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« on: November 27, 2020, 18:36 »

Do you guys know any Malincholic generiques lile the one of Extra Musica Nouvelle Horizom Na Suka Wapi and Style Moomber by Bill Clinton and Also 3 minute de Follie by always Bill Clinton or Jamaique part in Courageux when he says espoaka yo elele and  Bercy Ekenge part in Kata Fumbwa in the history of Congolese music?

« on: November 27, 2020, 18:31 »
Thanks a lot to you all for the well wishes

« on: November 27, 2020, 10:38 »
Diamond is really born for music I have heard some of his songs after the Yo Or Remix and from Inama to Baba Yao etc. he always does wonderful tunes, Bongo Flava also is a great genre who really abilities artist to express their vocal power love the song

Congolese Music / SAD TO SEE THIS
« on: November 24, 2020, 11:34 »

I would have love if all African countries leader understood that letting China and the West with our resources is bringing us nothing.

But I guess they are too busy spending public money to have songs on their names.

« on: November 23, 2020, 20:55 »
Thanks again a lot guys your support is really great.

« on: November 23, 2020, 20:55 »
Another day another close friend/person next to Fabregas who exposes him as an hypocrite

Ibrator, But Na Fillet, Robinio and now is ex best friend Deplick there is a book called the 48 laws of power where there was a king called Michael who had a friend called Nasilius and basically Micheal did everything for Nasilius feels him clothes, gave him a shelter and made him the second highest authority.after the king and for paying him back Basilius got Micheal killed and became the new king.

I say this to say that you never know how people are so instead of helping people like Deplick helped Fabregas to enter in Maison Mère you should do your own business and think about your life, it is kinda sad that despite Deplick being the best singer Fabregas is having until now a better career.

I sense he will bring back Alvarito Solo as a surprise.

Ahahahah, I wonder if this was Maison Mère or QL and guys like Héritier or Soleil HD gave ultimatum to Werra and Koffi, the way Eclipse give the ultimatum was so desrespectful, but I understand him, he has always been a number two in his life first with Bercy and then with Gessac, and now for the first time he finally has power, he knows that Joss is more charismatic than him and is closer to Wazekwa and that's why he got so mad at Joss's return, to be honest I blame Wazekwa on this, even if Eclipse don't have the charisma of a leader, you can't just accept a guy who just left for Koffi as soon as he had the chance leaving you in the dirt, but at the same time I don't know how much Cultura Pays Vie is owing of debt or how many money they make a year.

« on: November 20, 2020, 19:00 »
Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate a lot your love and support :) I will get through this thanks to you all too.

« on: November 20, 2020, 18:43 »
He should go back to F’Victeam....

For what? Being treated as a Fally's arm that has no personality on his own but is there to make music sounds good for the boss? Having people like Djino liaki slapping you or try to dwindle your money, or for other ls to get jealous when you and Eto'O become close friends?

Or for the astonishing 100 euro a month salary when Fally's net worth is of 17 milion dollars? Grace Mbizi is ridiculous ok, but even if she pays 150 euro for a single session is way better than how he was in F'VICTEAM.


Lol that awkward look from olivier when noko lias says the name of ferre

He went from smiling to an angry look and feeling uncomfortable when hearing Ferré's name. Kinda weird

Congolese Music / Re: Werrason interview TV5MONDE
« on: November 20, 2020, 18:33 »
lol lazy is not the right word to describe him lol although yes he does not give the impression of somebody who does not give his all into his work,i'd say what suits him more  is overcomplicated every situation which explains his long absence on the market ALL his colleagues from the oldest to the youngest would do things differently for the sake of keeping the career more active

He was saying that balle de match will be released in december 2020 ? Any news bro ?  ;D

HAHAHAHAHAHA I wont risk it again,all i know is that something could still happen by the end of the year

NGL as a hard Werrasonik fan I still want that JB's album a lot and I hope they haven't erased Cellulaire part, but to be honest I think JB will never release it. I gave up

Congolese Music / Re: Which congolese artist should do a verzuz
« on: November 20, 2020, 18:30 »
For those who don't know, Verzuz consists of two challengers in the entertainment industry who plays 20 of their best records on Instagram live and then let the people decided who won. With the most recent battle between two rappers from the states Gucci Mane and Jeezy, but I feel like they need to bring it to the motherland, and where else better to start than congo? In your opinion, which Congolese artists should battle each other? It got to be two legends that got many hit records. I would say at least ten or more. I was thinking Fally versus Ferre Gola would be a dope one, Felix Wazekwa versus Awilo Longomba, J.B Mpiana versus Werrason. I know that a lot of these guys were in a group so they can play the song they wrote while in a group example Werrason can play Kala Yi Boeing in the battle against JB.

for the people that don't understand what I'm talking about, watch the video below for an example of how a Verzuz would look like

Well it would be nice to see Werra Vs JB (but it will never happen)

Koffi vs Wemba (but if course can't happen and it would have never happened even if Papa Wemba would still be here)

Ferré vs Fally (will never happen and even if it did Fally would win even if they put his worst song in there)

Fabregas vs Deplick (but only based on their Maison Mère work it would be so lopsided comparing their solo careers)

Karmapa Vs Wazekwa (it could happen but I don't think they are too much Social Media savy to do a challenge like that)

Extra Musica Zangul vs Extra Musica Nouvel Horizon (but if course Roga Riga would.neber let that happen)

And for the BCBG guys useless to do it since they all have had bad solo careers it would work only with their JB highlights career.

Heritier, Fabregas, But Na Fillet, Innoss B, Rebo etc. can't really make no Versus since they are way too young in solo career except for Fabro who is not going in solo career but doesn't have really any rivals since his synthe style and rhumba playing is unique the Rival could be But Na Fillet but I don't know if is new desrespectful behaviour will make him last long

The best thing to do is to find a way of engaging an atalaku from Kin in 1 of their generiques.

The problem is that Brazzaville music (unless the many Extras) doesn't get much money and most of.the money Brazavillians make is thanks to outside Brazza countries, like Ivory Coast for example who is one of the biggest if not the biggest consumer of Brazzaville music and usually Brazzavillian investors prefer investing their money into something more remunerative and serious than music, it doesn't get much views usually because as I have said Brazzaville people do not really care about music that much, but you will always hear guys like Roga Roga, Kevin Mbouande and many others complain that their music is not supported enough by their own people so with this premises, what sane Kin atalaku (with already being a kin atalaku hard because you compete with 10/15 guys for 1 or 2 minutes in one or two générique being forced to share seben with singers) will go to Brazza for joining Lrvyson's band?

Lol. Did you read this loooong statement he made yesterday. Levyson has illusions of grandeur.

His maxi single better not flop otherwise the way he has hyped it if it flops he will be roasted.

So he is basically saying that he was behind the initial coup d'état that made all of those founding members leave Extra Musica Zangul to create Nouvel Horizon and after that he also says that he is Moses since his role is to liberated the enslaved people from Ramses II.

So the same way as his cousins Roga Roga he was betrayed by the same group he created and the 7th of July he decided to found his new group, I have stopped reading because I have never heard so much BS at once with that said Comgolese music fans needs to be a little bit more impartial, all of the comments under his post are believing his words and treating him like he is the next Franco and that is not good not even for the fans but for the artist himself, I have heard the Générique and it is the typical monotonous Brazza style and it bring nothing new the views are low even for an Audio generique and I don't know how Levyson can be happy about it and don't think about that fact.

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