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Yes Celeo Scram makes the claim that Fally and Sankara were never "real friends" but Sankara was a strong of him, Deplick Pomba and Kadjos. REALLY? I find that very hard to believe. I doubt that Sankara and Celeo Scram could ever been friends especially that both are too aggressive. While I believe Celeo on most things with Fally Ipupa and Werrason as well as Maison Mere affaires, I find laughable to say that Fally and Sankara were not friends but Celeo was buddies with Sankara De Kunta. Nonsense. Celeo also says that Fally and Sankara are friends for publicity. Come on Celeo. Sankara and Deplick make sense together but never Sankara and Celeo together.

BTW Fally and Sankara were members of Flash Success and they make sense because they could complete one another. That is the truth.

He says this in this interview: 43:22 to 44:09


This Vincent is too obsessed with Werrason, it is very creepy.

I am going to do a little controversial thing. I have been listening to some Koffi songs. I feel that they are two members that would have been perfect fit into Empire Bakuba. I know one QL member did sing with Pepe Kalle who was Laudy Demingongo. But they are two QL members that would have fitted well into the music of Empire Bakuba and be great with Pepe Kalle's smooth voice.

They are three people. Here they are.

I would say Bouro Mpela, Suzuki 4x4 and Modogo Abarambwa. These men would have fitted well under the style of Empire Bakuba. When I listen to their vocals, I wonder if Pepe Kalle was a little more ambitious then he could have gotten these men into his band because they would have added a more youthful element into Empire Bakuba especially when Wenge Musica was on the rise during the 1990s.

With Suzuki, he could be the middle singer with Blaise Matadidi in a song like Mwana Mobowa or Djouna's song Keba na Mopepe, because Suzuki would have made the songs have more breath into the vocals with Blaise's simple high vocals and Pepe Kalle's strong baritone vocals or he could sing low if he sang with Djodjo Ikomo and Blaise Matadidi or German Kanza. Suzuki could have been a great fit for Pepe Kalle and Empire Bakuba.

With Bouro Mpela, he would bring in a more softer version of Evoloko Jocker because Pepe Kalle loved Evoloko's voice (I don't know why since his voice is a joke at best). Yes there was Desouza Santu but Desouza sounded more like Evoloko but with a little vibrato. Bouro would be able to sing the high notes with more softness in a more controlled than Evoloko could have ever had dreamed of. Yes Bouro's voice can be a bit raspy but with Pepe Kalle, it would have been more controlled. He would be a great fit sing high with the middle range of Djodjo Ikomo's middle range with Pepe Kalle's lower range. Think of songs like  Saravejo Continue and Lisola. Bouro Mpela would be the greatest fit for Empire Bakuba.

With Modogo, he is much more a lower range or a high bass or low baritone singer. He would make some Pepe Kalle fans happy because some argue Pepe Kalle would be better singing the middle or slightly high baritone than the low baritone that we were accustomed with him. That is where Modogo would fit perfectly. He has a little more smoother voice than Pepe had and has a more finessed vibrato than Pepe had. I think he would be great as a the low range singer with Pepe in the middle with German Kanza as the high range man. Think of the songs like Guy Guy Madimba and Chou. Modogo would have been a excellent fit for Empire Bakuba.

What do you guys think?

Pepe Kalle did a few songs with Bozi Boziana. BTW they were members of Papa Noel's La Bamboula. They sounded very alike and yet made memorable harmonies. Enjoy them here.

Congolese Music / Fally Ipupa gives a press conference
« on: November 30, 2018, 04:55 »
Watch the press conference of Fally Ipupa

Congolese Music / Pepe Kalle Zambia 1992: Some moments
« on: November 28, 2018, 13:46 »
Pepe Kalle the undisputed king of Soukous goes to Zambia to give some fun. EMOVICTEAM say something. I am sure you were there. Hehehehe

It has been 20 years since Pepe Kalle left us. I was five years old when he passed away. I am a big fan of his songs and his incredible voice. It hits me hard to know that he was only 46 years old when he passed and just two days before what would have been his 47th birthday. So much has happened in the Congolese music scene and also Empire Bakuba is not the same anymore and there are conflicts among the Empire members.

