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There are two versions of this song this version is from the Muvaro album released in 1983 and Gilbert left Zaiko in 1987.

I know that woman her name is Maman Ntumba Buloba she used to sing songs with her husband Papa Buloba in the 90s.

Not only he was jealous of Koffi's success it seemed that Koffi was giving Emeneya a headache.

Guys, allow me to divert from the topic, About Bozi Boziana's Orchestre anti Choc. Been catching up on some old VHS clips of theirs "Pere Noel Confiance" Album to be specific then on further research I learnt that Lili Nedule passed away years ago. When was this? Was she ill or something? She seemed a much talented Lady.
Any Info on whereabouts of those Members?
Koffi Alibaba
Last time I checked Deo Brando, he seemed tobhave had an issue with Fally, I didn't  get much because the interviews were in Lingala.

I think Lili Nedule passed away somewhere in 2000/01 because she sung on Aime's Buanga album "Rabbi" Koffi Alibaba is in Kinshasa, Lapino is in Kinshasa he is a brother in christ. Betty Bis and Skola Miel are in Paris and Miss Flo is probably in Paris.

I saw the interview of that Emeneya said that the amount wasn't enough.

I read that Papa Wemba and Emeneya participated on Yondo Sister album they sang on the song Nyota (Which was dedicated to Yondo Syster who passed away) but they weren't in the same studio.

I think rejoined Victoria when Choc Stars went to Europe in summer 1984, it's sad how he exposed Emeneya secrets now I wonder why Emeneya never came to Viva La Musica anniversary or any invitation because Papa Wemba might steal Emeneya's powers.

My dad told me he would get secrets and plans from Victoria and tell them to Papa Wemba.

Luxeni Musengi said the same thing about Joly Mubiala after that died Emeneya. Saying that he betrayed Emeneya, etc. and that he hadn't the right to take Victoria Eleison.

Never knew Joly was a traitor I thought he was at his brother side.

My dad told me he would get secrets and plans from Victoria and tell them to Papa Wemba.

wow, serious ? The crazy thing is that after flop of Historia Musica, Emeneya said that Debaba rejoined Victoria Eleison during their performance at Studio Maman Ngebi in 1984, but he didn't show up. What happened ?

I don't know I think Emeneya said he was ill or something else happened or maybe he left for good but Historia Musica was formed in October 1983 or maybe 1984 but it flopped in late 1985 and he went to talk to Ben Nyamabo to join Choc Stars. My dad said "Azalaka muana mabe nakati na Victoria"


Vocals; Franco Luambo, Madilu System

Guitars: Gerry Dialungana, Franco Luambo, Dizzy Mandjeku, Pierre Monongi, Makabi Flavien
Drums: Nado Kakoma

Looks like tensions were about to start I thought it occurred in 1984.

It started already after this concert. Because Bipoli wasn't happy that people were calling Emeneya Jesus and Emeneya having big crowds behind when he was going on the streets. Because they were 13 musicians and started as the 12 apotles. The real jesus was Papa Wemba and they had to spread his message lol, but since that they left Viva they couldn't mention his name so they made Cartouche (who wasn't a Viva la musica-member) the Jesus. But the concert at Studio Maman Ngebi made people give Emeneya the title of Jesus which pissed Bipoli off. So he called himself Bipoli tata na Jesus (father of Jesus) and contacted traditional wrestlers Edingwe, Puma Noire, etc. to give him powers and he was then also walking with big crowds on the streets and with a fanfare behind him like those traditional wrestlers.

 But later on also the other members started to be pissed off, because Verckys and concert-promoters started to write "Emeneya & son Victoria Eleison en concert" on posters while it wasn't Emeneya's band. Emeneya was aware of it and used his friend Cartouche as pion. Then Cartouche contacted some Victoria-members and said to them that they have to fire Emeneya, Huits Kilo and Pinos from the band and they all agreed. Bipoli then came with the idea that they had to Angola (his home country) and from there to go to Europe, having to perform to some cities in Bas Congo to get some money. So they took all the instruments and went to Matadi were they had to perform at the stadium and give a vip-concert at a hotel, leaving Emeneya alone in Kinshasa who had to perform in Barumbu if I remember well.

Before arriving in Matadi they performed at Kwilu-ngongo. Then when they had to perform in Matadi, Verckys, Denewade and Pinos arrived. Verckys was very furious with the musicians trying to call him down. The concert at the stadium got cancelled and they returned to Kinshasa with them having immediatly to go Verckys-headquarter Veve-Center were there was a big reunion with Verckys, whole Victoria Eleison and journalists like Lukeso Luansi, Bamba Toko, Manda Tchewba, etc. being present. They reunion lasted 11 hours long (from 5 pm until 4am) because some members didn't want Emeneya to become the president which was Verckys idea. Then they finally accepted with Emeneya becoming the president, Bipoli became the Vice-president, Pinos was responsible for public relations, Safro Mazangi became the financial director, Debaba was the treasurer, Mongoley became the chief of discipline and Huits Kilo the Chief of Orchestre. But it didn't help because they discovered that all money went to Emeneya if he was getting a contract and they he was just giving a small part of the money to Debaba. So there alot of problems until they went to Brazzaville were Denewade said to them that from that day the band wasn't anymore of them all, but the of Emeneya. It pissed Tofla Kitoko off who wanted to fight with Denewade. After the succes of Brazzaville they went back to Kinshasa and Debaba decided to leave the band to create Historia Musica with Koffi Olomide (7 months after the creation of Victoria Eleison). Some moments later Bipoli decided to leave and recorded a song dedicated to Edingwe with some musicians which JB Mpiana would use in the TH-generique (Ya Edi avandi naye, baza kobenga ye. Ya-Edi avandi naye baza kobenga. Pona nini ? abeteli Puma, etc.) after that he decided to re-join Viva La Musica. Emeneya's brother Joly Mubiala rejoined Viva La Musica for a moment and went then to Choc Stars in 1984. The problems were getting worser and worser in Victoria Eleison. Then Emeneya made a plan with Cartouche to get rid of those who weren't yes-man. With Cartouche saying to Safro, Tofla Kitoko, Patcho Star and Petit Prince they have start their own band, because Emeneya became big headed. They contacted pere Buffalo (rip) who gave them the idea to add Bipoli who wanted also to start his own band. So they went to Bipoli's family in N'djili to start their Victoria Principal and rehearse. But it was a trap to get rid off them lol, Cartouche saying that he had to go back to home get some clothes and his toothbrush, Petit Prince saying that he had to get some medicines and they never came back hahahaha. They recruited then singers like Fale, Jarrys Fimbo, etc. But Victoria Principal only lasted only 6 months, because of Bipoli's stupidity. Victoria Principal had some succes with Verckys started to worry and he contacted him saying that he had to sign with him while he had a contract with Pere Buffalo. Bipoli then said to the press that he signed with Verckys while hadn't signed a contract with Pere Buffalo being furious and taking all his instruments. They became broke and from then they all started to rejoin Victoria Eleison one by one (Patcho Star, Huits Kilo & Tofla Kitoko) who just came back from a little Europe-tour which put them on another level. Bipoli also wanted to rejoin, but they didn't agree with Emeneya for some spiritual reasons. So Bipoli decided to rejoin Viva La Musica and Victoria Eleison entering 1985 which was their best year.

Thanks for the story my dad told me that Debaba shouted at Emeneya angrily during the meetings.

Looks like tensions were about to start I thought it occurred in 1984.

That's sad and tough.

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