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Fally surely is the best (Accurate, smart and creative)

« on: June 20, 2018, 14:09 »
Loved it too and the video was on point

You can say that again, we will never accept a men who fail to accept themselves ( the fact that you have a dick means you are a man - you can't accept that then you are stupid and confused)

Ahhhh congolese musicians...... But why really? So Genta is the only loyal attalaku in Congo. This guy was a real deal in Villa Nova

Yah hey....... But Villa Nova takes the lead for now. Nice choreography in their videos, excellent concepts and well packaged live shows.Also influent


But he is the most persistent Atalaku he was good then and he is still pushing now......... Bill is King yes but if i were to choose myself i will go for Brigade (Good at Quatier latin, Excellent at Wenge MMM, Good again as solo artist) Everyone else did great on their days and then failed to keep up

For me this is the best atalaku ever........ Congo had/has a star here. It doesn't matter which band he is with...... He is always on point

This is sick (No Merville, no Yamado, that Werra's guy)  they must do their research well

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY... STOP IT, PLEASE!
« on: May 16, 2018, 18:34 »
The bottom line is that Congo music is dead guys........ Congolese are respected of what they did and less on what they do.I would suggest you let Fally post for his fans thats the point of those social platforms anyway, besides FALLY has more followers than any other musician in Congo so he can't fail them in both classic music and celebrity life style...... He had to keep one burning so that the day he gets to his classic he will know who is waiting.

« on: May 15, 2018, 22:11 »
LM Villa Vova launch/Concert (December)  had powerful sound too.............. Werra represents Congo when he is sent for live duty (Koffi is not good in that area)
Werra - 9/10
Fabregas - 8/10
Fally - 7/10
Ferre - 7/10
Brigade sarbati 7/10 (animations onWera's songs)
Koffi - 3/10
JB Mpiana 5/10

Celeo Scram has to admit that Fally is a King........ Regardless of how much he knows him. Some people knew George Weah as just a football but now he is leading a nation.Celeo must embrace his failure and hail the King

Woow very nice.......but number 1 in congo not all Light Music Villa Nova is the best......... Ferre n his team they are good yes but lets not mis represent Congo music their art is just ok..........Villa Nova is on point and currently the best thing in congo music scene

Great work from Fabregas and Light Music VN on their music videos excellent ......Dan Scott is a very good director........their work is on Africa's top 5 .........we were not used of good music videos from Congo (werra with nigerian movie effects,koffi showing off his house and cars......then everyone else dancing in dirty streets kkkkkkkkkkkkkk 

Fabregas was and is the man for me.........Actually him and Light Music are currently the only best thing in Congo music scene...........Also Fally proved that he is good no Seben or Generique on 2017 but still an African darling (still don't see how Ferre is better than him) good marketing team or bad Fally is a complete artist (Ferre - Robinio - Deplick - Brigade - Cappuccino - Heritier yah these guys on the same league, Fally and Fabro have crossed the bridge #hard truth) ..............Also expected a lot from Ambulance i feel like he is so good but he didn't do much

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