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It seems like Defao was very productive in the 90's did he left Choc Stars in 91 right ? I would like to know his discography. He was releasing like 2 or 3 albums per year.

Archos, mvuluzi were you surprise to see Koffi left Babia behind for Bercy ? I heard that he was also the fact he was rude/arrogant to everybody

Balle de Match --> congolese music's Detox kiekiekiekie

« on: February 23, 2019, 08:56 »
It seems like it's the first time we see them  together since Maison Mère days.

Yeah, but you how Koffi Olomide is. Modogo witnessed it back in 1994. They recorded Sylvekou, but he wasn't on the Europe-tour list of 1994.

About 2007, Koffi wanted to get rid of Montana, Shella Mputu, Babia, Suzuki, etc. Because he wanted to form a new Quartier Latin with Les Mineurs and experiened artists like Joss Diena, Gabbanna and J3. So he decided to not give them vocals which made Shella leave. But the rest still stayed so he tried other tactics which made Montana finally leave, but Suzuki and Babia were still accepting those humilations. With Babia not being used often as singer in concerts, but always being send on tv to attack Werrason or Felix Wazekwa (like when he whore the same clothes that Wazekwa wore at Olympia).

Yeah I remember Montana used to wear the same outfit Les Mineurs wore it was ridiculous. He left in 2008 before BEK if I remember well.

He did the same thing with Sam too in 1994 am I wrong ? I found strange that he didn't let Sam having a vocal in Magie despite letting him put his song while Modogo,Babia and Eric Tutsi shine throught that album and they came a little while before him.

Getting back to the topic subject i agree  with y'all Droit Chemin change Congolese Music even if I'm not a big fan of that rumba trend

Congolese Music / Re: OT: MHD ARRESTED FOR MURDER?
« on: January 23, 2019, 05:45 »
man if what i hear is true they did that guy very very very dirty,i hear they were 15 against him they not only killed him but alos cut his nose,his testicles...

yeah i heard that too. There's a video on YouTube. I never understood why people tend to act like cowards when they have a misunderstood like that 15 against one man damn.
I totally don't support MHD on this one I saw a lot of french rappers support him on social media. I disagree with that. Once your career  start you should leave that streetlife because there's always some people who's gonna bring you into such crazy stories like this.

His voice was unique and made the chorus of Quartier Latin special. Even if their were 4 tenorist in a chorus you could still hear is voice. His voice meeting that of Sam Tshintu made the chorus extra unique on Ultimatum & Loi. On Droit de Veto you can heard that Suzuki’s voice was missing in the chorus and that Bouro & Sam Tshintu were fighting as tenorist, while Suzuki’s voice used to  cover that.

Looks like Koffi started to disvalue Suzuki after Noblesse Oblige, on Magie he saw his song being fused with that of Aladji (Sans Suite) and on Ultimatum he didn’t got a song credited on his name.

What you mean by his song being fused wirh that of Aladji ?
It's crazy how Aladji dissapear after Magie.

I thought Serge Mabiala didn't participate to Zenith because he wasn't ready for the concert due to the fact that he was in jail while they were doing rehearsals. Maybe he just sung.

Did Mwana Matebu was a success ? It seems like people were moren focused on Maison Mère,BCBG,Quartier Latin & Nouvelle Écriture.

Wow Willy Bula it's been 20 years he hadn't been to Kinshasa good to see him. I hope the Academia guys would come that would be great.

Robinho who are you kidding man ? Damn these n*ggaz start really to annoy me with their silly beefs they behave like women pssss this is ridiculous.

I didn't know Ferre Baby and Bill knew each other for so long.

Speaking of Soleil how old is he ? He's older than Fally is he ?

What were they beefing about ? It seems like in every band there is always popular members who had beef. By example Reddy vs Stino, Ferre vs Baby Ndombe,Héritier.

« on: November 13, 2018, 20:30 »
Did he came back in 2003 or 2005 ? It's crazy that Koffi sidelined him for so many albums while him and Suzuki contrubuted a lot to Quartier Latin.

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