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Sam Tshintu was really Koffi's nightmare in that time, he used to attack him very hard in almost every interview. It made me always laugh, when he denies that he ever dissed Koffi. I remember him claiming in an interview that he Koffi sold his house of Montfleury and that all people who came to the Stade des Martyrs-event of 2002 entered the stadium for free, that Koffi is a big witch and will never be able to finish Academia.

Are they cool now or it's cold between them?

This sounds like the other generique, except the hype from the conflict between Roga and Nouvelle Horizon is gone since the perception is that Nouvelle won

Congolese Music / Re: Ado Yuhe & Ali Mbonda
« on: January 12, 2021, 02:59 »
He says he joined Wenge 4x4 after Kalayi Boeing, after their mbonda player ran away in Europe. He joined through Didier Masela who already knew him. At one of his first concerts he impressed so much that Werra, Jb and Makaba gave him money. When they went to perform at matadi they were waiting for Manda Chante to come but he didn't show up, which annoyed the admins and they said "We just came back from Europe and he's not here? okay he won't come anymore", so they started their african tour and they were missing a singer which was Manda.
For Feux de l'amour recordings he says he was the one that created the intro of the song Ndombolo ya solo. Alain Makaba was the one that played lead on Ndombolo, even though Japonais was the one that created the lead solo in Kin, but in the studio Japonais didn't show up which forced Jb to make Makaba play lead.
Some of the cries from Pentagone came from him and also the mbuji mayi to Bill, some of the cries used in Alerte Generale to Roi David and some of the cries used in a La que leu leu to Celeo.
In Wenge 4x4, the musicians would go to Jb for money whereas if they went to Werra, Werra would come with excuses and not give them money. In Kenya Makaba paid almost the whole band, and Mbonda himself didn't receive anything because the rest of the band thought he was too close to Werra and because he lived in Mbinza. The band was meant to travel and they went to do their check ins and Ali noticed Werra wasn't there even though his ticket was there.
Ali went to Ma Campgne and he saw Werra with Mampata and Exaucee, and Ali asked Werra why didn't he see him at the check in and Werra was surprised and he didn't know they were travelling, and Ali told him "Your ticket is there so take your passport to do your check in".
When they got to Kenya none of the Wenge admins were talking to each other and the whole situation was tense and awkward. Alain Mpela, Patient and Titina and co weren't talking to Ali anymore because he was too close to Werra.
At the hotel Werra and Ali got into the elevator and Tutu was about to get in then he saw Werra who took off his glasses which scared Tutu who ended up getting out the elevator.
At Grand Hotel there ended up being a group reunion to sort out the conflicts and prevent the split, everyone showed up and each of the admins spoke with Masela even crying. When it was Werra's turn to speak he started saying he was being used as the scapegoat and turned his attention to Jb saying they're both supposed to pay the musicians, where Blaise started shouting back at Werra and it lead to an argument, which made Jb get up without saying anything and leave with Mpela, Titina, Patient, Tutu and co all got up and followed Jb and left and Ali, Werra, Wasenga and others remained which caused the split.
He remained with Werra because he was already close with Werra, and Werra was down after the split, especially since Mpela and Tutu followed Jb even though they were closest with Werra. Him and Werra went to both Mpela and Tutu's family houses but they were told they were already gone and they were at Blaise's house for rehearsals.
As he was making his way there he was seen by fans who told him the whole group was rehearsing at Blaise's house it was just him and Werra missing.
Ferre already had his visa and should've been on the list to Europe, and Ali wanted really wanted Ferre to join them. He tried convincing Werra to give him money to share with Ferre and he ended up sharing with Ferre and Christian Mabanga.
When Ferre tried going back to Blaise's house, Blaise and co told him "You were seen with Ali mbonda you're here as a spy don't come back here go over there", when Ferre came to join them Ali told him "Don't worry about Europe because we'll go, you're a great singer they will regret it."
After 2 days Adolphe came, then they started recruited the other musicians and they all started rehearsing at Werra's house for a week then they started rehearsing at La Zamba
Lofombo arranged and played Bass on the whole excpet for Likelemba and PDG Makombo which was done by Didier Masela, and TheThe Tumba which was played by Christian Mabanga.
He says Spino Ladjatence is lying about saying he gave the mbuji may crie to Bill, since Kester would take Maison Mere's animations and use it on their albums.
He says in Maison Mere they had salary even though it wasn't each month, he considers himself a co-founder of the group.
About his move to BCBG, back then if you were from either groups and were seen with people associated with the rival group it would bring you problems.
He was seen with Francis Kalombo, by MM guys and they reported to Werra and he started getting 12, Jb heard what was happening and sent Alain Mpela and Seguin to get him, and Ali moved house due to getting harassed by Maison Mere fans and Jb gave him money for new furniture and clothes.
About Kilimanjaro claiming that Ali tried to bring him to Koffi to join QL, he says usually goes to see Koffi and Kilimanjaro followed him to Mont Fleury and Koffi saw Kilimanjaro and said "No you're too young, you're not better than Bill".
After Werra returned from Europe he went to see Ali at his house and offered him to rejoin the group which he accepted.
He confirms that Koffi helped out Maison Mere a lot in the beginning and also Kester supported them too, Marie Paul strongly supported them and even came with the name Maison Mere.
He claims he didn't leave Maison Mere but he was ill and the doctors told him he has to stay home, especially since Werra never announced on TV that he left or got fired.
He says he has a song for Ferre's Wenge project Dynasty, and its a very good idea from him.

