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Congolese Music / Re: Japonais Maladi with Ado Yuhe part 2
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:21 »
Yes there are many examples. When Evoloko, Bozi, Papa Wemba and Mavuela left Zaiko to form Isifi Lokole, Zaiko's founder DV Muanda was throwing nkisi to Evoloko's house in Yolo and their rehearshal place and cursing them every night. Bozi Boziana losing his head, them thinking that it was because of Evoloko, while it wasn't him. Them all bad smell when singing on stage. Evoloko becoming sick "having maladie ya mpese". The band just lasted 11 months. They kept hunting on Evoloko even in his Isifi Melodia days until he returned to Zaiko in 1978. There used to be a rare interview of Evoloko in the 90s, explaining a part of the story in London, at Mengi Massamba's channel. But that video got deleted.

 Papa Wemba sending Mere Malou to Luciana, Jose Fataki and Fafa de Molokai, but them not knowing that they were using her to fight there band and just eating blindly what she was coocking for them. Later on you that fara-fara concert of Viva La Musica against Nouvelle Ecriture and the money being bad, since that the concert-promoter was from Wemba's side and Wemba's staff throwing nkisi at the door of LSC. Savanet Depitcho and JF Ifonge getting strange calls from Benin, just hearing wind. The same for Sam Tshintu and co when they formed Academia, someone of the guys losing their head and many of them not sleeping, because of the attacks in the night. Koffi did everything to corrupt Modogo, Lebou, Suzuki, Bouro Mpela and Mboshi back in Quartier Latin. I don't know if you remember before Force de Frappe rumors of them returing. From them all only Bouro Mpela returned, after that Koffi talked to Bouro's father. Knowing that if Bouro Mpela would return it would affect Academia strongly. Bouro Mpela himself already left, being fed up of Sam's behaviour. Bouro Mpela thinking about joining BCBG or Maison Mere, but his father saying no and bringing him to Koffi's house or Koffi visting them (I don't remember anymore its already more than 20 years ago).

Sometimes they will use cursed girls and if you aren't smart, you will end up like Reddy Amisi or do everything to sleep with your wife for spiritual reasons.  Them also sleeping with the same side chicks. That's why you had that beef of Koffi vs Nyoka Longo, Koffi vs Wemba, Nyoka Longo vs Kester, Koffi vs Kester.
I understand that the spiritual world is often referred to in our music. Whether it be for success or even failure. But surely, you don't actually believe that nkisi has anything to do with any of the example you provided. Those are hyperbole that actually have nothing to do in reality.

« on: January 20, 2021, 01:58 »

Good job from his team, mostly from his solist and atalaku
Guitar licks were so pleasant to listen to. Video was low budget though in my opinion. Could have been better. Overall, it's not very memorable as there were catchy cris or dances.

« on: January 20, 2021, 01:51 »
I mean, just the title lol. But like Abed Achour is everywhere, is in good terms with most of Congolese musicians, probably one of the best donors, and his name is in almost every song that has been put out in the last months, maybe even year. So i wanna know, if i'm the only one who thinks he might be the next Didi Kinuani
From what I understand, as I'm sure you already know, his family fortune stretches long and far. It's like that saying "A Rome Comme les Romains". This guy is acting similarly to how a wealthy Congolese person would act in Congo.

Hehehehe if he was really serious by now we would have had  Ferre Gola website on www and maybe a proper Facebook interactive page where we know who is who in the band,mini biograophies and extracts of their performance etc. I have seen that on Youtube,the official Ferre page has a number of new uploads of Ferre's old works so someone is updating,that's about it. It's the same for BCBG, we had a BCBG website back in the days with a lot of data and all band members details,discography of the band etc that's the most basic marketing you can do to connect your organisation to your market.
What's astounding is now nowadays anyone can create and maintain a website. The likes of Squarespace, Shopify and Wix have made it so easy. Imagine with a website, you could sell tickets to concerts directly as well as merchandise. Wonder why Congolese artist have not jumped on this trend.

« on: January 20, 2021, 01:41 »
i saw few hours ago ndombolhino posting screenshots of him planning on future work with celeo,ceda ya mado,ruth nzele,kabuya,idologik ntumba and all the people involved  were no more in a group so free to work with him and she has not featured for two generiques now
That's unfortunate as she was the only female atalaku. I was in contact with her a few years ago. When I traveled to Kin we even met up. She invited me to the rehearsal at 123 and made sure I was taken care of. Another time I invited her to come kick it with us in Kintambo to eat ntaba. She's a nice person. I know she has a daughter, and lived with her mother at the time. Hope she makes it out alright despite not featuring for Ferré.

ado seems to mess interviews up when he is too much in admiration of his guest or talking like they are friends as much as i dont like him cutting guests like a robot to finish his classic questions sometimes him and the guest get distracted into something and by the time they are over it 20 minutes is gone,i wonder how it will be if he interviews his close friend genta
Kalonji is very charismatic; he had Ado by the finger the minute he walk on the set. You could tell Ado was in awe the whole time. Mbote ebimaki très tôt na emission lol.

