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Franco had become the OKJ leader after Vicky left OKJ in 1960 for Africa Jazz of Grand Kalle. He would be the leader in 1961. However, Vicky decided to return to OKJ in 1963. From there, Franco and Vicky were a force of nature together under the OK Jazz banter. Franco and Vicky would be great when they did their duets together. It was in great harmony. Franco was the second voice singer while Vicky was the first voice singer. Franco and Vicky would hang out and go to events. By this period, Vicky would be vice-president and Franco was president. Franco was younger than Vicky Longomba but thanks to Vicky's departure in 1960, Franco would be the sole leader of OKJ.

Franco and Vicky's relationship would go to a downhill in 1970. Why? According to World Service Fan (a African/Latin Blog), it was Simaro who played a role by bringing back Kwamy. Since Franco allowed Kwamy's return in OKJ, then Vicky would be angry and let to a fallout with Franco and Vicky left officially in 1971 to form a short formed band Lovy du Zaire. Kwamy would leave OKJ around 1972 and 1973 period before he would end his music career with Tabu Ley.

I got the impression that Vicky and Simaro were never friends. They seemed to just learn to tolerate each other for Franco's sake. At the end, Simaro won and his moves would get him to be Vice President of OKJ.

Koffi Olomide is having another controversy coming towards. Apparently there is one man who claims to be his son. He wants the government to help him get a test to prove that he is the son of Koffi Olomide. He calls himself Antonie Banabo. Here is the videos of him.

Koffi Olomide has responded to him in this video. He says that Banabo should ask his mother. Apparently he mentions Papa Wemba SMH.

Banabo has responded to Koffi.

There is one person who attacked Koffi about this. That is former dancer Nono Ba Diamant. Here is her take

What do you guys think?

Congolese Music / Franco MASSU (lyrics to English) 1986
« on: June 30, 2020, 01:30 »
Franco's song Massu

I am not perfect with Lingala but I got most it so I will try my best as I can.


Jolie Detta's vocal solo one (repeated)
Massu azalaki kotambola ehh (Massu, she was walking)
Tozalaki na misato na gout (It was three of us with taste)
Toyebanaki na masolo ya mokili (We were known in world's stories)
Tokabwanaki pona nini ehh (Why we separated)

Jolie Detta's harmony with Franco (repeated)
Matongi, eleka biso na mbeka (Slander, It passes us from a sacrifice)

Jolie Detta's vocal solo two (repeated)
Eloko ebomaki kicomrade (Something killing friendship)
Kaka Songi Songi Soki Nazwa ngai moto (Only gossip when myself gets a individual)
Eloko ebomaki kicomrade (Something killing friendship)
Kaka Songi Songi Soki Nazwa ngai moto (Only gossip when myself gets a individual)
Akotuna ngai, apesa ngai nini (She will ask me, what does he give me)
Akotuna ngai, lobi nalambaki nini (She will ask me, what did I cook yesterday)
Akotuna ngai, lobi nalataki nini (She will ask me, what did I wear yesterday)
Akotuna ngai, kolula mobali ya nini (She will ask me, what man will I desire)
Massu, tala kaka moto okotonga (Massu, only look at the person you are connecting which is used in this context of mockery)

Jolie Detta's vocal solo three 
Massu, tozalaki kotambola na yo (Massu, we were walking)
Evandele ngai na makambo (It sits me with problems)
Makambo ezanga moto na makolo (Problems don't lack a person with legs)
Okumisa ngai mwasi ya nganda (You honor me as a bar woman)
Massu, tala kaka moto okotonga (Massu, only look at the person you are connecting which is used in this context of mockery)

Jolie Detta's vocal solo four
Massu, tozalaki kotambola na yo (Massu, we were walking)
Evandele ngai na makambo (It sits me with problems)
Makambo ezanga moto na makolo (Problems don't lack a person with legs)
Okumisa ngai mwasi ya nganda (You honor me as a bar woman)
Massu, tala kaka moto okofinga (Massu, only look at the person you are insulting)

