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guys! i am watching the video and trying to sing with your lyrics!! manzambi thanks a lot! just a quick question: what is the name of the dread-locked male singer in the video? you see him at 00:17seconds into the video.
You are welcome my friend, his name is Ambulance D'Angola he is the guy doing the first part, unfortunately now he left and joined team wata

Congolese Music / FALLY'S NEW CLIP: POSA
« on: April 19, 2018, 21:10 »

Hmm no.


Definitely Fabregas for me, I mean Werra is my favourite but I feel that Fabregas is speaking my same language, I like his diversity, he brought Ozana a religious song (even though we all know he is not religious) in an era of full sexual lyrics and then he keeps Congolese roots to his music without trying to be Nigerian or Ghanaian which is something beautiful, Fally and Ferre are great artist but I am more of a guy that loves traditional and generique songs so since Fally and Ferre are more focused on releasing rumbas (Ferre especially) I am glad when their albums come out but to me it is not really my cup of tea, tell me who is the artist that are waiting for to release a new album?

Congolese Music / Re: Brigade Sarbati in Abidjan
« on: April 18, 2018, 14:39 »
What is the name of the song of Brigade plus Debordo?

For generique 7 Hours, Alerte Generals, A LA Queue Leu Leu and Solola Bien, Sous-Sol was outstanding in Brigade parts and only good in Celeo and Roi David parts, I really didn't like Prince Idea to put rumba in a seben senseless and for Kene Kene actually that crie really didn't gave me nothing, Mayi Ya Sika was the worst in terms of cries made by Brigade but the best for Lobeso and especially Diego I also like Mipende even though is a single, Fleche Ingeta big big step backs and Intervantion Rapid really doesn't say anything to me and Temoignage was good but the video in some parts were terrible for the generique, for the rhumbas I think that A LA Queue Leu Leu was the best with every singer at his maturity and with the outstanding nostalgie by rra Ferre and Heritier


About Ci golese ghostwriters, you have got to understand that level of culture and lyrics in general due to difficult conditions in Congo has decreased so guys like Fally, Ferre, Koffi, Werra use songwriters who will never reach level of Luambo, Tabu etc. Not because mainly of ignorance but because lower conditions bring lower motivations.

It’s a tad insulting to have Koffi mentioned among the other names you listed. He initially made a name for himself being a renowned lyricist/ghostwriter and helping Wemba rejuvenate the quality of his rhumbas in the early 80’s when he started to struggle.  Even Simaro calls him one of the best songwriters ever.  It’s after he proved himself as a solo artist and after multiple albums he became open to songwriters. Whereas Ferre, Fally, Wemba, and Werra used songwriters from day 1

Personally, if you can’t compose your own song and sing it (consistently) then you are not an “artist complet”, but it doesn’t matter nowadays since there are so many willing songwriters ready to present a rhumba or générique composition to an artist for some money.
You are right but I meant recent Koffi, I mean compared to V12 and Loi songs (Parking Ya Ba Baba, Loi herself, Fouta Djalon, Miss Toutsi, Micko) his latest Alidor and many other rumbas like Tshilamwila and so on are way worse so it is kinda disappointig that he has lost motivation due to he conquest of everything you could ask for.

Congolese Music / WATA HERITIER
« on: April 17, 2018, 13:07 »
Fabregas is beginning to be recognized as the third solo artist after Fally and Ferre to have serious chances to establish as an excellent leader but Heritier doesn't get the same respect, Deplick and Robinio despite (Deplick problem of promotion and or too much Fally's lookalikeness and Robinio who fails to make outstanding rumbas) having some troubles in the road of being a leaders are always getting credit as the rival of Fabro while Heritier is not even in the question why that? He had million views with B.M. and D de D plus great rumbas like Abeti Faux but he doesn't get respect why that? For you it is because Werra doesn't give him spiritual power or because Heritier think too much to the outside of Congo instead of thinking of Congo?

Wow, Congolese music had never been the same since then, Fally's album came in an era where Koffi, JB and especially Werra reached their peak you couldn't walk anywhere without them Wenge MM where considered the best group then Fally came with Droit Chemin and the rise begun, if you check the videos now it haven't got a lot of views but in every Congolese home (at least in Europe) in every Congolese work hold everywhere it was Fally, Fally especially Liputa for Rumbas and Droit Chemin for generique.

About Ci golese ghostwriters, you have got to understand that level of culture and lyrics in general due to difficult conditions in Congo has decreased so guys like Fally, Ferre, Koffi, Werra use songwriters who will never reach level of Luambo, Tabu etc. Not because mainly of ignorance but because lower conditions bring lower motivations.

Who are Lionel Messi and Miami Muluba have you got a picture if these girls?

Very nice things to see

Where he gon get the money to perform? Lol

a couple of artists( wazekwa manda jean goubald and somebody else i cant remember) have written to ministry of culture and censorship commitee to invite deplick and  show him he went too far especially as combattants use such situsations to say to people you see these are people with no values and you want us to allow them to perform again?
 there was some guys of an association of fans of congolese music or something like that who sued him to court  but he got any threat lifted with a phone call like most our musicians
i find it strange that new approach of deplick,you already have an handicap of limited funds and not enough people putting you up there among the very best of the new generation,and its stupid to waste time on that polemic with robinio

I think that DRC has bigger problems than sexualized cries and music by Deplic or other artist, Wazekwa should have use the power to wrote to Kabila instead of wasting energy on Deplick, Deplick has almost 40 he knows that he is wasting so much talent so no need of people reminder.

« on: April 09, 2018, 15:48 »


He says he is at home at the moment and will be working on miel's album,he was once again pissed with how in recent days kakol again got them to work with a bad singer who paid for his test and who failed tremendeously in front of werra
So prospective artists have to pay to test?
Yes if you pay you will go on the spotlight (so more donors eyes on you, more fans) if you don't you will stay waaaay back, there are plenty of talented people in second and even third team, because they don't pay, strangely Werra never sees these things.

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