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Please don't think like a victim please. Do not come here and say white privilege. It is only rich privilege.OJ Simpson was black waaaaaaay black and he got away with murder of a white woman only becayse he had the money. I can understand that African-Americans are facing a lot of struggles but in America if you have money you can do whatever you want. There was even an African American cult leader Yoshua Yoshua who was convicted and only got eleven years when he have killed multiple people
Bill Cosby is rich... where is he now?



This guy Roga Roga vraiment lol

Werra genuinely looked happy to have Baby around, and the way he smiled when Baby shouted “phenomene” must’ve brought back memories, This makes me happy.

Off topic a bit has Werra lost a bit of weight he looks a bit slimmer than usual.

What the- Are pigs flying?

They should’ve just recorded it in studio ndiaye. Alerte Generale and Alain Mpela’s Intifida were recorded there and sounded wayyyy better and also Longitma skol and danger de mort all had great sound.


I can’t be bothered to watch any type of interviews this guy marchouse is in ... what did he say?

You see people..the simple and only conclusion about Koffi and his terrible attitude is that he has no respect for other people..Its like his mother never taught him about respect,humilty and how interact with others when he was growing up..he is such a terrible man...Even the way he dresses tells that he is very a pompous man.whenever you re talking to people you need to show respect.I know that others will say he is a STAR..but what sort of  a star that has no respect for people that publicise his works? Michael Jackson never had such an uncultured attitude....can someone say Mike Jackson was not up to Koffi's level? He wants now people to think that his daughter is some popular woman..popular on what grounds..because she tries to speak English? see he's very foolish...infact he needs to hear Bouro Mpela speak in may think he(Bouro) grew up in Zambia.I would rather interact with an uneducated person that has respect than an educated fool that has uncivilized manners.
Did Koffi hurt you personally or something? Lol most of your posts against him are so predictable.


What year was Felix trying to have his Zenith concert before Koffi sabotaged it? And did Gesac leave because they weren't going to Zenith and Olympia like Wenge and Quartier Latin or did he leave because Koffi offered more money?

It was in 2010

Drigombaki made a proffesional video about the concert, but I can't find it. There weren't alot of people because they tought that the concert would be cancelled. Then before the start of the cocnert someone called the police, saying that there was a bomb in the hall which made almost everybody go away. The concert started on 3PM with Wazekwa performing in front of an empty Zenith with only 500 people. There was even a moment that he cried. I remember how Ndombolhino used to mock him on facebook for that mpiaka. Wazekwa's Zenith was the biggest mpiaka ever.
Till this day everytime I see footage of wazekwa’s zenith it makes me sad, even though I was a clan latino fan back then, he didn’t deserve that. That’s one of the few footage that should get destroyed.

Yeah Fally’s concerts nowadays are boring and just monotonous sebene of original , ecole and libres parcours 2. He needs a clear out, but with his fans requesting the rhumbas and also the songs from tokoosss I doubt he’ll change anytime soon but if the Europe concerts return he probably will.

I have too much respect for Felly to want him out, I feel like he needs to be inspired again.

It's like Boussoke was given free reign while in Control, Fally restricted him for whatever reason.
It’s cause he likes Identite too much, the other Atalakus suffer cause of that smh.

Wow! I thought this would be a click bait video but damn he really did. Butttttt why should werra “forgive” Ferre? He’s the one that sent them fans to try and assault Ferre and also sent sankara to insult Ferre’s mom. If it’s about the Vieux Jaloux song then yeah fair enough.

La Zamba is dead, just a couple years ago it was the place to be always having packed crowds.  Wangila wasn't even singing that good for that type of reaction. When did Yannick Dindo join Maison Mere?

Say that on youtube and you will get multiples attacks from WMM fanatics lol. Werrason is finished, but he's lucky that Congolese music is down (people more being focused on politics and the young-generation on urban & foreign music) and that Fally Ipupa, Fabregas and Heritier Wantanabe aren't able to show their supremacy in Kinshasa otherwise they would already have buried Werrason.
MM as a whole is finished.

Great Montage I miss them days honestly, ahhh for jb I really regret there was no clip for ndombolo it was so vital, even he regrets it

I thought he’s this big solo star who Fally & Ferre are jealous about, and that he’s gonna shut down the whole of Madison Square Garden to shoot a video and also have a featuring with his petit Usher.

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