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ndombolo, boma liwanza, mutuka munene

Congolese Music / Re: Congolese Tracks To Spin at a Wedding?
« on: April 18, 2018, 20:59 »
Congrulations !

Rumba :
Madilu system - si je savais ça
Koffi Olomidé - Aspirine, Fouta Djallon, Sens Inverse
Fally Ipupa - Anissa, une minute, associé
Ferre Gola - Soke

Koffi - loi, droit de veto

Yeh that was the moment that he returned with Ferre, Titina, Binda Bass, Felly Tyson and Koffi to Kinshasa for some concerts with Skol  and Quartier Latin staying in Europe. Droit Chemin did at the end not come out on the 15th May. The release of the album was the delayed to the 10th June. With then Fally getting alot of contracts and having problems about choicing for himself or for Quartier Latin with himself choicing. While he agreed with Koffi to follow Quartier Latin's schedule and that after that he would give him some free weeks to let him promote Droit Chemin in solo-concerts by giving him some Quartier Latin-musicians. Then some days before the release of the album problems started. Koffi Olomide was angry to hear that David Monsoh was the excucitive producer of his album, while they had a big conflict and that he didn't participate. Then there was a moment that Fally was furious on Koffi. Because Koffi's advocate tried to forbid the release of Droit Chemin,by saying that he hasn't the right to release that album, since that he have a contract with Quartier Latin. With Fally being very angry saying in private that he would attack Koffi in an interview. Koffi Olomide himself said in private at his hotelroom in Brussels at it's better for Fally to leave the band, after hearing that he received more than 40.000 euro's. After performing at Bouya Mayola's concert in Brussels, he started missing concerts. He prefered giving a playback in Paris, while Quartier Latin was performing at Elysee Montmarte. Then Koffi Olomide tried to bring the peace back in the band by giving to two meetings in a day, since that Ferre wasn't participating in concerts anymore since a month. But nothing special happened. After that Koffi went Quartier Latin to Abidjan without Fally and Fallygoing on his own to Kinshasa and performing then in Brazzaville, Libreville with ith then a war starting.

Fally used ghostwriters. Fally is not a big songwriter. He wrote just 2 songs on his own but with help of his friends. All Congolese musicians use ghostwriters that not a secret. It started already back in the days of Luambo Makiadi and Tabu Ley. Many songs of Tabu Ley for example were songs written by his guitarist Faugus and his singer Paul Ndombe (who his Baby Ndombe's father).

Thanks for all this information bro !! I was really very young at that time ! What are the song Fally wrote himself ? Anyone know who are the songwriter of Ko-ko-ko-ko (this song is for me the deepest sound of Fally with Liputa)

Congolese Music / Re: WATA HERITIER
« on: April 17, 2018, 15:22 »
in my opinion, if Heritier does not have the same respect as Fabregas it is not necessarily because he did not have the spiritual power of Werra but rather because Heritier does not work enough. Although I prefer Heritier, we must recognize that Fabregas is a hard worker, since 2012 he has released three albums (amour amour, poison and antidote (Je pense)), produced the album of his musicians and is making his album "Cible" for 2019. Heritier although he started his career later than Fabregas does not work enough, he focuses too much on polemics and clash, he has a good producer who makes him a good clip and who tries to apply on the promotion but Heritier himself is not well promoted. Listen to Retirada and you will see that this album did not get all the promotion it deserved.

When the two were at Maison Mère, Héritier had by far, the real quickdraw of a future leader but today Fabregas has exceeded because he works much more than Heritier although he too is deeply involved in clashes and polemics.

Heritier should have done as Fally, that is to say never respond to clashes and only work because he has a great potential but the chashs have tarnished his reputation and his image.

« on: April 17, 2018, 11:44 »

the generics seem to be well

« on: April 17, 2018, 11:42 »

the time when Fally announced the release of "Droit chemin" and explained why Koffi did not sing in the album

fally wrote all tracks of Droit chemin or he used ghostwriters ?

I have the impression that Olympia's Koffi was better than his Bercy especially instrumental level. In Bercy, we feel the lack of Beniko and Do Akongo


Could you do a biography of Roga Roga of Extra Musica, Awilo Longomba, and  Roberto Ekokota (idk if he's gotten a proper biography)?

the Ekokota's biography has already been made :

@Matebu all songs of V12 was written by Koffi, no ghostwriters ? i was thinking that Koffi used Wazekwa on V12 like he did with Noblesse Oblige

@mvulusi96 ndeko, I wanted to ask you who is Toussaint and what song did he sing in the album "The prisoners sleep" since the songs are all credited to Koffi except "Kot kot" credited to Do Akongo, "Les prisonniers dorment" to Indianga Mayel (by the way who is he?) and "Mulherengo" to Rigo Star ? after I dont know if these three are the composers and writers of these songs or only composers or writers of these songs ?

guys what are your favorite songs from this album and what is the volume that you enjoy the most ? For me it's the vol.1 , mostly "Ekoti ya nzube"


Thanks for the recommendation, I had NO idea Pascal Poba was a singer who put out albums! :o I hope he's been paid well for all those amazing compositions of his!

What about King Kester, Defao, or Roga Roga (of Extra Musica); did they compose their own songs or consult ghostwriters?

I dont know who said it between the brothers @Archos, @mvulusi96 or @Matebu but defao is one of the only Congolese artists who writes all his songs himself

After reading all this I feel like Beevans should get way more credit. You dont ever hear much about him but to me Magie will always be Koffis best album and V12 is a good album as well but the sebenes on those albums were classics up there with the Lois and Attentats

Koffi could have made V12 a bit more danceable if he wanted to, but Magie was already enough, I think Koffi wanted V12 to be as serious as possible and look ... today it's considered the Koffi's most beautiful album with unmatched songs like "Fouta Djallon", "Aspirine" .... Koffi is first of all a rumba artist, that is to say favoring the lyrics and the composition. He also knows how to make us dance and it's thanks to Wenge 4x4 that Koffi survived on the side of generics / sebene

système ya likelemba, very good idea

@mvulusi96 @Wenge1995 guy i'm fully agree with you, moreover Koffi has revealed himself in an interview with Tshiluizi that he was a big fan of Ekokota. Between the 90's and 00's, Koffi wanted to reproduce the animation style of Wenge 4x4 with Ekokota and then of Maison Mere with Kerozene and Brigade to imitate Bill Clinton and Celeo Scram

@Matebu you're welcome bro

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