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But I have to ask ... does he not declare beforehand that he does not own copyright or any rights to this video?

No he didn't. He usually pasted the biography of the artist or group in the description. I think that's where he messed up. You have to put a copyright disclaimer when posting content on YT that's not original

Wow, that's sad. He was inactive for a long time beforehand; now I see why. He was the MVP of Congolese clips in the early days of YT

Haha, that one Droit Chemin album disc d'or at (4:30) is looking real lonely. He should add the golden (& platinum w/ MHD) single plaques he got this year to the wall

Villas, studios, cars, boats, etc. it's become a big pissing contest.

With some musicians having complained about lack of compensation from their bosses in the past - this sort of in-your-face showing off creates jealousy within bands.

« on: November 22, 2017, 18:11 »
These threads are getting so repetitive; either it turns into x camp vs. y camp or personal attacks. Also, it seems like we are the only one's giving this desperate has been, Celeo attention.

Congolese Music / Re: Is it true that they arrested Ferre Gola ?
« on: November 22, 2017, 07:29 »
Indeed the story is fake. Ferre's camp didn't know about this. Wasting people's time as usual, "les on-dit" journalists

It seems Werra has had real had career!!! Every season he has to remind his musicians that he is the owner of the band and that he can sing all alone in an album.

lol, don't want to turn this into a roast session, but if Werra were truly alone back in the day (before the latest voice enhancing technology) his rhumbas would be like this. Werra all by himself:

I can't stop cracking up whenever I play this. It's like he was laying in bed tired while in studio. No Celeo to correct him and help get thye right notes ;D

Regarding the house, you have to remember Werrason is secretly Jewish  ;D (A joke I heard from a friend trying to justify his cheapness and inability to properly compensate loyal people)

Congolese Music / Re: Is it true that they arrested Ferre Gola ?
« on: November 21, 2017, 19:52 »
i saw that angelucentral posted proudly that ferre would spend the night under custody and the rest tomorrow(i guess if true they try to get a photo of him to humiliate him like in previous cases of ken makizembe,mosaka,sankara..."

kiekie, the police station staff was proabably apologetic and asked for autographs and selfies, if he even was required to go there.

I recently realized that Angelu central is Cameroonian, which makes sense with the way he's so passionate about defending Koffi in French

Congolese Music / Re: Is it true that they arrested Ferre Gola ?
« on: November 21, 2017, 19:24 »
Koffi got some nerves if anyone  should be jail for things they have done it should him Koffi Olomide. Koffi a sila tika Le Padre a sala biloko na ye na calme.

But it's common practice, no? That's why nobody is freaking out on social media.

Every single major artist, go back decades have either been arrested or put under custody because of rival complaints during polemic. Or because the censor commitee said "enough". I lost count the number of times this happened to Koffi

Jordan gained lots of weight for someone who is a Maître of judo and karate

Congolese Music / Re: BOB AND GRACE
« on: November 21, 2017, 17:37 »
Mugabe out. Zimbabwe isn't out of the woods yet, too often the replacement is just as incompetent.

Other African dictators are now thinking of the fates now

The guy is excellent. He also killed it with his cover of the "A la queue leu leu" générique

According to some, the song that save the album.... But Werrason doing mabanga from start to finish, reciting a hundred names ::)

The famous Luanda performance. Kiekie, they were so damn compeititive their voices started cracking

congrats to them, its an award  from where never heard about it

I had no clue either, they posted on their pages. African award show pop out of nowhere every year. It appears to be a diaspora organization based in Los Angeles

Heriter was supposed to be a co-host, but he stayed in Kin for his friend's funeral

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