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claude was born on 17th of november in 1972,is married to "madova" and father of 6 children and will quickly have at home level already what will become his artistic nickname
in fact,his father goes on mission in europe sometimes and  claude will often like his father to bring to him claude montana clothes and from then his family already starts calling him claude montana
he will like most singers make his debut in music at church aged 11 and 4 years later will start to perform in street groups of his area like biomo musica,latoronto geneva,kv musica and will quickly appear like a natural leader with his singing,dancing and stage charisma
and he will be spotted already by defao matumona but he will only join the group in early 1991 and he will straight away become a very important member of the group big stars and will participate in the groups tours in africa and europe and will quickly become popular among fans,some even thinking he is defao's brother,with him having the same taste for fancy clothes and a similar haircut
in 1996 he will have opportunity to release his first song madova dedicated to his life long wife in album amour interdit and this album will be a big hit and defao loving montana so much that he is called the president of the group while defao is the leader
one year after when the mythic wenge musica split,he will be approached by some members of wenge musica maison mere but he politely decline as he does not want to betray defao and will decline quartier latin's approach aswell
he'll then continue with defao until 2000 when the group big stars is on the verge of collapsing after a tour and he remains in europe and starts working on an album as he is feels ready to know show one more songs on his own how good he is,but he is be approached again by quartier latin and will end up accepting  while he  will release his album millenium 2000 which was almost ready when he made his move
towards the end of 2000 he will then go back to DRC with quartier latin and will settle very well in the group with his professionalism and calm personnality
two years after he will be allowed to add his first song  in group album affaire d'etat,love story which will get a decent reception and will continue to be a very active member of the group's successful tours and koffi who jokes with montana calling him his "vieux"(despite being 16 years older) due to being one of the very rare artists having all his 6 children with the same woman
in 2006 he will get his second opportunity in the "real madrid" quartier latin lineup of fally,him,jipson,soleil wanga,ferre,mirage,junior...with the song general major but two events will hamper his year,first at personal level with the new house he just bought completely burning and at professional level with the massive exodus of stars having huge impact of promotion danger de mort
as he remains one of the rare members of that generation to remain loyal to koffi,montana will be rewarded by vice-president role while joss diena takes chef d'orchestre role
he will be given responsability to test new members in order first to reinforce first team of quartier latin but also a reserve team called les mineurs and will be promised several intervention including a duet with koffi in koffi's solo album but fallout will start as he is denied along with shella mputu and asso to participate outside chorus and the nail in the coffin will be in 2008 with new musicians starting to take his microphone by force or sing his parts on koffi's order and he will end up leaving in 2008
he will bring with him some members of les mineurs like scottie pippen to form his group staff influence and makes sure to have his first concert in his village in bandundu in order to get blessings from ancestors and he will record with some financial support of donors and artists like felix wazekwa and jb mpiana his second solo album conclusho renverso featuring fally ipupa and some other artists but he will struggle with promotion as his producer does not even give him his money from album release but will have some concerts in DRC and some eastern africa countries
after a quiet period montana will make the headlines against unfortunately with a sad event as he is visited at home by burglars who steal over 300000 dollars which his wife just assembled from a very positive period in her business and over 10 kilos of jewels
in 2014 2015 deeply affected by this event,montana put his studio sessions on hold to start another project which is to do some religious songs to thank God for giving him and his family to have kind of overcome such a strong situation and people will interpret it quickly as him becoming a gospel artist but he will explain in a press conference that he always believed in God and he only thanked Him through music because he is a musician if he was a writer then he'd write a book about that or a pastor he'd make testimony and went on to release two songs as extract of his album and he plans to release his album before the end of this year

