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They were using the system of “bangula” until Papa Wemba’s arrestation which messed everything up. It made it easy to travel on somebodies name.

To be fair in my opinion Nono ba Diamants doesn’t know how to dance. I saw many bands in my life, so I can’t pick and I don’t have one favorite

Yeah, she later became JB's sidechick. She was not kept from dancing at Zenith, Zenith was her first trip with BCBG. She was kept from dancing at Bercy. During that time she already stayed in Europe, because Amida threatened to kill her the moment she would arrive in Kinshasa. In the months she spent in Europe to wait for BCBG to come back, she appeared in some videoclips recorded by Europe-based artists. At Bercy she wanted to do her 7th anniversary of dancing-career and stop there as dancer, but she got sadly blocked by JB's wife who also came to Bercy. Nono ba Diamants was btw lucky to be present during the Internet/TH trip, because she traveled with the passeport of another girl since that Amida wanting her be left behind stay in Kinshasa after discovering that she had an affair with JB Mpiana.

Somono was left behind in Kinshasa and traveled to Europe on his own through South Africa with help from Henri Mova Sakani and Francis Kalombo. He first arrived in Brazzaville with Modogo Balongona, Rosette Kamono and Binda Bass, thinking that he would also a ticket there from Koffi Olomidé but Koffi refusing, wanting to punish Somono for the way he used to misbehave. Somono arrived the same evening that Quartier Latin was performing at Olympia. When people heard that he arrived in Europe, influent staffmembers reconciled him with Koffi Olomidé.
They agreed that Somono would participate to all concerts of Quartier Latin during the tour, participate to Droit de Vet and at the end of tour being free to do what he wants (staying in Europe)

What Sam Tshintu said here from 1:57:06 min. I was already thinking about it when he said it during Mbuta Likasu's interview, comparing it to Emeneya's case in 1984 which was not exactly the same. Almost all co-founders of Victoria Eleison left Emeneya and formed Victoria Principal. They all ended up by returning (except late Bipoli na Fulu) and basically became "his" (Emeneya's) musicians and hadn't any right on the name Victoria Eleison because Emeneya registrated it as an individual trademark. Sam Tshintu done the same thing if he followed Faustin Djata's machiavellic plan by leaving Academia and making the in kinshasa-recruited his musicians with somono, mboshi, modogo, pathy and lebou joining sam to become "his" sam's musicians and Academia officialy becoming Sam's band and the co-founders not having any rights.

academia were often spiritually attacked. that must have been very scary for somono to to not being able to walk. they way sam tshintu said “ya trop des choses” with that look, shows that stuff happened who were worser that he will never reveal on tv.

sam tshintu denies that he was contacted to rejoin quartier latin. but he forget that he made 10 years ago an interview where he said that he got contacted along with, modogo and mboshi to rejoin Quartier Latin in 2005, him being the only that refused the offer.

The way sam tshintu imitated somono being mad/drunk in the plane killed me and the day after it avoiding to look at Koffi’s face. No wonder that Koffi often being mad against him and being left behind for second part of africa tour pt. 2 '98. So he was after years still not over the way Koffi ended his relationship with nono ba diamants to make her his sidechick ? btw was it not the same trip where he insulted koffi and his friend/influent staffmember from europe (i dont remember who) in the plane or was that from the trip of burkina faso ?

I think that Mbuta Likasu's work motivated Ado Yuhe to do his work better and him on the same time being lucky that Sam Tshintu knows how to answer questions and not complicates the interview. If he did it in 2018 he would have insisted on the question he asked about the dancers.

I didn't knew that late ondo was that old and older than koffi himself. Eh muana 1954, na kamwe. Its only from recent interviews of Do Akongo and Sam Tshintu about Do Akongo (Bonjour) also having a song on Magie. It's a shame it not got released. Koffi probably cut it off from the tracklist because of him joining Madilu's band with Eric Tutsi. Hearing short extracts from Sam and Akongo made me being interested in the whole version. Do Akongo must remix it or sing the whole version on youtube with his guitar.

I don't believe the story of Sam Tshintu being initiated by Koffi in Benin and knowing many secrets. It must be a former collegue that doesn't like him. However, we'll never know. If it was Suzuki than I would believe it, because he was often accused for doing bad things to others during rehearshals and himself revealed some secrets about Benin and late Mboyo's death when doing his interview back in 2000 which scared Depitcho, Cesar Loboko and JF Ifonge. or the interview he made back in 2013, openly saying that he sacrificied many people for Quartier Latin's succes, attacking Koffi's family (saying that there wasn't an elevator in the building where late maman amy was living) with Koffi ending up by threating the woman that interviewed Suzuki for digitalcongo in europe.

Apparently he said Cindy slept with 4 people from quartier latin whether it’s ex members or current I have no idea.

