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« on: November 30, 2022, 23:35 »
I totally forgot about the story that Tabu Ley hold Huits Kilos for some weeks in his house in Limete, him being forbidden to go out and Victoria Eleison fanatics coming every there trying to kidnap him, to get him back into Victoria Eleison. Huits Kilo doesn't agree about the story of Wemba influencing Tabu Ley's manager Lossikiya Maneno to get Huits Kilo in order to destabilize Emeneya, but it can be true because something they would never say it a musician "we recruited you to destabilize your leader". Luckily Emeneya had also solists like Bongo Wende (RIP) and Auguy Lutula in Victoria and they recruited Akwesa Koumbaro (RIP) to replace Huits Kilo, so there wasn't any void left. That team made the masterpiece LP "Manhatthan". Papa Wemba himself was totally down in that era with Viva La Musica, them not having a proper instrument-set to perform well every week in bars and bands like Anti Choc and Choc Stars even passed them in term of succes/fame.

I hope that we can find those rare magazine of 80s that had articles about conflicts, events and interviews in congolese music during the 80s. I already saw few on facebook, but it were mostly covers. I would like to read the about the conflict Ditutala had with Nono Monzuluku while having his little brother Bebe atalaku in Zaiko.


« on: November 30, 2022, 04:47 »
The part of Huits Kilos saying that the public in Gabon’s National Stadium went crazy when they performed the song Savon Omo kills me and firework being put on when they performed. 
Papa Rolls had also something like what went on in the head of Gabonese people when Huits Kilos said this. It’s seems that the song was a huge succes in Africa. I don’t remember where I read this. But there was an article on Internet where a Kenyan man said that he thought that Savon Omo was a romantic song and that he tried to sing it for his Congolese wife before going bed and his wife explaining that it was a commercial song made for soap.

« on: November 30, 2022, 04:01 »
I always thought that Huits Kilos left Victoria Principal by himself, I never knew that Emeneya came to Ndjili to convince his father to come back in Victoria Eleison and his people throwing stones towards his cars. Someone like Marcel Landu or Papy Gene must to interview him to make ask detailed questions about his time in Etumba na Ngwaka, Viva la Musica, Victoria Eleison and Afrisa International.

I am really surprised to hear to he’s But na Filet’s uncle.

For years I thought that Emeneya was jocking about Huits Kilo touring with Janet Jackson until a nephew showed me a videoclip where he appeared as a broke drunken man. But in which song did he exactly play guitar for her ?

Congolese artists need to wake up, hearing now that 8 Kilos often invited in Colombia. Colombia is an interesting market Congolese artists. But they shall make Ndombolo music. Isn’t there a way for Christelle Mangaya to get a contract for Koffi there ?


Are you happy now ?
Does he have any relationship with Emeneya? Cause this is a pure King Kester song, man it is so sad that we lost him that fast, anyway finally Seben, I really don't like these Rhumba trend great song by the way

I believe he's Emeneya's brother.

Yes, he is Jean Mubiala Emeneya's (aka King Kester Emeneya) brother.

He was like his brother a member of Viva la Musica. He joined the band in 1981. However, there were rumors that Emeneya wasn't happy with that. In 1982, he would with 11 other musicians of Viva la Musica (including Emeneya) leave the band to form Victoria Eleison "les 12 Apotres". In April 1984, when the majority of the band decided to leave to form Victoria Principal, Joly Mubiala decided to stay with his brother and Pinos. From that moment he became a keymember in Victoria Eleison. Joly Mubiala made 3 songs in Victoria Eleison, Amelo in 1987 which was a huge hit, Souris Cacharelle in 1983 which was also a big banger and the song Safi Santa in 1984. Altough being in the band of his brother there were rumors about about Emeneya not liking him and it was often reported that he was about to return back to Viva la Musica or join Choc Stars which didn't happen in those years. He would also receive sometimes 12 from his own brother. He was about to sing lead on the hitsong Ata Mpiaka of guitarist Safro Manzangi, but when being in the studio, Emeneya went to sing lead on that song.

