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I agree, can some please tell the process of Attentat and Sanction? Where was attentat recorded and mixed?  I find myself often listening to Attentat, and the production is superb, Koffi truly delivered after the loss of musicians, Babia's vocals are very present in songs where the chorus is sung with all the musicians just like on V12... Regarding Sanction, the overall sound again was superb, for me Viagra.
Attentat was recorded in South Africa and the mixing in some studios of Paris

Facts! Give me another album that's close to this album in terms of quality!

There are not many albums of this quality but there is Academia's Sanction

« on: August 15, 2019, 22:44 »
She has the same face that Ferré had at the beginning of maison mère after the separation of Wenge 4x4

Very humble, I dont know what to say...

Honestly, Fally my never convinced with his live-shows since he started his solo career in 2006. He convinced me only for one time back in 2015 when he performed live for Canal+ in Kinshasa at Theatre de Verdure.

For me his best concerts are his first Zenith, Olympia (even though it was disorganized), and this F’Victeam concert. Aside from that can’t think of much else

I’m happy and mad watching this because this was the extremely quick peak of his band

Very agree, since this show in Abidjan in 2015, they did not do better show.

The whole team is to review. For example, Maiko is a very good singer but Fally never takes him with him in concert except for show in Kin. Fally should keep Junior, Maiko and Ping pong and recruit new young singers. On battery, Madruma can stay he is good. At bass guitar, Wallo is fine. But for the guitar, fally must recruit entirely new guitarists and keep Golet Solo who can be very good for rumba songs (Humanisme's solo at the end...)

Any news about his return at Kinshasa ?

You read my mind bro. Was about to post the same; so much anticipation

 ;D ;D ;D ;D

Any news about his return at Kinshasa ?

Fabregas did well to be reconciled with her, but he should not reinstate her around her, she is far too problematic, she has nothing special to bring to any artist

Very good initiative on the part of Blaise to want to establish rules and institutions for Congolese music but I think that it will not be easy, some will put him sticks in the wheels.

His producer is not totally the cause of the lack of production, blaise himself does not make the production of his album at all.

I really like the way they performed Djodjo Ngonda from 27:45

Congolese Music / Re: That’s not a good sign lol
« on: July 21, 2019, 22:44 »
while we want peace to be back in Congolese music... Fally and Koffi needs should put things right with JB and also Koffi with Werrason

I think that the talent we lost in this generation is not bouro mpela but alain mpela ...

if i am not mistaken it could be because of an interview he did with fally announcing his album?
the situation of journalists is sad,him koffi(more often than other colleagues) jb werra and co  would receive journalists at home and go upstairs and start throwing clothes  towards them downstairs,i remember it happened that one even punched another as they were trying to catch one jitrois coat koffi threw
 and unfortunately for them journalists the musicians control every single tv owner in kinshasa you will always be wrong automatically
Why the Congolese musicians throw them clothes by the window instead of giving them directly by hand

Heritier is an artist very underrated...


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