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It's like a fat man giving nutrition advice

It's been eerie quiet lately as if all the big artists are on sabbatical until sometime in 2018.

Not much recent developments from Koffi/QL, Wazekwa, BCBG (yeah, I know), Zaiko, Karmapa, Roga Roga & Extra, and more.

Ferre & Werrason already blessed us with great new albums.

Or even some of the Europe artists - although they are not major.
- Alain Mpela has a complete album, but seems to have lost confidence.
- Blaise Bula's still taking his sweet time working on his album
- Sam Tshintu?
- Reddy Amisi has recorded many new songs over past few years. And there's that duo project with Werrason coming whenever

MM is a revolving door

I guess it depends on who you ask whether it's a good or bad thing.

« on: Today at 00:28 »
I agree Pole Position 100%, as proven by all the clips kindly provided. What Fally has done on the International (& local scene I'd argue) only scratches the surface of what Papa Wemba (RIP) accomplished in his career..

And he also  accomplished this without social media or the conception of "viral" online video. Both aspects are critical to Fally

My goodness, i don't know what to say.


Or a song dedicated to Koffi? Never heard of him, but lol is all I have to say. New music... I guess. Don't roast him too hard  ;D ;D

The female singer is really impressive, I must say. At least mention her name

Tchip, this is why we will never get ahead. You savagely beat up a senior journalist because you don't like something he said or his viewpoints.

He looked un well mentally (clinically-speaking) recently and his daughter just got married not even a month ago. Sad.

... Now in order for things to be resolved, Werrason himself has to be involved. Either it's a statement or hospital visit


the former-members of the Zaiko-generation of 1971-1974 gained alot of money by making reunion-albums and concerts in the '80s and '90s.

They remained bothers without complexes. Grand Job & Quattro+1 are two really fantastic albums; I play both all the time.

There was that on Clan Wenge album with Tata Dominguez & Lacoste (Kuma kukiele, 2001), but let's be real it meant nothing at all. The sad part though was it sounded better that Dominguez's first album. He handicapped himself by not recording in Europe

Congolese Music / Re: Are we biased
« on: October 17, 2017, 18:01 »
Talking about documentary films here is one for Mzee Papa Wemba.

lol, if ever a documentary did a giant disservice to the lead figure this is it. Bad example because the BBC made Wemba and Congolese Europe look like lies, cheats, and steals with no morals.

Congolese Music / Re: Are we biased
« on: October 17, 2017, 17:58 »
so many american guitarists KNOW how well congolese play the guitar and have come to study under them. i dont know so much about in the 2000s-10s but i know for sure big time white artists like paul simon and eric clapton have done this in the 70s and 80s.

Could you provide video examples? I've been looking. Yes, I know Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, also Ry Cooder have played rhumba, but this was the slower pace, often Cuban sounding rhumba of the 60's-70's

Think @brazzaboy is referring to modern sebene guitar and it's speed. There are many white guitarists on YT who have demonstrated their knowledge and skill, but the folks who are considered the "best" (Rock) and most famous just don't know about the modern style on Congolese guitarists.

« on: October 17, 2017, 17:46 »
He was having lots of throat issues then if I remember correctly, which was common with a lot of falsetto atalakous

No that's not true because in 1997 he was already finished and he had not new cries. In concerts only appared animate old Wenge 4x4 songs and that little part he had on Masuwa & Top Modele. Werrason was at that time already looking for atalaku who could replace him.

Roberto animated on half the songs on Feux de l'amour

Congolese Music / Re: Are we biased
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:00 »
It's not just you; I've listened to most, if not all the Western musical pieces that are considered the "greatest ever" Rock, Pop, R&B, French Chanson, Hip-Hop, Jazz and more, and while it's some are indeed very good, nothing gives me better muscial satisfation than listening at a great Congolese album.

The way the guitar is played in sebene and rhumba, no body can match it, with the exception of some Western African groups. Many East African groups try to emulate the style, but it's just not the same.

Name a Western gutarist that play a guitar with the speed and precision like Flamme Kapaya here:

Or Auguy Lutula here:

Western people just aren't open to music styles their not familiar with, especially from places they call the 3rd world.

And honestly I think the whole "World" music genre is bullshit because all of those people are occasion listeners. They buy a few world albums to feel cultured, maybe attend a few WOMAD festivals, then they go back right to listening to their regular white people music. - That's what people Wemba and Kanda Bongo Man learned the hard way. Also in part why Youssou N'dour makes occasional appearances on the international scene and mostly makes traditional Mbalax music for Senegalese and Africans.

I always see these articles on music sites about best "Gutarists of all time"- and it's all Rock genre artists from the 60's/70's/80's. Theorictally speaking, if those "guitar legends" (in their prime) were to show up at Congolese replacing the solo, they would have a very hard time keeping up to the fast pace. They'd also get tired as Congolese concerts are longer, in addition to the fast pace.

@Bencuri I believe is British, so it'd be great to hear what he has to say

Excellent. The type of guy Werra wuld summon to La Zamba with the quickness with his obssession with finding the best Bill replacement

He would scare atalakous at tests

« on: October 17, 2017, 00:39 »
Please, I would like to know what he(Ekokota) has been up to since he is no longer doing music.

 Roberto, Djuna Mumbafu, and Nono are the fathers, in my opinion.

Oh how could I forget to include the great 3615 Code Niawu? So popular and influential throughout the late 80's -90's. He has by far the biggest album resume of any atalakou

« on: October 16, 2017, 19:15 »
Please, I would like to know what he(Ekokota) has been up to since he is no longer doing music.

He lives in Brussels and performs occasionally there on the weekends.

He looks to be in good spirits, but for guy I consider the cornerstone of atalakou I wish he was still was spoken with the same esteem the Wenge founders are. He needs to be in Kinshasa guiding the young guys. Especially teaching them the importance of the shaker.

 Roberto, Djuna Mumbafu, and Nono are the fathers, in my opinion.

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