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Congolese Music / Re: THE SARAH SOLO OF SYNTHE
« on: Today at 21:14 »
I like her hair and I like she is enjoying herself she sill have a bright future

« on: Today at 21:14 »
Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil and many many other South American countries have a lot of Acrican American people that would love to see their own ancestor especially in music, Rosalina by BM has been on the number 1 charts in Barranquilla in Colombia, and Brasil, Argentina (even though are very racist countries) Uruguay, Cile are grest for music, in fact Reggaeton despite not being talked like Rock is waaay more bigger than Rock in South America, I don't think things will change becuase as usual Leaders do not like to learn, do not like to know outside of their comprehension.


Yes. Thats also why Mobutu wanted to bring him to Mbuji Mayi after that he betrayed him. Thinking that they lynch him there, but Albert Kalonji refused, because he saw him as his brother despite all those problems (they used to be in the same party before they split). Then after that they decided to bring him to Katanga where he was tortured months long and then killed in a small village.
Wow that's a shock to me, so he was like those Belgians he used to despise

You got two different baluba's. You have Balubakat, who live in Katanga (Haut-Lomani & Tanganyika district). They speak Swahili & Kiluba (which is diffrent from Tshiluba). Laurent-Desire Kabila was a mulubakat. The other baluba's are Baluba-Kasai, they speak Tshiluba. Their ground is Kasai Oriental, they migrated there in the 17th century when there was alot of dryness in Katanga. When they went to Kasai they met other tribes (Bakuba, Binji, etc.) and with the years going on their languague Kiluba developed into Tshiluba. During the colonisation alot went to Kananga in Kasai-Occident (the Lulua-district), wth them as point becoming even the majority which didn't please the Lulua. Then when the independence came close,the Belgian wanted to create a civil-war in Congo with them creating division everywhere and that also happened in Kasai. The Lulua created the association "Les freres Lulua", because they felt that they would lose their identity and ground with the Baluba-Kasai dominting them everywhere. From 1959 the Lulua started to kill baluba's in Kananga. The lulua's and Baluba were even fighting in Kinshasa. Albert Kalonji decided at some point to create the South Kasai-Empire to protect the Baluba's, because of Lumumba and Kasa-Vubu doing nothing. He was then supported by multinationals who wanted to get diamonds there. But then Mobutu & Lumumba decided to bomb Mbuji-Mayi which killed alot of people and it made alot of Baluba hate Lumumba. But alot of people already forgot that story. The secession only lasted 2 years (1960-1962). After that the Lulua and Baluba made peace. I guess that Bill Clinton Kalonji got the inspiration of the Mbuji Mayi-Kananga animation from there. The Baluba's living Kananga are a little bit diffrent from those living in Kasai-Oriental who are very conservative. 

Back in the late 80's of the 19th century when the Belgians just started the colonisation and the years after it they brought alot of Baluba-Kasai to Katanga as punishment, because of them being against the colonisation. That's why you got alot of Baluba-Kasai in Katanga. But people living in Katanga (Bemba, Aruund "Lunda", Balubakat) don't like them, because they dominate all the business there. Back in 1991 and 1992 you had there a massacre instrumentalisted by Mobutu, Nguz Karl I Bond and Kyungu Wa Ku Mwanza, with alot of Baluba-Kasai returning to Kasai. It also happened in 1960, when Moise Tshombe proclaimed the indepedence of Katanga. Alot of Baluba-Kasai returned then to Kasai, but they didn't knew Tshiluba only Shwahili because of them living more than 50 years in Katanga. This all made the elders living in Kasai deciding that all Baluba's have to learn Tshiluba everywhere where they are and all generation to not forget their roots. But alot of them living in Kinshasa and Europe only talk Lingala.
Lumumba did bomb innocent people for real? O.O

« on: January 19, 2019, 21:57 »
It seems like a mix of Werra and Fally

When is joining Team Watta then?
I don't think he should, fisrt it is over crowded in the Atalaku section: Ambulance, Bercy Mwana, Anti-Balle, Platangwangi and second if he has the resources to produce music he should do his own or go to Europe and save momey to fund his career

« on: January 14, 2019, 21:52 »
Would I face any consequences if I will decide to make a feat with Werra, Koffi, JB, Fally, Ferre and so on? Because it seems like especially with the JF Ifonge interview posted recently that if you deal with them (laders) you will go in dark places or maybe even die, I would really love to festure one of those leader in my songs especially Koffi and Ferre but I have heard too many stories to go from them easily

I am sorry for Ngiama Nöel Makanda the person but honestly it is better like that, Werra never talked once about what he wanted to make for the people but only wanted power for himself, and I think this is a huge bath of humility for how he have treated people throughout the years (Mboka Liya, Ali Mbonda, Manda Chante and so on) l. Maybe this experience will make him understand how his employees might feel when he pays them llittle scream at them or belittles them.

Congolese Music / Re: Some videos of Bernadette Masengu
« on: January 14, 2019, 07:05 »
A cousin's friend used to date her... she's certainly nice to look at... kiekie Ado Yuhe thinks he's slick always giving her free promo
I think she is the main financing person of Congo Mikili if I am not wrong

At least he has job to take care of himself.I saw Mboka Liya in London months back he looks down and out.Blaise is working for himself and family .
I thought he had a job (Mboka Liya) anyway Mboka Liya said that JB treated him like shit and humiliated him when he was there especially in the Anti Terro days

This looks like inside of an airport so am assuming he works in an Airport but but what kinda job he does there?

Watch the rest of the video. It's actually La Defense station, I recognise the area. Maybe he was on his way to work.
I am not really into French Culture, what is La Defense station?


Well I guess Europe concert will be a memory for the Congolese leaders Fabro, Deplick, Heritier, Robinio and many other will not have a chance to see proper money

What is the story now?
They claim that Fayulu should have won, I don't even know why they think that.

What work he does?

My friend pointed it out to me so I was curious and checked and fally really has unfollowed him since the documentary and his doing his best to distance himself from the situation. Rightfully so lol
Like... He didn't know who R. Kelly was before?

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