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yeah, that the only thing that Koffi was liking from Jordan Kusa. He became more loved by him when he appeared with Gipson and Fally Ipupa in Thierry Pinzi's show, where they confronted Jean Apocalyps of Nouvelle Generation, Jordan Kusa attacking Papa Wemba very hard and on a point saying that he would insult every one who would dare to attack Koffi. Then the next year when he refused to react against Tutu Kaludji who was calling himself MMMMM or something like and come with those majesty clothes to say that he was the souverain (which was dedicated by Uncle Reece and Koffi), having already problems for refusing to give his girlfriend (who would become his wife before dating Mimi Ciel),he received a 3 months suspension. Then when suspension was finished a few weeks before the Europe tour, he was allowed to rehearse in Binza at Maman Amy's house with them for Affaire d'Etat, giving him the feeling that he would get a song in that album and participate. But they went without informing him to Brazzaville, leaving him alone in that house and went from there to Europe. After the Kora Awards 2002, Fally, Bouro, Montana, Titina, Felly, Binda and Gipson went back for a few days in Kinshasa and Koffi promised Jordan him that he would bring him to Europe, Jordan then dissing Papa Wemba for fun on tv, but it didn't happen and back in Europe Koffi started again throwing shots about him in concerts (that mbwa-citation).


this one is waaaaaaaaaay better 2 be honest CNN waz on fire and the switch at 4:19 lawd have mercy

Volte Face isn't underrated, because it was number one on Kilimadjaro AfricaN1, also CNN didn't animate there the Ndombolo-cri.

Lives JP Kyss now in Europe? Who does then the mixing these days in studio Ndiaye and Meko ? Lofombo or JC Tshituka ?


From 8:33 min.

Clovis Nguma had a big 12 at this concert. They didn’t give him the opportunity to play bass the whole concert until that Koffi give him to sign to come on stage when the concert was already finished.

We've all seen the way the way Bill Clinton Kalonji, Baby Ndombe, Celeo and Papy Kakol used to bully Jules Kibens, Rio Kazadi and Tutu Kaludji and sometimes also agress them physicaly. But with Lacoste, Serge Mabiala, Adjani and Celeo Scram having helped Bikou le Brun in his first album, wasn't he sometimes target of attacks from them?


He keeps throwing shots during the whole song (muana moko impoli, okaba pe te, biwela-wela, etc.)

I didn't knew about that, I only knew that from 1977 they had to much musicians in the band and them the band in 3 for concerts, performing then on 3 different places at the same moment (team of Nyoka for example in Lemba, the one of Evoloko in Matonge and the one with Shekedan in Kintambo) and them replacing each other after having performed 6 songs.

Like Paysan Congolais you had  from 1972 until the creation of Isifi Lokole in 1974, two bands in Zaiko, the one of Evoloko Lay, Gina Efonge, Jules Presley "Wemba", Mavuela and Pepe Felly Manuaku that was nicknames like Ajumagi, Isifi and Les Quartro (people mostly paid attention to them) and the section of Nyoka Longo, Bimi Ombale & Mbuta Matima who had not alot succes.

Pepe Felly Manuaku left because Nyoka Longo wanted to become Chef d'Orchestre and through Bimi Ombale he forced him out the band. They also fired many musicians who would later form with him Grand Zaiko Wawa (musicians like Djudjuchet Luvengoka, Shekedan, etc.), Evoloko, Bozi Boziana and Djo Mali would follow him in solidarty. They even gave 1 concert or 2 concerts. Franco and Tabu Ley tried to reconcile them with the camp of Nyoka Longo, but it didn't work. Bozi Boziana, Djo Mali and Evoloko Lay ended up by returning to Zaiko Langa Langa and Manuaku continued with Grand Zaiko Wawa.

(I think that it was in this interview where Manuaku explained his departure, the way Bimi Ombale wrote a letter with red ink, how they fired the musicians, etc.)

