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Did any of you downloaded that video before the channel was closed?

Oh so this is the concert you were talking about on youtube? It the first time I see this video, I know only know the vip concert of they did inside Palais du Peuple (Salle de Congres).

Man that must give a kick to perform at the Esplanade de Palais du Peuple in front of a huge crowd and also alot of people standing behind you.

I'm surprised to see 12 Balles animating. I thought that he joined after the split before leaving after a conflict with Nono. Did they quickly recruit him, because of Nono & Bebe not being present at the first concert they did inside ?

Is there a full length version of this concert?

For me the best period is the 90's.

Log into your account, find your transaction history, locate the transaction in question, click for details, scroll down, and click: "report problem". It will take you to the resolution center, read the info on the page, select the type of complaint and continue as advised on the page.

Then, what you need to do is simply logging into your PayPal account, start a complaint process in the account for not receiving your item. This option was in the resolution center of your account before, I don't know where it is now but it's somewhere there. You write down what's your issue, submit the complaint, and very likely PayPal will give the money back. Provided 4 months is still inside the complaint time limit after the purchase.

This is the usual way you can get your money back at Fansofcongo. As I remember it was created from Villageafro, where your case was usual, and one could get the money back by submitting a PayPal complaint. You could always order something there in the past worry free, because if the order was not processed you could go this way if they were silent to get the money back.

How did you pay? PayPal or credit card?

He is no more in Zaiko?

If it's true, there is actually no surprise about this, as this is what usually happens with defracting musicians. Just think of Familia Dei defracting from Zaiko, etc. Only boss of bands remaining until the band is suspended finally.

Do you know if this song was ever released on a recording, or it is available only in concert version?

Congolese Music / Re: Defao & Big Stars
« on: June 14, 2020, 21:23 »
There is a book titled: Rumba Rules. The author observes the music scene in Congo in the 90's, and the main band in focus is Defao's band. If you want to learn more about that band, buy that book.

Congolese Music / Re: Beniko’s interview with Ado Yuhe
« on: June 10, 2020, 23:49 »

Obviously this is because the Leader and the administrators saw an opportunity to get that money and share it among themselves without the ordinary musicians. Explains a lot why Africa as a continent is years behind in terms of development. This is basically the mentality of our leaders from time we got independence. Mawa trop.

Yes, you are 100% right about that. This attitude should be changed, that leaders of any kind has no solidarity towards people they control. This is why things go hard in Congo. Leaders only focus on collecting wealth for themselves.

I cannot comment so much about the attitude of people in Congo towards Congolese musicians in Europe, but I can tell much about European people's  attitude towards Congolese musicians in Europe. What I experienced that Congolese musicians in Europe has no passion to devote enough time to a project and create something really exciting. Their music creation project is usually too money oriented, and on the other end it results in less creativity. Singers, usually what they do is that they focus on having the song released. And once they sing their part well, usually they stop at that level. They do not put to much emphasis on the backing music. It is enough for them to have a generally good backing music, but they don't go beyond, and go for something outstanding. They are usually in a rush, but having the voice correctly on the record but the backing at a usual level is not a recipe that the European audience will be interested at. As a new artist, you need to create something exciting voicewise and also musicwise to earn the respect of audience in Europe. It is a false concept of Congolese musicians in Europe that once you have the voice fine, doing the rest more or less acceptably will catch the attention of big audience. On the other hand, when it comes to musicians playing the instruments, the case is the same. Usually instrument players are licensed for sessions of singers. What happens is, projects are not done in a way that a group comes together and for passion they create something, but it goes in a way that somebody hires the musicians, they do something, and once the backing music is okay, they don't devote more effort to the project. For the instrument players the important is to get paid, the quality is less important. And again, having the music at techincally acceptably but themewise still not at an exciting level is not very charming. I experienced this personally. I have met several musicians in the uk, but the project I saw, all was initiated by a boss and his payment, and none by the desire of somebody to do a cool record. All these musicians were technically outstanding, but did not devote time to be really creative. On the other hand,  I also met musicians, who were both technically at high level and were very creative, so anything they created  even in a short time, it was super exciting. But then came the other problem I experienced with Congolese musicians in Europe: the lack of willingness to cooperate. I personally offered money to such a guy to record tracks and release it. I let him define the price, I agreed on what he wanted, we finalized the date of recording. What happened is, on the day of the recording, I was waiting for him in the studio, everything ready, I had the money with me, he did not show up. I tried to call him on phone, he did not answer, and since then he is not picking up the phone when I called him. Who knows, maybe since then he would be a star. Instead, he now works as a driver for a delivery company, and doing music rarely. And this was a super talented and creative guy. So if you ask me, based on my experiences I would say Congolese artists in Europe has a really big problem with passion: they either focus on the money, but the quality and excitement doesn't interest them, or they are very talented, but unable to cooperate. The only way something great could be done in Europe is to collect a ton of money, so big an amount that musicians just cannot resist, and with that big money force them to start a project, and paying only when they hit that certain level that will guarantee success in Europe. But in a way that is general among successful European bands: that you come together with bandmates and for fun you create something cool, it doesn't work with Congolese musicians. Money has to be involved, and the bigger the better.

Congolese Music / Re: Beniko’s interview with Ado Yuhe
« on: June 10, 2020, 01:41 »
I see, I did not notice this guy became that big journalist, but I understand the buzz now.

What is this Savimbi stori in brief by the way?

Congolese Music / Re: Beniko’s interview with Ado Yuhe
« on: June 09, 2020, 21:53 »
I have seen posts about it by why is this interview that a big deal? Beniko gives interviews here and there. Why is this big noise around it?

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