On the other note, Bill makes his stories quite believable. Great story teller but you can also tell he's a great bullshiter.

« on: January 16, 2021, 22:23 »
He had problems with Serge Kayembe, who had normally to release that album back in 2014, after that he had also problems with Borel Kosimato who became the new producer and now he has problems with Marc Jacobs.

Problems with 3 potential producers now. Seems there's a trend here. Doesn't reflect positively on the artist.

When you understand the phrase Improvisation you will know only great artist do pull this off and people who do not understand music or arenot  mislead by a typical music understand

Charly Soll has done what is called Improvise where he is not playing the same rhythm as the original version but paying odemba rhythm and the Great One Ferre Gola doing his thing

These are what great artist do improvise meaning changing a rhythm of the original to come out different but the same song

Regarde Moi the master piece more to come from Harmony
It's a great song by a great artist. The execution here is a bit off.

his name is name is mboyo londo "tata mapasa" due to being father of twins,and he is the main choreographer of the group and provides choreography for the group except when its his boss or his partner in choreography department ali loketo
he participated in almost every if not every cultura concert and release(except a period when he had suffered a serious accident which took almost a year to recover)
Good to know, thanks man.

Tremendous technical skills required on this song. However, I found the voice or perhaps the sound a bit off here.
The guitarist Charly was not playing in sync with his boss and at one point Mark 1.50 he confused his boss. Charly played the same rhythm throughout without following the melody of the song. On vocal clarity or perfection,you cannot compare something that's been recorded in studio to a live performance,in studio imperfections are deleted that's why artistes spend a lot of time to record.
The guitarist not being in synch, that answers my question. I just couldn't pinpoint it.

Congolese Music / Re: MMM... ALBUM SALES
« on: January 16, 2021, 04:55 »
I don't really understand why are people doing this comparison.

Fally did a french pop urban album. France is the n°A market for his album.

Heritier did a rumba album. France is not in his target market.

This is like comparing the sales of a Francis Cabel album in France or iin Nigeria.

I don't know why Congolese people are obsessed with the french mainstream market in France. France is not a rumba land. You don't even have 1 million congolese in France. It's a tiny marlet for rumba, outside of playing in halls and getting mabanga money.

Well said, and frankly this should be atop the list. Different sounds attracting different markets.

Also, following the commercial success of Tokos 1, it was expected that there would be major interest in the second one. Whether or not the music lived up to expectations is another story.

1. Academia - zabalumbu
2. Choc star - riana
3. Les marquis - detresse
4. Koffi - boda bodack
5. Papa wemba - maria
6. Koffi - aspirine
7. Kester - la rue
8. Jb mpiana - omba (zenith version)
9. Koffi - choc
10. Fally - kidianfuka
Bonus - stino’s acoustic when he did « awa yokei »
Glad to see "Omba" on the list. I'll check out the Zenith version as I don't remember it.

Although sonically his music has changed dramatically, he still has an impact on the African continent. As evidenced by his recent tune with Diamond. And previously his own solo hits like selfie, etc... That alone is reason enough to continue (in his mind).

Someone mentioned it: money. Seems like money is still pouring in, he's now active in Europe, so life is good.

Frankly, there's no age limit to making songs. Whether or not people still enjoy your songs is another thing. I will say though that he's entertaining as an artist/individual. "vieux a lingi ko Kola te" lol

He comes across as a logical person. Showing maturity in most of the interviews I watch of him. I don't suppose that's a recipe for success in Congolese music - until there's a change in mentality.

I can't help but think that he just doesn't have what it takes to become bigger than he is now. The voice comparison to Fally doesn't help. But also missing the star factor in my opinion. I find that he doesn't bring anything new to the table.


Congolese Music / Re: WHO IS HE?
« on: January 16, 2021, 04:39 »
Song is not that original; it sounds like most sapeurs tunes. But I guess that's the sapeurs sound. I enjoyed it still.

And big ups to the video, she did her thang. She was very enthusiastic, rare to see on these types of tunes lol.

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