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he had two lead roles,one in mosaka's song another with atshuda and a couple of vocals
now i understand why he went to angola in his time he has gone missing,he went to seek support to re launch solo career,but na filet did the same thing and it worked wonders for him

basically he was not there to stay that long he was meant to be part of a concept jb created of young people who'd come to be trained and "graduate" and give whatever direction they want to their career,and in this video judol uses that word graduate aswell
there was him,a guy called gedeon who barely made bcbg appearance but is now a leader in street/area level and josky when roger brought him in to make jb hear his song then from josky jb just dropped that idea and went back to usual recruitment system


ken  tries his absolute hardest to get him to attack jb but he says he has no problem with anybody in bcbg and jb will always be his idol but he just felt he had to restart his experience as a leader and he is very grateful for all jb did for him and ken tries to go down the route linking him to amida and that it would be amida who poached him to leave and he reminds ken he is related to chatur family somehow and knew late dad of amida who used to be a magician who'd come at his primary school  and do tricks to create out of nowhere biscuits and so on for kids
then of course ken asks a question about his boss fally and judol sings a fally song much to his pleasure(and hidden attempt to revive jb fally beef for his own interest of views)
gosh that was my most painful 10 15 minutes max of recent weeks and months,having to watch ken mpiana to start,and to watch a piss drunk ken mpiana trying as much as he can to cause unnecessary problems

lol jv our musicians like when they do but not when people do to them
even in private they cheat on their wives but some have broken leg of their 20th sidekick for suspecting her to flirt with somebody and things like that,they have conned donors and producers but when it happened to them they go super mad lol


He says if people do not know your song then its a flop and went on the usual talk of ex musicians being ungrateful and that some want to prove him a point but if a rich parent has a song who is becoming rich and who thinks he can challenge his father its not a good sign
 he says he was informed that bill lost his dad and naturally went to support and bill was surprised to see him but he finds it normal because bill is polite to him,and reminds of when he lost out on caludji who preferred going to bcbg and people brought to him bill(and genta few days before) he was so impressed that bill lived with him straight away with permission of his parents and willy kayembe tries to allude to heritier and werra straight away reacts like dont go that route
he says he does not fear losing any musician because he is a creator and he goes back to wenge 4X4 days when they had to face zaiko in two days of concert and doudou adoula said on tv " it will be a peaceful concert with our little brothes of wenge" and he said when he saw that he called mpiano and told him they'd have to prepare on any possible field for the concert and take it very seriously,while jb was bro come on its our elders its a peaceful concert and werra says he looked at jb and said what? what elders? elders do not exist in musical competition
the first day they went without preparing on every possible field,and zaiko came very well organized and with nioka longo making a unexpected entrance barefeet with an umbrella and he thinks they could not exist in front of zaiko that day and when concert was over he went to jb and jb and the other guys were worried that they failed a golden occasion to make a big statement,and he told them" relax i have a plan" and he  called kongolo mobutu saddam to ask for army outfits and a tank to make a crazy entrance and saddam accept and they were given the tank but the day of second concert a mysterious and very long rain(14 hours almost) made it impossible to perform and he said zaiko had too strong kindoki in those days

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So which musician/dancer is next?

a couple of  rather famous musicians were about to be published but they paid to save their case as they saw the storm heritier went through
as i said earlier,it has become a common"chida" of those phone guys,they have made money like that by threatening to post people,lebanese guys,children of famous politicians and so on

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Lol after 1H 50 bijou bass gets tired of playing bass just normal standing then goes wild and starts his typical dances on bass,i think its rare in groups to have your bassist as one of the two best dancers of your band

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bro you are right but thats the new congolese mentality
nowadays in death of people in music,there is always ba musiciens ba ye te motema mabe,then the day of funeral affrontement jb werra na fally na heritier botala nani aleki na succes or there is always somebody who does something stupid which goes viral,x or y is not welcome 
rarely if not never we have a quiet peaceful funerals full of dignity

 yes jb had already told kibens to prepare a song for lias (that song if i remember well was used by jb later in some verses of  quel est ton probleme)

 no the reason was simple,it was agreed that it would be singers first plus the instrumentists coming from 4X4 who did not have a song on titanic like ficarre,theo,kusangila if he had stayed until then

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ohh boyyy i am actually starting to see people  hate on jb saying he is jealous of fally having gone to ballon d'or which is why he attacked messi's ballon d'or
really?this is a man who does a video about ronaldo even after a treble in a friendly with portugal and they are surprised to see him rant that cristiano did not win ballon d'or,he did the same video last year when modric won

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