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The old man is finish kie kie you went on interviews even your entourage claiming not to have paid attention to Karmapa with Caligula kie kie what some people have missed the song Caligula portrayed the behavior of this man to a T with his case it hurt right home well done Karmapa you got an answer and we are tired of the programmed rumba you keep bringing out how your fans become deaf with your monotonous sounds kie kie nothing new should have had a better diss track cause Caligula beats this

QQJD Live Ferre amaze me how when he is serious can sound the same as on the record. A fantastic show

Mvulusie, Archos, CM Prince you 3 have given me the joke of the day wasn't it Fally who said we ain't got time to listen to them kie kie 1st knock out was him getting Marc House arrested while you using Naty Lokole and Nana Moduga to do his dirty work but the insults weren't hurting as much as Ferre's camp while FVicteam artists making thousands of video's nobody listens to only laughing then they get together with Caligula Koffi to attack Ferre 2nd round defeat 1eme soins Koffi called Ferre weed smoker Ferre attack back and as usual ba tantine run quickly to the justice system. Fally still feeling the lost turns to Vincent, Jazz, Terry Mombaya, Franck Stemay to minimize Ferre's status cause no one around him has the charisma, presence to be taken serious like the Marc House but these guys have also flopped as usual because a GIRL CARINE MOKONZI's was hurting more but the funniest thing is Fally has understand for the likes of Ken and Manicke who if i was a Fally's fan i would not like to be associated with because kie kie kie how can artist put 100% effort to destroy the carrier and life of CARINE MOKONZI by getting her sacked so Ken ans Manicke can get some air time cause lets face it Carine vs Ken/Manicke kie kie kie even Stevie Wonder will choose Carine. You need to watch the video below to see how Fally has now shown himself out for the real him the big hypocrite which lets wait and see kie kie

The lyrics says all you are the one Artist they are all fighting kie kie

There are 2 things in life you need to be very self discipline with and they are people's money and women respect those 2 and you live a peaceful life. Poor Baby Ndombe you should have been stronger than that or just do what Heritier did go after the sister in law and you get the pass kie kie

The best album with great classics which our kids kids will listen to, they will use lyrics like we use The Grand Kale, Luambo, Papa Wemba etc....QQJD get a 9/10 as this album is aimed at responsables who will understand the lyrics and arrangement watch the video below see how people who appreciate good music were enjoying themselves on the 19/5/18

Yes Archos a very good appointment and I like how Cynthia Wadol admiring him I like this Girl very nice another Carine in the making.

Archos you have miss-interpreted the story from the video below but the story is that Matadien since joining the band has been one of those artist very close to Ferre even being sent alone to side chicks to get money like the last time on their Kenyan tour Ferre meet this women who like it goes she is very rich and on their return Ferre had to pick up a lot of money from her but he could not make it so sent Matadien alone that is why on that tour he was the last one to come back.

Back to the story so as Matadien is very close to Ferre, they do go out quite a lot to places and on this one occasion, Ferre received a call from one of his donnor to pick up the money so as they were together Ferre thought he was dressed fine so decided to go but when they go there he changed his mind so Rice had a spare shirt on his car which Ferre borrowed and that was that nothing big big brother with little brother  and Rise did not mouth about it to anyone but as you know in life you have to be careful who you speak with because Rice from what I have been told it was a big mistake which Rice was trying to show himself off to couple of guys proving to them how very close he is to Ferre that Ferre even agreed to wear his shirt for a meeting which these guy interpreted really badly to Ferre's camp and as it goes in music you don't tell anyone these stories is a secret until of course if you leave and want to talk but I do feel for Rice a really humble guy just badly choose the story to tell others to prove himself.

People jump too much into crap you really think with all the clothes that Ferre has he would borrow Rice's shirt if it was not got an emergency lots of us have had this happen to them only immature people have tried to make it into a story but likely people are so smarts now a days.