Another nice one.Thanks once again Bro@ Archos


his name was often announced as leopold but he cleared out it is leonard,leonard was born in 1969 and once planned to be like his father a diplomat but will quickly attracted to music in early years as his older brother and mother sing in a church
 around 10 he will start singing aswell but also will try to play mbonda and drums when older musicians take a break and will find it fun
in early 80's he will be playing football where he earns the nickname modogo referring to a former football(and will explain that abarambwa will be added not too long after because of a scene of him having to kill a mad dog to save a friend as the dog was already causing a lot of havoc in the quarter biting people for fun,so people will taunting him calling him abarambwa(he killed the dog))
and in the weekends he will perform with street groups and will be spotted to join shata junior,the junior section of the studio bobongo arrangers al nzimbi,shakara mutela and co where he will play drums,alain makaba bass, sometimes ficarre who will come to coach the younger soloist...
in the meantime he will sing and play drums in school's group itc flash were he will try to emulateis " his role models esperant djengaka,king kester,eboa lotin and co as he develops a wide range of models across the world thanks to cds his father brings from his trips
he will follow his "older brother" from the area sam tshintu into street groups like irania musica and whenthe group flash musica is born from them graduating from the itc school modogo will take the drummer spot and perform alongside suzuki,sometimes willy bula,sam,rocky blanchard,lebou kabuya,sunda bass...and he will catch attention of koffi olomide along with most of his band members at funerals of wenge musica's blaise kombo
in 1991 he is approached to join wenge musica as a backup to blaise bula as jb mpiana and werrason see their friend jules kibens decline their offer but he declines having big hope for flash musica but in 1993 suzuki who has joined quartier latin alongside lebou,blanchard and willy bula brings him to the group and reveals to koffi he actually is a singer and koffi asks him to sing and he is so impressed that he is straight away given songs to rehearse and participate to next concert
he will join the singers lineup then and will be allowed a song sylvekou on album magie and will become a regular member of the singers lineup and two years later will add second song ali deb's in quartier latin's ultimatum
his importance in the lineup is so big that koffi calls him le professeur and its well rumoured that on several songs he often is told to do the pre record and koffi sings following the same paths and he will often be bantered by quartier latin for his soundcheck "antics" randomly singing depending on his mood of the day cameroonian music,latin music in spanish,south african music and so on while other guys just try their normal vocals or do singing shoutouts
in 1998 when musicians are starting to rebel against koffi olomide for the fact they think their salary is not anymore matching their growing responsabilities,modogo is one of the most determined to leave and ends up co forming quartier latin academia in early 1999 with sam tshintu,lebou,pathy bass,mboshi,somono and bouro mpela
he will be a pivotal member of the group,quickly appearing as a second leader especially with some of the main stars bouro lebou and somono quickly leaving within the two first years
he will remain with sam mboshi and beniko when they record new album quatre coins kandala under new name l'akademia but relationship
in 2004 he will fall out with sam over issues of ngulu and whether to settle in kinshasa or remain in europe and it will go so hardcore that they threaten to beat each other and modogo who have been approached for years by people of quartier latin will decided to rejoin in 2005 but quickly the team which records danger de mort will split and he will decide to record a solo album knowing koffi will not allow him and in 2008 he releases album envie
Nevertheless he will participate on remix of sisi silivi along with ferre chair de poule and will have a memorable contribution which will be requested to almost all younger 2eme voix singers in interviews to assess their level and participate on fally ipupa's droit chemin
his album envie,funded by himself and bit of contribution of an unexperienced producer is of a good quality but will greatly suffer from lack of promotion
he will then participate on several album as a session artist and like many colleagues will also need to find another job and will again have a public beef with sam tshintu literally fuming at him for calling him petit in a heated argument but they will quickly make peace as they remember they are godfathers for each other's children so they can dwell on little things too long
both will participate on black bazar project of writer alain mabanckou and he will start announcing he is working on another album sala nga vrai(be nice to me) which he will again fund himself

I have been longing to read about Modogo Abarambwa for quite some time now. He is one of the guys I like. So this is a good read for me. Thanks Bro @ Archos

I like them too.

« on: April 24, 2018, 06:33 »
Happy Birthday Blaise Bula. He is so of the finest gentlemen in Congolese music,in my opinion. I like his mien.

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Welcome Bro.


« on: March 25, 2018, 00:01 »
Btw, hate to be that guy but how tall is Roi David?

Always looked like he was 160cm. Reminds me of the Nigerian twin movie stars - the one's you where can't exactly tell if they're adults or toddlers and Pawpaw....

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Does anyone know how old Bercy is? I'm curious to see how long it's going to take him to be mature or if the boat has already sailed.

 ;D ;D

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I listened to this album, honestly as a huge fan of the Extra Music sound...I am really disappointed, though it should be expected. Im speaking from the standpoint of a non-lingala speaker but as musician and a huge fan of the seben/soukous. Like others have mentioned before, the sound of Extra is the same thing over and over.  The fact that this album is mostly seben sound I think hurts it simply because the beat is the exact same song for every song. If you were to run each seben one after the next you can't really tell you're on a new song. This was an album that was purely recycled Extra Music/Wenge songs. I feel Extra Music with this album has not advanced their music one bit, they've actually regressed. Nothing innovative here

From a pure musical standpoint based on the quality of the music alone and my bias towards their sound it gets a 7/10. Nothing innovative or different vs the music of today.
From the standpoint of knowing the previous work and how this album is recycled..a solid 2/10.

