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« on: May 19, 2023, 15:44 »
I wonder if Norbat de Paris was an associate of Modogo Franco Ferre. Papa Wemba was the one who helped get sapeurs to be singers. So yes indeed, Papa Wemba would be happy if he was alive. BTW, Gloria Bulukutu sang in this song for those who don't know.

Who is Gloria Bulukutu?

Singer from Viva la Musica. He is to sing with Papa Wemba

Brazza is more stable but its not like the way Angola used to be a few years ago. Otherwise there would have be a mass-migration from people of Kinshasa to Brazzaville like the way many left Congo to live in Luanda. You already alot people from DRC but there would be many many more if that was the case. Like the way people of both Brazzaville & Kinshasa migrated to Gabon when oil was discovered there in the 1970s. People in Brazza  don't really enjoy the oil they have since that everything is owned by Sassou-clan and his politicans. Also the french company ELF has the monopoly on oil over there. Its not for nothing that they brought Sassou in 1997 back on power. In 1992 he had lost the presidential elections against late Pascal Lissouba. Lissouba then wanted to gave the Americans the oil to get more revenues since that ELF percentage was to big and Brazzaville just getting peannuts. When the French got informed over it the brought war to get Lissouba out and put their friend Sassou back in power. 

late Laudert Londala who was the man behind Ngwomo Africa had actually the same idea about planning a festival like Fespam but he sadly died before wanting to organise it. 

Brazzaville is lucky to have politicians that actually like to invest in culture compared to Kinshasa. The difference with Kinshasa is that the politicians there only offer money for matolo and campaigns. But not to invest in festivals, etc. Wazekwa often said it in his interviews. But people in Brazzaville often complain that when money comes in only mostly goes towards artists based in Kinshasa and those coming from other countries. I remember Brazzaville-artists complaining in interviews about to much Kinshasa artists being selected Fespam and not being happy that they were earning more money them them.

I remembered that the late Chairman Koyo complained on tv. He said that artists from other countries received more money than artist from Congo Brazza and some artists peanuts

Mind you the guy who played the guitar solo is called RFI Ndongisila. He used to be in Watikanya BTBG and he play in 3 albums ( coup de marteau, gérer nga et Sandruma canicule)

The generique is alright honestly

Congolese Music / Jordan Kusa is wilding
« on: May 14, 2023, 18:07 »

Congolese Music / Re: Montana Kamenga
« on: May 04, 2023, 16:39 »
The album dropped in 2000 not in 2011. He made it before joining Quartier Latin

I always wonder why Zilco Shabani left the band after Kolo Histoire & this concert ?

He was still part of the band after this concert. He was there at Olympia. Zilco stayed with Nzenze Madodanga in Europe when the tour ended.

Today he's a member of Bana Viva in Kinshasa. I don't know if got deported years later after staying in Europoe. He departure didn't had a big affect because he got replaced by Thierry who used to play rhythm for Ngadiadia and was also joined by Costa Pinto who got into Nouvelle Ecritre a few weeks before Bercy

Thanks for the update. What band Costa Pinto used to be before joining Nouvelle Ecriture ?

I always wonder why Zilco Shabani left the band after Kolo Histoire & this concert ?


 uploaded with a better quality

Unfortunately the song is not on YouTube anymore but you can find it on audiomack along with Karen Amour & Papato

Congolese Music / Re: Guy Gola passed away
« on: April 17, 2023, 16:31 »
May he rest in peace and condolences goes out to Ferre’s family and his band.

It would be strange if the third volume drop on that day without promotion

What happened to dynastie 2? I thought he was about drop it by late March ?

Because he knows no other group would tolerate him and his behaviour, him and Seguin wouldn’t last in any other group they would get kicked out with ease. No way would guys like Koffi and Wazekwa would let them run terror in their band for 20 plus years and let them remain chef d’orchestre especially Koffi he would’ve kicked them out after 2 years


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