That's interesting that Lofombo played the majority of the first album despite having two capable bassist like Masela and Mabanga. They did a phenomenal job on Pentagon, why would they need assistance on Rapide Intervention?

Dude, THANK GOD Ferre didn't join BCBG! Lord knows the great contributions that would be erased with JB's lazy leadership. I'm also surprised that Werrason couldn't secure Visas for Europe for his band for the first album, he was just as well known and connected to donors as JB. It was him and Adolphe, surely it shouldn't have been difficult for people to have faith in their ability to produce a comeback from the split

@CM Prince
Back in those days they bands were mostly bringing 2 atalaku's (except Zaiko who was bringing 3 since Papy Cocaine's arrival), having one doing the tenor role and the other baritone. Kerozene would go to Europe anyway. It was about Brigade or CNN leaving behind. CNN was still making a chance, despite having an indefinite suspension for rehearsals (but having to be present in every concert to animate). But on the end Koffi decided to bring Brigade.

I was shocked to hear that Kerozene said that Zenith was his first official concert, being only there at Oshwe 5/5 for those public rehearshals. You could also see that he and also Brigade weren't ready when they performed at Licoln Center. Kerozene and Brigade running and jumping around when the sebene just started, on the moment that the dancers came in. It could like they didn't know what to do and being nervous. Maybe that Koffi decided cut the intro of Zenith out the VHS for those reasons.

from 3:14 min

If CNN never got into the controversy with the dancer, would Effrakata have three atalakus? What was the original goal of that album after they returned to Kinshasa from Bercy? They had a pretty big band, including reserves.

koffi please for even just  one year of your life,be a politician,you have everything it takes to be a politician in africa
lol look at the way he looks at milolo when she says brigade and kerozene where not ready yet for lives and how koffi completely switches it around putting himself in a position of victim and at the same time being sarcastic with her

Back then, could you tell who was going to participate in Effrakata and albums recorded in Europe versus those left behind? I know you're well socialized with the music scene there. And Brigade and Kerozene proved her wrong, although CNN is untouchable as a live performance atalaku in QL history

Congolese Music / Re: Alain Mpela doesn't look well
« on: January 08, 2021, 07:54 »

He needs a proper diet and exercise; these guys eat and drink like they're in their twenties.

You don't know Koffi well. Koffi doesn't joke with his music, because he see it as his job, since that back in 1982 wasn't able to find a proper job in Kinshasa after finishing his studies. That's also why he's always in the spotlights try to adapt everytime never watch to the past like Emeneya, who were giving the impression that in you a timemachine in life. Koffi is really serious with music compared to JB, Adolphe and Werra,etc. who often don't showup to rehearshal and spent times in the studio. If Quartier Latin was like Clan Wenge, then Babia, Willy Bula and Eric Tutsi would never been left behind. If Maison Mere was Quartier Latin, then someone like Kakol would have been removed from his role as 'chef d'orchestre' and been left behind for a tour, like the way Koffi did to Champion when Koffi saw that he was not doing his role as 'chef d'orchestre' well and killing his band. Quartier Latin, that has a long list of chef d'orchestre and minor mistake can make Koffi furious and give someone else the role. The one who really lasted long as chef d'orchestre is Beniko Popolipo, followed by Fally Ipupa who replaced Felly Tyson in 2003.

