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How many homes is Koffi owning in Congo?

between 15 20

Wow, that is a large number of houses.  How much are houses in DRC?

Brilliant idea from Ferre Gola and his team!!

I like this concept where big artists go head to head, comparing their hits and let people vote who had the best and this weekend we had Ludacris v Nelly. Imagine Congolese artist doing this lol. Just look at the love their both showing each that’s respect.

Ludacris won

Congolese artists though talented; are too egotistical, childish, aggravating, ignorant to even create a peaceful verzuz.  If they can set aside their EGO and participate in the Congolese version of verzuz it will definitely be HISTORY making!!

Those Franco's songs mentioned by Matebu are worse than this. They are too graphic.

It hasn't been easy for me to post this owing to the dirty nature of the lyrics. 

In Jackie, which I recon was recorded live, the guy only wants to be the one to finger her and no one else. At one point the guy asks whether the lady has cleaned her a** and seeks to be allowed to insert his tongue and f**k her in the a** and the lady to fart right at the dude's nose because he wants to feel the smell of the lady's stomach and armpits.

Hellene is a lady and the guy's ex or whore. She is a lady with an 80Kg behind who has come visiting uninvited and decides to sleep over.  During the night, her strong farts kills mosquitoes but is afraid of removing her panties because they are torn so she waits until the light is switched off to hold the panties together with her skirt to remove both at once. The lady also snores heavily and smells tobacco. The guy wishes death upon Hellene and orders her to move away since the bed is his and not hers.     

lol thankfully guys like bouboul and co told him not to release his "response" to niokalesse with fally taking the thing to another level
koffi 's biggest strength and biggest weakness at the same time is that he is so competitive that he has to follow every trend to remain in the game

Ahhh, Bouboul papa na Deborah - the voice of reason in Koffi’s Staff Exécutif. For Fally to release those song then it was fine since he was young and his audience could relate, I guess. For a guy in his 50’s releasing Katagouroma it’s incredibly perverse and really makes you think is this guy normal (which we know he’s not). Immediately afterwards was the France dancers ordeal, which is still not fully resolved.

@Musicfan, @SLK97, @jeantwata wait until you guys hear the translation to Franco’s “Ya Jacky”, “Helene” and “Sous-Alimentation Sexuelle (Sexual malnourishment), the OG pornographic songs, which led to him, Simaro, and co being jailed. 6 months for Luambo, 1-2 months for the rest in the fall of 1978. Those songs make Katagouroma sound tame.

Are you serious? more dirtier than Katagourouma?  These artists sure must have been in sort of competition, to see who could push the nasty boundary furthest. 

It's really a nasty song, had no idea. 

People laugh at his accent but he doesn't see the effort he made. It is not something easy to do for someone who is not very fluent in English
I agree.

and the fact that he starting to do weird stuff (the story that he tried or slept with the daugther of his late brother Didi).

WHAT??????? That is nasty, disgusting, demonic, SICKENING!!

and the fact that he starting to do weird stuff (the story that he tried or slept with the daugther of his late brother Didi).

Congolese Music / Re: CORONAVIRUS MOOD....
« on: March 25, 2020, 21:31 »
Just been listening to my playlist. Got news this morning that my cousin has been diagnosed with the virus, this year is so unreal

I pray for healing over her life.  How is your cousin doing?

She is still very much a dancer.  Watched the video and she still looks young, not sure of her age.  Even still,  James Brown was still dancing in his 70s, Chuck Berry, and many more entertainers danced to their old age.  I don't think one should stop doing what they are passionate because of age. It keeps one active.  Beyoncé, Usher, Ciara, Chris Brown are still dancing and they might be in her age range. 

Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI IN TANZANIA
« on: March 10, 2020, 20:24 »
It was a well attended show, tickets sold out 24 hours before the show, Kofi Azali Champion in Tanzania. However, the quality of the band is a shadow of its former self. They played a lot of old songs with animators trying in vain to do Mboshi, CNN and the likes of kerozene cries.

Good show, however... I'm not a fan of this Quartier Latin. There's no character or originality at all!

I whole heartily agree that the current crop of QL is boring! No personality. No originality!!!

There's a high probability that Cindy will be there..

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