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I wish he could put this energy into his career, at thus point he is becoming a sidechick of Fally and Robinio might think it will give him rewards but actually is the fastest way for people to not take you seriously anymore and to see as nothing more as a non official porte parole

I really wish that Congolese people would understand that  is talent and marketing strategies which get you success not spirituality, Wazekwa's Martyr concert didn't flop cause of spirituality but for stupidity and stubborness with that said I can see Kene Kene being a singer before being transformed into a Bill clone he used to have a very beautiful voice who to me was a natural 1er veux rather then a 2eme one.

Congolese Music / Re: WMMM 1st Team Interview after London!
« on: September 19, 2023, 12:34 »
Knowing Werra it is even possible that he put himself the news of only 4 musicians returning to create buzz, Werra is the master of strategies.

What do these guys left in London do? Look for a job in London? Most likely a menial job? Is that better than being in Werrason's band?

What is Cafe Roum & Makaba doing in London?
Do you still believe that working for Congolese groups is something that can get you money? Fame surely but money? They are better off doing menial jobs and get paid 8 to 15 euro per hour then to stay in whatever group and being paid 100 a month if they are lucky.

Are there any books about Congolese music artists out there?

Tbh in 20 years groups won't exist anymore, leaders failed to convert their success into a system who could have become a money generating asset in which  maybe with a label you develop this artist and you always own them with Disks, tours etc. Coming to you first, groups will only be the leaders some atalaku who will make a generique ince in a while and ther est just rhumbas.

Papa Wendo Kolosoy
Franco and Tabu Ley, Zaiko
Papa Wemba, Koffi, Pepe Kalle
Wenge Musica 4x4 as a whole so The group itself with Werra, JB, etc.
Fally, Ferre, Bill then after them at least from the 80s and 90s I really struggle to say a name I dont remember how Defao and Bozi were perceived cause I was too little but I trend to think that maybe Defao might deserve one. For the 50s to 90s period I dont really remember many bands/leaders so I have might have elft some very good groups or leader


Sometimes I wonder if all these years where people were calling him smart was because he really was or it was because he was hiding his stupidity and arrogance. You failed big time, last thing you would want to have is a DVD about it...
I don't recall Werra talking about Fleche Inteta that much or Koffi talking about Academia either, somebody save this man

« on: September 19, 2023, 00:45 »
Tbh of Innoss is smart giving his american connection he should use this focus that the Congolese public has on him and Rebo and Turn it into a reality show, I don't know who will watch given how Congolese people really aren't a people made for Congolese own reality shows but it is an idea he should take in consideration, with that said I think that Innoss fall in hype before of The him and Rebo Shenanigans started with not following the Yo Pe Formula.meaning original music, music who was really reminding of his swahili roots and that if he kept going could have been a new genre with a massive following but instead he chose to copy Nigeruans, South Africans and everybody instead of being his own self, about Maboko Mulayi (which het played in parties crazily but only.Congolese ones while Yo Pe get played in every African party) I think he just wanted to do a video with Awilo but Ndombolo isn't Innoss Thing and you can hear it when he does it like when he did that feet with Fabro it felt so forced and also with Aw8lo mmmmm it felt forced if he wants to get success in music again he should keep honoring his swahili roots and make them a musical genre in modern times

Congolese Music / Re: WMMM 1st Team Interview after London!
« on: September 18, 2023, 19:58 »

Werra is still crazy lol
the way he introduces musicians who returned
One of the funniest thing I have ever seen

Congolese Music / Re: WMMM 1st Team Interview after London!
« on: September 17, 2023, 20:53 »
Listen to all the bill clinton generiques since fukushima till now to get an idea of him
I have never understood why people said that Bill fell off after Wenge, if people talk about the time he started to diss Innoss and doing random music yes but after qenge he did some really beautiful generique but people.never gave him credit for it Tshikimbwa Operation Obama

, BO Mpikiliki

KiYoki Na Kiyoki


Mukusa Mukongo

Matisa Pression


Man Kasonda was crazy

Congolese Music / Re: WMMM 1st Team Interview after London!
« on: September 17, 2023, 14:29 »
Werrason hired a big bus to ferry his team clad in Karate attire to their first TV interview after the London fiasco. Mayi Ya Kamba is now fully integrated. Werrason just loves drama...!

Tbh this is just sad, seeing Maison Mere as the home of Boll, Ferre, Kapaya etc. And see it being reduced to a group who can't even retain 10 musicians is just sad tbh, I think that Werra should change the system and make people have reason to stay or else the system will get worse and worse, and I am sure that most of the guys there will say that Kakol was asking them money when they were there.  Guaranteed.

People on social media are critizing Ferre's team for not posting tour-dates.
They are overreacting the Poster says Coming Soon, they should just learn how to read English sentence. I don't know why people have this hatred and disdain for everything Ferre does.

Koffi used Popolipo's passeport to bring a ngulu with it and when coming to Europe he insisted to the ngulu that he had to ask asyleem with Popolipo's name. In order that it would never possible for Popolipo to get in Europe. But I think that much more happened behind the scenes that Popolipo will never reveal on camera. He also got chased away from the house he was renting, because it was on Koffi's name. Do Akongo had a similar problem, but it was something about drugstrafficking, which why for like 7 years when he was trying to apply for a visa for Schengen, he was always rejected. Because after Quartier Latin leaving he had some succes, everybody waiting for his album. But when trying to get in Europe to record his album, he wasn't getting visa and him being forced to record the album with Nono Fudji, Eboa Lotin, Bidjana and co. Only to get the bad luck that Junior Mac Kenro being Koffi's close friend and when having to produce Koffi's Stade des Martyrs, Koffi coming with the condition of him not releasing Do Akongo 's album and the hard disk being "lost". But Junior Mac Kenro getting scammed by the same Koffi after the concert lol. It's because of Tshala Muana who was close to policitians that the problem got solved and Do Akongo managing to get in Europe in 2009.

Koffi was mad at Beniko Popolipo for having released a solo album within Quartier Latin. In his eyes nobody had the right to do that and if it would happen one day, it would be the day he would be finished. He left Suzuki Luzubu for the same reasons in Kenya for Olympia, knowing that Suzuki was about to record a solo album in Europe and that his influent donors/fans already were looking for someone to finance the project and release the album. Emeneya and Werrason said something similar about artists releasing albums in bands. Werrason making the comment that Sankara also released an album. A few years ago someone made an interview with Teddy Mola about why solo-artists do like that. But I don't remember who because these 8 years have seen to much interviews of artists on youtube.
Congolese leaders gotta be the MOST insecure type of Powerful people in Congo history tbh, paying peanuts their employees, getting mad if they get too much space or too much money in their band, but also getting amd at them if they get force out or leave and want to release an album on their own. I get that it is hard to having people to compete with and Koffi won't ever do anything for any of his employees like he did with Fally (because now Fally surpassed him in terms of relevancy) andnthats just sad, because Congolese music at least Ndombolo/Rhumba doesn't get that generation re change that got Nigerian artists for go and conquista the world.

« on: September 15, 2023, 23:34 »
The lack of respect for Sagesse Grave on here is real lol. Hope he enjoyed his big day and uses his new year to revert back to his old ways.

He was respected a lot before the whole Martyr Shenanigans, probably one of the most if not the most respected Congolese musician, he didn't have wild stories with the dancers, he wasn't rude with his employees like in many Congolese industria, he didn't fire people on the spot cause he was in  a bad mood  but sll that respect went out of the Windows once he started to behave like the way he did in the last months. Congolese people are sick and tired of seeing other Congolese people in music sufferung for no reason and being treated like dogs.

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