Who do you think was the best chef d'orchestra in Wenge Musica? To my knowledge, I only recall Ferre having the role briefly in 2002 which explains his two songs on A La Queue Leu Leu. What about before him?

Eric Tutsi left by himself, because he didn't like the way Cultura was operating like a second class band, since that he felt himself like a god. His last concert was the one in Matadi, back in those days, the route of Kinshasa to Matadi wasn't like that of today. If you would go out the car, your face and clothes would be covered with sand. This happened with Eric Tutsi, when they returned the decided to leave and settle in Brazzaville for a moment, where he had alot of fans and donors before joining College de Noble after a year to leave it again after a few months, to return back in 2004 again to Quartier Latin.

It had nothing to do with Babia, because Babia himself didn't participate on Loi & Ultimatum. Ultimatum was record in 1996, in Kenya with 6 singers (Sam Tshintu, Babia Ndonga, Eric Tutsi, Willy Bula,  Suzuki Luzubu and Modogo), but when Koffi arrived for the tour in Europe, he lost the recording-files when he wanted to mix the album. So they had to record the album again, but this time Willy Bula, Babia Ndonga and Eric Tutsi weren't there because they were left behind in Kinshasa. Which made Koffi record it with just 4 singers (Bouro Mpela, Sam Tshintu, Modogo Ambarambwa and Suzuki Luzubu), in the same tour they recorded also Loi, since that Koffi wanted to his solo album before the end of 1997. That explains Eric Tutsi absence in both albums. Eric Tutsi was left behind for the tour of 1997, because he succes of V12, Magie and the tour of 1997 in Europe, made him big headed and not showing up in rehearshals or coming very late, the same for Babia. Like Babia, Eric would start to use strong drugs and become addicted to it. When Quartier Latin came back, Eric Tutsi was still not changing his behaviour, getting often suspended and his drugproblems would become until that he started to his voice. Then when the 1998-tour came that had Olympia & Zenith, he decided to bring for the first time 6 singers. From the 8 main singers, Eric Tutsi was then the worst at that time, because him not being able anymore to sing well and for his Olympia-show, Koffi wanted singers who also knew how to dance, but Eric Tutsi didn't know how to dance, so it was already known that he would be left behind once again. On the 1998-trip, Koffi decided to bring Depitcho, Bouro Mpela, Sam Tshintu, Modogo Ambrambwa, Babia Ndonga and Mamale, leaving Suzuki and Eric Tutsi behind, which why Eric Tutsi didn't sing on Droit de Veto. Then when Babia snitched to Koffi about the Academia-project, Koffi called his mother and staffmembers to recruit musicians in Kinshasa and ordered to get Eric Tutsi and do a rehab with Eric Tutsi ending up by becoming 100% clean and coordinating the rehearshals in Kinshasa with Rocky Blanchard who was also left behind. With those 25 singers/dancers all ending up by performing at Stade des Martyrs with Koffi, when he returned from the tour.

Lol do they think Koffi wouldn't suspend them for skipping rehearsals or showing up late? I suppose Koffi must have a lot of love for Eric and Babia given how many opportunities he gave them to return. I'm not even sure Werra or JB would tolerate that type of behavior

« on: January 06, 2021, 23:13 »
He would have ordered his uncle Nico Bwakango to recruit musicians for him in Kinshasa. Btw he did that when Baby Ndombe, Ferre Gola, Flamme Kapaya, JDT, Bill Clinton, Japonais, Mimiche, Thierry Synthe and Shora Mbonda abandoned him alone with Kakol and the dancers after the Kora Awards, them wanting to form Les Marquis. Werrason feeling blocked, Adolphe being already preparing Tonya Tonya behind the scenes and his petits forming a rebel band. He decided to call his the late Nico  Bwakongo and he already started recruiting musicians in Bandal, musicians like Bobon Kojack, calling the band Operation Dragon. But the same day they all reconciled with Werrason after that JDT got arrested at the airport for smoking weed, when they tried to get back in Europe. They all returned back and started recording Kibuisa Mpimpa, but the musicians who were recruited would still stay in Bandal and become officialy Maison Mere's reserve band when they returned to Kinshasa until this day.

