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Congolese Music / Re: Joining bands
« on: March 19, 2019, 20:40 »
for me wenge musica 4X4 before the two last years,the level of love was unreal

« on: March 19, 2019, 20:21 »
my answer to that topic is this,every single congolese top star is insecure,you'd be shocked with how they can think in one second they are the best artist of universe then minutes after be worried by a much inferior star
but its not totally their fault,a lot of people around them basically feed their families with artist feeling insecure,if they were that sure of themselves nobody around them would become a grand pretre just by gossiping,dirty missions to the rival and so on

no,genta,chai and bikou had no problem,caludji aswell it was mainly targetting rio kibens jdl seguin and mukena a little bit
yeah somehow they play a good role aswell as the traditional dancers who disappeared after bercy

Congolese Music / Re: WHO IS THIS?
« on: March 19, 2019, 20:13 »
a singer from ferre's label

as everybody knows,after wenge musica 4X4 split,jb mpiana will have on his side 90 per cent of the group,but quickly due to leadership issues and due to everygrowing list of concerts and tours a new recruitment is well needed
and this is why will be created the concept of PPU(president's protection unity),in other words a reserve section of wenge bcbg ready to step in when needed
singers jules kibens,rio de janeiro,chai ngenge,heritier,guitarists alba,zygal and sunda bass are among the first members and by 1999 most of that first crop of les PPU will become members of first team,with jb mpiana having then to hire new members to keep the concept of reserve team alive
the new generation of les PPU will be a mix between unproven musicians,few who could not make it in big groups and a good number of members of the collapsing wenge kumbela
and quickly they will start to impress in concerts whenever they are given a chance to showcase their talents
in 2001 while they are about to get a chance in the biggest stage of congolese music which is european tours,tensions start to appear between them and some of the older members who feel threatened
they will still be part of the humongous list of bercy concert and will shine there,and will be meant to record 6 songs together in the future group album anti-terro
but as the tour goes on tensions start to grow further and older generation convince the leader jb mpiana to let them remain in europe so that they can improve their looks and really feel the privilege of being in a big group,while in reality some hope that the young guys will disappear in "dreamland" europe but whenever wenge bcbg come back to europe they are around
in the meantime,in kinshasa,jb mpiana tasks gentamicine lisimo in who he senses good recruitment skills to find some other musicians(plus some who come individually for tests) who can fill in for the now europe-based ppu and who can start concerts and get a chance to be discovered when the boss is on stage in a one by one impro on an old wenge musica song
and when in late 2002 early 2003 jb mpiana returns to kinshasa on his own for a playback and a concert,he trusts that new team to step in quickly and honour contract and go back to europe ASAP and that new group will shine so much that out of excitment some chegues will remove their coats or shoes and give it to the musicians and most of them will go home with 100 150 dollars which is for them,and at that time,a lot of money
the news of their stellar performance reaches the older generation and when jb goes again on his own to perform at fikin the young guys shine again and to his surprise the old generation all ask to return after hearing again the news,and they will all return with the plan to prepare planned concert at zenith in kinshasa while jb initially wanted them to prepare concert in europe with the europe ppu counting on the motivation of the ppu after experiencing the" dream of europe" for a good while to produce exciting choreographies for the concert
and while the europe PPU are waiting for the group's return for the big concert,the old generation aka armee rouge will face stiff competition from the PPU of kin,so much that in a concert in brazzaville,they'll start concert from the first second instead of letting the young guys start and when jb wants to start the traditional PPU song gentamicine tells him in his ears that the young guys had been banned from stage so some event went outside hall to smoke or do matolo and it makes jb so angry that he literally orders the whole group of armee rouge except the keyboard players to leave stage and the PPU of kin completed the 2 remaining hours of concert with jb taking few seconds between songs to give them tips for how to play songs they are normally not used to sing
when the group is back in kinshasa,the chief of discipline seguin tries to suspend genta but the suspension is lifted the same day when jb is informed
while they are few weeks away from zenith,the group is denied visas and informed they will serve a long europe ban due to ngulu affair,so now more than ever the two groups will be forced to coexist and jb mpiana will hold a reunion to try to solve definitely thoses issues between the two generations
and as a symbol he announces that the PPU of kin will participate to album anti-terro as well as refusing to go and perform at zenith with the europe PPU to avoid creating even more problems
it coincides with the period in which the older generation get really really close to him as they unite around him in his personal and professional tough times which are starting
the europe PPU who feel completely abandoned decide to record together having heard the PPU of kin will also record their own album and officially leave wenge bcbg,fearing they might have lost their songs to them since the group can not come to record in europe
during recording of anti-terro some little tensions will appear again as due to singer djino giving rude responses to sound enginner and arranger,guitarist pathy moleso when he asks to add some of the  remaining mabanga list of the instrumentists on their song and to punish them paty molesso decides to pretend their files have disappeared,and jdl who went back to kinshasa with him fully supports that idea,him who like maintaining the old wenge spirit of elders bullying younger ones
