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« on: February 22, 2018, 21:14 »

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The song on the 37th minute has line that really seems Se Na Se's beginning, but then goes very well and in an original way everybody in the comments are bashing Lpbeso thinkimg Faux Patron is about Werra but in reality it is for Kakol, but people only see what they want to see, anyway he should stop falling onto the trap that the journalist make to him because they always ask him about Wenge and as you all know Lobeso can't be diplomatique, I have like his honesty I mean he told everybody since the beginning that he hasn't got money to pay nobody but somehow musicians and especially Coreen are still with him.
The guy that sang in a solo way when he spoke about formateur sing really well

« on: February 22, 2018, 19:54 »
Ahahahahah "ba'a na mbika na kati ya mutu" Oh my God Lobeso and his insults, anyway I feel sorry for him like most of ex Wenge's members he didn't want to leave especially being at the peek of his career with the first song and lot of responsibilities, but he needs to be smart and do different music and understanding that Mabele Elisi was unique and being a Mongo folkloric Atalaku it is not his suite, and try to put the Wenge style on his track and maybe he could be between Brigade and Bill as a reputation of an Atalaku who is wealthy (Bill) or make great songs (Brigade)

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The Chef D'Orchestre role is a role given to the leader onto the best component between the musicians that can combinate being the best in terms of talent and being one of the oldest for example the original Chef D'Orchestre in the Operation Dragon/A LA Queue Leu Leu days was Ferré, and after the big departures (Ferre, Celeo, Bill) it has become Papy Kakol.
The Chef D'Orchestre has the role of communicate to the members the days and the hour of rehearsals (usually three times a week plus concerts on Saturday) sending them messages for the kind of dress (colour and brand principally) that they should wear on the concerts, and make sure that the new members (along with his staff of musicians for example Papy Kakol works with Makaba Bicorine and Hugo Symthe mainly) get in the movement to know the songs and to create new ones as well.
Usually he is even the artistic director and gives advice on the arrangement, like Kakol who is always in the studio with every musician when the recordings of the songs are made (you can see on YouTube a lot of videos of Kakol giving advices to Ali Mbonda, Diego, Ambulance, Bercy and so on, but even give advices to other musicians) he usually has two or plus songs on the group albums and doesn't have any on the solo album of the leader, unfortunately most of the chef d'orchestre in Congo sometimes bullies components like asking them money to perform or taking the mic out of a musician for giving it to another using most of the time their songs in concert and in 90% of the time giving their selves more space than the other.
He is seen as the best friend of the leader in the musician area and having a problem with him will lead you to leave the group since on the music side he is the guy that controls everything.
For example a lot of departure in BCBG (Abraham, Metrau, Abel) WMMM (Bercy, Prince)
Gessac (Quartier Latin are due to the fact of Chef D'Orchestre being too much bully, invasive, or harsh

Tomorrow I will come with the other roles

« on: February 22, 2018, 19:44 »

The administration is a group of friends of the leader or professional stuff that helps the leader to decide which direction the group should take, what members should have been take for bettering up the movement, and what lucrative deal could bring more money and more power to the group, most of the time in group that are not very professional these guys are in charge of checking nice women for the boss so they can go to bed with him since unfortunately in Congolese mind for being a strong leader you have to be strong with everybody for imposing your authority and have a lot of unofficial women to show that you are limitless, in fact there are cases of leaders having children with their own musicians wife's or spouse's.
If the staff it is very professional will deal with whole the "boring" aspect of the organization of the music read contracts, talking to journalist for setting up read press or interviews directly to the boss himself, organizing trip to play abroad, paying the musician in time, and paying the promoting of the song for TV Channels and internet, speak up when a polemic is heading high and to keep the passports of the members (yes musicians in the orchestra literally give their passport to the administration, and if they want to take a trip they need to ask for it)
 for example the staff of Fally (which are two staff French staff AZ label under Universal and Congolese staff F'VICTEAM of Fally himself) did an excellent job of promotion of Tokos  if an Orchestra isn't professional of course they will eat the money the boss gave them by inventing excuses to not pay musician and not even promoting the single, for example Roger Ngandu (JB's manager) did everything to block the promotion of Je Ne Te Calcule Pas in the clubs in Kin blocking the DJ with treats after he was puting the song in fact in the forum we were very confused about the low resonance the song had at the time despite being an excellent song (now it has 1.5 million but after a month of release were barely 180k) Roger's justification was that the generique couldn't be promoted since it would have put distraction to BDM's official generique (who was out by three years by the way) and album

« on: February 22, 2018, 19:42 »
The function and the work of Congolese orchestra's system is something a lot of you asked for so I have decided to show you and explain you how it works.