Operation Dragon? So they're like what Les Pipiyus was to BCBG? Is there any other musicians that were part of that reserve group that later became know? Isn't that were Goldberg came?

Did Wazekwa leave Eric behind because of the indiscipline or to mitigate polemic with Koffi? He seems fine here, but he never participated on Yo Nani and sorta disappeared for a while. I never understood why Eric Tutsi never participated in Ultimatum, Loi, or Droit de Veto. I suppose Babia was vocally identical and more "attractive", but Babia was often unpredictable

« on: January 06, 2021, 22:48 »
Yes, because the population had something like that Werra did really care about the development of his country. One of the reasons why Bercy got quickly sold despite promoting it for just 3 months, was because of Werrason starting his foundation, who was taking care of streetchildren, sick people, etc.,  UNESCO giving Werrason because of that the title "Ambassor of Peace" and Werrason getting an invitation of the Pope and the Vatican, but a mistake with the protocol made him not getting received. By buying those 3 buses for AS Vita, CS Imana and AS Dragons, it gave Werrason that image a little back and 12 days after the Stade des Martyrs-event, his solo-album Kibuisa Mpimpa got released that made all critics silent.

Kibuisa Mpimpa is by far better than Affaire Tonya Tonya. Kibuisa Mpimpa is maybe the best album made in Clan Wenge. When Adolphe Dominguez started Wenge Tonya Tonya, they hadn't an album on the market, they started record it when Kibuisa Mpimpa came out, to be able to react against his lines. For example in Operation Dragon, Werrason said "cette parcelle n'est pas a vendre" and Adolphe reacted by saying "cette parcelle a deja ete vendu a Claude Maluma" (Claude Maluma was Werrason's first manager and one of those guys who fixed the problems they had with visa's to get in the Schengen Area, but they fell out when Werrason signed with JPS and when JPS and artistic director Elvis Kemayo scammed him, by going away with all the money of the Stade des Martyrs they made in 1999 after the tour).

Affaire Tonya Tonya came out in September 2001, while Kibuisa Mpimpa was released in June 2001.  Affaire Tonya Tonya was a succes but not on the level of Kibuisa Mpimpa. Kibuisa Mpimpa was number one in all music-charts  in Kinshasa until the release of Effrakata.
Kinshasa was in Adolphe hands  from his first concert at YMCA in march until the release of Kibuisa Mpimpa. He started to lose it a little bit, shortly after the release of Kibuisa Mpimpa, when he planned a fara-fara concert against Werrason,. Adolphe planning to perform at Stade Tata Raphael and Werrason at the parking lot of Grand Hotel de Kinshasa. Some staffmembers got corrupted by donor Tchatcho Mbala to leak some secrets to Werra's camp for the fara-fara. Adolphe resulted in a mpiaka, while Werrason triumphed. Not long after that Adolphe's wife was mad that, he sleeping with some dancers, which made her decide to fire all dancers who weren't eastern congo until that she got calmed down. But despite all those problems, Adolphe had still his succes and Kibuisa didn't scare the musicians of Adolphe confronting the musicians of Maison Mere despite not having been in Europe or being in possession of expensive cars. Guys like Spino La Djatence, Washington, Shella Mputu, Chibida, spokemen Mbonzo and late Charly Balaka often made tv-appareance. Spino even fought with Baby Ndombe & Bill, when they were celebrating their 2 kora's and djo-k having difficulties to split them. The problem with Tonya Tonya was that everything went wrong when they went to Europe.

here Chibida and Shella talking about their band and some footage of Lacoste rehearsing with Tonya Tonya.

