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I forgot about Tokoss, it was very more uninteresting than underwhelming. Control had too many tracks and few were fun to listen to, which made for a labored listening

Congolese Music / Re: JULES KIBENS VOCALS
« on: April 19, 2019, 19:30 »

I wonder what Congolese music will look like ten years from now? Outside of the boys born in the late 1970s and 80s, the only ones making noise is Heritier, Fally, and Ferre.


Control is his weakest album in his career, in my opinion.


Why can't you mention names? These things happened over twenty years ago lol

As for Defao, he was foolish to try and force that concert of Uganda on Big Stars. If Big Stars hadn't broken up in Switzerland, could they have continued success? After Defao tried to press forward with session musicans for Nessy de London, things slowly fell apart and his career never recovered.

In the late 90s, General Defao was arguably the biggest star in Africa with Tremblement De Terre and La Guerre De 100 Ans giving him significant exposure throughout the diaspora. Just take a look at the excitement from fans!

The fact that he didn't aggressively seek visas for an extended tour in Europe in 1999 really surprised me. He was more known through Africa than Wenge Musica and Koffi Olomide.

Ahead of him was Papa Wemba and Youssou Ndour, so concerts in Bercy, Zenith, and Olympia were definately a possibility but like I said missed opportunity...

As for Reddy Amisi, he could have been a big leader of an orchestra like Koffi. The acclaim of Prudence should have motivated him and his staff to break completely from Papa Wemba to create a new band (instrumentalist, singers, atalakus, & songwriters).

Remember, it was the relatively mute response to his follow up Ziggy. I suspect the feedback was that people wanted atalakus on his albums, which is why he made the fatal mistake of borrowing Koffi's for Etoile. If he had his own selected crop of atalakus with innovative animations instead of Mboshi/Somono duo, he would be miles ahead in his solo career than he currently is. But as I've mentioned...missed opportunities.

What do you guys think of my analysis? Do you have any artist you're a fan of who missed certain opportunities to be even bigger than they were?

Congolese Music / Re: MJ 30 INTERVIEW BY ADO YUHE
« on: April 13, 2019, 07:49 »

I disagree, we can respect the accomplishments of JP Kys but hold him accountable when he does wrong. And he was wrong for the role he played in that Cindy/MJ30 situation, it became less about the music and more about the sex scandal.

Congolese Music / Ghostwriter of Classic Wenge Rhumba???
« on: April 13, 2019, 07:36 »
Is it true that Desole by Serge Muloso predates Vita Imana by Ferre Gola? It sounds like it, his version flows better lyrically than the Wenge verison that uses more mabangas.

Although the music industry in the American and Europe is increasingly corupt the higher an artist climbs, at least there are comprehensive copyright laws to protect the maturing assests of songwriters and musicans.

Congolese music could have reached the same consumption like K-pop and Latin music if we managed our business with the same sophistication as our artform.

Congolese Music / Re: CHAI INTERVIEW
« on: April 10, 2019, 22:13 »

I completely forgot that I did lmao my apologies lol

Congolese Music / Re: CHAI INTERVIEW
« on: April 10, 2019, 18:18 »

What caused Burkina Faso Mboka Liya to first leave Wenge BCBG? I remember being disappointed when JB Mpiana did the "sovereign premier" call instead of shouting out Mboka Liya like they did in concerts prior to Toujour Humble being released @ 5:30 minute mark. If you listen to the generique on the album, JB Mpiana praises himself and Ficcare @ 2:28 and once more 5:17

Congolese Music / Re: CHAI INTERVIEW
« on: April 10, 2019, 17:17 »

How come Gentamicine's participation in Toujour Humble was so minimal even though he toured with them in Europe and participated in Zenith of 99? He only provided animations for Mohamed Kaniansy.

I agree with you, archos. I think they could have resisted BCBG and Masion Mere because Intifada was already a strong project especially with Tutu Calugi and Amelia were able to sing alongside Miel de Son, Dady Masudi, Mon ami Guelor, and Mirage Supersonic on the album.

This would have created a serious polemic, because Alain Mpela's departure from BCBG is attributed to Koffi. We already knew that Koffi helped fund Generation ABBA with instruments and studio time, so JB Mpiana would have been furious and attack them in Anti-Terror.

But again, Aimelia is a very arrogant personality in those days so who knows if they would have lasted.


I believe you, brother. I'm still learning a lot about the 2nd generation group leaders so please excuse my ignorance on the subject.

 I recently watched a documentary on Franco that discuss his selfish tendencies around the 20 minute mark and this is the same behavior we see from the subsequent generations of musicans.

Did Franco die from AIDS? I don't think anyone in his family or close circle ever confirmed the theory.


Tabu Ley and Kester were worst than Werrason? Is that even possible? Outside of being greedy, he assaulted Mboka Liya during rehearsal, he used to humiliate Roi David regularly, and Werrason refused to discipline Kakol even though Papy Kakol was clearly in the wrong for attacking Brigade.

In your opinion, do you think it was better for the original Les Marquis to remain together or was it better for that to be a one off project with Ferre, Bill, & JDT?


It seems like Werrason had no respect for anyone in Masion Mere unless you were Bill Clinton Kalonji, Ferre Gola, or Heritier.

Who was your least liked member of Masion Mere? Lol


What happened to Serge Mabiala? After Kibusia Mpimpa, he was limited to a few vocals for A La Queue Leu Leu despite him being present for much of the album's recording and promotion.

When did he leave Masion Mere and why? I'm guessing he still no longer a member when the group recorded Tindika Lokito, because a bunch of new singers were recruited.


Singers with an aggressive recording and performace schedule can develop nodules in their vocal cords that can start bleeding and eventually scar if they don't take enough time for rest. With age, those muscles don't recover as fast so the damage they recieve from being overworked is more lasting.

After a long career of concerts and studio recording, Doudou Copa simply wore out his voice. Maybe he should consider surgery to remove those nodules, but it's expensive. Adele had to recieve surgery and she is ten years younger than Copa.

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