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« on: February 18, 2018, 08:38 »
Kie kie kie CM Prince on the internet world we can claim to be who we want but I will let you in a small secret Feere is a childhood friend we go back from Ngiri Ngiri also known as Ngoto so we know each other well

On this video this is actually filmed in Goma a city in the west of congo DRC where we have become used to seeing very bad images of that region so I am very happy to see the very beautiful scenes of this  beautiful region you can see why others want to occupy that region but we won't let them

That is the famous lake Kivu such a nice place and the strangest thing is there is high number of these westerners there you won't believe their numbers but are never caught in these fights that happens there

« on: February 17, 2018, 21:59 »
Another brilliant song going together with a brilliant video.

Ferre bravo QQJD has not disappointed brilliant songs with fantastic videos now please release videos for Fautif

Here is a video of the situation why Heritier was detained due to his friend

Heritier has been friend with Fiston Palangi for a long time who use to be one of the guard around the presidential circle and left but he has been taunting people as you can see on his social page showing off with guns and co so he must have became dangerous so they have been looking for him without sucess so the police decided to arrest Heritier as he will know where to get his guy and as we are speaking the guy was arrested and Heritier was freed

But on another note my country has become a shithole for real seeing people now showing off with guns shit

In December we lost one of our little brother who was sent back to Congo years ago and he was killed by gun things are getting very scary for real

A longer version

The live concert at the festival organised for the peace at the west of our country Congo in Goma yesterday 09/02/2018

Ferre please learn swahili as you said to Marc Tabou as you seem to be loved a lots by these language speaking people and with the toucheze song is fire
Look at how QQJD songs are being sung by the crowd fantastic the album is doing is thing and the jetset team always on point Bravo

Congolese Music / Re: FERRE INTERVIEW WITH TV5
« on: February 05, 2018, 16:27 »
You know all the things people say about Ferre is well phrased and believable to their fans but Ferre always brings the truth at the end. This is not the only show he has done he has decided to now promote the album well on these channels below is another one on Rfi Le Padre beautiful
Ma Meilleur Chemise

Mea Culpa

With Mbetenge on Solo and Picas on compa.
Picas bosala kaka ndenge tosololaki QQJD The Album that is opening doors and there are surprises on the way

Congolese Music / Re: MARC HOUSE FAUTIF
« on: January 24, 2018, 18:30 »
Here is he lyrics fantastic sorry for my non Lingala friends will try and translate if possible

Ecoutez Marc House Damba pleure au-dessus de la montagne qui peut le consoler si ce n'est pas vous papa Mathias
Yoka Manzaka


Berado Prince de Zamunda boya boya boya
Neisha Pindi, Blaise Lomingo Fashion

[Couplet 1 : Ferré Gola]
Berado Prince oyebi que nazali fautif na ba actes na posa na kati ya bolingo
Qui aime bien, châtie-bien, oy'a yo châtiment ekomi omema nga Neisha pembeni akufa
Oyebi bien bapesaka jamais ebembe leçon mosala ya mpunda
Oyebi bien Blaise Lomingo na Neisha Pindi baza ba mapasa
Samso ya yé force ezalaki na nsuki, oy'a Blaise Lomingo eza epayi ya Berado
Mundele ya souci ekatelaki ngai, esi nadepasser Nzambe à cause ya vertige ya makofi ya ba pensées
Na keyi koniata-niata ba mines love etiaki, nazangi moyen natombola lokolo nga nalanda
Na sauvé vie na ngai to nasauvé ya bolingo awa ko vie na nga bolingo se ya Prince de Zamunda

Berado Prince de Zamunda boya boya boya
Neisha Pindi, Blaise Lomingo Fashion

I Love You

Mawa na nga bonne santé, esengo santé médiocre
Vitamine ya love na nga ezali Berado Prince, soki ozongi nakovivre bonheur, esengo na nga ekozala plus que victoire ya ba Spartiate na guerre de 300

[Couplet 2]
Mutu ya diabète ba leisaki yé sucre, oyo ya tension bapesi yé ba sé ya mungwa

Wana eza inutile kozela résultat moko ya bien

[Couplet 3]
Mboka nini bakondima kopesa bébé antilope na maboko ya lionne o adopté yé, journée ekosila té bakotangisa pinzoli
Amour na ngai ezalaki sécurisé na maboko ya Blase
Awa o livré nga na mboka soucis, sango okoyoka
Soucis plus que vampire, ekovider nga makila
Awa ko bato bakundi, bazokamwa ndenge bolingo ezokata motema eeh
Yo nde osimbi souffle d'amour na ngai Neisha, meka ata kotia amour na ngai na bonbon, napreféré na vivre bolingo yango ezala ata na masita que ekufa bakunda ngo libela
Napreféré na vivre bolingo yango ata na masita que nakufa bakunda libela, nazanga Benoit Mukendi na ngai

Mawa na nga bonne santé, esengo santé médiocre
Vitamine ya love na nga ezali Berado Prince, soki ozongi nakovivre bonheur, esengo na nga ekozala plus que victoire ya ba Spartiate na guerre de 300

[Couplet 4 : Chanteur de Ferré Gola]

Berado Prince, papa na Warren (eh eh Bolingo)
Neisha omemi bolingo na zone rouge
Collé serré té ya souci toujours verte
Ah nga ko Julien Parzouzi té namoni liwa na nga

[Couplet 5 : Chanteuse de Ferré Gola]
Odette Tchibamba, Costa Couleur naza na soin intensif
Muganga soin intensif obeti nga na loboko, il fallait otshuba ata na motema po estoppé ba croissances ya ba douleur na motema na nga ah ah ah na bolingo oyo

