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Listening to Kolo Histoire. Definitely the album is a hidden gem.

the  man died 8 9 months ago,the woman died two days ago then there was rumours that she "resurrected" but later confirmation that she died,and it caused controversy because there are people who were worshipping them instead of God,and people who hated them over bad experience with them
Oh ok. There is a similar story here of lady who died two years ago only to reappear last week that she had "resurrected" with so far two couples claiming the resurrected lady is their daughter. Lol

Whats the story with the Olangy couple?

« on: June 07, 2018, 13:41 »

Did Libre Parcours and Tokos can be even be close to LM VILLANOVA's group album? The only good rumba between those two albums are Sensation, Rosendan and that of Gattuso (don't remember the name) the only good things about the album are the three generique of Libre Parcours, I don't know why you say Fally is superior to Fabro, maybe in droit chemin days was through or in the Mascara days, but Fabregas really step up in his group album Lokolo, Noveau Monde, Piece Rare, Yamba BB, Usine and many others are pure Congolese music and not some cheesy rhumba/traditional music to make donorsyappy

Libre parcours was way better the only problem was promotion plus You're talking like fabregas and fally are even in the same league fally has 20+ years experience in the game you're just saying this cause you're joining the bandwagon of everyone on the forum ripping fally just cause of tokooos.... and okay Fally has liputa, associe, attente, Cadenas, service, travelling love... I can go on what does fabregas have to compete with them titles?? And the fact that fally hasn't released a rhumba or sebene since original shows that your point is invalid cause if he was during the same way fabregas has then maybe this would be up for discussion while it's not

I agree. I have never been a fan of Fabregas's music but even if i was, i would never compare Fabregase to Fally. Fally is far too superior.

I digress. Last weekend had a chance of attending Fally's concert in Lusaka and Libre Parcours 2 was played. As good as the studio version is, the live version was  even better. However, i noticed that Felly Tyson sat out the whole concert except at the end when it was time to perform "Eloko oyo".

« on: June 06, 2018, 07:11 »
loool there was a song kibens gave for th  called les prolegomènes de notre amour which was dropped,one hell lot of sophisticated french jb asked him if he thought his colleagues  were working for NASA :D :D :D
:D :D Mulongeshi should write a book.

Elvis Ndjeka the Zambian bass guitarist does a sound check alongside Oliver Mtukudzi in this re-endition of some old kalindula song at the recently held Africa Unite Music festival held in Lusaka.
Born of RDC parents of course.

« on: June 04, 2018, 15:33 »

Happy birthday Maréchal Mukulu.

Been enjoying this nice sound lately from TH.

Wapi Didier Ikoko na Simon Lungela?

One of my favourite as well together with "Ekoti Ya Nzube". I saw some interview were MarcHouse says this is the next video scheduled to be released.

Sorry to say but our jealous and egos really prevents us as blacks from excelling. You have guys like Chai Ngenge stuck with an album all because someone is pulling the strings behind the back so that it doesn't get released.

Motema mabe ewuta wapi? jalousie ewuta wapi? - Pire Pirate - Blaise Bula.

Wow so no one else besides Ferre could get funds to do the videos? So was Ferre homeless when he sold his two houses? Koffi came in clutch with that contract because Ferre would've had to swallow his pride and go back to Maison Mere.

No, he wasn’t homeless. Koffi was trying to get Ferre since 2003, but he was refusing. Then when Les Marquis was created he tried to lure Ferre again, but he kept refusing and after the release of Miracles he contacted all the keymembers Bill, JDT, Ferre, Japonais & Mimiche Bass to destabilize the band, because he was scared that they would dominate the Congolese music-scene. Then when Ferre came to Paris he came again with that offer and Ferre finally accepted it. Koffi, JB & Werra were happy when they heard that Les Marquis split. In an interview of Werrason & Marc Tabu in Brussels he refused to give Les Marquis good luck. In another interview made some weeks before that you could see on his face expression him being happy when the journalist informed him about the problems in Les Marquis.

He was really uncomfortable and irritated with the Les Marquis Questions. In hindsight, if Les Marquis had stayed together for even for five years they would have been a huge success. I can understand why the big leaders did whatever they could to cause problems among the main leaders of Les Marquis.

The fact that Les Marquis was destabilized like this by the big leaders, would this be one of the reasons why in the recent past after musicians leave big groups they don't want to team up to form a group?

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY IN LUSAKA, ZAMBIA
« on: May 30, 2018, 18:31 »
I have noticed that he insists on playing some tokoos songs half the concert. He starts off with the more successful Eloko Oyo and then goes into those French songs like Nidja and Tout le monde danse. Am sure for him it's a way of promoting it. And the chicks like them. ;D
Like that headline says in that local tabloid

« on: May 30, 2018, 11:56 »
His in for two concerts in two different cities. The comments by the fans though. These are holiday apartments.

Congolese Music / Re: Conflicts in Congo
« on: May 29, 2018, 08:58 »
Even Ferre did this song for peace in the East of DRC.

Bandeko nabiso ya est, tobosani bino te oh. Na oyo ezakoleka lelo etali ba congalais nioso. Nzambe opesa Congo Richese, ba voisin basepelaka te oh. Tolembi ba violent oh, tolembi pe koboma.

The conflict in the East of DRC is complex with accusation and counter accusation of the neighbors (Rwanda and Uganda) of destabilising the region in order to benefit illegally from from the mining of coltan and other precious minerals. Its a sad situation and like Manzambi says you have to be near to the conflict for you to realise what damage has been brought to the peoples in these.

Another recent conflict is that of Pweto a region close to the boarder with Zambia were we had over 15 000 people displaced and crossing over to Zambia to seek refuge all because of conflict in that area. This is all because of selfish leaders who think that they are the only ones with wisdom enough to rule others.

Congolese Music / MANIX IS LOADED
« on: May 27, 2018, 11:58 »
Ferre had to ask him to also give some to his back up singer.

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