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Thanks for the info, I had no idea about Makaba's involvement was so signficant on Wake Up! Can you imagine if Pepe Kalle was able to participate? That would of been fantastic!

Why was Koffi resistant to Alain Makaba receiving proper credits for the album Wake Up? I feel like had the trio been credited, the album would of recieved more succces due to the prior discography of everyone involved.

I meant Pepe Kalle participating on Pile ou Face. A rule for Wake Up was that other stars were not permited. Makaba being a big part of the trio would've compromised their effort to take attention away from Wenge who were on fire with Les Angles Adorables 1/2 and the build up to Pentagone release.

The problem with Wake Up is that people were not properly credited all over for doing certain things. All the songs are are listed as being composed by either Wemba or Koffi, which is not really the case upon investigation


I was really impressed by this album, it was certainly ahead of it's time!

I thought Wenge Musica had reconciled with Sadam Hussien with Tempete de Desert from the 1994 album Anges Adorables, whay happened in 1995 that upset Mobutu so much to obstruct their careers in Kinshasa?

How did the Alain Makaba get involved in the Wake Up project with Koffi and Wemba? What songs did he play guitar on?

I believe what drove him was the fact that he was settled in Europe full time while Wenge BCBG 4x4 was still based in Kin, so this album was of financial necessity. It’s big  success was not really anticipated… it was to keep SonoDisc happy and recorded quickly, so some of the intended feature singers did not make it. Pepe Kalle had already to Kin after his Europe tour.

Wake Up was supposed to a trio-project Koffi-Wemba-Makaba, but Koffi wasn’t having that happen so he was demoted. The funny thing is that the album was created to take attention away from Wenge 4x4 and here you have a founder assisting.

The two songs where he’s credited on Wake Up playing Solo.
- Zaintoin
- Esakola
Makaba has a signature and intricate sound with his Steinberger M series guitar, so you can tell it's him playing. This goes for all his credited work

Caen Madoka, Beniko, Maika Munan, Do Akongo, & Yves Ndjock did the lion’s share of the work on guitars.

He’s not credited for it, but I know he assisted with arrangement. It was predominantly Philphe Guez in that department on synthesizer heavy songs - Avion (composer Do Akongo), Litio ya Calendrier (Colombani Wasenga), Maryama (Composer: Philphe Guez/Koffi), Esakola (Wemba?), Wake Up (Colombani Wasenga), Moussoukou-Soukou (Koffi)

The acoustic songs were handled by Maika Munan, Do Akongo, & Beniko
- Dodo (Maika Munan), Naomie (composer Koffi? or was there a ghostwriter?), Mi Amor (Koffi)

For me it would Kisanola and the dance that dance they did in Malewa, Bicarbonate and Ferre's QEDT. That Nkila Kizengi dance should never ever be brought back.

Neither should Bicarbonate (inlcuding Oriengo & Stanky leggy), which was a huge flop in Kin summer 2009. People only cared about Qui est Derriere toi generique & Techno Malewa then

This man had done a lot for your club, have to show more respect.

lol, go to Emirates Stadium and tell those passionate fans. all my Arsenal fans were happy yesterday

What do you mean sticking true to his roots because a lot of African athletes who are millionaires still are very prideful of their culture.

Sure, to varying degrees. I just wanted to highlight Serge because on his pages he's always promoting and shouting out Fally/Werra etc, showing his Western fans what Congolese food and is fashion, etc. He's also the most famous central African figure in USA & Canada right now with how well he's playing in the playoffs.

Did you watch the second documentary? If so you'd understand his passion for his Congo/DRC heritage and giving back; even telling his story of his daughter his parents kept a secret so he can make to Spain to play professional basketball.

lol, I'd say anything Brigade since he's arguably the biggest weed head of all the artists

The protoype for what would become the modern generique, which has been a pillar for the genre for the past 20 years. It was also the first time a Congolese artist used sampling in a record like a DJ on 1's and 2's, which gave it a techno sound.

