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here he is wearing the now legendary papa wemba outfi

These YouTube pages are having a field day with the Cindy departure speculation because she stayed behind
It better be true if it happens we're throwing a party deal?

lol, the day that happens we should put together and deliver a plan to Koffi to restart a proper Quartier Latin band.

None of that "I'm taking a break" depression period artists tend to have when important members leave.

« on: August 20, 2017, 01:35 »
This will go down as the best duo between big stars this decade. Other big artists have too much ego to collaborate on a 50/50 duo.

When the forum speaks negatively of him; at times justifiably, threads are 2-3 pages long easily... yet works like this are forgtten or ignored.

JB said himself he had goosebumps when Wemba asked him to participate, so he was very emotional when singing. The one artist who had biggest influence on him, M'zeé Papa Wemba (RIP) is unfortuately no longer with us.

100,000 FC is just 70 USD. Inflation is crippling the country as usual, but it's getting worse and worse

People coming from Western countries can live like royalty in DRC for not much money.

No surprose, in the time of Effrakata and Loi had the brave to wear pool sunglasses like they were a high profile fashion brend. And in recemt times he came with that crazy duck looking hairstyle

Late 20th century fashion in a 21st century world

Lol man, back in the day everyone thought the Effrakata attire was so cool and cutting edge, including yours truly. Now I'm like  :o


here he is wearing the now legendary papa wemba outfi

These YouTube pages are having a field day with the Cindy departure speculation because she stayed behind

Chikito should go get on his knees and beg ferre to take him back lol

Soon come

Me personally I don't think he copies fally. Even though he used to be a bass guitarist and has become a singer, I don't see any similarities. He's started his solo career in 2002, released his first album in 2003. There is really no similarities, music is music to be honest and he is worshipping only God, not Fally.


I don't understand how a grown man can live to worship and want to be exactly like another man

Trying to bring back the "Tous grand" fashion of past decades. Koko fashion :D

Lizarazu Mavanga lol, even though has nothing to do with music. I think it is not only relegated to the music scene, but to all the biggest world names Congolese people love famous people and they think having their names or giving baby their names will give them some kind of good luck in life like Koffi called his sons, Del Pirlo Mourinho (Del Piero + Pirlo + Mourinho) St. James like the famous hall and Did Stone, or like Fabregas called his sod Hayden or jayceon or some like that I would never do that. The culture of your origin is the most important thing

i don't know how many kids fabregas got but i know for a fact one of them he named jayz like the rapper lol and the way he pronounces is it sounds a lot like jésus lol
Ahahahah that guy lol

Haha, I can top that easily- Koffi's cousins twins are named Dolce & Gabbana. I mean seriously

Back in the day if you had died your hair blonde, your immediate nickname would be Defao. In fact, that's all you had say at the barbershop

One of my favorite tracks from Kipe ya yo, a story telling rhumba with jazz levels of smoothness. 

«L'homme de mineur» ... shame

Really nice percussion work by Seguin

Lol fally impersonator?? who is this guy?

No, he's one of the modern gospel artists. I forget his name (that's what happens when you completely copy someone else).

 He's been doing this for years now; can't believe someone didn't tell him to stop it.

Edit: It's Olivier Kalabasi i think.


He is asked about the song kaniaka and says people should see beyond the parts he talks about his fallout with fabregas because the lyrics are too deep to just be taken as a diss song

Kaniaka is the most impressive rhumba of the year for me, unless Karmapa tops it. The depth of the lyrics and lamentation of a particular life situation is what I'd usually expect from the most senior singer-composers like Koffi, Wazekwa, Defao, and Karmapa

Congolese Music / Re: FAVOURITE TRACKS OF 2017 REVIEW
« on: August 17, 2017, 23:54 »
lol, no rhumbas? In addition to Kelvis:
Ferre Gola - Mea Culpa, Fautif, & Titanic (I could add a few more);
Ibrator - Kaniaka, Dorsal Dodo;
F'Victeam - To Dondwa;
Ferre Gola & Arafat - Azalaki Awa;
Werrason - Ali Mayimona, Se na Se;
Christian Schengen - 1fffo Maçon

I agree with you the song is just on point
For me its

If only you knew the lyrics and meaning behind Zigida...

« on: August 17, 2017, 21:38 »
10/10 rhumba puurrrr!

Still waiting on Caligula; too much teasing

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