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« on: September 05, 2021, 08:09 »
Bercy Muana was in Tanzania, recording a duet with Diamond, expect him to be the next big thing

Music is more than singing, that is why Luambo and Werrason are among the most celebrated musicians off their generations despite their shortfalls. And that is why people with crooning voices like Debaba could not make it to the top level.

Nybona and Pepe Kale was a match made in heaven


I said it and I am saying it again, Congolese music now lacks creativity, we have stuck with the same type of Music for 20 years, in the past the music in congo was changing after every 5 years. I can give you an example. I started to follow Congolese Music in 80s, my favourites were Franco and Tabu Ley, Then I switched to Pepe Kale as he brough something different. in the 90s I switched to Wenge and Kofii Olomide. I can telll you Kalayi Boeing was different from Hi Ho Ha new Image. Pentagon was a new innovation with Caludji. Maison Merre took the music the higher level in 1999 with Bill and Celeo combo. That was very successfully and was copied by most bands including Mopao who unleashed  Kerosene and Brigade. Twenty years later there has been nothing creative that has came out. JB is stuck with Genta for 20 years. Here in Tanzania the recent successful Congolese Music ware Yope, Papa Mobimba and Selfie. Because they were something new. Diamond is playing Congolese, he has only modified it, even the Nigerians have modified  our beloved music.

Operation Dragon
Fleur d'amour

How Many Nicky D version do we have, there was one mentioning legendary musicians when was it recorded?



 Fleur d'amour

Suivez Le Guide


R.A.S (Rien A Signaler



 Le Grand Monsieur

Kibuisa Mpimpa





Medecin De Nuit

 13 Ans

Congolese Music / Re: JB ENJOYING LIFE
« on: June 11, 2021, 08:20 »
He is no longer interested in making music, let us support the young generation, he is rich and soon will be busy playing with grandkids

After Kenya they came to Tanzania and what happened after this tour was history, I wonder why Wenge Music and Quarties Latin all disintegrated after East Africa tour.

Congolese Music / Re: Ado Yuhe & Flamme Kapaya (part 1)
« on: June 07, 2021, 12:09 »
Archos could you translate for us please, I am begging you

The Golden era of dancers, Bibicya, Anya Star, Gisele and Linda, Maison Mere has not had better dancers ever since


Congolese Music / Re: Titanic vs Sanction
« on: May 27, 2021, 13:06 »
Titaaaa ahaaaaaaaaa Titanic

Feux D Amour is the best arranged album of Clan Wenge
Pentagon the best Group Album
Alain Makaba is overrated, he is a good soloist but not overall good musician as he is being portrayed, he has done nothing notable post Wenge
JB Mpiana is the most talented, Most charismatic and most lazy Musician of Wenge, if he had half the aggressiveness of Werrason or Koffi olomide , he would have been the best ever Musician of Congo, but he is still the best of his generation
Werrason is a very good tactician and the most aggressive of the Wenge Clan, he is the brain behind most of the strategies. Those characters helped him to build Maison Merre into a formidable force,  but he cannot sing to help himself.
Adolph Dominguez was lucky to be a member of Wenge, out of Wenge he would be nobody
Koffi Olomide albums were better arranged than those of Wenge, that is why he had a good following in Africa. Since most of Fans do not understand Lingala, they always go for well arranged album. I was surprised to learn that Force D intervention Rapide was a success in Congo, the album was very poor arranged, Titanic was the best Album of that year.

So Pepe Felly Manuaku and Flamme Kapaya are also overrated ? Because they also didn't do anything nor joining a band.
Drummers like Meridjo and Champion Djikapela are also overrated because they had done nothing notable after leaving their bands ? So Nono Monzoloko and Ditutala is also overrated because he done nothing notable after Zaiko

 *Alain Makaba participated to
Fula Ngenge and Bakala Dia Kuba of Papa Wemba and one of album of Deesse
Mukangi in 2002.

 Alain Makaba dissapeared from the Congolese music-scene because he was very dissapointed and had lost the love he had with our music. In the same period he was married to the daugther of the late Omar Bongo who used to be president of Gabon at that time.  Pepe Felly Manuaku  for example (who is seen as the father of sebene) was in the same situation, until that Papa Wemba went to get him to participate in Pole Position and later on the Le Quatro+1 project. However he was not motivated anymore and felt that Congolese people weren't giving him the respect he deserved. He tried to settle in Angola, because he's parents are from there, but he felt as a foreigner there and came back to Kinshasa where he works nowadays in Socoda.

The circumstantes also count to the album. Your album can be of high quality, but still not being well received. We have seen it with Emeneya's album Everybody who was a huge flop, but only getting the respect it deserved when he passed away. In the period the critized Emeneya alot and said that he throw his rhythm in the streets and Wenge picked up. Comparing it to Kalayi Boeing who was a huge succes and who had those tribal guitar-sound in the main song, which the original Victoria Eleison used to have.

 The moment when Titanic and Force d'Intervention Rapide got released, alot music-fans and press had sympathy for Werrason, who recorded Force d'Intervention Rapide in difficult conditions (The civil war started, the money devalued, rebels cut the hydroelectro-dam down which created alot problems in Kinshasa) and the public was already used with Wenge BCBG due to their names already being known and their concerts at Bataclan, Madeleine & Palais du Peuple, while Wenge Maison Mere was something new, the singers not known yet. Also JB Mpiana made some declarations in the press, which made many of his own fans turn their towards him and going to support Werrason and alot people hating him.

Thank you for clarification, it seems guitarists in Congo have a challenge when it comes to going solo, Diblo succeeded a bit with Matchatcha, although i doubt if he was well received in Congo as Paris based musician are not appreciated there. I still wonder what would Force D intervention rapid be if recorded in Paris. The songs were really good, the vocals top quality only the sound.

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