This album sounds like a more polished version of previous albums 100%. The sound is not bad rather just absolutely nothing new.
1.  242: This song sounds just like Sorcille Kindoki from start to end. The distorted guitar solo at the end is used in at least 5 other songs in this album and has been heard before in songs over the past. "Jesu sur la croix" The entire arrangement is the same song
2. Ingratitude sounds like a song from Wenge's Les Anges Adorables mixed with something from Shalai album
3. MM International...see number 2 and number, solo sounds like Innodation
4. Same as number 2 with "Jesu sur la croix" solo
5. Another previous rumba
6. See number 2
7. Le philanthrope starts off like and old Wenge/Shalai/Obligatoire song then he literally goes into the same solo from Innodation @ 3:15
8. Le jour sinistre....This song is the same as Chagrin plus plus..LITERALLY!. Bass line gives it away. It transitions into a Makaba ish rift at the end.
9. Drumming actually sounds a lot like one of Papy Kakol's on a Maison Mere album...cant think of the song. It transitions into a halfway solo and goes back into the "Jesu sur la croix" solo
10. Toko Suka Wapi...I had hope. But again its just and old song repackaged. They took Chagrin plus plus and put it in a major key in the 7/7 progression. Then again "Jesu sur la croix" solo at the end.


Guess the whole thing was overwhelming for him but he should have taken the guy to the hospital since he didn't die immediately. Too bad really...smh

 :-[ :-[ :-\
How true is this please?

One of the rumbas where I pay particular attention to the lyrics. And his signature laugh always makes my days. Ah liwa eza moyibi!

Here is the lyrics and translation for non lingala speakers.

Madilu Systeme – Frere Edouard (Le Grande Ninja Sings about Edouard a greedy man)

1) Ha ha ha ha,
Frere edouard
A pimelaka moto ko seka na ko lela te, frere edouard
Soki ngolo ayebisi yo que ngando aza malade
Ndimela ye oh, po bango nyoso ba vandaka na mayi

Ha ha ha ha,
Brother Edouard
They share laughter and not crying
If Catfish tells you that crocodile is ill
Believe it because they both live in water

2) Butu eko komaka eh
Tongo pe eko tanaka eh
Ba mama bako lamuka na tongo
Ko luka mapa na boulangiere
Bango nde bako lamusaka biso, tongo esi etani

Nights come
The sun also rises women wake up
They go to buy bread from the bakery
They are the people who wake us up, early in the  morning

3) Ba mama ya mapa
Kinshasa a bosana bino eh
Que bino bato ba lamusaka bison a tongo
Po ba ndeko na ba soso ba bandaka ko lamusa
Biso na tongo, ba bunga oh

You, women who sell bread
Kinshasa has forgotten about you
It forgot that you wake us up in the morning
Because birds and chickens that used to wake us up disappeared

4) Nga, Diesa, na botama na nga mokolo ya eyenga ah
Yango mpe na mesana ko sambela
Mikolo minso ya lomingo
Na pokwa nga na mesana ko kende messe na nga
Po nalula nzambe eh

I, Diesa, was born on a sunday
This is why I am used to worshipping on Sundays
I am used to going to evening prayers
Because I love God

5) Nakomi na ndako ya nzambe
Frere Edoire a luli nga na miso ya bato
A beleli na miso ya ba ndimi
Ngai mwasi naye ya molimo
Na tika mibali nyoso ya misuni

I arrive at church
Brother Edouard admires me in public
He shouts in front of believers saying that I am his spiritual wife
I should leave all fleshly men

6) Na landi nanga lokuta ya frere edouard
Nakomi na ndako ya frere edouard
Frere Edouard alobi na lata robe ya molayi
Na tiya kitambala na moto
Frere Edoure okamwisi nga

I follow Brother Edouard’s lies
I arrive at brother Edouard’s house
Brother Edouard makes me wear a long dress
Cover my hair with a scarf
Brother Edouard you surprise me