I will take Werra's example because I am a Werrasonique
He is the guy making the big money and has the legal and financial responsibility of the group he is in charge of everything and has a very small group of friends/colleagues that works with him advising him the better choice to make, most of his income comes from commercial deals especially with Primus, every time you see a Primus albums or song is due to this deal that they have, being in Primus has an artist gives you the chance to control another artist's life since no new musician can join Primus unless old musicians agree on him or her.
After the publicity most of the leaders have private business JB, Fally for example have a strong Hotel marketing so they can fund on their own the music or live a good life without risking to become poor if the music goes down the third and last type of income that leaders make is by music, basically in the music of Congo the leaders sign all the papers for the royalties, whole the solo albums and has generic song (typically and historically the most successful songs) on his name for example Werra in 7 Jours is a solo Album with Werra having whole the money for him, not like Ingeta group album that had only Werra's name only in the generiqye and some rumba/sebenes, everything that happens in the orchestra need to be told to him, and most of the time (the only guy who accept advices from his musicians is Wazekwa) his leadership is untouchable, if he does have a second job or a trip for personal reasons that brings him out of time for a lot of time he hands it all to the Chef D'Orchestre for the artistic part and to the administration for the financial part.

Congolese Music / Re: 7 JOURS'S MESSAGE
« on: February 22, 2018, 19:34 »
Yes himself says it and by the action of him until Kabongo you could sense hwle was true about it, even though Kabongo is not driver by Kindoki but only by anger/stubbornness of not accepting an advice by his former friend Robinio, becoming more closer to his best friend of one time Fabregas

Congolese Music / Re: 7 JOURS'S MESSAGE
« on: February 22, 2018, 11:54 »
Why they keep doing it? Placebo effect. They've been brought up that way. That black magic may not guarantee you success but lack of it guarantees you failure.
It depends, Deplick never did any black magic and his album has been successful not like Fabregas but successful anyway Kabongo is doing good so I don't agree, I mean yes with Satanism you have more chance to have success, but without it it doesn't mean you will not have it

He spoke well and hopefully it would continue, he actually admitted to witchcraft :-\. Still don't know why Team Wata picked him u because they need a tenor animator not a falsetto, if it was Heritier trying to prove a point to Werra then he already did in his career so far and got Olivier and Arnake.
At least he is not hypocritical, we all know musician do it...
And I think Wata took him also for spiritual reasons, and because that guy is way talented I mean Wata's best animateur was Brandon (clear copycat of Brigade) so Ambulance being in Team Wata it can be a great deal for Wata if he uses him well


 Does anyone know if any of the original bands members are getting royalties from their previous work with Maison Mere? Or is it's a foreign concept to them? 

lol, no. That's royalites is a foreign langage to MM ex-members. They were barely getting scrap payments in the band. If it weren't for benevolent donors, most would have had nothing to really live on.

Early on Ferre and the rest were walking long distances to concerts, while Werra was being chauffered in Benzes. Meanwhile, they were the ones who made Maison Mère what it is. Whith out them, Werra would have left DRC in 1998 and settled in Montreal, Canada, no longer a musician.

It also sounds like Japonais had a huge part in arranging the music and left with nothing except gifts. Did I read that right?

Yup. You read that right.
Ugh, sorry for the excessive questions but there's just an overwhelming of information on this board. Thanks. I had no clue Werra azalaki lokoso ya mbongo. It's upsetting but really unsurprising considering the corruption at every angle.

