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Matebu, does that website still work? Because I've tried to buy stuff from there and it wouldn't let me.

I guess I'll be finding out the hard way. I used Paypal so I'm buyer protected. The website looks very 2003 though

Bro how many meaningful vocals did Deo have. His shyness was not helping his case even further. Maybe he was kept because he's a good composer.

Yea, he was definitely very shy and passive. Charisma is the only way artists succeed

Not as shy as Felly Tyson tough :D, when you see him in person you almost forget how legendary of guitarist he is. Always in corner somewhere wearing black when not performing

@ken bilele ; Deo Brando is a pretty good singer and compser in my book. Wasn’t someone that would wow an audience, but good enough. He had some nice songs in Zaiko

I finally found a very reasonably priced CD version of Decompte Final for the first time. Ordered myself a copy. CD player quality can't be beaten

Full tracklist:
1. Décompte Final
2. La Une
3. Liberté F.K
4. Chagrin
5. Usurier
6. Kimbanda Ndjila
7. Unique Fortune
8. Bonne Idée
9. Velours
10. Stylla

He's really talented he can sing, dance and do animation. I hope Werra let's him form into his own self and not trying force him into being like Bill.

Going by history, I bet he will. He really needs to move on from that obession of his so there can be longevity in that department.

Truthfully, he won't be satisfied until Bill himself asks to return (which will never ever happen)

Man, I always die of laughter when I see the braids Koffi had in 2002. Dem braids were struggling! ;D ;D ;D 2002 hair styles were too crazy.

He went back to a regular cut soon after

I swear the greatest albums have never been properly promoted. Probably the one thinn that saddens me the most as a big good music enthusiast.
Decompte Finale and constant were just released at the worst time people were listening and dancing to Solola Bien, attentat, force de frappe, sanction and TH then had they been released after droit chemin it might've been a different story and also don't forget Suzuki and Aimelia both joined Academia and Maison Mere not too long after their albums were released

Yea, Constat same situation. Montana, Alphatshino (RIP), etc as well. Their albums were so slept on, that they made no money and were force to rejoin bands, which is very demoralizing. 

I guess my point was more the listening public puts all their listening time and energy towards the big groups, so the little guys never stood a real chance at solo success

haha, Somono had a hard on for dissing Koffi brutally. In the end, it didn't work out for him

Were they dissing Lebou,Somono,Bouro,Suzuki and co.. ?
It seems like they were supposed to play at Olympia ? Is it true ?

Maitre Jordan Kusa also had some savage disses towards Academia on Boulevard des Stars too ;D ;D Lebou soon left and created Quartier latin Integral, so that was another polemic all together.

Yea Olympia was a possibility at the time, but was highly unlikely realistically as the band was so unstable and fully Europe-based. Their Secteur-A label boss, Passi had the clout to book the venue easily though

I swear the greatest albums have never been properly promoted. Probably the one thinn that saddens me the most as a big good music enthusiast.

Is it me or that's not the whole album. Thank you by the way.

Kiekie, we can’t get all picky choosy for such a rare album. I wonder if 4x4 himself still has a copy

Merci mingi

« on: February 16, 2018, 08:03 »
KIekie, the guy has been preparing his entire life for this moment. À suivre

Ramy Amisi has been getting banger songs forever. The song was dedicated to him and JPK Kitenge, conseil staff exécutif QL

Passe Kossé also killed it on mbonda

Ok guys, so I uploaded your requested albums. If you guys have some rare albums you'd like to share as well that'd be great.

i have Lutchiana Balaye
Decompte Finale - Suzuki Luzubu

If you can upload Decompte Finale, that'd be fantastic. It's the only album im missing

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