Pepe Kalle was under a lot pressure during the 1997-1998 period because some of his staff members wanted him to get "younger people" into his band since most of the members were older. This was due to the success of Clan Wenge and they wanted Pepe Kalle to reach the fans of the Clan Wenge crowd. To make this happen, he got Lofombo and Kinanga Boeing 737 to get young guns to create a sub division called Delta Force which creates a major rift with Dilu Dilumona and Papy Tex. Already their relationship starts to crack a little but now it gets slightly worsened. But still they got their acts together and Papy goes to France to set another tour for Empire Bakuba. Pepe Kalle gets demands of projects coming up when he is preparing his final album Cocktail. Pepe Kalle has a lot of stress so he decides to meet with Nyboma in USA or Kinshasa (not sure) before he stays in Kinshasa for months and then Madilu comes from JPS to inform Pepe Kalle that JPS wants a duo album between him and Madilu. Pepe Kalle agrees but he wants to get Cocktail finished and promote it then he will come to do the duo song or duo album. Pepe Kalle starts with Nyboma first since they are closer and the songs are nearly done as they would have met in France in February, March or April 1999 had Pepe lived longer and then I guess by Summer 1999, he would have met with Madilu in Paris also to get their album started and finished. Nyboma was going to be the main producer behind both projects.

I say February to June 1999, because apparently according to Papy Tex, Pepe Kalle was going to get treatment for his obesity and Pepe Kalle was preparing for that treatment before he died. I guess it would have been between January 1999 to February 1999 or March 1999 depending how the treatment would have went had Pepe lived longer.

BTW for the projects here are the musicians whom I think would have appeared (only possibility)
Solo Sita
Rigo Star
Lokassa ya Mbongo
Ngouma Lokito
Desouza Santu
Biya Chante
Wuta Mayi
Ballou Canta
and others

Who knows how these albums would have been had Pepe Kalle lived longer. It sucks that we will never know since Pepe Kalle died on November 28, 1998.

What is Koffi's motive for the 32nd anniversary party? I wonder after seeing some of this interview.

I don't what is going on. I thought Koffi was tight with Werrason but then again, these musicians are little babies. Who knows.

Did Werrason ask Koffi to remove Ferre Gola's name from his poster or what? I know Werrason and Ferre Gola hate each other. If Ferre goes to the Koffi (I doubt but possible) then will Werra consider Koffi a enemy again?

Congolese Music / Problem with Clan Wenge
« on: November 11, 2018, 19:15 »
Problem with Clan Wenge is that many fans want to make their "guy" the saint. Whether we are talking four people
Adolphe Dominguez
Blaise Bula
JB Mpiana

These four especially, people have been trying one of them as he is the saint and the other ones are the devils and that is not true at all. Here is something I wrote some while back and it rings pretty true. It also included Alain Makaba and Didier Masela

Here was back in 2015
Wenge Music was bound to split. JB Mpiana is too arrogant and Werrason was too thuggish to be together for a long time. Adolphe is just a pure clown. Blaise Bula seemed too cold blooded. Alain Makaba was focus on music than fame. Didier Massela is too complicated.

Put these men together, you had a great team but have a pretty messy crew. After the split, you see the great flaws with them. JB Mpiana is so arrogant and he has a tendency to be dismissive. On many of his interviews, you see that kind of behavior with him. With Didier Massela, you can see that he is hard to understand and he has some "mood" problems especially when he speaks about Werrason and JB. In my opinion, Didier Massela resents JB and Werrason very much. During the Wenge reunion, I had a feeling that Massela and Werrason still look at each other as enemies.

I like Werrason and he is a good singer but he is a thug. His body language and his demeanor seem very thuggish to me. Furthermore, look at the behavior of Sankara, it says it all. Werrason seems thuggish and his folks act so like that themselves. He kind of reminds me of 50 Cent. BTW it does look like Werrason is a huge fan of 50 Cent. One interview, you see Werrason wear a shirt showing 50 cent. In many ways, they are similar. They both hold grudges. Werrason resents almost every former musician of his. Think about Ferre Gola, Serge, Baby Ndombe, Brigrade, and just recently Heritier. His behavior is a whole like 50 cent.