Japonais didn't play bass on Awilo's album Mondongo. He was invited as lead guitarist, playing lead on songs like Karolina, Gladys and Kayembe. Japonais has a big name in the session-world, because he already worked as session guitarist for Emeneya in Succes Fous, Awilo in Coupe Bibamba, Engombi for Aime Buanga and many others. With him having albums like Solola Bien, Kibuisa Mpimpa on his CV, made him immediately being solicitatedby various artists. Japonais is not someone who started music yesterday. He made already a big name when he was 9 years playing with Willy Ebondaki of Victoria Eleison in Taz Junior, appearing even as a kid in the BBC-documentary. So having problems wouldn't mean, that he won't know to play lead again. Having a drugsproblem doesn't mean that will end as Reagan. A guy like Somono Dolce is a big toko-toko, but he still made Droit de Veto, Sanction and Viagra. I can also cite big diambeurs like Pathy Patecheko, Bouro Mpela (he had a bad influence on Shella Mputu), Lola Muana (I don't think that drugs on an excessive way like he used to do in the Effrakata-era, Suzuki (he was often caught with coke) and Christian Lema who are all addicted. Werrason would promise I will give a car and x amount of money, but you have first to return to Kinshasa and him ending up by not doing it hahahahha. Or sending a donor to give some money, the give the impression, that he would gave the rest of the part in Kinshasa. That's what made Burkina Faso made because they sended donors like the late Wabelo Rango to get him in Maison Mere and promised him a car, buying it even in Brussels and Werrason talking about Burkina's car in Operation Dragon. But when arrived in Kinshasa, Burkina not getting his car and the car being given to a staffmember. All fanatics bothering about his car until that Werrason had enough and beating Burkina Faso in front of everybody, which made him leave to start his own band.

here a young Japonais on the lead

You think if Verta Musica was formed, could they have managed to be formidable spin off group? (Celeo, Serge Mabiala, Ferre Gola, Flamme Kapaya, Japonais himself, Didier Lacoste, and Shora Mbonda) That's quite a line-up, especially to leave during the success of Solola Bien! I'm not saying Werrason couldn't recover, but it would have been very interesting to see his response lol

It seems like Werrason is probably the worst leader of the Wenge alumni, ironically he is the most successful. I don't understand how he manages to stay winning each album, but he treats his group like shit. Surely his reputation would precede him and scare off any future talent

« on: January 06, 2021, 19:40 »
I know that they presented Guy-Guy Fall at BCBG's first Bataclan, as new singer, but that part being cut fromt he VHS. But about Japonais playing at Bataclan I'm starting to doubt about it, because of the way he's confirming that its on the videotape, while it is not. Maybe I could have mistaken it for the second concert Wenge BCBG gave at Bataclan, two months, from which I've never seen that footage. He also exaggerate about his first rehearshal with Wenge Maison Mere and what he said about Maison Mere not having played any concert isn't true. Because when he joined, they were like 3/4 months further and them already done the vis-a-vis concert, variete samedi soir, the one at zamba playa when people die, the many mpiaka's they had every week and the few concerts they did in Tshangu along with Marie Paul.

Finally, now I can close the chapter on the bass-section of Solola Bien! Didier Masela only playing his song Likama a not on the rest of the albm, Guy Nsangue doing the singing parts and rumba's and Japonais Maladi all sebenes + generiques. Massive respect for Japonais Maladi, he deserve alot of respect. He doesn't get the credit he deserve. He worked hard, playing also rhythm and mi-solo on the majority of the album plus lead on Augustine & Robert Basende. The sad part is that when people will write history or learn Congolese music, they will always mention Didier Masela as the one who played bass on the generique even after 20 years. Albums are always prepared in Kinshasa, when before that they will record in Paris. If Christian Mabanga didn't run away, would Japonais still having played just 2 songs as solist ? Btw the start of the generique until Bill's rap were Japonais' creations and often played by him in concerts when being on the lead.

