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JF Ifongé made some progress as singer

rest in peace


Back in the days Binda Bass would often come to Koffi's house to do his hair

I know that it’s Zaïko backing them. But I mean what is the name of those artists singing


It sounds almost like Mongo Folklore or  was it that Zamuangana, Mbuta Matima & Popolipo didn't exactly knew how Bateke folklore is and them just improvising ? or do the Bateke not have guitars in their traditional music like many tribes which made them record the songs just like this ?

Congolese Music / Extracts from Fally's $300 show at Pullman
« on: March 18, 2023, 19:42 »

The problem of concerts these last 7 years is that you will never get a professional video of the show like it used to be for years ago. Only videos filmed through the phone


Will this not create a conflict with their dad ?


Maison Mère's first show after Zenith 2008


RIP Quartier Latin Fashion

Congolese Music / Re: Adricha Tipo Tipo & Mbuta Likasu
« on: March 15, 2023, 23:47 »
It´s actually smart to have a band in Kinshasa, when using session musicians. Because he don't have to pay them or just pay them peanuts and they will never leave you hahaha. If he hire session musicians you will have to pay them every concert. I remember a percussionst doing an interview on one of  Kinshasa'smany tv-channels, saying that Koffi invited to help him with a concert at grand hotel. They agreed that he would pay him 50xthe amount of hours he performed. They performed like 5 hours with him. So when he concert was finished he tought he would get 250 dollars, but Koffi started running. The guy first thought that he was running because of being in danger until realizing that Koffi was actually running to his car to not pay him. The guy tried to contact Koffi multiple times, but Koffi was not getting his calls and ended up insulting him. He did apparently the same thing to Pathy Moleso after Zenith 2009.

Fally Ipupa and David Monsoh weren't happy the way they had to pay session musicians every concert during the short Europe tour they did in 2006 after the release of Droit Chemin. Djudjuchet wanted something like 400 every concert. Popolipo ended up by leaving them because he wanted get 300 euros every concert. The rest was ok for getting just 200 euros or 150.

Madilu had nothing to worry. Because he had already the label of being the heir of Franco's music. But yeah he could have been on a much bigger dimension  if would do tours in Europe with his band and also play mythic halls on a later stage. His behaviour with his musicians could maybe has something to do with his childhood. His dad apparently didn't like him and did alot of mental abuse on him and his relatives. If I remember well Shora Mukoko or somebody else revealed that he even made a diss-song against his dad in Minzoto Wella. His whole music-career before TP Ok Jazz he went through deceptions and humilations. People often forget how hard it was for him to get a place in TP Ok Jazz. Before Non, Franco wasn't liking him, always insulting him (calling him big head) and said that he was a faux chanteur.

Franco had his moments. There were times that he would pay his musicians and give them alot of gifts (like buying cars for them) but there would also be period that he wouldn't pay them.

There were moments that Papa Wemba would pay his musicians. It was not that he was never paying them that's false. The problem was that he had to much musicians in his band and also alot of children and women. Plus the money they were getting although all succes in Kinshasa was not alot. So when he would get a huge amount for example the shows he gave at Cine Palladium in 1982 (when coming back from Europe after 6 months absence) he would give his musicians peannuts.

Koffi Olomidé was never Papa Wemba's musician. Koffi Olomidé used to collaborated with Papa Wemba and Viva la Musica for his singles. His first two singles Sango Ndambo and Asso were recorded by Pepe Felly Manuaku of Zaiko and his friends. He had normally to record with Papa Wemba on the lead. But Papa Wemba didn't show up (According late Verckys it was because he felt humilated that rumors were spread that the majority of his songs were written by Koffi Olomidé). So Verckys forced Koffi Olomidé to sing lead in the studio. After that he recorded also songs with Emeneya, Patcho Star and co of Viva la Musica without Wemba's permission which with those guys getting suspensed. Years later Emeneya would claim that he tought Koffi Olomidé to sing in these songs. It's after the succes of these songs Koffi started to record duets with Papa Wemba.

Koffi Olomidé wanted to come with something new in Congolese music. Seeing how his friends in bands like Viva la Musica and Zaiko were treated by bandleader, he wanted his band to be professional when creating Quartier Latin. All musicians that were part of his band to be paid. That's why he called it first "Quartier Latin Entreprise" before changing it in "Quartier Latin International" from the 90s.


Congolese Music / Re: Adricha Tipo Tipo & Mbuta Likasu
« on: March 15, 2023, 23:07 »
from 51:08 min Madilu was really evil how can you say something like that. I've never seen a former musician of his band saying something positive about him. It's always negative

Then again, this is the same guy who made a comment on one of his songs about not giving his band visas for Europe.

Hahaha that was towards the end of the song Nakombo. It must have been very humilated for his musicians to hear that when the album came out. Because that time is was for the 3th time that he promised them that they would go to Europe after releasing Pouvoir. The musicians were sure that they would go with him this time because for the first time they participated to recording-sessions (few songs of the album Pouvoir were recorded in Kinshasa). Madilu came back and toured with them like usually to multiple African countries and then abandoned them in Kinshasa for 2 years.

from 6:46 min "Ambassadeur Molengo komeka kopesa bango visa te. Noki te bako kende kokima"
The way his singers were also smiling in the video when coming to that part hahahaha

Congolese Music / Re: Adricha Tipo Tipo & Mbuta Likasu
« on: March 15, 2023, 23:01 »
About bandmembers going to their leaders and not getting anything to eat is nothing. Almost all leaders do that. Today Ferre's spokemen Tresor Kongolo who used to be with Fally first is often mocking on social media by Fally-fanatics for his interview where he once said that Fally didn't give him breakfest when he came early in the morning.

But the stuff that Madilu was doing to his employees was really bad. Fofo le Collegien, Yaya Londa, Bibiche and Do Akongo all had stories about the way they were treated bad by him.

About the problems of money, Makaba & JB Mpiana themselves weren't saint. The musicians that followed them in Wenge BCBG thought that they would getting paid well after the experience they got in Kenya where they got paid by Makaba (this incident was one of the main incidents that created the split of Wenge). But when the tour ended they got peannuts all almost everybody being unhappy. Guys like Alain Mpela and Aimelia being frustrated. In 1999 the same thing happened and rumors being spread that Tutu Kaluji and Alain Mpela were about to leave (BCBG fanatics always claim that Tutu was manipulated by Aimelia) because of the way they were mad about the small amount of money they received despite the hard work they did at Zenith, Olympia and the first part of TH recordings. But influent donors and fans shorted it out quickly and they ended up by returning to Kinshasa and perform at Stade des Martyrs.

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