7) Ah ngai, ya liwa, mawa ah Frere Edouard
Olulaki na ndenge na ngai te, Frere Edouard
Boni yo moyimi boye
Olingi ba tala nga na ndeko mosusu te

Oh me, Liya, it is sad brother edouard
Didn’t you admire the way that I was
How come you are so greedy
You don’t want other people to look at me

8) Kaka yo moko
Nayebi nyonso naza mwasi nayo
Obangaka nini, Frere Edouard
Pesa nga confiance lokola na mi pesa na molimo

Only you alone
I know that I am your wife
What makes you scared, Brother Edouard
Trust me the way I trust my faith

9) Ba ndimi eh
Eloko na monaka Frere edouard mabe
Soki ba paya ba ye ndako
To ya famille na ngai, to ya famillie naye

The thing that I don’t like about Brother Edouard
If visitors come to see us
My relatives or his

10) Oko mona Frere Edouard akomi mawa mawa
Lokola mwana ya moke ya 5 ans
Nanu azwi petit dejeuner na tongo te
Eh, ba frere na ba souer
Surtout kanda ezalaka na frere edouard

You will notice that Brother Edouard will become very sad
Like a 5 years old boy who hasn’t had breakfast yet
Eh, brothers and sisters brother Eduard gets especially mad

11) Ko meka ata senga ya sucree ten a sombela ba paya
Wana oko mona frere edouard abimiseli yo bible
Bo tanga esika moko
Et puis eloko mosusu, ezalaka na frere edouard

If you ask him for money to buy juice for visitors
He often brings out a bible, so that we can read it together
Another thing about Brother Edouard

12) Soki akangeli yo kanda
Eza lokola moto ba kangi ye na menotte na ba police
Ah, nga, Liya eh
Nga moko nazalaka mwasi ya elongi elengi

If he is upset with you
It is like somebody who has been handcuffed by police
Ah, me, Liya
I used to be a fine woman

13) Lelo nakomi lokola safu oyo eyindi na nzete
Batu kutu ya misuni ba koma kamwa ngai
En fin, nayebi te
Soki ba frere nyoso ba zalaka obe oboye oh
Ha, ha, ha, ha

Today I look like a black African pears
Sinners are now surprised about how I look
Well, I don’t know
I am wondering if all brothers behave like him

14) Na voiture nayo
Autocallant nyoso ba koma grace dieu
Na ndako na biso mur nyoso photo ya yesu

In your car all stickers say Grace to God
In our house
Jesus’s pctures are everywhere in our house

15) Na maboko naye oh
Chapelet ezalanga te, frere edouard
Yekola ko kaba, yekola pe ko limbisa baton go oh

In your hand
You always hold a rosary, Brother Edouard
Learn how to share, learn also how to forgive people

16) Kake ebataka likolo oh
Ebomaka nango bato nyoso te oh
Tango mosusu eko boma mobali
Etiki mwasi na bana

Lightning strikes in the sky
But it doesn’t kill everybody
Sometimes it kills the husband
And leaves the wife and children

17) Mabe toko salaka o se, eko futamaka o se
Bolamu toko salaka o se
Eko futamaka o likolo
Frere Edouard yekola ko baba
Yekola pe ko limbiso bato eh

What goes aroud comes around
Good deeds that we do on earth are rewarded in heaven
Brother Edouard learn how to share
Learn also how to forgive people

Le grande ninja alobi yo oko sambelaka te,
eza boye te, cette probleme individuale… instrumentals.

 Thank you so much Bro.

Congolese Music / Re: Ethnic groups
« on: March 15, 2018, 22:05 »
Would really like to know where Koffi Olomide, Felix Wazekwa and Blaise Bula are from.

Wazekwa is a Mukongo (Muntandu a subtribe of the Kongo-tribe), Koffi Olomide's mother is 50% Sierra Leone, 50% Mutetela and his father is 50% Nigerian and 50% Ngbandi. About Blaise Bula I don't know some say that he is Budja other say that he is a mukongo

Wow@ Koffi's ancestry. I know some people who go to DRC for business and Koffi would host them whenever they are in Kinshasa. Especially if he hears they are from the Yoruba tribe of South-West, Nigeria so I was very curious about knowing his roots. Thank you Mr Mvulusi.

Congolese Music / Re: Ethnic groups
« on: March 15, 2018, 19:42 »
Would really like to know where Koffi Olomide, Felix Wazekwa and Blaise Bula are from.

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