Will Assow lose his place in Quartier Latin again ? hahahaha

We always compare albums that had succes. So I thought why not compare albums that didn't got alot of attention.

I go for Suzuki's Décompte Finale

Suzuki and Aimelia should more performing their own songs instead of performing with songs of other leaders and their former bosses.

Yeah. Pathy Bass also played rhythm. He played rhythm on the generique of Volte Face. In Congolese music all bass-players and lead guitarist know how to play rhythm. They know it because its the base. Before learning bass or lead, they are forced to master the rhythm guitar first.

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Rest in Peace

Clovis joined Quartier Latin Integral and participated to the Volte EP playing bass on the generique and playing rhythm on Cessez Le Feu. About Mustapha I don’t know

Congolese Music / Re: Collégien Zola & Mbuta Likasu
« on: February 02, 2023, 10:04 »
Marie Paul didn’t lake vision. It’s because the trips to Kinshasa that people respected El Paris. His name became strong while people quickly forgot about Ricoco who until this day regret about it. The problem was just about El Paris not being a proper band, like people thought in Kinshasa. Some living in Paris, others in Belgium, some in other French cities. Maradona, Dello Bass and Collegien were surprised when coming from Kinshasa in Paris. Because El Paris had crazy succes in Kinshasa and they thought that they would perform often when coming France only to discover that the band didn’t exist in reality and just being like a nzong-nzong. This made Collegien join Nouvelle Generation. Maradona sometimes performing with Victoria Eleison and Viva la Musica who didn’t had a proper drummer anymore. Dello Bass performing with soukous artists and sometimes with Tabu Ley. It’s only after like 1,5 year that they reunited quickly to rehearse and prepare the second trip which had bad consequences.

Manda Chante had the same thing like Maradona and co when arriving in France after that Kongolo Mobutu paid a ticket for him to arrive in France. He was fed up to wait for months and joined Viva la Musica, only to return when Kongolo heard about Viva la Musica to preparing a show at LSC to present him as a new member while El Paris was preparing a new trip to Kinshasa.

The problem with El Paris was that they hadn’t papers. It were one of the reasons why Aime Buanga and Ricoco refused to go to Kinshasa with them although Kongolo doing his best to reconcile them with Marie Paul’s camp and perform together for some concerts and his sister’s wedding. Ricoco ended up accepting but changed his mind on last minute. Marie Paul and co took the risk to go to Kinshasa and managed to come back to Europe, because Kongolo made them travel to Europe like his family members and those working at the airport not controlling the passports, just stamp those 20+ passeports thinking that they were all part of the presidential family. In 1993, they had bad luck because Kongolo Mobutu took all their passports after a conflict,  threw them out his brother’s villa (late Konga Mobutu) and all problems starting from then.

The musicians of El Paris could have ended up like those of Academia, if they returned back to Kinshasa.El Paris was killed when coming back in 2000 after 7 years. The first concert at LSC being mpiaka and the next one following week at Theatre Marie Bell also. It ruined them and all concerts during the tour flopping. They had two options, returning quickly back to Kinshasa where they a big fanbase at that era or stay in Europe. The majority (the band, influential donors and fans) wanted El Paris to go back, but Marie Paul preferred to stay, knowing that it may be difficult to get visa’s again for a next tour and prepare a new album (Eboulement Total) to return back to Kinshasa with fire. Musicians started to lose patience leaving the band one by one life started to become hard for them, late Jean Pierre Saah not wanting to sign him anymore, etc.

Congolese Music / Coming Soon; Didi Stone & Ado Yuhe
« on: February 01, 2023, 21:38 »

Is it possible to have succes in the Congolese music-scene for +10 years without doing nkisi or having pacts ? Because all those who lasted atleast 5 years being on the top all being rumored to have done bad stuff.

I dont know any that was part of the team b. I only discovered that singer Ladi Miyembe and solist Champion Vualu "Dracula" (who used to play with Aime Buanga and Pierette Adams) were part of it through their interviews. It were only Assow Ngolé and Junior Kingombe who finally made it to the first team because of some departures, their patience and also their hard work.

Quartier Latin already complete there was no musician needed, just a proper keyboard player (gires synthe was limited) and 1 or 2 tenorists. Why add musicians when you already a dream team with guys like Titina, Ramazani, Binda Bass, Bouro Mpela, Fofo le Collegien, Brigade, Soleil Wanga, Fally Ipupa, Kerozène, etc.

Mirage Supersonic participated to Danger de Mort. Its just that he ran away during the tour and Koffi then ending up by deleting his vocals and replacing it by Bouro Mpela who  rejoined Quartier Latin for the 3th time, like the way he did with vocals of Mustapha Nkori in Force de Frappe the moment Montana Kamenga joined. I don't understand musicians why running away while the tour isn't finished yet.

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