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It's been months since he has died, but I didn't seem no source saying whqt was the cause of death, in any case it is so weird to see him gone that young he was the life of NH and tbh seeing him in Tia Lokolo would have boosted the song even more

Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI OLOMIDE OUTFIT
« on: Today at 19:36 »
Apparently its a new expensive collection for men,those shoes are more expensive than most of their regular concert shoes ,so  expensive and eccentric totally fits reasons for koffi to buy it since he likes both,he knows that his photos go viral and contribute to maintain his name alive

Yes but he must understand that people are starting to lose respect for him, I don't understand his obsession of being viral at the detriment of his own self, Zobozi interviews especially after his controversial death, Fally diminishing Koffi's role,  JF Ifonge interviews, Montana and multiple other QLmembers admitting that Koffi was/wanted to sleep with them and also Wenge Reunion (even tho this is not a negative just something that happened) are contributing in Koffi's bad reputation growing and his image of the father of African Rhumba diminishing. I don't know which sane person would follow his stupid trend of wearing heels over promoting an album, I Bet Didi Stone is extra mortified

Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI OLOMIDE OUTFIT
« on: Today at 18:51 »
Wait Are those heels? The fuck is wrong with this guy I knew he was gay on the low but now he is doing too much, why is this acceptable?

Obama has gone to heritier's group

Do you think that Nono Fudji will ever get successful as the Maison Mere guys

Congolese Music / Re: Felix Wazekwa - Metro Kin
« on: August 11, 2022, 22:47 »

Pleaaaase tell me is the generique that they postponed for Gessac please tell me that Kaka Boye is there

What I'll tell you is that it sounds exactly like other Wazekwa generiques  and a novice will never know the difference by listening to it and others before it. Even the same old  swinging of the leg dance is what you'll meet when you decide to watch...

Bro I just watched it and I should have just stopped and take your description for good. I wish this was the generique they presented

2:55 from this point on this could have been the best generique of the year but they have erased it for what? For am out of Key Gessac doing senseless cries.

I will be harsh but I am a musician myself and I want the sane harshness with me when I make my music videos and songs, so I will say it, taking Gessac back was a huge mistake an enormous one, I understand the gifts the buzz and people being interested in Gessac but they should have never let him record this quickly and also to completely.change the Atalaku dynamics when the formula was working, Article 23 was a great song with a cool concept and if they that way with this generique adding Cascadeur and also the MJ Clone Thierry Matos, giving both of them space in the same crie/dance the sane way Wazekwa did with Eclipse/Charlie Chaplin Clone it would have been a massive generique

I mean just check the Charlie Chaplin part, it was phenomenal

Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI OLOMIDE OUTFIT
« on: August 11, 2022, 21:42 »
Am at a lose, I guess it's fashion...

He should really chill on that Libumu stuff 90's are over


Those who are saying that he just disappeared for buzz can clearly see he looks rough and actually a bit "older"(you know how situations of stress can affect you in a short time )

I really hope that Fally fans and people alike won't use this situation to hurt him or his band anyway Davina the girl who called the Polkce on his father and also went to tv to say that Ferre is a deadbeat need to be cut off by him tbh, she is so fucking spoiled I don't think she ever really struggled and that's why she acts like that, her father is trying to give her all the love he can to he repaid like this.  Shit lole these make my blood boil


He animâtes on both of these Sebene by himself, he sounds so different to his normal singing voice, sounds like two different people.
Also the voices sound different because to animate you have to use the voice in a certain way according to different style usually before it was singing while animating but I guess Bill introduce the kind of politecnico shout where you shout but do it in an harmonic way, Bouro kinda sing in a mix of both ways


He animâtes on both of these Sebene by himself, he sounds so different to his normal singing voice, sounds like two different people.

