ngonda is a song credited to Maitre Fi-Carre Mwamba, who decided to follow J.B. M'piana in Wenge BCBG. But what made Wenge Maison Mere always perform the song Djodjo Ngonda in concerts before the release of Force d'Intervetion Rapide. Came the song from Werrason or was Djodjo Ngonda a fan of Werrason ? Btw the song doesn't make any sens if you listen to the vocals.

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