 and one year or so after recording of album,many fans start to protest against older generation,in an operation started by people from europe(including the man who writes this topic lol),with the idea to kick out majority of the older generation in order to compete better with the two rival groups wenge maison mere and quartier latin(my idea was to separate the groups,the older for the boring VIPs,the younger for the public concerts for example)
tutu caludji who feels he could get his position safe by appearing like a mentor to the young generation starts on his own to come much earlier at concerts and sing with the younger generation and asking to fans to clap for them but its not well seen by some other guys who will use it to unsettle him in the group until he leaves,while they do everything they can to brainwash their leader that he should only trust them off and on stage since the younger ones never really proved him they love him,while they stuck by his side in good and bad moments
genta who openly sides even more with the younger generation advises them not to go for  clash with the older anymore so that they can more easily break barriers to first team
and it is what start to happen,with a couple of events jb will use to try solve for ever the conflict
in fact,in a public concert,he'll make sure the traditional impro song of the young guys is three times longer than usual in order to please fans but when the older guys step in again they are heavily booed and he decides to restart the impro of younger guys then call all bcbg musicians on stage and ask them to hold each other by the hand and insists there is only one BCBG,not two rival groups of one same leader
few days/week after,protests will reach a whole new level with fans literally throwing stones and wood at some of the guys and physically assaulting them and when a big stone is thrown on stage for the first time during jb's presence,jb decides singlehandedly to stop concert and go back home and says if fans cant show minimum respect to their artists despite disagreement they are not true fans
he will from then make a radical decision to stop public rehearsals to protect his group members, one will himself once have to hold an angry fan who wanted to assault kibens and asks him"if you have a brother who works and did nothing particularly wrong,will you find his boss fair if he fires him?" and the guy responds no
in the meantime rival groups make heavy attacks towards the group and jb will use it strategically in order to appease protests by claiming its fans of other artists who came to cause havoc because their own groups are in meltdown and they dont like how stable bcbg appears from the outside
and luckily for him it works wonders with the younger generations getting more and more time in concerts and makes a strong decision by taking the three most popular of them djino,fudji and abraham on the europe tour after ban and they are the ones who return with the most gifts
satisfied by the success and attitude of the younger guys,jb mpiana plans to record an album with songs of younger artists "to test them and see who deserves to participate on his solo album" but his idea does not go too well with older artists who already did not have enough songs on previous album quel est ton probleme,and to appease sulking musicians he decides to make it a complete group album soyons serieux but decides he wont make extra promotion efforts for any of the musician and not to participate in most songs because first he is unhappy with the continuous little conflicts but also he does not want to appear like "over promoting" one at expense of another
in other words like himself will explain he prefers a team of guys fighting for the common cause which is bcbg rather than a group with strong egos,promoted heavily by the boss but fighting for egoistic interests and he will also indirectly admit he is not too keen to promote too seriously musicians anymore after the way it ended with alain mpela and caludji who left him and went to be supported heavily by his enemy didi kinuani and that he does not want around him guys who think they are bigger than the group(EG djino's case)
album will be released and two years after there is another possibility of zenith in december of 2013 But it fails due to combattants pressure
and the possibility of another long europe ban threatens group's stability as european tours are vital for group members to near proper satisfaction to their needs
so in bcbg and most other groups,many artists start to ponder solo projects as plan b to hopefully earn similar money than on europe tours
jb thinking authorization to do solo albums in bcbg will avoid trouble keeps insisting that everybody has the right as long as its not behind his back,but one album will cause long term chaos in bcbg,the album passe en or jb himself decides to offer to  mignon abraham
in fact,not only will he give authorization but he'll fund many sessions and make sure abraham gets personal visas and quickly longterm european papers to go and record in europe also,and it will frustrate some of the older musicians while they do not know the other guys who had an album project were offered the same and chose to record in kinshasa and use the money elsewhere
and to make it worse,big majority of abraham's album will be done with younger guys and in order to unsettle abraham a bit,they secretly send their spy atshuda to follow closely abraham behind the scenes and they will get the info that he rehearses those songs of album withsome of the younger musicians and some guys of the usual private groups of musicians of big groups to work outside group rehearsals
and to influence jb they will transform it into abraham preparing a rebel group secretly,and insist so much that jb starts taking more time to fund him plane tickets or give him some money for studio
one event will massively help them as abraham who takes a couple of colleagues to a bar to meet donors is invited on stage by the interpretation group performing and invites his colleagues on stage aswell and it is reported to jb as him having taken musicians for a solo concert since it was a live concert and not a playback which was kinda normal
in the meantime,those influent older guys convince jb mpiana not to hurry for release since they have already received their money for songs,they are not especially craving song success to survive,also because younger guys have plans of solo career while they are loyal to him
so it ends up in several young guys leaving,but the conflicts seem to have been solved now as there is much more rotation on stage and much less conflict within the group and all are eager to make a positive impression to people with next album