The problem is like many people who can both sing and animate, he realized that he had a better luck as a singer then as an Atalaku, Tutu Caludji, Deplick, Fabregas, Robinio (well Robinio can't sing but it is just to make a point) Ferre, Fally and many others who could both animate and sing well chosed singing because Atalaku are very searched because a generique is typically the most successful song of the album but at the sane time they are the most desrespected and mocked when they want to be taken seriously and make things like albums and so on with people typically saying "He is an atalaku what he will do with an album animate the whole thing?" So that's why Bourro and many others choose to sing instead of animating for example.imagine Bill as a singer or Celeo as a singer I bet that Celeo wouldn't have a fraction  of the hate he has if he started to sing instead of to animate

Congolese Music / Re: Felix Wazekwa - Metro Kin
« on: August 11, 2022, 12:11 »

Pleaaaase tell me is the generique that they postponed for Gessac please tell me that Kaka Boye is there

simple to explain once you have reach a certain celebrity as a leader,our musicians,since pretty much professional congolese music exists consider that you can never ever think that you were wrong let alone say it,and they have understood that most of their fanbases got convicted to think like that aswell,which is why every time the bigger leader is always the victim of ungratefulness the jealoused because he has whatever car,i have never ever seen any of the bigger artists have even 40 per cent of their fanbase stand and say bro this time you were not right just allow it accept and move on,its always all for saving the pride
by the way that levan valentin guy used to be rooting for kevin mbouande in his past channel,guys who come to the group of their rival and stay there like to over do things to prove they are the most dedicated and loyal
in the mentality of congolese music if you admit you are wrong its like you are throwing a part of your leadership away,which is why most leaders start being nice are trained to become mean,then once they have cemented a proper fanbase start playing with their fans mind with victimization to look like they are saints form heaven,to cover for how they are in private which fans never see unless you have a caught camera moment like for example the multiple rude moments of robinio towards his group

But aren't they afraid that it will backfire likemit happened with Madilu  if I am not mistaken right? Was he the ine who wasn't paying his musiciansand told Koffi to do the same?

Congolese Music / Re: Fally x Ibra
« on: August 10, 2022, 19:04 »
It seems that Ibra has no idea of who Fally is. Anyway why the most overrated striker? I don't like him he is arrogant and has Ronaldo living in his head rent free but why is he overrated? Who is better than him in Sweden?
yeah i dont think ibra has a clue about who he is even tho fally has a small fanbase over here
old school players but guys like Martin dahlin, Henrik Larsson dont get enough props cause they're black

Come on bro, I am not very old to know Martin Dahlin but I know about Larson, there is no Swedish person that ever said anything bad about Larsson and he was before Ibra and even during Ibra's career the most belvedere footballer in Sweden, the King Of Sweden, the KING OF SWEDEN asked him personally if he could have come back from retirement because he wanted to see him play again, come on, Larsson was properly received it is also because he has a swedish surname of course but If there is anyone who did have a lot of credit in his career for Swed8sh people was Larsson,  plus, Ibra is not really loved by Swedish people, they Call him gypsy that he doesn't belong that Rosèlengård doesn't give birthday to anyone Swedish and despite all the things he accomplished Ibra himself sa8d that even with all he won re media and the general public attack and mock Ibra

« on: August 10, 2022, 10:15 »
Just saw his former main man of trust "curse" him in he does not given back the money he spent to pay views for the mumpe song

dont know if its invented because of fallout but the guy has been consistant ever since his interviews,haha my man came on mission to destroy fabro but ado did not allow him if it was in another interview he'd have been given more time to freely defend himself

I don't like Ado current trend of being a guy that favors certain artists and call just some. DJ P2N and DJ  Amaroula have a song like Likolo doing wonders with even a big star of Cameroun like Tenor who is backed by Eto'O hopping on the Remix but it seems that that isn't enough for Ado

Ah yes, this one. The world wasn't ready for a Zacharie Bababaswe album, that's why it never dropped ;D. Plus, who would want to listen to Zaccle le Nduleman going off and ranting for an hour or less? Did he still have enough people watching his interviews and videos at the time?

Yes sorry I forgot to post. TBH the song is hilarious  the first time I was expecting someone to animate or sing but it never happened. Lol who is Willy Bonjala and why does he insults him?

What the hell is his problem?? He wants to do all that witchcraft but his music is going nowhere smh.

And that's the problem with most Congolese artists. They do all these wild stuff but their music goes nowhere, that in itself would be a proof that witchcraft is bad but no they keep doing it

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