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For the people who doesn't understand lingala DJ Kratos in the song says something "Now let's get this thing real you are dirty, all of your stuff is full of dirty people" and then goes on with "The first 20000 you earned it is because of me, you have lost a tooth  because of the police, and now you act all thuggish, if you are so happy then smile and show where it is your missing tooth"
Who he was speaking to?

I am not racist but I don't support white people making black music, still to these days I go crazy mad when white people say shit like "Elvis the king of Rock'n'Roll" or "The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are the best band ever" without knowing they were stealing black people style, I am glad that to these days Congolese music stayed between us and I am glad it is in Lingala so white people can 't really steal it.
I am Angolan and you have seen the success of Dança Kuduro an Angolan genre who benefited Dominican and Portuguese people while Angolan singers rarely get through.


The moment when Werrason gave Ali Mbonda the opportunity to put 2 songs in an album. His nickname changed from "La Main de Fer" in "La Main d'Or".

Typical Congolese Leader exploiting other people's talent pretending to be this big guy while not putting the same effort in paying their musicians proper money and being mad quick sending clowns like Sankara or Marchouse to insult them as soon as they leave... I will end here I don't wanna be too rude

Mankind is crazy sometimes...
I mean Koffi was the only guy caring about Wemba when in prison and Wemba didn't want to solve things with him dying hating him and denying him the funeral entrance... I mean hadn't Papa Wemba wonderstood that those so called "stuff" was full of fake people???

Examen video's braids and eating of JDT were also a clear signal.

The song was good though

« on: June 15, 2018, 21:13 »

Christy Lova is of the F'VICTEAM label created by Fally, I think he is trying to make her the next Aya Nakamura but fails to make her as big as her despite Christy Lova being Belgian, to you why is this girls struggling to get so much attention.

« on: June 15, 2018, 19:18 »
My bad

« on: June 15, 2018, 17:28 »
Great song but bad promotion, even babies know that you have to put an album to Spotify etc. first and then put the video out, Abraham needs a financial adviser.


The  second comment over Fally lol, oh my God

Congolese Music / Re: DEPLICK GOT MARRIED
« on: June 12, 2018, 20:54 »

Maybe he will chill on the overly explicit dances and dancers.
A lot of artists have wives and kids and that hasn't stoped them. I haven't really seen Deplick have what can be viewed as explicit dances.
Deplick's a good man, so he will not do dumb shit like cheating and shit like that

i believe the issue is not his talent but rather the fact he'll become too independent for leader's liking,ferre had it with werra,heritier was kind of allowed to avoid him leaving,alvarito was 12'd as soon as he got papers,same for kanza and equalizer,miel always was seen as one foot outside eversince he got papers,mignon abraham in bcbg,its very hard, i guess the only guy with papers who lasted very long without issues is jdl
leaders like when you are light years behind and you just have to say "ok boss"
Then we asked ourselves why Congolese music never advances, I would expect this to come from Werra, or Koffi but not from Fally.
It is sad because if you have only yesman how your music will advance???
Franco might have made some mistakes but he was always respecting and making the spotlight for his musicians like Mpudi Decca, the lady in Massu and many other, I don't know if it is colonization or ego but this needs to stop

Seriously guy ..there is no need to argue about these 2 album.  Libre parcour is a classic album that did not get  a proper promotion but managed to get some contracts out the country..while cursus was just a local success and congolese community abroad and was definitely well received but youngsters newly discovering congolese music. Fally did not play well when it came to promoting the album.. The album would have been huge success if only he was really involve into promoting it well himself. In opinion it was not a flop but just wrongly  managed ..fabregas learned from it and worked on the promo but still when it come quality and melodies cursus does not stand ..LP is way better.
To be honest i have the album but the only song i listen to is zigida and the rest is luaza...
To me LP is on the same rank as TITANIC , mortal combat..Well realised and conceived  but poorly received..
TITANIC now is considered a legendary albums so...
Anyway I think it is taste maybe since I am younger Fabregas give me more vibes than Fally.

The old man is finish kie kie you went on interviews even your entourage claiming not to have paid attention to Karmapa with Caligula kie kie what some people have missed the song Caligula portrayed the behavior of this man to a T with his case it hurt right home well done Karmapa you got an answer and we are tired of the programmed rumba you keep bringing out how your fans become deaf with your monotonous sounds kie kie nothing new should have had a better diss track cause Caligula beats this
If I didn't know you I would think you are a bug big time Gerre fan, Koffi might not make legendary song anymore but this is wonderful

Congolese Music / Re: WHERE ARE P-SQUARE NOW?
« on: June 09, 2018, 05:57 »
Awaiting expert ndeko @toolz

Lol...Toolz is a woman ooo. Lol...Mwasi....Peter is doing well same for Paul. They have some singles they released after their break up and the songs are doing well in the market. It is just that they do not have the buzz they used to have when they were still together anymore. People deal with them individually now. Peter was more or less the show runner for them when they were still P Square- the one to get contracts and deals for the duo.
Paul got some property with their elder brother/manager Jude, they eventually sold out the place.
Lol, hey miss Toolz ndejo fan ne used forma both female andò male, mano words in Lingala gas no sex lol, anyway I am happy you are a woman :).
Anywqy, wow, it is really hard to hear those singles, and it is hard to hear Nigerian music like the way we were used in 2014 no Fally is taking their place but I am sorry for how they ended because they could have been like Papa Wemba or Franco at the level of legends but once again they are brothers and you can't always go coll with your bro no matter how you love him.


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