Biggest African dance record of 1995... and most famous Zong-zing album, ever? But really it was created after they (Alain) started struggling finacially due to Mobutu's banning of performances back in Kin. Afterwards he put his focus on the Wake Up project and started slowly drifting from Wenge

I remember when I was told it was Titina animating I was shocked. "L'artist Polyvalent" - he is animating, on drums, bass, and accompanying guitar. He also did an amazing job with the shakers you hear from start to finish

The popular dance "Tchakou Libondas" by Foumba & Patty Libondas. The dance was so hot, King Kester brought them and showcased them at Zenith 2001. Victoria Eleison was leading the way for new dances at that point, since every other band used that dance and Kiwazenza after then

Also, the hilarious banned dance Nkila Mongroso by Dr. Zimbabwe. Thierry Mongratana was beast with the mi-solo

And this same guy wants to be president of drc ... Smfh...really?

Yeah, what a joke. After Youssou N’dour tried, then Trump, and George Weah all ran for president entertainers are all motivated to run despite their pasts good/bad

WENGER OUT!!  This time for real  ;D ;D. This man had people stressing for too long

Ty was pretty calm @jv

Fally needs deliver on his next rhumba album or he’ll just become Mr. International le vrai (instead of Didier Lacoste) to me.

for me it's General Defao,Vieux Gene-Gene Def-Def as they are calling him nowadays.You Defao is man you don't usually find in polemique..or war of words with young artists or anyone.Koffi maybe rich but he is a foolish and jealousy old timer.

Agree. Vieux Def always delivers, never heard a bad song from him. I still enjoying his new album and looking forward to the next one soon with Soleil, Celezino, Yondo Sister,  manda Chante, Serge Mabiala etc

Can someone explain why he made the change? Was it because of a unsuccessful career like JF Ifonge and others - aka mpiaka? He's one of those guys I really haven't paid attention to in recent years.

I remember he was making bank from Bralima, then they cut him off a few years ago.

Lots of talent came from his group

This was a banger in the ndombolo era:


It's weird to see these guys as pastors and men of  god now when they used to practice kindoki. Does it really give them a fresh start regardless of their history?
Il a choisi de se détourner du mal? pour embrasser la voie de Dieu. Le mal, pour lui, a été de pratiquer la musique profane sous l’influence diabolique. Vous l’avez compris il s’agit de l’évangéliste Christian Kimbukusu Newman autrement dit Nouvel homme.

Il y a quelques jours, il a avoué l’inconscience de de ses actes à une certaine époque. Pendant qu’il était le patron de Lavinyora Esthetique, il avait été confronté à la tentation de s’engager avec le diable pour réussir. Mais étant un appelé de Dieu, il avait réussi à se retenir.

Il a, par ailleurs, révélé que la danse Linda avait pour source une sirène.  Raison pour laquelle à chaque fois qu’il interpréter ce cri, la population était emportée dans une ambiance  folle et inexpliquée. L’esprit de la sirène soufflait sur elle. Il n’a pu comprendre toutes ces choses qu’une fois délivré.

C’est dans le même sens, qu’il martèle pour attirer l’attention des congolais sur certaines chansons étrangères, notamment Dorobucci des nigérians. Car il s’agit là encore d’un autre mauvais esprit envoyé par le diable. Un esprit qui avait été chassé au Nigéria et qui s’est réfugié au Congo.

Il promet d’intercéder tous les jours pour tous ceux qui persistent dans la mauvaise voie et marchent avec le diable.

Étant fils de Dieu, il estime que nous ne devons pas nous soumettre et servir un être inférieur à nous : Lucifer.  Il est donc important de faire très attention aux endroits où nous nous rendons, selon l’homme de Dieu.

Notez que l’évangéliste Christian vient de mettre sur le marché un nouvel album chrétien, son tout premier d’ailleurs, qui s’intitule “Wumela na yo Yesu”. Pour l’instant, le disque n’est disponible qu’en version audio. il comporte 7 titres dont  “Amour du prochain”.

Haha wow mdr, Ya Bayilo Canto toujours hot tempered ;D ;D

You will never see this guy chilling out

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY'S NEW CLIP: POSA
« on: April 19, 2018, 22:47 »
Kiekie, just tell us if it’s from Tokoos or his upcoming album so we don’t waste our valuable time.

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