Jolie Detta's vocal solo two (repeated)
Eloko ebomaki kicomrade (Something killing friendship)
Kaka makambo ya motindo eyi (Only problems of the manner coming)
Eloko ebomaki kicomrade (Something killing friendship)
Kaka makambo ya motindo eyi (Only problems of the manner coming)
Otonga moto, otia ngai na kati (You connect a person which is used in this context of mockery, you put me in)
Ofinga moto, otia ngai na kati (You insult someone, you put me in)
Koseka moto, kombo na ngai na kati (To mock someone, my name is in)
Soki batuni yo, opanzi ngai na yo na nganda (If they ask you, you spread yourself from me in a bar)
Massu, tala kaka moto okotonga (Massu, only look at the person you are connecting which is used in this context of mockery)


Good video but I wish Werrason would not use Autotune. Regardless, it is a good song. Good singers. One of them resembles Ameilia Lias.

I am in Minnesota where you guys are well aware of the death of George Floyd. This has gone very international. It is not just in the USA but around the world. Fortunately his killer is arrested but his accomplices are still free (SMH). It is indictement on the fact that we are (meaning USA citizens) in nation with so much racism among us and we need to do something.

Let me show some coverage of this tragedy

What do you guys personally think?

Congolese Music / News: Former QL Atalaku Ocean gone
« on: May 24, 2020, 21:31 »
I got the news on Facebook that former QL animator Ocean has passed on. 2020 is a year of hell without doubt.

Apart from Koffi's two recent generiques, Koffi has been finished musically since Fally Ipupa left in 2006. Once Fally decided to go on his own, Koffi lost his musical drive.

It was when then Koffi decided to abandon of getting new talent and basically Les Mineurs and elder QL club became simply "toys" for Koffi and they were left in the dumps. Koffi had a great team with Jitrois who came from Wenge Maison Mere of Werrason, Joss Diena, late Babia Ndonga, Suzuki, Montana Komanga, Mputu, Deplick, Rolly Mayemba, Bapince, and many others. But Koffi decided to not use them much or at all. He deleted all of their vocals for the album Bord Ezanga Kombo which in my opinion was Koffi's last solid album as I mentioned previously.'s-last-good-album-in-your-eyes/

Also, Koffi decided to not do another QL style album where those singers could have shined. As Mfumu Vita had stated, Koffi was too wounded after Fally Ipupa went solo and he had no interest in promoting another big star or big stars. As result, he allowed his then new band to collapse and many would leave.

Comes in another element which was Koffi's lust and addiction to Cindy Le Coeur. It began on Bord Ezanga Kombo, Cindy would get more involved in choirs of the team. It was initially nice and I think it was good to have Koffi and Cindy together. But then afterwards, it became indeed Quartier Cindy as the late Babia Ndonga stated. He was totally right. Almost all the songs from Abracadabra would have Cindy singing the whole chorus or dominating all the lead vocals alongside Koffi with very little assistance from the other QL singers. For example, Suzuki and Babia Ndonga had only solo vocal which was embarrassing and horrible considering how they did a lot for Quartier Latin. Also not promoting people like Deplick, Bapince, Soilel Wanga copycat, Joss Diena, Rolly Mayemba and Jitrois and having them sing good solo vocals on a regular basis is very shameful in my humble opinion.

Now Koffi has shithole band in Quartier Latin with most of the singers are baseless and boring except BB Jitrois which is telling how bad Quartier Latin has been reduced too.

We are waiting to hear the album Legend (if it will ever come out).

But I can say that Koffi has been finished musically for 14 years.

According to Sebene Total,

Koffi and Papa Wemba are the best duo in Congolese Music?

Agree or Disagree?

Some time ago, I did a question whether Celeo would have been a better fit in Quartier Latin

After listening to Celeo Scram interviews and also listening to Koffi giving Celeo a shoutout in Bord Ezanga Kombo. I give my opinion. I think Celeo Scram would have been a better fit in Quartier Latin.

