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I rememebr his dance Helicopter!!!

You have evoked memories of this man. I will dig up the old compact Tape, dust it an dplay it on auto reverse for my trip upcountry this weekend.

whateever happened to Mbuta and his team?
Are they still playing or di they break up ( Like most groups when the money kicks in... )

Thanks Man.

He signed the worst record deal of all time, which prevented him from releasing an album for over a decade. Probably didn't read the fine print.

He released a comback album a few years back Carnival "Evidi Badi" or Everybody  ;D. Really great album with lots of remixes for his popular songs, including my favorite Grace à dieu

He has a band again, and performs regularly in various Kin neighborhood and East Africa. Nowadays he doesn't need a fake pillow belly  ;D.

Thanks a lot Matebu for the update.

It is really sad when new musicians venture into the business with little or no knowledge of how to contract or get contracts done to protect their Intellectual Proprty. The annals of African music are littered with sad stories of musicians who were done in by greedy promoters, producers et al.

Good to hear Mbuta is back on his feet. His Ndombolo dance and generique cries of 'Tokoningisa mboka mobima' still ring in my ears.  He probably would have developed into a big star by now if his journey had gone differently...

I agree he now does not need a fake belly and the spectacles also seem to be real now, not the ones with no glasses in them ( Lol!!)

I will look up his new album and see if his music has grown over the years....


Le comédien le plus suspect  ;D

He and his band were performing in every neighborhood of Kin mostly for free as most were suffering from the effects of war. Powerful génériques and great lyrics from Mbuta himself


I rememebr his dance Helicopter!!!

You have evoked memories of this man. I will dig up the old compact Tape, dust it an dplay it on auto reverse for my trip upcountry this weekend.

whateever happened to Mbuta and his team?
Are they still playing or di they break up ( Like most groups when the money kicks in... )

Thanks Man.

« on: September 11, 2017, 08:03 »

The great thing with Zaiko is its consistently great rythm.

Nyoka longo has a good eye for guitarists.

I hope he continues to churn out hits after hits for some long time.


Very Good!

who played the guitar?
It has a very clean melody.....

Congolese Music / Re: Zaiko come back
« on: September 04, 2017, 19:39 »
gotta say boh, 7 years if not more abroad the group was almost given for dead by some and boom they came back with that  hit which is one of the very very very very rare generiques (although also the live version)to have lasted years at the top
hard to believe they hardly recorded something in their 7 6 years of return to kin yet the guys perform more than more that most artists every week

Zaiko has a die-hard third-Generation fan base, which is very good for them. This kind of fan base grew up on the live band atmosphere and that is what maintains their performances. The tempo of its hits are very danceable for the older generation, much like the TP OK flavour. This has become a niche market for the generation.

My favourite of the later Zaiko hits  is Eza Ngai.  In that album three songs I can listen continously and that album is in my list of to-cary music when embarking on a long drive.

Poison is another album that gets a honourable mention....

« on: September 04, 2017, 11:09 »
That'd be disrespectful to ndeko Shamala. We have BCBG fans who will continue support through the best and worst of times

hehehe thanks for the recognition.
i was preparing an article on Wenge BCBG.
I think guys don't like him may be they should not access threads with BCBG. i make a point of indicating a thread is about BCBG. There was a point where you could not post any BCBG thread without attracting vitrol that got to me ,but am past that now.  i regularly get BCBG videos which i don't post here because the thread results in comments about the album and old members in the band.
Each artist has a negative and a positive. I NEVER EVER critic other artists ,if i don't feel his music i just don't bother reading or commenting. However that will not stop me celebrating my favorite artist and band.

Right On!

That is how it should be. There is too much happening to waste energy and emotions on things one is not invested in.

I try to keep an open mind, listen to variety and comment or commend what interests me, and leave the rest to others to enjoy and coment on what interests them. Sometimes I find it irritating when someone insists I should like or comment on posts of stuff or posts which am not interested in or music which is not as good or worth my time.

Live and let live, post what I think is of value and if you do not agree, please move on to something that you enjoy or do agree with.

Just my .002 ...

I remember a show in Nairobi by Koffi in the 90's where he introduced the Dance style ( not the cries) and he explained that the dance was developed by street kids in Kinshasa known as shegues and he added that he was the King of shegues....

At that time his favourite dancer was Rosette, and he  paraded her dancing Ndombolo to the audience for quite some time.

Later we saw Wenge Musica BCBG singing the Ndombolo Generique.

Not sure who was first but the dance was here before the BCBG Ndombolo Craze. Of course when Loi came in, everybody went nuts but thats another story!!

« on: August 07, 2017, 08:58 »
exactly thats the reason why i tend to think they both won  what they wanted huge money and huge fame

I agree,
All of them benefitted greatly from the rivalry and public fighting, as it mobilised great crowds and Sales.

In a way the rivalry is normally encouraged by the leaders to ensure they maintain their fans, they create news to remain relevant in the music scene. This is the positive side of the polemic wars.

The negative is when the 'war' is take literally and fans attack other rival fans physically, sometime injuring or even killing in the name of their idol. Most of the time these 'idols' discuss and deliberate the devlopment of the 'war' between them, an doccasionally will comment depending on how it develops. when things threaten to go out of hand, the leaders tehn agree to 'Reconcile; in public and call on their fans to desist from violence blah, blah, blah

The money has been made and on to the next 'war'

Congolese Music / Re: THE "WAR " SONGS OF JB AND WERRA
« on: July 18, 2017, 17:44 »
Thanks a lot Archos,
This is clear now and I can see how the songs would set the scene for the wars to commence.
Talk of beating war Drums....

Congolese Music / Re: THE "WAR " SONGS OF JB AND WERRA
« on: July 17, 2017, 19:17 »
The two stars have not  really expressed officially something but their spokesmen have been attacking each other for quite some time and of course the more you talk the more you can do mistakes they attacked the leaders a bit
in private jb is also upset that werra is not punishing the guys who have been attacking for months now while on werra's side  they say jb is the man who literally tells heritier and ferre to "disrespect" werra because he is jealous of werra
i mean starting in concert either as the very first song or  in the first songs and played with some determination which shows they are not just playing the song


Is there any significance  or meaning attached to these songs?
I would expect the vocals to portray some meaning to give their fans signals of impeding war....

« on: July 09, 2017, 08:21 »

Man, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak...
Kanda's shows were dynamite back in the day!

the voice is still there though the sound man was not the best in this show.
Good memories and nice to see Kanda is still alive and doing well.


Now this is what we call Musiki bila Jasho....
A musicians hero, all class and music oozing message and commentary

I miss the Bana O.K Hits!!


Nice Try...
The sound quality is up there!

One to watch!


Whereabouts is Roberto Wunds (Dit al-Capone) ?

Ekokota lives in Belgium and performs occasionally

Titina is in Dubai and performs certain weekends with a collective there. But he travels to places like Kenya and France occasionally

Thanks very much Matebu

Those two were sensatational in the Ndombolo ya solo era, especially the JB Solo Album...


Whereabouts is Roberto Wunds (Dit al-Capone) ?

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