« on: March 19, 2019, 18:36 »
Who really cares about that fagot ass blower fally interviews these days .. ?
At least he recognize not being a noko.
Lol what did Fally do to you? I remember you were one of his biggest fans unless you're just trolling like you've been also trolling some Ferre posts too.

Yeah i remember even him starting to attack jb a bit when the news of fally jb popped out seriously

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide is free
« on: March 19, 2019, 15:49 »
The old man is relaxed not acquitted .. I still feel like something fishy is beyond that decision. To me it looks just like a way to get to come to europe then get arrested . he just needs to be careful when going there
That's true he was just got a suspended sentence, (something that I've never heard of) not acquitted in the court or have charges dropped.

koffi received the same sentence than wazekwa back in the years for ngulu's,except that the fine was bigger(60k for wazekwa,5K for koffi)

i had said months/years ago that i would do a topic of my experience,to explain how conflict of generation started in bcbg,how it evolved with time and the consequences
stay tuned,it should be good by tonight or tomorrow

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide is free
« on: March 18, 2019, 17:37 »
it just hope it wont quickly turn into rubbing it on the alleged haters face or the alleged haters talking much about it,otherwise it could lead to months of polemic again especially given how our youtube guys vincent franck and co love fuelling things like that for views

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide is free
« on: March 18, 2019, 14:29 »
Good news for him ,now hopefully he wont do anything bad during the two years of suspended sentence

« on: March 17, 2019, 21:06 »
fally always makes it clear to journalist that no question about ferre,unless that day he is either in the mood to mention him a bit,or in the mood to throw shots at him,but  never we'll see "oyokaka pe batu mosusu? yemba nzembo moko ya ferre"
or sometimes he'd say something positive about ferre,then go home and ask that the part  is removed

check the comments,if you did not watch the video you'd think he  insulted werra hard in the video SMH

