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« on: July 01, 2022, 12:31 »
If you take into account all the ressources/logistic these guys were given, this is probably the worst big concert in our history.

What a joke. LOL.

This is normal. I love Franco but this place belonged to captain Denis Iloson.

I think it's Simolo himself.

It's a good idea indeed. We need more of this.

Most of the dates in Europe seem to be festivals. He will be good.

Héritier has a charisma Fabregas does not have.

I guess the Mumpe gimmick is over.

What the hell is this? SMH.

Blaise Bull needs to stop hiding behind Amadou Diaby. Amadou Diiaby is not the one taking the decision. He's just a figurehead. 

Wapi ba combatants in all this discourse?

Nobody knows that this guy is 'touring'.

I suspect it will be showcases in clubs.

I can be wrong but I doubt Ferre care that much. Ferre will be better off building his own legacy instead of being seen as the continuation of Wenge.

The absence of Blaise and Makaba is suspect since they are already in Kinshasa so why would they miss. Nungu-nungu ekoti deja?

Notice Werrason teasing Seguin with: "Seguin, bo... boni sante?" :D :D

Makaba is staying away because, according to what he says to some people, the level of organization is so low that he doubts that the concert will even take place.

They did not run away in France but they chose instead to run away in the US? Talking about hustling backward...

Yep, Picadilly is nice. The instrumentation is top notch.


Revealing how Tabu Ley humilated Papa Wemba in Brussels. How Papa Wemba used to live in France back in 1982. The way Franco Luambo Makiadi, Verckys Kiamuangana, Soki Vangu and co were involved in the drugs trade.

When did this Nkisi thing started? I thought Werra and Papa Wemba's generation brought it but I come to know that it was Franco and Tabu Ley also doing it, why? Like if I don't remember wrong Franco even died poor and with AIDS so why having all of those Nkisi and wasting their life for not even long lasting money.

I don't think Franco died poor.

Tha's a lot of people..

Till now, not a single group album of this generation has convinced me. Let's see with this one. I don't have a lot of hope tho, except maybe for the génériques. Wait and see.

Sad. Just like what happened in the rest of the country. Mobutu started good, then lost the plot. "Objectif 80" was never reached...

I never heard this Tabu Ley song before. Thx Mfumu.

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