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does it matter what he says when we can see and hear clearly that he's biting off fally? lol

his personality is boring. at the end of the day people fall in love with characters just as much as if not moreso than the actual music. he makes great music but he's not really charismatic. he keeps to himself. he doesn't seem to chase fame. to get to certain levels you have to actually exert effort towards recognition. just putting out great music isn't enough. it's all about marketing

That really sucks that he left that woman like that, didn't Fally give Alvarito permission, it's not like he ran away  and wouldn't leaders want band members to return to Kin anyways. Speaking of The US, I saw on snap that Fally is in LA.

yea i saw that on instagram when he arrived. wonder if its just vacation or work trip

Lizarazu Mavanga lol, even though has nothing to do with music. I think it is not only relegated to the music scene, but to all the biggest world names Congolese people love famous people and they think having their names or giving baby their names will give them some kind of good luck in life like Koffi called his sons, Del Pirlo Mourinho (Del Piero + Pirlo + Mourinho) St. James like the famous hall and Did Stone, or like Fabregas called his sod Hayden or jayceon or some like that I would never do that. The culture of your origin is the most important thing

i don't know how many kids fabregas got but i know for a fact one of them he named jayz like the rapper lol and the way he pronounces is it sounds a lot like jésus lol

Lol fally impersonator?? who is this guy?

its finally on google play. i may still buy it at a later date but glad to finally hear the whole thing. still digesting it. its really good though.


wow he is really daring koffi this fella

what does he say? or at least direct me to which part hes talking about kofi don't feel like listening through the whole thing looking for the diss lol

beards usually age a young man by some years. he still looks like a child but with a beard i can't stop laughing.
thanks for the translation

i've been wanting to buy it based on the songs released already but this review gives me more confidence. will buy it tomorrow

Congolese Music / Re: Recognition in world music
« on: August 01, 2017, 21:34 »
to answer your question i am of the belief that america's music industry deliberately keeps out music from other markets. every once in a while a latin american or caribbean (most times jamaican) song will make its way through and become a hit but in general its very closed. to the average american music doesn't exist outside of the united states. even at the height of congolese music's popularity on a world scale in the 80s when you could readily find congolese records/cds/etc at places like virgin and tower records the average american didn't know anything about congolese music. you won't find it on mtv or bet or any outlets like that. if the execs here are not interested they won't give opportunities to artists with that music. i'm also a bit of a conspiracy theorist and i think as part of the conditioning of americans to feel superior to the rest of the world we are given limited outlets to consume "culture". despite the internet and all the information that is out there its hard for the average american to imagine africa beyond poverty and huts and i honestly believe that this is deliberate on the part of those who control media.

now we see the rise of 'afrobeat' (i put it in quotes bc when i think afrobeat i think of artists like fela kuti lol not 2face) and you have artists like wizkid and this new congolese artist just signed to roc nation named young paris. the american industry is trying to get in on that market now. but only bc artists like drake and french montana have made hits using this sound is the only reason why they're 'open' to it. actual congolese artists could definitely build a fanbase here if they were to piggyback off of this properly.

i saw a video of somebody from his family who said he got diagnosed too late of intestinal tumor which was way too advanced

oh damn :(

so sad. RIP.
how did he pass away?

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