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Disgusting they snapchatted him dead in the car.... unfortuately saw it while IG. He was clearly "gone" then and there, but we now live in a "record first" society. Never heard his music, but too young man.

Matebu leave our friend bebe Jitrois kiekie,

you say koffi keeps a young fresh and but does he use them? If so who are these guys haha and these colleagues you're referring to jb and fally especially fally right?

 and I'm so happy to see my guy asso back I just pray he's used in the next album otherwise I'll riot

I'm also glad a certain someone wasn't there at the repetition......

Kiekie, yeah I couldn't name 90% of this crew if my life depended on it. And point, he rarely uses most of them outside local concerts, but at least he has those guys on call (or texto like he infamously likes to do :D ) , if needed.

Mama Candy was probably waiting up stairs  ;D ;D

Good music, but imagine being Koffi's neighbor (like Papa Cherie) and hearing this repetition at 1-2am ;D

Dead weight Bebe Jitrois is resilient

Monde Arabe (Heros National)... Good stuff.... Koffi keeps a fresh/young band, which is something that can't be said about some of his colleagues

That rainbow kid especially needs to chill with his Chicago stuff

RIP. Don’t pay attention to the current rap scene, but these young guys really need to chill with the social media taunting and flexing. There’s always goons nearby ready to react

« on: June 18, 2018, 06:03 »
Tchip, this is so-called music. These DJs have taken over Brazza local scene with these basement production songs

I am not racist but I don't support white people making black music, still to these days I go crazy mad when white people say shit like "Elvis the king of Rock'n'Roll" or "The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are the best band ever" without knowing they were stealing black people style, I am glad that to these days Congolese music stayed between us and I am glad it is in Lingala so white people can 't really steal it.
I am Angolan and you have seen the success of Dança Kuduro an Angolan genre who benefited Dominican and Portuguese people while Angolan singers rarely get through.

Quincy Jones recently said in interview he thought The Beatles were shit and untalented... got white folks outraged, but I was like thank you for speaking facts. I hate how they they try to shove those white bands down our throat in every “greatest all-time” list i see. All those rock albums I’ve sampled and gave a chance have done nothing for me.

As far as rock goes, Jimi Hendrix is one guitarist that has truly made go “wow”. Incredible talent, shame he passed so young

Then after 5 or 10 years a band will become famous with that style and whites claiming that they created it.

Yeah, cultural appropriation is getting worse and worse... then they make a viral sensation out of it. This video is a few years old so hasn't happened yet, but definitely will when we least expect it..... the same way Ivorian's robbed Congolese culture blind for Coupe Decale. Now folks like Arafat are adamant that they created the way they animate

The drummer's style reminds me of how Meridjo used to play early on. This is very Zaiko sounding to me overall

This was the beginning of the end....


the highest level of matolo lol

Yeah, utter nonsense. Just Kabila flexing on them. In no other country would such thing with all the top artists being summoned  happen

Très fort

Not 100% traditional sebene like we're used to, but nevertheless nice

I’ve heard that Koffi was regularly getting calls from big American and British music labels in the late 90’s -early 2000’s, but because of his close friendship with ex-SonoDisc president Henri de Bodinat he remained loyal for the 13 years or so.

In hindsight it might’ve been better to accept the offers the way Sono/Next went bankrupt quick and him having some difficulties after

I get disappointed every time I see this thead title

Examen video's braids and eating of JDT were also a clear signal.

The song was good though

lol, Werra’s braids from that album were way more suspect come on now. Don’t know what the heck he was thinking 

lol, gotta love Congolese

"Quand Cristiano marque le but il saute comment ?" "When Cristiano scores a goal, how does he jump?"

F'Victeam as a label could do so much more for their signed artists - it should be the biggest platform for up and coming acts, since Fally is the most popular artist.

The is an air of negligence for their artists (Fally always absent), which is why signed artsts have left unceremoniously

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