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Sanction was so powerful bro...
Miracles got great stuff tho but i prefere sanction

Great bord

I didn’t knew jdt was that old.
I would like to know all bday date from bcbg & ql artists. Because a lot of theme Expept few, i never know their ages

Congolese Music / Re: Scans of albums booklet
« on: September 09, 2018, 23:36 »
Im bout to repost Danger de mort & attentat (radio version) asap

« on: August 31, 2018, 18:53 »
So where’s the date for the album

1:48 aint that guitar from academia’s sdf in sanction?

Great track. Felly tyson encore et toujours

Is that Asso Ferrari ?

This is one of the dopest produced track on droit de veto & they fucked up with that video clip smh.
I always imagine in my head what would look like droit de veto video clips

I also rode somewhere that chocolat was made for loi but they didn’t has the time to finish it.

Its sad that they never release or leak songs that dont make the final cut. I dont think the 16 songs in effrakata were the only ones made for the album.
It would be interesting

« Putin de meeeerde cest pas possible, ve dire vraiment , na yebi te »

Congolese Music / Top 10 rumbas in ql albums
« on: August 10, 2018, 23:04 »
Hello guys,
Hope y’all are doing well.
Waiting for that new ql album,
I would like to make that topic to share you my top 10 rumbas & generics in ql albums (not koffi’s). If you got one, please share it but here the condition : only rumbas, not rumbas+sebene.
Here’s mine :

1. Detresse - Didace le prof (Magie)
2. Sens inverse - Do akongo (Droit de veto)
3. Inchallah - Fofo le collegien (Affaire d’etat)
4. Ko ko ko ko - Fally ipupa (Affaire d’etat)
5. Dulcinée - Eric tutsi (Force de frappe)
6. Divisé par deux - Shella mputu (Danger de mort)
7. Calvaire - Bouro mpela (Affaire d’etat)
8. Fois cent - Do akongo (Ultimatum)
9. Incecticide - Ferre gola (Danger de mort)
10. Ba lobiens - Gypson butukondolo (Danger de mort)

I also done a top 10 generics From « pas de faux pas » to « danger de mort »

1. Piwawa - Koffi olomide (Affaire d’etat)
2. Rond point -Koffi olomide (Droit de veto)
3. Code pin - Brigade (Affaire d’etat)
4. Magie - Koffi olomide (Magie)
5. Force de frappe - Koffi olomide (Force de frappe)
6. Etage ya suka - Jean-Louis manzugidi (Pas de faux pas)
7. Ultimatum - Koffi olomide (Ultimatum)
8. Mbirime - Dolce parabolique & Baron Manoka (Ultimatum)
9. Droit de veto - Koffi olomide (Droit de veto)
10. Danger de mort - Koffi olomide (Danger de mort)

If danger de mort generic would be good as skol longitima, it would be top 3.

1vs1, kaaris would f booba up

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