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Congolese Music / Re: Doudou Copa and Ado Yuhe
« on: January 10, 2022, 22:10 »
Haven’t saw yet, but I’m sure ya Ado asked about his domestic abuse case with his simple minded self

The story of Joseph Kabila being his driver started from 2007 when he didn't come for his concert at Grand Hotel Kinshasa. Before it the rumor didn't exist, only that he performed at Uganda. So why would he in those first 7 years not return back to Kinshasa instead of getting humiliated multiple times in Kenya.
I remember hearing that his ex-Big Stars camp in Kin that was very disgruntled about the disbandment had spread stories that were very exposing about his tendencies that were very embarrassing, so it killed his reputation there... leading him not to have the courage to return. Some of the thing said/rumored would be met with hostility in Kin especially.

My guess is that Defao felt that one of his fellow compatriots spread the story of Joseph Kabila being the driver for Defao. I will be in trouble for saying this but my guess is Koffi Olomide. Based on Koffi's latest interview, he is the type to cause trouble. Remember why Koffi and Wemba did not mention was because Koffi told Wemba something negative about Kester.

Masta, you stay dragging Koffi into every unfavorable situation. He had nothing at all to do with this.

Château Pagode was really something.. I remember visiting real young

Been a while since I played the album in full. This is some of the very best solo work I’ve ever heard. Theo Mbala ace



RIP Gene Gene. My overall favorite active artist before he passed

Where's the Kabose generique? Cmon man lol
Honestly. These guys are disrespecting and sleeping on Kabose hard lol, most these generiques that have been listed are below average

Facts! It doesn't make any sense lol once we finally get some heat, they don't even want to acknowledge it

Kiekie - even Ibrator’s générique is missing. Let’s close this thread of OK génériques and start over.

Why are albums constantly being pulled? Are the labels not trying to get our music exposed?
No. I think that given how much money old records make, the Leaders are trying to take control of their old materiale with causes issues with the label Who maybe because they got forced.or maybe to be spitful take down the record.

Let’s ask mokonzi ya SOCODA ya Ngiama, smh. What a shame

Was trying to play, but saw it’s been pulled from Apple Music and Spotify, at least in the US. Still on Amazon music, so bought the album in HD to be safe. Recommend the same for us Wenge fans

it was not that one which was heritier's concert,this was an event for the rumba unesco thing with heritier karmapa and co, many artists complained about the organisation not making enough promotion before it
if you know les news des stars well you'll easily know why this particular focus on chairs was posted

Gotcha - shame, some news outlets literally live for moments like this

Lofombo is right about his criticism. Manda Chante is a piece of shit. He is one of the biggest flip floppers ever.

As I said before, Lofombo and Djouna Mumbafu hate eachother. It is so shameful considering that Djouna used to sing Lofombo's name. They will never reconcile. There would be a better chance of Kinanga Boeing 737 and Papy Tex then Djouna Mumbafu and Gode Lofombo. It is so sad that once best friends are the worst enemies.

Masta - love you, but i really wonder where do you get your “facts” for your hot takes on different artists?

It’s the only thing they can do….. ;D ;D

Kiekie - times have changed really.  As Mfumu mentioned, back in the day this was a shegue event with no need to promo since the mythical halls got all the promotional energy

Congolese Music / Re: Général Défao passed away
« on: December 28, 2021, 01:40 »
Montana, Theo Mbala, Renato, and Eugene Makuta must all be inconsolable right now

Congolese Music / Re: Général Défao passed away
« on: December 28, 2021, 01:39 »
Just saw the video of his last performance in Cameroon, man that’s soo sad. RIP, absolutely a underrated legend.

He looked so sick had to stop watching... it's so sad; he was still financially destitute. Shame so many artists have gone out like this

Congolese Music / Re: Général Défao passed away
« on: December 27, 2021, 21:04 »
My heart hurts - he's was the most consistent in terms of great song. Was a massive fan of his since Choc Stars - even contributed on his latest works. RIP - his life was so challenged

Man... presque tout Choc Stars atiki bisso

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