« on: March 17, 2019, 16:41 »

they start with ferre announcing he is 3 songs to mix away from finishing his album with other languages than lingala,and papy asked whether he did it to copy somebody and he invites papy to watch old videos and he'll see he had that plan long ago already
and papy joked about ferre's shoes and ferre jokes aswell that them artists hate it when somebody enters their concert with the same clothes or shoes because they like to appear "unique and special√© and it happened once that at a concert two guys came with similar clothes to him and he told one of his guys and he got different clothes and papy asked whether it happened to him like another artist( jb) to have lost clothes  during a flight and he says not really lost but it did not arrive in time so he had to borrow clothes from his musicians to perform in one concert abroad
papy then asks why he released pourquoi tu m'as fait ca and whether its part of an album and ferre says he likes  to release a song prior to next album and he goes on to reveal that he has trouble with censorship commitee,they have to pay,300 for a song 300 for the clip of that song,censorship is refusing to receive his money which blocks the fact clip is allowed on tv,while he had to pay even for songs who were not released officially like the two songs "announcing" his crossover album and he goes on to complain with how they have endless authorization to ask for before going out of DRC even for their private life at times,and they  get no copyright while they pay taxes... and papy asks whether he suspects somebody, and both indirectly mention one of the main men of censorship didi kelo kelo who happens to be fally's uncle,and he did two versions of the clip already and he does not see what's too obscene in there
he is asked whether he listened other docteur jeff songs and he says the other artists all did a good job
papy asks whether he allows his family to watch clips of other artists and he says of course and reveals that in his parking he has a tv so that even when you just enter his house you can already watch clips and he never shut it down because it was this or that artist
papy being the big instigator he is then asks questions about koffi  ferre manages to dodge it says koffi can be his father so he does not want to talk about him out of respect but he is open to questions about guys of his generation  or clan wenge and papy asks about his relationship with werra and ferre says in all honesty its not good they do not see each other they do not talk because of all  what happened in the 15+ years they have not been together anymore and papy says but you can reconcile as your part of the same family and ferre replies that papy should ask werrason also why things are like that,and goes on to hint that his family suffered a lot from what has been happening in the last 15 years and himself still has not healed the pain, some very very serious things happened which you cant just brush away like that,he was insulted along with his family to extent that his mother even had to make interviews to complain(i remember an interview with naty lokole i think before ferre falled out with naty where she could not contain her tears)
he does not have hatred towards werra still but those situations affected him a lot he remembered aswell at some point where order was given to fans to throw stones or pieces of wood at him if they saw him
but despite all that, he is very very grateful to werra for the way he helped him to give a good shape to his career and he also is very thankful to the former 4X4 guys aswell because he learned things with them aswell from the random members to the president jb mpiana but the things he faced because of his choice of leaving was way too serious to forget it like that but he insists he does not have any hate towards werra just a lot of pain which have never been allowed to heal
papy asks if they happen to be at same place as werra would he salute him or ignore him and ferre says obviously he'll salute him and it already happened on a plane he stood and went to were werra was and saluted him,and never would he be able to see werra somewhere around him and act like he does not know who he is
he talks about the contract in congolese music for group members, and he says its a complicated issue because even leaders themselves make most of of their money outside the normal ways you can expect in music so its normal that the money properly generated in music in kinshasa is not enough to really satisfy musicians
 papy refers to his contract in quartier latin saying but some like you sign contract,and he replies papy should not forget it was under particular circumstances while they are talking about everybody
then he talked about whether its allowed for his musicians to date dancers, he says a strict no at first but then elaborates on how it can influence their work for example a dancer can feel ashamed to dance properly  with usual energy with her husband around on stage to avoid jealousy or just out of respect,its possible that they date outside in their private life but he would be against if it starts affecting openly their work
he also went on to sing songs of various artists like papy loves to ask him but he did not know songs of capuccino and brigade and said it was not  in a polemic way

« on: March 17, 2019, 14:05 »

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