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i just knew this week would not end without the super biased "tribunal" attacking marchouse who did not even attack werra like he used to do
Is it the Frank Stemay Mbuta Likasu analyze or the Vincent Tshiluzi tribunal?

Lol no,both are feminine,sandra is koffi's cousin
Lol, but how come that name for a man, is it a nick name or given name?

@Cavalier Solitaire

The tall tales of Koffi often go unchallanged because of his success, unlike Lacoste lol

You are right. ;D. In this interveiw with Ado, Lacoste said at one point Werra told him that "no singer, sings better than you in Congo".

At 00:38 seconds.

Is she a female? Because I am concerned

Haha no, Sandra is a man. He was basically Koffi’s family guardian in his 10 year Europe absence

Funny name for a man. So in french Sandra is masculine while Sandrine is feminine?

The part he talks about how apparently rihanna called didi stone is going viral

«Rihanna a bengi mwana»  ;D ;D

« Anglais ekota ba 82% »

Here I was recently thinking he couldn’t possibly top his “I chilled with Puff Daddy in Miami” tale  ;D
So Didier Lacoste is not the only one who lies with a straight face? ;D ;D

« on: May 20, 2019, 07:18 »
Wow!! The long awaited clip. I hope Elanga clip will be next to be released. Is that Balotelli who sings after Ferre, i confuse him with Fils Ya Metiola. Waiting for Marchouse's round of interviews.  ;D

I really like Koffi, but his superiority complex has always bothered me.  Especially towards Congolese journalists.  He always tries to prove that he is the most intelligent who knows everything.  Why was he up standing during the interview ?  It looks like a Boss who talks to his employees?  He clearly likes being control. Ado correctly reminded him that he was not acquitted as he wanted people to believe he is on suscepended sentence. It seems to me Popol and the others played into Koffi's hands in this interview only Ado was courageous enough to ask the difficulty questions.

I was actually gonna make a thread asking why we don’t get official edited concert videos anymore and we just get them awful videos with just one camera, why?
Thank you for this question. Especially the Kin concerts. Could it be that someone holds the rights to so the other people cant post fully edited ones?

Hahaha "Mr Google Danseur" . I laughed immediately I saw the title. Let me share this with my "Grand Frere" who is a big Wazekwa fan.

I like Alain Mpela's sense of humour. The part were he says after the creation of BCBG and Maison Mere it was necessary for the two leaders (JB & Werra,respectively) to remain with "Bato ya oui" or "Yes men" in their respective groups, hence the pushing out of Didier, Adolphe, Makaba and Blaise out of the two groups. ;D ;D

Congolese Music / Re: Hahahaha this man made my day
« on: May 09, 2019, 06:55 »
That dance at 01:05 is very funny even when Mopao himself does it. ;D ;D ;D

I always look forward to you sharing the inside stories/scoops of our music.

Hahaha. Maybe Papy Mboma should bring him on B-one so that we can all put a face to the name. Even I have been asking myself who he really is and how he made his money. Ata kutu Dr Dennis Mukwege the Nobel Laureate is not as well known as Dr Jeff in Congolese music mabanga circles. Lol. Is he a real medical doctor or doctor by level of education and is he based in Kinshasa or in the Diaspora?

« on: May 07, 2019, 15:04 »
This thread on LA-MAMA got me laughing.

It must be hard being a so called "small or young" musician in DRC with leaders like Dicap who you have to regularly stroke their egos for them to notice you. What really happened to Fally and humbleness because i think some few years ago i saw an interview by his older sister where she was talking about how humble Fally was despite his success at the time.

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