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I need to Understand which group did Bokilo participate as a full member. In most songs of Loketo and Soukous stars his name is most mentioned. And Awilo Longoma, Jean Baron and Sah Lomon were also the member of Loketo? and they joined Loketo while Diblo still present or after his Departure? How many album Diblo did together with Loketo? and also how many album Dally Kimoko did with Loketo.

Please my fellow member of congovibes, could you help to know who is Ligo Makengo (bozi bozi ana mention him in most his songs) and also the guy who sing alongside with awilo in his first album in almost all song of moyente album?

Please anyone with this lyrics i need it alot

Congolese Music / Wenge Musica Old songs and Albums
« on: October 21, 2016, 04:58 »
Halo my friends in the Congolese music forums. I want to know about the following songs of Wenge Musica 4x4. Anyone with info please tell me in which albums are available and who was a composer
1.  Consolation
2. Zonga zonga zonga
3. Fisol
4. Dodo la rose
5. Amoi Nicky D
6. Le monde est mechant

To a little knowledge  i have about extra musica  is that Regis Touba didint participate in les nouveaux missiles album because at then he was in Europe for studying and his place was taken by christian Ambe but later he join with extra musica in confirmation album and compose angela song in this album.
 But i read somewhere and found that regis touba now he prepare new solo album which is going to known as  l’homme a la veste rouge" which means the red jacket guy  ... As you can notice there was the guy with red jacket in freddy nelson video clip (les nouveaux missiles). Some people try to link the video clip of freddynelson with the guy with red jacket with this new album of regis touba, other people said the song is an answer to roga roga' les gout et les couleurs.
Also when you listen in some point of song freddynelson you will notice that before the chorus of this song, even guy guy fall mention the name of regis touba although i dont know what he mean.
What i need to know who was the guy with red jacket in freddynelson video clip? Christian Ambe or Regis touba?

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