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it sad to say but the dancer is not monica nor mireille konde, i dont know if it continues now but in the former big 4 latino,bcbg,maison mere,viva quite a lot of new dancers died mysteriously or after abortion issues even before having a chance to become famous

more or less similar to the other one,except that he said here that he  missed attentat because he dated a dancer without knowing they did not have that right so koffi suspended him since he also liked her since her test,and then sent somebody to take her to abort since she was pregnant of jf then fired her(and now unfortunately she is dad) and revealed that the group he wanted to perform in before joining latino was bcbg(which his other close friend jdl ended up joining on his advice)
and that the reason why most guys look like that they have dropped big time when they leave leaders is because the power of the leader was effective on them apart from the things they do themselves for success(then some upgrade their power to suceed in solo longterm),and he remembered an anecdote of him and his close friend depitcho when they left quartier latin they meet a fan at restaurant and tried to get him to pay their food bill( a very very common trick until today by musicians) and he laughed and said should i pay for you you left quartier latin you are nothing anymore and they said they joked and paid

you can tell ado is not used to people who did not come to fake some parts of what they say to remain politically correct lol my guy clearly was not far from panicking at times,he can handle a bit of funny anecdotes a bit of shocking anecdotes but this was clearly way too much for him :D :D :D

« on: January 15, 2019, 17:21 »

 yondi went to see adam bombole who paid his ticket and some extra money(which yondi shared with mbuta kiss so zakoko's name was erased days before the concert and changed to yondi)

that sound was great at the concert at the end shame primus is not too active anymore in DRC

poor gessan zakoko,he missed out instead of yondi last minute just because of adam bombole intervention while he was informed to get ready and everything

Not bad...more of a remix of all his cri from Light Music

yeah and a koffi-like anti haters song

If  Fally and Ferre sang the same way it will be boring.Every musician is different we have to accept it.Music is fun when you listen to various beats by many artists.All this he is better is here nor there.People say Ferre should go international.He is Congolese thats his home and market everything is a bonus.Its like saying those American singers should release albums for the Aftican market.

amen, i am still waiting for beyonce to drop some mutuashi looool

« on: January 14, 2019, 19:08 »

I dont know if i posted it already,if i did sorry

it seems like the only artist(s) who won is(are) not from the ndombolo rumba universe,jean goubald won for sure and possibly lexxus legal aswell

« on: January 14, 2019, 11:54 »
 exactly,not far from university

« on: January 14, 2019, 11:30 »
Those politicians are clowns. They always censor those kind of songs. In 2007 they also censored Felix Wazekwa’s Que Demande Le Peuple. They only know how to kill people, steal money, marry many women and buying villa’s in Europe.

I liked the songs JB Mpiana made about our society (Bana Lunda, Conseil Patcho, Courage, Feux de l’Amour, RDC, Omba & Education). I‘m interessed about the extrat of Chemin de Fer he sung in an interview with Garry Iwele, singing then “mabala ya lelo ekoma commerce....”

Not only did they censor que demande le peuple but soldiers were sent to physically assault his mother at the house he offered her(which is by far the biggest of his houses) and since it was  avoided last minute thanks to an intervention of a minister he was classmates with in france they blocked water and power supply for years until that minister became a minister of energy and solved it for his friend

« on: January 14, 2019, 11:24 »
No wonder its difficult for Congolese artists to do politically "sensitive" songs nowadays. The consequences are too much to risk taking that path... I didn't know that Mosaka is also a composer.

yep,in every album since th he has always given at least a song,and also collaborated with people outside bcbg like koffi,fally,a good part of montana's second album....

Congolese Music / Re: JF Ifonge speaks with Ingrid Kabongo
« on: January 14, 2019, 11:22 »
this gotta be one of his most relaxed and chill interviews ever since his "change"
in short he says,he always had passion for music since he was quite young and his favourite singer was kester emeneya,and one day in class they were meant to sing a specific type of song their teacher requested but he sang kester's afimiko instead and the teacher was so impressed that he went out to call other people,at some point in his time in kinshasa before going (back) to europe he was classmates with alain makaba and he says in their generation(those born in 60's) jb was the leader and many of them guys of the same ages looked up to him the way papa wemba became the model of the previous generation so he was also trying to be like jb
when he went back to europe he had to complete military service then since he loved it went into army and only retired when he was about to be sent with french army to  baghdad which his mother was strongly against because she did not want his children to kill people or to be killed so he stepped down from army and prior to that made one of his first steps to being a full time musician as marie paul was stuck in hospital and his friend cesar loboko who was in el paris invited him and they did not know how to cover for marie paul's absence and cesar told ricoco "give this guy a chance he is a singer" and ricoco laughed at him and said "you want to transform wenge into army or what" but he still sang and impressed(in all honesty  he nailed that marie paul/kester style back then)
and one day wenge 4X4 returned to kin too early after an african and european tour and it went so well with gifts,cars and so on that they forgot about a contract in america so the producer who wanted to still honour somehow the deal called aime buanga and he went to america with him jf,jdl and some other guys and at first concerts people did not know its not the real wenge 4X4 but once they arrived in canada there was a good congolese community and the guys knew jb and co so they knew it certainly was not 4X4
few years after he released his album which had great success in africa and was given a shout out in loi by koffi olomide and he recalls that back then he was the star of his producer jimmy houetinou before awilo signed later on and koffi invited him to a couple of concerts and he sang and had dance battle with bouro and koffi convinced him to join quartier latin
and during his early days in the group people were curious to see him because  they heard a guy from the west indies joined quartier latin(his mother is from west indies which is why he was born french) and he said he enjoyed back then his time in the group and talks about a scene when he had pimples all over his body and showed it to koffi and koffi laughed and said this is a normal disease for us love addicts(both of them had a crazy number of sidekicks)
and he started seeing strange things from koffi as time went on and he gives example of bercy with one of his colleagues who came to rehearsal before bercy with two girls and koffi like them and ended up sleeping with them and both died in a matter of days
or during the concert when he was doing his solo dance(which is removed on the tape like depitcho's) crowd was very excited since a lot of friends and family was there and when he was dancing out of excitement  koffi pushed him  into crowd and  the crowd lifted him with their hands the way we see sometimes in rock for example and when security   made sure he went back on stage koffi went  and kissed him on his lips which he found very strange
and he says the music industry is a world of domination everybody wants to be as powerful as he cant and thats why they are easily lured into dark things,for example how before big concerts the likes of jb werra koffi and co have to have a lot of sex the same day with different women to complete their spiritual "duties" and also he regrets that its a world where there is too much hypocricy and he gives example of suzuki who once went hard on koffi and claimed koffi killed dancers and now he says opposite thing and praises koffi and also he does not like the mentality leaders have about musicians they bring to europe,because they bring them in europe for a good reason which is that they have talent so he does not understand that system which is that you have to worship like a god your ex leader because he took you to europe because if you were crap you would not make the list so its not like he is doing you a big favor and he adds that the rare artists who are not hypocrites are badly seen and gives example of jordan kusa who speaks with no filter and people give him hate because they are used to those who'd prefer to lie to remain politically correct and gain support from fans of ex boss because God recommends us to be sincere,honest and to hurt people with truth rather than slowly killing them with being fake to them not to frustrate them

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