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Maika Munan did a great job arranging the album the quality is crisp clear I also loved Djudjuchet Luvengoka drumming including Komba Bellow's.

Yeah, Alain Makaba played lead guitar on the soo wa album.

'7 years ago'

Do you think it will be back on Spotify? I noticed Rigo Makengo took some albums from Bozi Boziana.

Congolese Music / Re: The singers who sing their wives
« on: February 10, 2021, 17:22 »

Petit Prince dedicated this song to his wife Elie Nzolandonga.

Congolais serieux aza te  ;D ;D

Pinos also mentioned that the concert was mpiaka something like that it's been 5 years since I've seen that video. If I remember the Viva guys did not let Nouvelle Ecriture on the stage correct if I'm wrong.

Was this the concert Pinos talked about with Vicent Tshiluizi.

The same one when Papa Wemba had a fight with the promoter?


In the introduction I saw Bendoson and Lambio Lambio.

Djo Poster was vocalist who started in Grand Zaïko Wawa (1980-1991) he written hits like Zeke Ya Pamba, Guy Santa when Grand Zaïko decided to disband he joined alliance with Defao after the formation of Big Stars but there was disagreements with him and Defao so he decided to leave which resulted him being disappeareffrom the scene he came back in 1997 for the AFDL campaign afterwards he disappeared again until he passed away in December 2006.

I'm not so sure I mean at that time you had Loi, Nouvelle Ecriture, Couvre Feu, Defao and Wenge playing on the radio.

This photo was taken when they formed Boom Des As. But unfortunately the band did not last due to leadership.

I saw a snippet fron lengospapa channel and Nyoka Longo wore a white suit but that speech would definitely get them fired up of rage.

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