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LOL well atleast with fally going to american music awards he can network. This is just silly. He doesnt even pretend to be there in support of a particular movie or anything lol
Excatly what kind of connections can an artist make at a film festival? I saw this in his snap and it just looked awkward. He should've just stayed in Angola with his band and finish the tour then get ready for the summe plans.

And how much are his dancers and band getting, are they also driving at least a cheap Toyota?
The CEO will always make more then his/her employees that's how it is and always will be. And a lot of people would love to have a "cheap Toyota".

Heritier has promted his musicians in concerts and bringing them with him on interviews and giving them good amount of space in his album. Fally brings his guys to interviews on occasion and gave them an album and lets them do their own thing. Fally also put a video on video where they sang Skype and Power 001  it's just that for some reason a lot of Fally's musicians don't promote themselves.

This guy who sang the duet with Heritier in Affection and Yannick who can be heard in the song Luxembourg have left the group and are doing a project together. It's really suorisibg that they would leave before Olympia especially Yannick.

Getting payed after every concert is nice when you're actually participating in the concerts cause there's many members of those groups who didn't even go abroad so they miss out on the revenue from the concerts.

It looks awkward to me, it's like he doesn't even belong there.

That's a nice car for bad roads lol.

I didn't know there was even a vp role.

This generique has grown on me.

I've been listening to Pegguy Tabu recently he had good slow songs, I like how mixed rhumba and R&B.

Nono Fudji can really dance.

Can't find it on itunes nor Spotify

His label and Publicom have been slacking on digital media releases for some time now. Tatiana Cruz's album released was botched badly.

 Honestly I wouldn't recommend any young artists signing to his label until they get it together. He's not a fully proven artist yet, so I wonder why she signed a multi album contract with "Wanted".
She was originally with F'Victeam but she changed and went to Wanted Records for some reason.

is fabregas showing that he does not miss adada by going on synthe overload in this generique and other songs being previewed on the new album?
Fabregas's music does have a lot of piano in it but then again I hope he dosen't overdo just to prove a point that he doesn't miss Adada.

if i am not mistaken when koffi did les mineurs but he was among those who were cut from the very final casting by montana with the likes of deplick lobeso and co
Why do some artists not like to say their musical past, he said he just was in small neighborhood bands and did music in Brazzaville. The same interviewer said he saw with Depitcho. Was Montana the chef at that time or something for him to make calls on who comes in the group or not. 

I don't know why but I feel like he sounds like he could've been with the 2000-2006 QL.

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