Evoloko was along with Nyoka Longo the main star of Zaiko. But Nyoka Longo wasnt liking him, because he felt like Evoloko was about to steal his leadership. But this time there wasn't Manuaku to protect him against Nyoka Longo, which made Evoloko fealing more and more isolated. He prepared his departure behind the scenes and went to contact Verckys Kiamuangana to sponsor his band, Verckys wanted only to help if he could get with him a few other stars of Zaiko, Evoloko then bringing with him Bozi and Djo Mali (Roxy Tshimpaka, Likinga and Lengi Lenga refused). At the same time Esperant Kisangani, Djuna Djanana, Dindo Yogo, Huits Kilo and Patcho Star left Viva La Musica, being fed up about Wemba not paying them. Like Evoloko, they went Verckys to ask if he could produce their band and Verckys saying that he would only accept to produce them if they could get Emeneya, to form a band called Viva-Viva stars (Emeneya was the main star of Viva La Musica after Papa Wemba). Esperant saying that it wouldn't work, because of Emeneya's love for Papa Wemba being to big and saying that he would refuse, that they could also to fuse with the team of Evoloko, which also happended. But for whatever reasons rumors were spread that Emeneya joined Langa Langa Stars, which wasn't true. Emeneya not being aware of that went to public rehearshal and was severly beaten by Viva-fans in Matonge. Emeneya decided then to leave and brought Beniko Popolipo, who was also in Viva La Musica, with him. They started rehearshing and recorded a few songs (those who have Emeneya's voice aren't released, but in the song you can hear Dindo Yogo giving Emeneya a shot-out and also Huits Kilos and Patcho Star). But Evoloko couldn't get along with Emeneya, wanting to be the main star of Langa Langa Stars and Emeneya's staff not liking Evoloko's behaviour toward Emeneya (Evoloko at some point saying that Emeneya has to cut his hair and become bold, knowing that the haircuts were Emeneya's trademark). Before going to Kasangulu in the Kongo Central province to train and prepare their "sortie officiel" for the national television and new songs, they performed at Veve Center or bar Vis-a-Vis and just after that concert Emeneya got approached by Franco at home (he was sent by Papa Wemba who was trying to get him back). Emeneya then came with the condition that he would only rejoin, if they could get his best friend Dindo Yogo and his friends Patcho Star & Huits Kilo with them. Patcho Star & Huits Kilo accepted, but Dindo Yogo refused (and his father also refused, being still furious how he was abandoned when he became seriously ill). Emeneya, Huits Kilo and Patcho Star ended up by returning Viva La Musica and Langa Langa Stars being in Kasangulu, in meantime advertisements of Langa Langa Stars were broadcasted on tv with Emeneya being among the les 7 Patrons (they would change it into les 6 patrons because of Emeneya departure until that Roxy Tshimpaka arrived the next year).

Langa Langa Stars would dominated the music-charts for months, Papa Wemba tried to respond with Mea Culpa and Ufukutanu, but it didn't work and after a few months  he would abandon Viva La Musica and move to France staying their for 6 months.

Zaiko Langa Langa on his side started to get problems with Verckys, with who they had still a contract. Nyoka Longo discovered that Verckys used to sleep with his wife and was furious, which made him record the diss-track SOS Maya when they were on tour in Europe, forgetting that the instruments they were using were owned by Veve. After a few days, Verckys ordered his team to confiscate the instruments, which made Zaiko Langa Langa not being able to perform for 9 months and them being broke. Roxy Tshimpaka being some being fed up, to wait for the new instruments and dedicing to join Langa Langa Stars.

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V12 is Koffi's solo album, that's not a Quartier Latin album.

Congolese Music / Lauryndi Ft. Roi David - Sonia Acoustique
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Ah ah ah ah. Non c’est possible. How did you bring an a 5 year old thread back ?

Lol, I put Danger de Mort on 1 l, because I was tired of listening years long Droit de Veto, Magie & Force de Frappe over and over again in those days. But yeah Magie was Quartier Latin’s best album followed by Force de Frappe.

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Tony Sad who featered on Papa Wemba's disstrack against Koffi (Okoningana), once made a sample of Mario which became a big hit in the Congolese diaspora living in France & Belgium and those living in Kinshasa who used to love rap-music. His song was often aired on radio's like Okapi and Top Congo, but the original version of the single isn't available anymore on Itunes, Spotify,etc., just the remix-versions (Zouk and R&B).

from 3:18 min performing Mario live at Olympia as guest of Papa Wemba

Is Ingrid in conflict with Ado Yuhe? Because Ado Yuhe announced last month that he would start an Europe-tour (Brussels, UK, Germany,etc.) to interview artists. 1 or 2 years ago, she would interview artists one day before that they had to record an interview with Ingrid.


Didn't came it from Brazzaville and the Patrouilles des Stars ?

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