The group were advised to stay waw from interviews and leave this new guy Arka de color who was in the group back but left to join Jolie Mubwala then created his own group did not work then went to WMM but came back and has he is light skin kie kie kie all the ladies are praising him on the net he has made loads of videos already but he does sing well and plays rhythm very well a very good potential for the groupe well done Ferre another good choice

Congo-243, not like its extreme but not feel the song then I will say:

On vol 1: QQJD a missed opportunity seben not really feel it the rest is just full of beautiful classics Ferre really worked hard with the melody and lyrics all on point.

vol2: this Disc is the one with all the beautiful and fantastic hits and classics just marvellous and Ilunga with Tshiluba shows us the formation of Ferre and  when the video comes out it will be a hit once more.

vol3: Okalikota not feel it much Ruth Nzele did good but not my couple of tea and t he rest beautiful songs different tastes depending on yourself

This is why I keep on saying QQJD is the first album by a Congolese artist with as many as 33 songs and almost 97% of the songs are just fantastically worked with classics an achievement Ferre and the Jetset deserves credit for 

Good post Cavalier Solitaire

QQJD is the album like Kibombanda say is like Wine there are different flavors for different occasions for your enjoyment just excellent and deserves this Trophy and there are o many to come.

For me Congolitude, all the volumes have hits and I cannot choose as Ferre did very well on splitting songs so that you can enjoy all 3 albums

QQJD an album of 33 titles with at least 25 very very good songs which is an amazing achievement the real critics are now recognising

Do our justice system really follow the law of Geneva? If they did then lets not be one of those countries that do not practice Freedom of speech which means Fally cannot stop a tv channel from talking about him which this law advises but Fally can sue them for hurting his personality which normally you will see the channel make a public apology or settlement but you cannot stop them talking about you. Fally seems to behave like a women they love appreciations daily not criticism and this move is to hurt Carine Mokonzi but a bad move as they have not really thought about this. In law even if Fally stps RTGA from discussing his business there is a loophole which Carine makes her buzz more outside of RTGA working for Elengi ya Congo which even if she insult Fally she is not working for RTGA at that moment therefore she cannot be sacked and another thing him Fally has used so many of these journalist to put down other ie Naty Lokole, Nana Buduga, Vincent Tsiluizi etc.. but you don't see other artist taking it this far and people are so naive

Kie kie kie this happened since Sunday but the expert who loves posting negative videos on Ferre and his band have stayed very quiet on this big story like Ferre said QQJD what I prophetise is all coming out now

He said 1ere soins show me what you have and all the stars respected, then he said you will see all their dark behaviours exposed it has begin kie kie kie if this was Ferre's artist this story would have been posted here Sunday and have 20 pages by now of internet experts blaming and bashing Ferre kie kie GOD LOVES YOU FERRE you are ture meaning of God fights for the injustice as lots of people have bad hidden agendas against you but never prevail

Mrac House said it runs in the family kie kie kie the grandad did the same thing kie kie kie Marc House oza ndoki yo

Here are the vidoe of him trying to clarify himself but boy we all know kie kie kie kie if you are innocent and you are a star you will not need to pay the general money to be released kie kie kie kosa leka

Look at Nna bouduga's face kie kie kie kie

Kie kie kie on this one he says first he was mistaken f or a street kid wow

Congolese Music / Ferre Live RTGA Radio
« on: March 24, 2018, 15:55 »
Le Padre doing live QQJD on RTGA Congolese radio station. First time to hear Ferre singing Fautif live another brilliant live performance seems like this will be the new trend yemba nde bayoka live

Bravo Le Padre

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide Facebook Live Show
« on: March 24, 2018, 05:47 »
Kie kie guys I am one of those lovers of these types of shows because they show the true artist as mistakes are easily noticed but when one does an exceptional work you have to applaud but if their camp attack Le Padre then the war is back on Esprit Wenge Toujour

Congolese Music / Koffi Olomide Facebook Live Show
« on: March 23, 2018, 15:40 »
A Very good show fantastic

Mopao at his Best

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