[Couplet 6 : Chanteur de Ferré Gola]
Neisha akomi chômeur ya bilengi
Yaka nasucé bonbon na nga ata mbala ya suka mama eh
Mbanda ozueli ngai
Nzambe atala Satan par erreur té
Biberon ya chérie nani amemi yango
Yaka nayembela yo ata wawabébé
Chérie yaka tosakana

Mawa na nga bonne santé, esengo santé médiocre
Vitamine ya love na nga ezali Berado Prince, soki ozongi nakovivre bonheur, esengo na nga ekozala plus que victoire

[Couplet 7 : Vibration]
Yaka ba angelu babondelaka Yahwé na likolo
Komisa ngai na fond ya église ya motema na yo

Ba jaloux balali té, monoko polele ecausé na maloba
Bolingo nabelela Djany Scram, Blaise Lomingo, ya nga matongi esukaka na nzela eh Vasco Muyaya

Mawa na nga bonne santé, esengo santé médiocre
Vitamine ya love na nga ezali Berado Prince, soki ozongi nakovivre bonheur, esengo na nga ekozala plus que victoire ya ba Spartiate na guerre de 300

Mawa na nga bonne santé, esengo santé médiocre
Vitamine ya love na nga ezali Blaise Lomingo

Felicitation Marck House and a big Thanks to Ferre Gola

Congolese Music / MARC HOUSE FAUTIF
« on: January 24, 2018, 18:27 »
Many people have not had the chance to listen to this song only judging from ear say and others have listen in diezer where the sound was not really up to the level of itune which us fan bought the album from but Ferre well done that you have now released them on youtube you can see loads of people were being lead to believe otherwise but have changed their mind from the pure sound waooooh

the intro is just sooooo dope and perfect you already feel the song
The guitar start and Ferre says:
Listen to Marc House's cry from the top of the mountain who can console him if not you Ferre Gola kie kie kie a knock out and my favorite vocal from Designer fantastic and Ferre why is it that when you sing other people's song you sing with a heart as if the song is yours a true leader can't wait for the video


Kie kie kie when you call people stupid is a personal attack you try go out on the street and start calling people stupid and see what happens. You call people around Ferre stupid and this are the same people who have been with him since day one and Ferre has stayed relevant even the great of our music are envying him as he is doing things without:

Has not has a stablished producer as he does not like their contract
has not has a record label behind him

Ferre has produced himself with the help of people on QQJD (congovibes label stupid) and he is making money and he is looking after more than 40 people but he is label stupid wahou kie kie kie and you want me to read such crap no me I will respond AND PUT YOU ON YOUR PLACE like it or not kie kie kie

Well when you don't know the full story is best to ask instead of believing all you read on these article.
Yes the songs were leaked (we say pirate) and the studio where the recording happens found out so Ferre gave the Tresor the go ahead to preview the songs so the same problem that happen with Jugement does not repeat itself but ofcourse Ferre is stupid that is why he surround himself with stupid people kie kie kie congovibes has jokes

You people really need to chill so when the likes of Eminem, Jay Z & co have their songs and albums eaked so they also are surrounded by idiots kie kie kie the way we like to become expert whenever its to do with African.

This sort of things are happening so often now Ferre is not the 1st and won't be the last

Congolese Music / MEGANE ROLFOCH
« on: January 06, 2018, 16:40 »
She is the girl who did the remix of kipelekese with Ferre. Just seen this video quite impress very street and bang on she also kind of has the same facial resemblance to Tatiana Cruz but lighter and their vocals is quite similar but hers more rock She can be huge

Congolese Music / Re: FERRE GOLA - ALLO (AUDIO)
« on: January 04, 2018, 07:14 »
Manzambi do you really know congolese music for you to come out with such trash? What success is Fally having? Fally has a record label behind him than all the other congolese artists at the moment so he has the luxury as all is paid for him promotion in europe etc.... but Ferre has produced all himself research artist who have learned to produced themselves and the ones that are produced by record labels who always wins? Fally has not open the door for anyone are you forgetting Awilo Longomba see sentiment can make you write anything

« on: January 04, 2018, 07:08 »
Cavalier don't worry bro the promotion of QQJD is still good the group is travelling and the songs are being played on radio and tv so don't worry.

This thread reminds me of the day Archos posted Jugement and the internet music expert of vibes bashed him sooo hard that it was incredible but where are we today?
 Ferre is an artist listen to these 2 songs the guy will kill on the final version cause these are no final versions Ndombolhino has mastered them so the sounds is clear but these are not the final version so wait and see?

I am loving the mix of swahili for his fans as promised and the english, french & lingala just brilliant


Ferre back in 2013 was talking about making 2 albums Boite noire Rumba and Black Box world album but the project got held up only Boite Noire got released and what kinds of songs did you thing he was making because if you think back then he was working with black bazar at the time so we were expecting these songs to be in there but as usual Fally with his record label has financial behind him and he comes out with his and as Ferre says in QQJD is good for a men to have a smart opponent because Fally knew Ferre will release the songs he has and quickly comes out to say lets wait and you will see they will follow me.

Have you guys seen the likes of Fabregas, Heritier & co come out with this style No because they have not had this song in the pipe line but Ferre has ans Fally knows it so let me quickly claim to be the one so my young fans will say I am being followed by Ferre aaaah Innocent Balume please come quickly and bring these kids back to earth.

These lies have been going on for tooooo long and will stop soooon

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