Is there a thread on the specifics of how business works between artists and distribution/record deals? Specifically Diego Music, Sonodisc and JPS? Because I know people are still buying these albums, it's more on how much if these artists are given for royalties and if they're given at all. And considering that Kabila is bribing musicians I'm guessing it's very little. Plus piracy is at an all time high in DRC. Where the hell is the Prime Minister of Music?
I'll try to be short.
DRC is not a very organised country, and the music (since Congo has a huuuge high rate of unemployment) is seen along with soccer as the best way to get out of misery the problem is that except for Koffi, JB and Wazekwa, nobody in Congo pays directly the musicians unless the musician itself asks it (even though the musician does it it is probable that the administration will ask him part of the money the boss gave him) and Koffi furthermore stop to pay when he feel that you don't fit his group anymore for musicians, royalties are only received by the leader that decides to share it with the administration and the Chef of Orchestra. 100% of the time the musicians are played by donors who played them directly to make songs or to get mabanga into the songs, and the only time the artist get royalties is when they have their own songs but it happens if only you have some trust by the administration and luck, for example Brigade left Wenge MM without even a song credited to his name despite being the number one Atlaku in the entire country at the time, Ambulance the same, the deal that (in the past since now everyone except small leaders are independent) was to sell the album to the best producer and distributor who had the responsibility of marketing the album taking in exchange part of the disc's sells which he shared with the artist (Diego Music with Werra for example).
Furthermore on royalties it can give you a good life for some months but it doesn't give you the sureness of being healthy financially, only big leaders benefit from Royalties because the generique in the group albums are always credited to the leaders and if not to the orchestra (which is credited to the leader as well lol) and in the solo albums they are credited for whole the songs like Werra's 7 Jours so for concluding it no, I mean Bill doesn't benefit anymore of the time he had in MM by signing his songs same for Celeo or Lobeso, copyright in Congo is not a serious business by the way you can have the best song ever and sing it into a concert and themn the next day you could see someone singing it with no power to do nothing for example Japonais created the melody of Musselu (The Lobeso Crie) but Wenge MM stole it and it became one of the biggest successful crie in Ingeta with people going nuts for the crie.
Doing music in Congo it is hard and after all this legal, copyright, and royalties issues, of course there is the spiritual aspect, the bullies aspect, for example you have examples of.guys who did 10+ years in Orchestras with families to feed that are never promoted

« on: February 21, 2018, 18:30 »
I am so happy you are back thank God you are safe and well :)

Congolese Music / Re: 7 JOURS'S MESSAGE
« on: February 21, 2018, 18:30 »
If you choose to look at everything from a spiritual angle, you'll realise that even tomatoes, mangoes, meat, eggs, names of men and pretty much everything else can have a spiritual interpretation.

I acknowledge the use of black magic and satanism in Congolese music but some of the stuff is just too far fetched. My opinion.
Zamunda the post it is not about the existence or not of the satanism in Congolese music Metro (ex bcbg) lost eye is a clear example of the existence the Wenge BCBG 4X4 licking frogs and scarifying the first guy who will go to rehearsal is a clear example for that.
The post is about why musician keep  doingit, despite not having huge results

Congolese Music / Re: Fally's next album is coming soon
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:55 »
Fally has always been the best in rumba and ndombolo albums so I know I won't be disappointed, it is crazy that there isn't no Mrvibes talking when we speak good about Fally
come on man just let it go just move on from it, and wait weren't you the one that was always fally has made less good songs since arsenal
Nah, I have always said that except Tokos the World album Fally always did great song Libre Parcours, Arsenal De Belle Melodie, Droit Chemin always quality songs everything on time, the only real album I do not like is Tokos

Congolese Music / Re: Fally's next album is coming soon
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:12 »
Fally has always been the best in rumba and ndombolo albums so I know I won't be disappointed, it is crazy that there isn't no Mrvibes talking when we speak good about Fally

the last trick kakol as a chef has pulled which his best friend seguin also does which pisses me off big time is making musicians to pay to be on stage,on tours, on albums regardless of their talent and their form of the moment
that way we are seeing some guys who deserved chance rotting in reserves while other who play the game get loads of opportunity
Wow, that guy really gets on my nerve, both of them, they are the reason especially Seguin of Wenge downfall from big band to small one.
Maybe Kakol is only mad because every time he sees his daughter thinks about the fact is not the real father lol.
Anyway that is exactly what I meant with Wenge ekufi, it has became a death place where you need to be very strong mentally to stay there, and it is just gross, gross I am speechless I knew Kakol was mean but this is beyond meanness especially in a poor country like Congo... SMH

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