I am going to give you five reasons

1) He is from Bandal. Actually Koffi Olomide seams to have to more attachment to Bandal to other places. I mean Koffi had a property in Bandal as Rosette Komano once counted.
2) His uncle used to be a bodyguard of Koffi. Since he has family connections, I think Celeo should have tried to be near Koffi. Sankara often implied that Celeo killed his uncle since he was a bodyguard for Koffi.
3) I think Fally Ipupa and Celeo Scram would not have such a big conflict since they would be the same group. I know that they would not be the best friends but they would not be insulting each other like they are right now.
4) A lot of QL members are from the Bandal community like Depitcho, Mamale, Jordan Kusa, Cambodge as Wenge 1995 once mentioned. In fact Jordan Kusa actually likes Celeo a lot. I definitvely that Celeo would be more accepted into QL than he was into Maison Mere.
5) He would be star from day one. Koffi would have pushed Celeo much more and as Wenge 1995, Celeo had confidence and that is one thing that Koffi used to like in his members. Celeo would have given even more creative animations that Koffi would never forget. I mean here, Celeo would really be Celeo. Because Koffi would scream his name much more than Werrason ever did.

Agree or Disagree?


Damn, JF Ifonge is very angry because a Werrason fan (maman youyou) insulted him and his wife. He goes to say actually that Mosaka should be with Werrason not with JB Mpiana and JB must remove him because JB actually has decent people around him. He says that Werrason is the champion of insults. He adds that JB Mpiana, Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba began to follow Werrason's steps of  insults. He also insisted that he never insulted Mimi Chikeva. JF Ifonge says that Werrason is not a true musician.

But here comes controversy as Alain Mongala said. He said that Wenge Musica would never be successful without JB Mpiana. JF says that it was JB who got Wenge Musica into superstar level when JB was in Bandal to give great force into Wenge Musica. Another controversy that JF Ifonge claims is that JB Mpiana and Werrason were never best friends and when JB's spokesperson Mosaka claims that JB was best friends with Werrason, he is lying. He says Werrason's best friends were Aime Buanga and Didier Masela. He says that JB's best friends were Alain Ngando, Adolphe Dominguez, Blaise Bula, Alain Makaba and Jules Kibens (then he was called Jules Nsimba).

Wow Clan Wenge is one interesting clan.

There is one person that I think Werrason needs to try to reconcile. It is no one from Wenge Maison Mere but from Wenge Musica. I am talking about Tutu Kaludji. I think two years ago (or one year ago), I made a post claiming that I believe Tutu Kaludji would have been a better fit in Maison Mere.
I think the link is here.

Little that I know that Tutu and Werrason were close at one point but due to misunderstanding (and I am sure Werrason decided to turn Tutu away in my opinion), they had a fallout. After hearing this interview, I am convinced that Tutu feels hurt by Werrason.

I feel pain in Tutu's voice when he speaks of Werrason and his wrongdoings. In fact, I don't believe that Tutu Callugi is insulting Werrason but giving his takes on his fallout with Werrason. Callugi does acknowledge that Werra got into Wenge Musica. I also feel that Tutu Callugi is more honest than the other Wenge guys (I mean Wenge Musica clan).

But here is another reason why I believe that he should reconcile with Werrason.

He knows a lot of shit about Werrason's Maison Mere. The give away is when he mentioned Celeo Scram and he quickly shutted his mouth because he was giving away some secrets that he was not supposed to away. He said "Si Je me rappelle bien, liboso eza celeo. En tout cas, je ne sais pas". So he knew what was happening in Maison Mere or he found out stuff years later. 

