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« on: August 03, 2023, 16:08 »

Stady the martyr doesn't count because that is a local issue and almost all the big congolese greats have done that stadium so it really nothing to show off about.

Lol. You are contradicting yourself boss. All the greats have performed in SDM, which Ferre has also done kasi aza grand te?

Lol Wata performed there as well is he a great? what about Franco and Tabuley who never performed at SDM to you they must not be grand te?

like i said SDM is a local issues, prove to us that you can do the same abroad.

« on: August 03, 2023, 16:01 »
hmm warrior a l'attaque hein...

Brother i'm not a warrior and i've never been. my favorite congolese artist has always been werrason.

instead of refuting or challenging my take, what do you do?  you dismiss me as a warrior. this is the reason why Ferre Gola is a local artist, mentalities like the ones you exhibit on this forum.

always running away from critical analysis to dismissing peole with names

« on: August 02, 2023, 22:57 »

ferre was the artist publicly contacted by francophony people and was promised a certain number of things at that moment after his martyrs,then the ministers and organization made cryptic messages about keeping name of artist who will do opening ceremony secret,while fans of dicap were already celebrating him doing both opening and closing of the event and gave him a new nickname "alpha and omega" like in the bible,and in the meantime zacle who had joined the organization of the event and who had already been critical of ferre for months for not picking his calls and all that and with people knowing that he is a man of interest if he cant eat thanks to you he'll talk bad about you,ferre's fans suspected him of being behind the  u turn since he is pretty much everywhere possible with the rival fally and him being the big mouth he is has strongly hit back directly on ferre for the fans' wild reactions
and here it seems that ferre is back into the event for the closure ceremony after intervention of the highest authorities and here is zacle throwing shots at him and giving exactly the same type of diss the fally fans and press give ferre,asking for ferre's concert schedule as to belittle him that he will barely perform after that whereas he will not be involved in all the ferre possible concerts to block him like ferre's fans think and which he does not come on video to stop his fans
yesterday the minister patrick muyaya who was also targetted by criticism from ferre fans knowing that he is close fally friend who was having shoutouts for over a decade said that ferre had decided to leave the event because of disrespectful comments from somebody in the organization which by the looks of it points to zacle and his week of daily rants to respond to ferre and his fans

We need to see Ferre Gola's Touring calender after the Francophonie games. seriously this is becoming too much. how can a local Artisit be talking big game and comparing himself with the greats, where's the whole year goes by without him touring anywhere or even having 10 tour dates in a year. all he does is he waits and see what Fally does then he try's to do so as well. what is he a child?

Stady the martyr doesn't count because that is a local issue and almost all the big congolese greats have done that stadium so it really nothing to show off about.

I swear when Ivoriens or Nigerians hear that in the Congolese community they always talk about the debate of fally and ferre or comparing Ferre with Fally they laugh and ask if Congolese people are mentally stable.  WTF is this.

« on: August 02, 2023, 22:43 »
If i was Ferre Gola i would just find a dark place somewhere and hide or disappear from the public for at least 10 years. it really a shame and embarrassing  for someone like Ferre and his Kinshasa based click to continue harrasing people, and forcing himself to become Fally Ipupa's rival. Ferre keeps on trying different mechanism to get on Fally's level or even becomes Fally's competitor, the funny thing is that for Fally since he started music in 2006 he has never acknowledged Ferre or mentioned his name. but on the other end it is always Ferre and his clcik who always talk about Fally.

dude hasn't really been hot since 2013, i'm sorry but we have to be honest here and stop lying to the dude because he has a nice voice,  Ferre continues to make noise, not with music or Accolade or Venues but Polemic ya pamba.

Some people really call this guy Grand, it laughable when you do the research and find that he only has 2 big venue to his name, Zenith and Stady the martyr

That it for his age

« on: May 24, 2023, 20:40 »
This Country called Congo need a lot of reforms for it to start functioning as a normal state, Where in the world do you see any rich man hiring soldiers for protection, unless it former soldiers or mercenaries. too many things are so wrong in that country called Congo

This is the way things should be in Congolese Music everybody eating

Congolese Music / Re: Burna Boy's La Defense Arena
« on: May 24, 2023, 19:59 »
Yo longwa kuna

this is not the first time I've seen the guy downplaying Fally's efforts

is Fally the only musician from Congo? why does he have to be the only guy representing Congo on the international stage? while all of his mates are pushing nothing but locality.


Congolese Music / Re: Burna Boy's La Defense Arena
« on: May 24, 2023, 08:57 »
It were pages like ndombolhino and congolese pages who were posting pictures and videos of the part that you call fosse at U-Arena not being full. When seeing these I was confused because it was reported in the media that the concert was already sold out since weeks. But it seems that it were just pictures when the 1st part started.

Fally had to go for the 40k straight away to prove that he's a big star in Africa, instead of 27k. It doesn't make sense to perform at U-Arena when doing that. This just because of wanting to be the first Congolese artist to perform there. I wonder if his team would change the capacity again if Koffi's team succeed to plan a concert-date before his event, to prove people that he's more popular than him.

Why don't you leave Fally alone. Fally has been in the game for 17 years now and has done it all, Fally has nothing to prove anymore to you or anyone else. Where were you when Fally did Stade de Marty with more than 100k people in attendance? Burna boy couldn't even pack a 50k in attendance at home

Brother sometimes we need to start accepting the truth rather than argue. Yes Fally, Innos and Koffi are artist we can exclude from this discussion because they are huge and they make serious money with or without Mabanga.

my point was and is if we remove those 3 stars we just highlighted, Congolese music is nothing in 2023

The language barrier can be an Issue yes but even Nigerian Afrobeat is sang in pidgen not fully English and yet they are moving units. if you look at Congolese music going back to 30 years ago they used to make serious money and used to get contract and promotion deals not anymore

Mabanga and slow Rumbas has killed Congolese music and we cannot deny it,

wonder why Awilo Longomba is the only Congolese artist to have penetrated Nigerian market up to date is because Awilo music was a show/dance able music, even with the language barrier , speaking Lingala Awilo managed to capture Nigeria's attention

for your information look at K-Pop music they don't speak English and sure as hell don't make good music but K-Pop is all over the world and K-Pop artist have penetrated American market and won all their Grammy and awards

The reason Fally is not known in the state isn't because of language barrier because music has no language but rhythm,

the difference is that Nigerians promote their music in the state with serious money and label push, they don't just make music and wait for it to be popular in the state they actually put money behind their music for promotions in the state, another thing you should know is that Nigerian promoters are pushing and lobbying for the Grammy Awards by 2025 for the Grammy's to have an established Afrobeats Music category. and this is something Congolese Artist don't do and can never do due to lack of resources, seriousness and solidarity among themselves


« on: May 16, 2023, 23:57 »
 Kaokokokorobo still remain the best SAPE song

He is telling the truth, especially Congolese artist they don't like pushing things and working hard to be on the higher levels of other international stars of the world.

no wonder all they're music is mabanga music, instead of making normal music to sell, it sad they make no money outside of Mabanga 

probably the biggest festival of central africa which welcomed stars from central africa and across the continent aswell as the african diaspora,there had been a pause of some years then now this year they restarted

THANKS Archos.

The concept of this festival is a great idea and i hope it does reopen and come back to life, it will not only help a lot of Central African Artists but the upcoming ones and the established ones this festival will give them a shine but to prosper as well

What is FESPAM? Archos can you help in a few details ?

Insecure Ferre gola, no wonder this guy will always follow Dicap from behind instead of leading

No he is not Congolese but of Guadeloupean descent 

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