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I was just thinking celeo best not see this otherwise he'll have a field day on all social media making videos and memes lol

This is disrespectful and just cringe they could've at least pretended to take pics lol

kiekie, they said all said "f that, I gotta save space on my SD card"

Thing is he'd be treated as royalty at any African awards show. He's out of his element here
Hahaha then take the pics and delete them looool

But in all seriousness I feel bad for him even though I'll admit I chuckled a bit but I couldn't finish the whole video it's too awkward. What I would advise fally to do is take his time with his world  career like he's doing with his damn label, clothing line and everything and not rush like he has done he's got a lot of time he just needs to work on his rhumba music and release an album with big impact like koffi, Wemba, and even werra did to be considered very very well know abroad wise

This is disrespectful and just cringe they could've at least pretended to take pics lol

Well, he is innocent until proven guilty. So the burden of proof is on the accusers. Am not in a position to say how the outcome would be if he availed himself to the French authorities, but the fact that he has not gone to clear his name means his accusers may well have valid accusations against him.

I await full verdicts from our forum’s self-elected Supreme Court justices (since they apparently hold a moral high ground) , but I share the same sentiments as you.... I strongly believe in innocent until proven guilty, but it’s become way too long in the tooth the guy has been ducking the case so it makes very hard for me to have confidence in him.

That’s why I found it very particularly ironic seeing him in full French football jerseys singing their praises on social media, saying je suis la France and what not.

In interviews he’s stated that he has no interest in being in Europe anymore, but i know it’s really the opposite. He used to spend most of his time in Europe prior to ‘09
Hahahaha yeah I'm waiting for them too,

I'm with both of you but that being said it's hard for me to give him the benefit of the doubt it's reaching almost 10 years now like it's just getting ridiculous he's talking that he's gonna lift the ban but come on just face it like a man his lawyer is convinced that he can beat the case so just go

Someone help this guy please... he could've EASILY been the number one atalaku in f'victeam but no he blows it my getting out of control and we ended up with identitie instead

Clickbait bro werra's not even in the video

Congolese Music / Re: WORLD CUP 2018 THREAD
« on: July 15, 2018, 20:39 »

Happy Birthday to this legend

Ofc it's gonna have negative comment there's never a post where everyone praises it it's drake he has people shitting on him over everything he does any way he'll never get the full praise unless he drops dead tomorrow (god forbid) then people will call him the greatest but overall more of the majority like it otherwise it would've turned into memes like they did with meek mills cousin omelly's trash ass freestyle on sway  ;D ;D

you're the only person I've heard say this is trash what are you talking about.... I'm just happy he's finally free styling again if this was straight trash as you're saying it is the internet would've murdered him by now

Does this mean WMM will start insulting everyone on this video lol...Blaise don’t play that shit lol
Lol they wouldn't dare Blaise will finish them hahaha

man this is soo nice to see
Word up it's great, one thing I've noticed about heritier all the older guys always speak highly of him for example the likes of chai, Richard mukena, depitcho, bouro, sam, adolphe, Blaise, baby  and so on always speak about how he always shows them respect visits them and so on

Soleil let me down, everyone had high hopes from him especially with his work in effrakata and monde arabe.... why did koffi suspend him?

« on: July 13, 2018, 01:25 »
Happy Birthday Vieux Na Biso Le Quadra Kora Man

Wow really? I loved poison that's the last zaiko album I've listened to in full, the only song I didn't like was lassa's song six mois de silence

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