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I love modogo he's one of my favourite singers and on of the best thats past through QL I wish he had a better career

Same here. I guess he is no longer doing music...or.. what is up with him presently?
Well he's living in Europe he always teams up with his QL collegues and performs in bars and cafes etc last I heard he's working on another album

and you know fally with liking like his father quadra to use some things he does to rub it on your face that he is the best,so the target is a bercy with at very least around half of his "new fanbase"
Oh lord I can see it now fally will start talking a lot of noise if this happens lol especially on social media

I love modogo he's one of my favourite singers and on of the best thats past through QL I wish he had a better career

Titina, Cambodge and Champion the top 3 best drummers!

Matebu remember he already performed there with koffi and QL in 2000 so I wouldn't use the word closest since he's already played there just not solo loool

See the problem with the QL alumnis is the fact that they're all in Europe had they stayed in kin I'm certain they'd have had better careers

He's making us Londoners proud! Loool

« on: November 16, 2017, 19:30 »
no he is not suffering but he is not backed properly by many bcbg fans who are still stuck on the story of  karaoke and how for them abraham had well prepared to stab jb in the back and not finish album in the group like they expected so they consider him a guy who fooled them
Those bcbg fans are stupid then  how is he supposed to release his album in the group when JB is taking god knows how long to release the group album cause abrahams album was supposed to be released after they should be angry with jb for taking too long not Abraham who was tired of waiting

« on: November 16, 2017, 18:40 »
dissing bcbg is a maaaaaaaaaaaaasssive strategic mistake,dissing for the sake of dissing like 99 per cent of musicians when leaving yes but at least musicians from other groups have a system which allows musicians to diss get roasted but still get supported somehow while  with bcbg most bcbg fans are fans of jb mpiana and it ends there whoever is or is not in the group is the least of their business
djino failed in that,abraham and chai are suffering from that aswell leaving in unclear or controversial conditions,so from the moment bcbg fans have it stuck in mind that you are ungrateful or whatever,good luck lol
Wait Abraham is suffering? I thought he was doing well he should just say he's left and he should've just formed a group with Abel metro and co what is wrong with these guys

Yeah till this day I'm still pissed about that this team was a huge threat and was already giving QL Maison mere and bcbg headaches Tonya Tonya was like in the big 4 in terms of groups back then with the likes of Lacoste, shella mputu, spino, jitrois, and Washington and co they could have been a force to deal with they would have had a bright future had the visas not been cancelled

I don't know why but to some extent I actually like this song maybe it's the best I don't know haha oh yes I'm glad the 2006 fashion is gone

I think he doesn't only because he still want to be relevant these days, anyway you know how much I hate this guy for various reasons so I will not say further
Leave him alone man lol what did he do to you personally if you hate him that much don't go on his threads smh

Congolese Music / Re: Kunzardo interview with his group
« on: November 13, 2017, 19:25 »
Lol you guys are killing him   ;D ;D

Congolese Music / Re: Look at this fool...smh
« on: November 13, 2017, 03:04 »
JV watch once he's done with what he needs to do with ferre he's gonna drop chikito and kirikou like he did with joss gabbana gessac, jitrois, ronsard kanza, depitcho etc

Naaah it ain't no Migos, no Lil Uzi Vert, no nothing.
1. Kendrick Lamar
2. J. Cole
3. Drake/Azealia Banks
4. Big Sean
5. A$AP ROCKY/Tyler The Creator/Nicki Minaj
The rrdt is pure s**t guys or girls who will come with one big hit then disappears.
Yes I didn't put Eminem, but that guy is over he should just stop with music I am fed up of this guy.
Anyway to me talking about Best Rappers ever this is my chart


1. 2PAC
2. Biggie
3. NWA


1. Eminem/André 3000/Jay-Z
2.Kanye West/Nas
3.50 Cent


1. Kendrick Lamar/Lil Wayne (He is the American Brigade, plenty of talent but 80% of the songs are about sexual contents)
2. Drake
3. Ty Dolla $ign/Wiz Khalifa

1. Manzambi (Lol)
I would have agreed with you 100% but in the 90s nas and snoop were running things too and in but I'd remove azealia banks she tweets more than she raps who even listens to her ASAP Rocky doesn't really pop anymore and eminem ain't over

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