I already knew that Japonais played most sebenes on Kibuisa Mpimpa, as bassplayer. But I didn't know that he played also bass on A La Que Leu Leu, Wow!!! So the magic bass on Maman Mabe and the singing part of Mon Personalite was not  Mimiche, but Japonais ? We will never know. Japonais himself hasn't a good memory. It is sad that he they didn't credit him in the credits of Solola Bien, Kibuisa Mpimpa and A La Que Leu Leu as bass-player

Japonais really did Werrason dirty for the way he ran away, I didn't knew that story. I another interview he said that he didn't return, because he wanted to be paid first in Europe before going to those Angola-concerts to play bass before returning to Kinshasa. So, A La Que Leu Leu had normally to have 20 songs? Adjani being punished for not participating in concerts and rehearhals when touring in Europe, which made from it 19 songs. Japonais being mad for Werrason privileging Flamme to much and running away for the second time during a few songs before the end of the recordings until that Werrason realized that Mimiche also ran away. Werrason doing his best to contact Japonais, since that he needed him as bass-player to do the transition to the then reserve-bass player Michel Bass,  who was in Kinshasa. Like the way he did in 1999 with Fiston Bass (he was so limited Fiston, Werrason did it a good job by recruiting Mimiche at that era). Werrason then ended up by deleting Japonais' song dedicated to Patrick Mfuta, when doing the mix, because of Japonais letting miss Werrason his plane twice, all musicans already being in Angola for concerts. In another interview Japonais said that the song who was dedicated to Patrick Mfuta, was the first part of Ferre Gola's song Mercure.

I was always wondering why the Japonais who used to play lead for Station Japana and Maison Mere before Solola Bien, wasn't the same after Solola Bien. After talking to a few who were close to MM-members, they said that he became addicted to drugs, women and alcohol which made him not work like he used to do in the past. In this interview he said that it was due to Werrason doing 12 on him by using Flamme alot and him playing his parts. But if you watch those concerts after that they returned to Kinshasa in 1999, you said that the way of playing lead wasn't the same anymore like before and they became more and more less powerful. Apparently, he is until this day addicted to drugs.

After Kibuisa he wasn't also often to showing up in rehearshals and when showing up coming very late, which made him being left behind during tours to African countries like Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Otis Lumumba who replaced already Patient Kusangila as rhythm-player back in 2000, after Kusangila's stroke, really starting sement the place as rhythm-guitarist, sharing it sometimes with the newly recruited Mayindome, who came to replace Burkina Faso and Japonais really having lost his place. There was a moment that Japonais left for a moment a tried to join Extra Musica and other bands, but quickly returned due to pression from fans. The same for Ajdani who joined Lavionora Esthetique for a moment along with the three dancers Bibiche Bercy, Dona Beija and Bete Sauvage, but them being harassed by MM fanatcis and all returing except Dona Beija, who became Dakumuda's sidechick

Did buying the soccer team busses really help restore Werrason's image? Why not just make better songs than Tonya Tonya? It seems like an odd strategy, plus you demoralize your team cause their payment is sacrificed to gift those vehicles. I'm not really sure how PR works in Congolese music.

Do you believe Japonais has a drug problem? He seemed lucid during the 2000s, I suspect Werrason constantly sidelining him and underpaying him caused a lack of passion as a soloist. When you consider how versatile he is as a musician, he likely knew he wasn't going anywhere given the shakey nature of the band. Apparently, he even played bass on Awilo's album in 2004. I find it difficult to believe he could remain as productive with such a problem, surely he would have went the way of Kabuya, Reagan, or so on.

The irony of Mogratana joining was that he brought nothing special to Maison Mere, which surprised me given his contribution to Wemba. I can't imagine Japonais playing with Extra Musica, what album would that have been Obligatoire or La Main Noire?

What could Werrason promise that could convince them to come back? If he didn't pay you a proper salary for months in spite of album success and touring, what could really make you think he had a change of heart? You have to REALLY love the music to overlook theft

Congolese Music / Re: Two new songs from Abel De Charme
« on: January 06, 2021, 16:53 »
This is gross, why do our generiques have to stoop this low to he popular

What is for us who don't understand Lingala?

My lingala is limited, but they're implying oral and anal sex with the cries and dance

Congolese Music / Re: Two new songs from Abel De Charme
« on: January 06, 2021, 07:02 »
This is gross, why do our generiques have to stoop this low to he popular


Are those his kids?

nahh his nephews,his kids were born from one year after

Felix only has two, a boy and a girl. At least to my knowledge

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