Adolphe is a good musician but he is a clown in a sense where very few people take him seriously and they see him a shadow and a phemonen. This is why his band Wenge Tonya Tonya is a joke now and few people have interest in him. I can notice very little about him. That says something. Adolphe's personality is kind of flat. He is not a bad guy but it is also a turnoff. That is my view of Adolphe.

Alain Makaba has always focused on music rather than fame and nonsense. once he got a little fame, he must have angered Werrason. But Makaba always focused on music. Sure he does not have the fame of JB Mpiana and Werrason but he has a solid post-Wenge career.

Blaise Bula is the most cold blooded man out of this messy crew. You can see with Blaise Bula that he is cold and inconsiderate. He does not care what anyone thinks but he seems content with throwing digs. Case in example with his beef with Reddy Amisi. Reading his body language, he is very indifferent and he seems like a snake with a good face. Partially with Bula's education and his other adventures, he has only become more cold blooded. He was always like this during the wenge days but it is much more going in his life today.

Everyone in Clan Wenge has their good and bad. No one is better than the other. Clan Wenge fans need to get that in their stubborn heads.

I wonder if Tutu Callugi was in Wenge Maison Mere, I think he would have fitted in well. I feel like Werrason would have had a easier time because Tutu Callugi was very creative in his animations and he knew how to put people down.

I think of this because of Coco Mandimba of Werrason from Pentagone of Wenge Musica BCBG

BTW notice how Werrason enjoys dancing alongside Adolphe Dominguez. Also Werrason enjoyed Tutu Callugi's animations in the song.


Title suggests that Sankara is mad that ex-WMM musicians got to explain their stories.

Congolese Music / Give Your Dream Band
« on: August 29, 2018, 03:58 »
I love doing dream duets, dream trios and dream quartets. Now I will do a dream band for everyone. I encourage you guys to do one too. It can be from any generation of African music.

My band will be called Bana Odongo

It would have musics of Afrisa, Empire Bakuba, Zaiko, OKJ and Wenge effect with it.

Boss of the band would be Franco as he would be lead singer and mi-solo guitarist
However he would have five vice presidents

Simaro Lutumba (rhythm guitarist)
Pepe Kalle (singer)
Papa Wemba (singer
Manu Dibango (saxophonist)
Tabu Ley (singer)

Madilu System
Koffi Olomide
Josky Kiambukuta
Dindo Yogo
Djo Djo Ikomo
JB Mpiana
Blaise Bula
Adolphe Dominguez
Kester Emeneya
Tino Minkwa
Elba Kuluma
Pamelo Mounka
Aurlus Mabele
Likinga Redo
Bozi Boziana
Carlyto Lassa
Malage de Lugendo

Guitarist Basse
Gode Lofombo
Didier Massela
Flavien Makabi
Ngouma Lokito
Mpudi Decca
Shaba Kahamba

Guitarist Solo
Alain Makaba
Diblo Dibala
Dally Kimoko
Gerry Dialunguna
Kinanga Boeing 737
Beniko Popilipo

Guitarist Rhythm
Lokassa ya Mbongo
Caen Madoka
Elvis Kunku
Felly Tyson
Ya Makosso

Guitarist Misolo
Jimmy Yaba
Michelino Mavatiku
Thierry Mantuika
Rigo Starr
Papa Noel

Djouna Mumbafu
Djuna Djanana
Tutu Callugi

Honorary mentions
Empompo Loway
and others 

Make your list if you want.

Michael Jackson would have been 60 years old on August 29. His life was cut short on June 25, 2009. He was a great talent but had a lot of controversies in his life. His music is nothing but greatness and strength. Being a major introvert, he putted his energy on great music. He gave it all. He had something to give still.

I give my song Thriller as my homage to the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Congolese Music / Brigade and Celeo Scram beef continues
« on: August 27, 2018, 00:54 »

Looks like he has beef with Ferre Gola as well.

Listen to this interview and make your comment.

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