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Now I understand why Fi-Carre wasn't present anymore in those last concerts of Wenge BCBG in Europe when they came in 1998.

Finally someone who talked about the story of Manda Chante's passeport and Kongolo Mobutu doing them dirty about that. I didn't knew that JB Mpiana stopped the concert after talking to Mbuta Kiss when the soldiers came, I thought that it stopped because of soldiers throwing tear-gas in the public and everybody being panic. So they story ending by Kis just coming at home after that Ma'Dany called and Kongolo Mobutu just doing nothing ? Because rumors were spread that the 4 admins + Adolphe, Blaise and Mbuta Kis came to Kongolo Mobutu's house to give Manda's passeport and them all kneeling down in front of Kongolo, Manda even said that in an interview.


I love the start of this seben on 4:14 min until 5:18 min

I really wonder how he would have played on Droit d'Asile if Academia didn't disband in 2003

Joyeux Anniversaire

Amida came back in 2009. Kipe ya Yo & Quel est Ton Probleme were album-titles directed towards Didi Kinuani who was still with Amida then. Until she left for Kamerhe for a short time before coming back to JB who came to get her quickly 

Sad they didn't upload the intro of the VHS.

People mocked on youtube about Maison Mere's concert in Benin being mpiaka. But they don't know that filling Stade d'Amitie is a difficult task. Even Extra Musica, J.B. M'piana and many other popular artist just did 50%, so Wenge Maison Mere did a good job. They hadn't even an album on the market at that time. The only arists who were able to fill it to the 100% were Aurlus Mabele, Général Défao, Awilo Longomba and Koffi Olomidé. If you look well most concerts performed at African stadiums were mostly just filled by 25% or 50%.

Often when Baby Ndombe is interviewed calmly without polemic question or stuff like who's better between Ferre and Fally, he often reveal special things. I remember him saying in an interview with I think Thierry Landu, what he wasn't liking Wenge Musica 4x4 that much, because in his opinion their songs had a basic level, adding that he was a fanatic of Wenge El Paris and that he used to like Marie Paul alot. Adding that it's only later that he started respect Wenge 4x4 when they released I think Anges Adorables if I remember well and that he joined Wenge Maison Mere more for tribal reasons, because of Ladins Montana who was influecing him to help Werrason while he was not really believing that Werrason would succeed.

In this interview he says that he wanted to join Quartier Latin and that he already start to work on Modogo's and Suzuki's vocals at home, but that people like Ladins Montana and Julie Zulema to be ready to join Wenge Maison Mere. It's rare to see people of the 1997-2006 generation, say that they wanted to join Quartier Latin. It's mostly Wenge Maison Mere, Wenge BCBG or Viva La Musica.

Congolese Music / Re: Promise musica (rare)
« on: May 01, 2021, 23:21 »
10:25 min The young Tutu Kaluji

Kaluji is here already animating the cri's of Pentagone

No, that Luciana Demingongo. Papa Wemba weren't collaborating anymore on songs since Bokilo To Suki Wapi of 1984

Congolese Music / Re: Alain Mpela & Deblaison Wanga
« on: May 01, 2021, 20:12 »
Here's talking about Generation A and what the late Ilo Pablo said to him when he started his own band.

Congolese Music / Alain Mpela & Deblaison Wanga
« on: May 01, 2021, 20:09 »

Z-Ndule did a good job, but I feel scammed lol after discovering that the concert was released in two parts. It's all Tata Mapassa's fault. I hate that volume 1 & 2 stuff. Volume 1 was already hard to find, so I don't believe that we will ever get volume 2. Unless Tata Mapassa decides to create a youtube-account and upload all videos of  theconcerts he organised in London.

It crazy to think that it took Koffi 4 years to made a comeback in London, while most people of his staff used to live there. What happened did ? Did he do a Bouya-Mayola trick lol.

Having seen the few extracts on the Droit de Veto-VHS, the one of M6 and TF1, I think that it good show better than the one of Brixton Academy.  But It's not easy to put a show at a mythic hall in middle of the tour. There is less time to prepare, compared to the shows who are prepared in Kinshasa and there is also less hunger among the artists. I think that it motivated Werrason when he wanted to perfrom at Palais des Sports, JB Mpiana at Olympia after his Zenith and later Papa Wemba at Olympia after performing at the same Zenith, to put more effort to give a good show.


Rigo Makengo will delete this VHS very soon and wait years later to upload the DVD-version with bad quality like he did with A La Une of Papa Wemba

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