I am convinced that Ferre Gola, Baby Ndombe and JDT probably went to meet Tutu Callugi to talk shit about Werrason. They obviously told him a lot of stuff. Tutu decided to shut his mouth about Maison Mere after mentioning Celeo. It is clear that Tutu does not hate Werra, always he would have mentioned some shit that occurred in Maison Mere. BTW Baby Ndombe mentioned Tutu Callugi in his interview.

I know that he recruited Alain Mpela but Werra should not waste his time with that man. Alain Mpela would always be better with a JB Mpiana kind than Werrason kind in my personal opinion. Listening to Alain Mpela, he is better with JB.

I just think Werrason and Tutu Callugi should get someone to get them to talk and has their issues and reconcile and at least be cordial. It would be nice in my opinion.

Agree or disagree with my idea. If so, who should Werrason reconcile with?

I have found some older Koffi songs that I wondered if they should have been remixed. I have found five songs of his that should have been remixed into QL albums that Koffi made. I will also tell which album that those songs would have fitted.

Here ist is.

First song is called Henritie. This song where Kester Emeneya sounds wonderful with Koffi Olomide. Koffi really sings higher than he should have.
What album that should have been remixed: Droit de Veto, because when I hear this song, it gives the sunny sound and potential sound for a rock sound from Beniko. Also, it could have been a solid uptempo rumba with the vocals of Modogo, Bouro Mpela and Sam Tshintu

It comes the nice trio that have the harmonies of Kester Emeneya, Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba where Wemba sounded really nice. However, I feel especially with issues with Papa Wemba, Koffi could have remixed this song with his band Quartier Latin.
What album that should have been remixed: V12, because I could see Babia (r.i.p) really putting his own twist into this song and the harmonies would have been good with him, Koffi and Suzuki since Suzuki would able to put his own baritone sound.

This song has a nice sweet meldoy with the guitars. Josky and Koffi were on top with their harmonies. This song would have the Tcha-Tcho effect if it was remixed.
What album that should have been remixed: Ultimatum, because I could see the choir harmony of Suzuki, Bouro Mpela and Modogo since he will have the bass effect that would be nice to have in this song. Also, I could see how the guitar would respond well with Somono and Mboshi as their animations would be on fire.

I love this song so much. The harmonies between Koffi Olomide and Josky and Koffi's solo vocals were on top. I amazed how great the songs were. All Koffi fans need to hear this song. It shows his great vocal sound and how he delivered this song.
We saw a little live performance with Josky and Madilu here. It was excellent

Koffi should have definitively remixed this song
What album that should have been remixed: Loi, because it could bring the sound that this album had. Also, here Koffi could have done a duet with Sam Tshintu with Koffi singing Josky's tone while Sam would have sung Koffi's tone. This song would have been perfect for a Koffi-Sam duoship. Motomolo was very good but this remix song would have shown more of Koffi and Sam only.

This song is called Kiki Ewing. Now this song is the bang. Hear the choir ship of Carlyto, Debaba and Defao. Koffi did a great job singing. He should have remixed from 3:45 when the trio did their famous line.
What album that should have been remixed: Force de Frappe, because I could definitively see a choir trioship of Fally Ipupa, Jordan Kusa and Mamale Tupac because I think they would have been perfect together to do the choir work while Koffi would sing a little more relaxed and posed. Also CNN would have done this song more justice with his fiesty voice.

I have no chance to watch the whole interview but it is pretty intense. Papy Mboma somehow manages to get names Ferre Gola and Heritier to Werrason's face. Werrason seems pretty mad (when he is laughing but is a fake laugh) to hear those names especially Ferre Gola. I am not sure who he has a deeper problem with. Heritier or Ferre Gola? I think Ferre Gola. That is my opinion.

Former Empire Bakuba Singer Desouza Santu Mongongo Elengi has a new song coming up. It is nice to her. I love it.

Congolese Music / What was Koffi's last good album in your eyes?
« on: January 15, 2020, 20:21 »
I am going to start this. I want to pose this question. What do you think was Koffi's last good album.

For me, it was Bord Ezanga Kombo. Here some of my favorites

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