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It's a culture of self denial..... These are the repercussions of  racism. When people around you don't look at your race as part of humanity.

WMM Till The End Of Time

I don't agree. Congo is full of black people who speak an African language nothing like Angola where people will look at you weird if you don't speak portuguese, the problem is that it is ingrained in Congolese culture to say things like "kotela" to become more clear and so on, it is just stupidity, you can get cancer if you bleach but people see it as a good thing

Congolese Music / ROBINIO
« on: Today at 18:35 »
Now that Robinio does single handedly does generique, what are Showman, Cinq Chantier and that Bill copycat doing to save their spot? Furthermore, do you know a single rumba Singer's name from Robinio's group?

I feel bad for George Floyd, but, in the African context I want to ask what African American's have done for Africa and African issues. They are almost completely absent from any issues concerning the Mother Continent. Even when I studied there, at a prestigious High School in D.C. , I felt more discriminated against by African Americans than any other group.

Despite all this, Africans will drop all their domestic issues and go protest on behalf of African Americans. I can never forget the day Barack Obama tried to convince our leaders to accept homosexuality, luckily the Kenyan president was there to remind him of our African values. ( I got nothing against gays)

Point is; for once Lets Put Africa first.

Let America sort out its own domestic issues.

Bro a human being died. It is not about Africa or America, you know who told me about the Chinese kicking Africans out? An African-American. Yes they are not really our brothers anymore because they have lost any African language but white cops do not care if youare African or African American they shoot you for example read this story is about an African student from Guinea who got killed by the white american police and that his killers got not charged

The hate of the African community it is a tool of white people to put black against blacks the same way Europeans in South Africa molded South African to be racist against other Africans, you are part of the older generation the Akon those guys who were get discriminated for being African but trust me things are changing.

Everyone knew Ado would not be the guy to interview this legend. I want to see Djudjuchet go on another platform and explain his story properly from start to finish.

What is the name of the guy with dreads who does those instagram interviews? He would be a better interviewer it seems that with him everybody get really comfortable. They do it with Ado too but

So this is why eveeybody are insulting Ferre. Insult Ferre and I will give you a shoutout or bring you to my Bercy, they have seen that it has worked with Robinio (which later regreted) and now they will think it will work with them. Get ready to see Eboa, Taddet, Kabose, Manda, Fabro and many others disrespect Ferre to get buzz and Fally likeness

Breaking News! Mbuta Likasu, Vincent and Frank just had an orgasm during filming of their analyse show.

And fainted seeing innoss above  many anglophone lol thats why innoss never misses any opportunity to ridicule them :D :D

For real, Anglophone artist think they are the best only because they have english as an official Language but when Fally Innoss and Congolese artist decide to play international everybody are quiet

Congolese Music / Re: HAS LE QUADO LEFT BCBG
« on: Today at 11:13 »
lol shamala in the fb link you posted kibens seemed furious of his sudden move,that was literally his protegé,lived with him at the start,trained him to know the songs,forced the old guard  to accept him quickly in rotation,get many vocals in songs, so he feels betrayed
its like if josky zola leaves roger ngandu will be mad thats his artist

Kibens should blame himself not even JB to let the youngster go, I mean JB is ready to release but Kibens was the most vocal about not releasing so he needs to mad at himself maybe this departure will motivate the tre moschettieri to finally release the album

Congolese Music / Re: HAS LE QUADO LEFT BCBG
« on: June 01, 2020, 20:02 »
Confirmation sought..

I sense a little sarcasm by Kibens on that "Ton artist prefere" (Your favourite artist)

Congolese Music / Re: HAS LE QUADO LEFT BCBG
« on: June 01, 2020, 19:40 »
So they will redo his part in Balle De Match again with a new youngster and the new youngster will get fed up with the non release and his part will be erased until you will have a new youngster...

Known in Congo and other few countries, even if he started his career 100 years ago with 100 albums they just have the same impact with Heritier that's the hard truth we have to swallow, its not about your talent only its about what your talent is doing to the world and these 2 are just the same same

I was about to answer you but I haven't got that energy. I only say that it has been proven that Fally copied many many times Ferre's songs and demeanor

90% of people in this forum love Ferre a lot, you defend him in every way and always despite that he is not being very useful to this genre. Personally I think everyone who praises Fally notices something that is very clear to the world Fally is 100 times ahead Ferre in every way (the reason they are compared is because of their statuses in Congo and the fact that they are age mates.

The best person to compare Ferre with is Heritier...... That's a fare comparison.

Lol. I hope you are joking

I am saddened by his death. Here in Italy on FaceBook and sometimes even in the streets people of all races are protesting and I agree with them. Italy it is not a racial paradise far from it, but you will never get killed for being black for no reason.

With that said it is just sickening, the reason people care about America is black people, AfricanAemricans have done everything even when they were slaves to do something for themselves and for every Obama, Malcolm X, Marthin Luther, Jordan there are hundreds of black people who gets murdered for no reason. This has actually started (the disgregation of civil rights and the plan to kill the black community dignity) in the 70's with the so called war on drugs of Reagan that was aimed at killing black communities by floading drugs to fund America's operations in Nicaragua with the Contras and overthrow any communist government or sentiment. I think tht America is a racist place against black people and that you can escape racism in America only by having money because with money even if you die ypu could really hurt the people that killed you that is why you will never see Obama or Jordan touched, bro you touched them and your whole family is over. Beside that I wish that black people had guns with them everytime and shot back at cops right away that is the only solution. I mean a black guy did that (unfortunately his girlfriend passed) and he got his charged dropped, the other reason is tht Kkk has actually secretly sneaked into police forces (especially FBI and CIA, ever wonder why the only functional black state were communist ones in Africa and South Africa which had apartheid in the 80's?) so it is probably that Klan judges and Klan policeman find their way of fun killing black people. Man I am so sorry for all tje black people living in America because man you fear for your life everyday. I am glad finally the world is waking up and stop saying shit like "Oh the cop are there to protect us" like shut up thy are not, you are more safe in a hood than withthe police it is crazy

I have said for ages that Werra is over I am finally glad other Wenge MM fans are starting to realize it
He might be finished but this song is better than Werrason's Parking Generique. I would take this song over the Parking generique.

Lol I hope you are kidding, please re listen the part from 2:36 until 3:40 and then come back again. Come on man Parking is fire compare to Chassez Le Corona

What Djudju said about bandleaders is true to a T, no cap. I guess he's been there as well. It seems that almost every leaderless Congolese band delves into a leadership struggle whenever they achieve success. If there are at least two leaders, one of them's either not satisfied, is adamant the whole band was his idea or knows very well he's the most popular member and so he wants more power, hence the ego trip. Reminds me of what happened to Academia and Les Marquis.

Is Congolese people in general all those Dadju, Maitre Gims, Niska, Naza etc. Are Congolese and speak Lingala yes but they have another type of culture, Congolese people from Comgo with power always deals with things like that if you have a little power you start to belittling people, humiliating them, calling them names but then cry and moan whem youneed help, in Music, Politics etc. It is like that, and furthermore people will do anything to have some power over you. As you all see even religious singer have these kind of Super egos. It is funny that in the Congolese world Stromae, Maitre Gims, Niska, Youssoupha etc. Have more success than Fally (which is the top in Congo) and all the other leaders despite Congolese leaders having big egos

« on: May 31, 2020, 17:52 »

Ado Yuhe needs to stop these interviews it seems that he doesn't understand the dangers of Corona Virus

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