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What is it with that location

Same music video director. Usually Yam Mambo or the other guy who's name escapes me. The clips are getting repetitive now

I like Fally; I have all his albums and seen him in concert a number of times. However, when he goes in these spells of acting like a western celebrity and wanting to be seen with celebrities it's hard for me to take him seriously. 

Just about all his international songs are lyrically weak; from his Yossou N'dour featuring to his latest with Aya Nkuruma. And don't get me started about his singing in French...

We've haven't heard a proper Fally rhumba since 2013 and that's unfortunate.

He should've taken a note of how Koffi remained "local" and stuck to roots and still was an international star

yep fally is so far not really really getting "there" hopefully other songs will be better or hopefully he'll improve in future
also it seems he is not making enough language efforts in the singing department,its like since he has become more confident on the speaking part,he thinks the singing one is "as easy" while it requires much more effort
lol  pole position and his extreme passion for ferre :D :D :D :D
sometimes i wonder if thats not tresor kongolo in disguise lol

lol, thought that as well or Ferre's own Wewa he forgot to introduce us to

I am happy for Werra and the Money but not for the origin of the money, first we need to know where those money are from, because you know how African president like to steal money for citizens, and furthermore Obiang is a very bad man who did some really bad things to stay there, like killing his own uncle for being president, so I think that sometimes, before accepting the money, no matter the cipher you need to see who is that person and where that money comes from.

I would accept money from whatever source provided I work for it....Most money is tainted anyway and it takes a hypocrite to say I wont take this or that money!!! We all receive money from sources we dont know everyday so are gonna ask everbody who wants to pay us where his money is coming from?

Obiang is arguably easily most corrupt African head of state, but Werrason is just a musician, not a Transparency International representative  - perform, collecting his money, and going home 

Vice President Obiang is by far the wealthiest donor of them all; so Werra hit a jackpot by keeping him happy with songs since his first album

The combatants are too fickle to realize the big artists are making waaay more doing these types of concerts than stressing over a Zenith or a Olympia. Koffi, JB, Werra, Ferre and Fally can easily sign 6-7 figure private concerts for African captains of industry and politicians

Congolese Music / Re: ITS OUT!!!!!!!
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:16 »
I gotta say Ambulance > Bercy easy

Easily Werra's best solo work in over a decade

Hasn't it been around for some time now?

No, that was a 3 song single with Papa Wemba from two years ago. The full album just came out this month

QQJD is still playing along with the generiques and Kelvis Nkoyi of Werra.



A featuring packed album form the the grand compositeur/Sapeur, Modogo GFF. Was looking forward to this album since it was announced in 2011. Highly recommended

King Kester, Aimelia Lias, Bozi Boziana, Suzuki, Brezza, Caen Madoka, Pathy Bass, Simolo Katondi, and more. This is I believe the last studio work the late, great King Kester did (RIP).

Preview of songs (3:26-)

He's selling himself short by not releasing it on digital media immediately like his colleagues

Wait guys, I have listened to three generique of 7 Jours De La Semain Ambulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance aaaaaaaaaah D'Angola lakusa bango mosala!!!!!! Se se se se na se...
Anyway getting back to the SS I don't change myind like Werra it is a Faux singer even if they say that he might haveade a comeback as a singer on some new rumba in 7 Jours I will always think that SS will be better than Internet or any group Album NY bcbg so far, I mean how can you not love Katumukaj Mbwetwa Bwe KubaNj Kuba Nyanyawe, Kimudia Mpasu Dimupesha Kadish Luaku Tanu Luaku Nwangana in Biloko come on guys biso nyonso toko mata na Mpunda et to ko lakisaka Se SS SD se Biloko a se Se na Se
Ohhh manzambi SS better then internet? Please tell me your trolling I'm speechless

Different strokes for different folks

Judging by the recent comments, the rest of us would not mention the two albums in the same sentence

MM was on top of the world at that point... and fully lit up heading to the stade  ;D

What a satorial cringefest. Had me wondering it if I still have fubu jerseys and white beaters from that era. If you didn't have braids or died hair in 2002 you weren't cool

The famous Oakley "Over the top" or "Effrakata" glasses are now in Oakley's museum:

Congolese Music / Re: F VICTEAM - TO DONDWA
« on: June 24, 2017, 23:24 »
lol come on, that old man you speak of has exceeded everyone's expectations

Their charisma will take them far

lol, the rudeness in the comments.

These are the type of ignorant folks who refuse to listen to a song because their artist is polemic

Congolese Music / Re: F VICTEAM - TO DONDWA
« on: June 24, 2017, 21:23 »
Fally has really become a Mobutu revivalist :D

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