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Bonheur easy, Sans Commentaire, then Pouvoir for me. All 11/10 albums however.

I wonder what made Koffi  suddenly sing the song Sens Inverse in concerts, while Do Akongo already left QL.I don't like the live-versions of Sens Inverse, they are always wrongly executed. The same for many Effrakata songs who were arranged by Philipe Guez. Songs like Logique, Babou & Robot.

Fan requests; he couldn't say no the arranger/synthesizer player isn't here

Tchipp. I know we discussed this, but all his rhumbas can sound so similar in structure and lyrically "Cherie na..."

Man, I got sad seeing how sick Douk Saga got so quickly. It was clear as day he had AIDS. RIP

Matebu, how did you know Northern Nigerians like "Aladji"?

I have a few Nigerian friends, and at parties they loved playing the song while doing the Aladji money dance in traditional clothing   :D

Oh how I hate coupe decale
lol why?

They robbed Congolese music culture dry... and then some. Almost all the DJ names can be sourced to a Congolese artist or donor. They animate in Lingala often times, and do the same system of mabanga. I can keep going on and on...

I've long despised the genre, but in recent years I've admitted to myself some Coupé decale songs are genuinely good. My favorites:

Aladji - haha, Northern Nigerians really loved this one:

Wolloso - Probably the only Coupe Decale song dedicated to women and the biggest hit song of 2006, if I remember right. I really liked the message:

Back during the 2006 World Cup when Drogba was best footballer in Africa and captiain of the CIV this was the dance/anthem  ;D:

And the song that single-handedly made the genre an African sensation (along with Dj Calludji's Seniment Moko):

Createur Douk Saga (RIP) had some popular tunes, but he was more of a celebrity figure

Which album is certitude in. That one is killer.

Viagra; indeed, dedicated to the rhumba fathers Simaro, Pepe Ndombe, etc

And she has a full band already. Good luck to her... her singing skills are, um....

She got herself a Clinton-esque falsetto atalakou

My friend is close to Francis Dibaya, so he sent pics. Tried looking looking on YouTube for footage, but no footage was taken

Congolese Music / JB CUTTING IT UP
« on: September 21, 2017, 23:51 »
I swear he watches Zaiko concerts before going to rehearsals and his concerts. Textbook zaiko moves

« on: September 21, 2017, 22:11 »
This album was missing bouro in my opinion when he left things were slowly starting to go downhill then the recruitment of more musicians and them going back to kin nailed it it was okay to have Suzuki and Beniko since they were QL already

How much would've Bouro added to this album though? Chorus sure, but he's not renown as a songwriter.

It's kind of like Pentagone, where the band was clearly disintegrting, but they were able to work to complete a master album.  This is one of the few albums I consider flawless

« on: September 21, 2017, 21:59 »
Sanction was about impact, Viagra was about maturity. Perfect sound. Then after Sam's ego ruined the group's fate


I get Wenge Makaba-esque vibes from this rhumba:

Honestly, any of the songs expect for the two folklore songs could be chosen.

but i like what he said about wenge reunion concert,it should not be somethng coming from one person  who contacts them one by one
 but the 6 main men of wenge jb,werra,him,blaise bula,alain makaba and didier masela should sit in face of each other and make proper peace with honesty and humility then make the project happen
Wait are some of the main wenge men still beefing?

People in JB and Werra's staff starting stuff- the rest Makaba, Blaise, Masela have matured years ago and don't have a complex

Some artists make a big fuss over 1-5 million views, but meanwhile Maître Gims:

lol, real talk. That's what happens when you treat music as a hobby and everyone knows about the open door policy

lol the new dance and animation of koffi "mama alobi lelo te dans 4 jours" (the girl said no sex today in 4 days after my period) :D :D :D

lol, smh

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