In 1989 Joly Mubiala decided to leave Victoria Eleison and joined Choc Stars through the late General Defao. When coming in Europe with them, he decided to stay. After spending some months in France, Papa Wemba asked him if he could rejoin Viva La Musica which he accepted. In that period he released the album Terre Noire. It was not easy to get a place in the band, because there were like 12 singers and at that time they were just sing with 3mics with the one of Wemba. But he slowly started to get some space. In 1991, Joly released the album Cadeau d'Amitie which was a huge hit at that time. After the split of Viva La Musica in 1992, when musicians like Awilo Longomba, Luciana Demingongo, the late Bongo Wende, Fafa de Molokai (rip), Lidjo Kwempa and co decided to leave to form Nouvelle Generation, Joly Mubiala became more important for Viva La Musica. In 1994 sung the song Bravo Cathy from the Foridoles album in duet with Papa Wemba. From 1990 to 1997 he participated to multiple albums of singers, songwriters and sapeurs related to Viva la Musica. Altough being member of Viva la Musica, he participated as backround singer to all albums his brother Emeneya recorded from 1992 to 1997 (Reponse ya Polo Kina, Everybody, Live in Paris, Pas de Contact and Succes Fous). He even sung a duet with the late female singer Thethe in the song Naboyi Deception, although not being credited in the credits of Reponse ya Polo Kina.

In 1998 he released the album l'Amour du Ciel, which wasn't a big succes. He also participated to the nzong-nzing album of Ya Biso Moko, which was recorded by Nouvelle Ecriture and Viva La Musica together, having Madilu as guest star and the songwriter Roger Milla and arranger Sec Bidens as important participants. In that album he had the song Coeur Troublé on his name. The same year he was rumored to have left along with 8 other musicians, Gloria Thukadio and Stino Mubi to have formed a new band, being unhappy about the way Papa Wemba was focusing to much on Nouvelle Ecriture. But he still stayed in the band. Shortly after that he decided to become a brother in christ. Papa Wemba was really dissapointed because he wanted him to carry Viva la Musica "cour des grands" in the years that was about to come, being not happy with Stino and Reddy anymore. Wemba was a big admirer of his singing abilities and the capacity to arrange songs with guitar before bringing the final product to the band, while most singers don't even know how to play guitar or are limited when playing it. As a brother of christ he participated to multiple albums of gospel artists such as Mbuta Kamoka. He went even to Kinshasa to make some tv-appearances for churches of famous pastors. But after the death of Emeneya he decided to with the suprise of everyone to stop with it and decided to make a return to secular music. This made some Victoria fans and even musicians angry. Saying that he refused to sing for his brother on religious songs he recorded for his last album This is Me. The tensions were so strong that the band Emeneya left in Kinshasa. A part following Joly Mubiala and the other part who didn't want him as new leader of Victoria leaving. From then a big polemic/war starting for years, Emeneya-fanatics and even ex'musicians attack each other on tv and social media. Some ex'musicians even leaving Europe to support Joly Mubiala and perform with him, others supporting the original Victoria Eleison.


Only Makelele in the ears like Burkina Faso said last time

Mère 100 ans ? So he will still release the song dedicated to Aliane ?

Most Congolese bandleaders were conservative at that time and I think that they were fearing to try something new. You had based in Gombe who were making that kind of succes back in the 70s and 80s. But it was seen as foreign and it were mostly white people living in Kinshasa visiting them and those who were rich. For example the band Bobongo Stars, which had artists like Al Nzimbi, Shakara Mutela and the late Ondoma Motema who later played for Quartier Latin.

Papa Wemba was lucky that he was on his prime at that time (1977-1982), when you are on that level, the public will mostly always accept everything you release on the market.

I am surprised to hear koffi mention Eldorado, Mascot de Katalas, Thomas Lokofe, Djunafa and Veron


When Wemba came back from Afrisa in 1979, he and his band started to innovate alot

Congolese Music / Jolly Mabiala - Kindembe (this song has sebene)
« on: November 26, 2022, 10:00 »

Are you happy now ?


One of the many that ran away from Fabregas when being in Europe

He’s not a big legend in Congo. Because his songs are just remix versions of childhood songs and songs having lyrics who are to basic, while Congolese music is about poetic songs or songs about life. But Africans from other countries don’t know it, because they focus on the sebene and don’t understand Lingala. It’s like someone taking songs of Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse and trying to make it. For example, my cousin had a Somalian friend who was a huge fan of Awilo. But him not understanding why he wasn’t liking Awilo. Then at some point asking if he could translate for him Coupe Bibamba and my cousin having something like “are you serious”. Him wanting especially to know the part “nzinzi akoti, abimi na malembe” and my cousin shaking his head.

Before Awilo you had artists like Kanda Bongo Man, Diblo Dibala and Aurlus Mabele, who were seen as people who were killing Congolese music and clowns by people in the Congolese diaspora. In Kinshasa they weren’t even known and the few who knew them, were sharing the same opinion.

It’s only recently that people in Kinshasa started a little bit respect Awilo. This is because of discovering the way he promoted Congolese music abroad during the time everybody was focused on Clan Wenge, Koffi and Wemba, seeing how important he was now Nigerian Music is dominating Congolese music. Also Awilo himself being often in Kinshasa to promote himself.

Lol, 4 of 5 beef in Congolese music are about nothing

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