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Very childish and shameful behavior from Fally, wbu does he even feel some type of way about Innoss?

i think i will do a story about their fallout soon

« on: January 16, 2020, 10:49 »
If i am not mistaken they are cousins

The formula rumba with sebene at the end or album with 50% rumba 50% sebene can bring back the fireeee... Its not needed to do an other formula

exactly as fire as shamukwale,ndombolo and other huge animation were,i believe it would not have been that big if it was not declined on various versions,on several songs with different notes
nowadays they do the generiques,if people like they like if they dont they dont,there is barely a sebene song which can make people like the animations on a different note and rhythm

« on: January 15, 2020, 21:52 »
@archos what was the beef between them?

first it started with soleil talking well of ferre which did not go well to fally,then later fally said in an arrogant and ridiculing( if it exists) way that there are some ex quartier latin members who come to beg for money then talk bad about him  and betray him with his rivals and soleil who did not like him belittling  colleagues like that went on tv ( its apparently one or two guys from his time in quartier latin who asked for money just to joke,like bro now you are millionaire give us something) to tell him not to do that again because they are brothers then fally sent people to insult soleil both on tv and in private and soleil countered hard
but going back in the years,both have always been on and off because of their characters,fally more of a dominant guy(which exploded hard these last years with his glory) soleil more of a rebel guy who has often stood against almost everybody in quartier latin if he feels something is not right


15 years what heritier sang is now more true than ever

« on: January 15, 2020, 13:09 »
man i am still vexed :D :D :D :D

In my opinion it’s the stupid rhumba trend that’s killed our music and also the facts that artists and bands don’t share cries or anymore.

exactly,even people super strong on generiques and sebene songs like werra or wazekwa followed the 5 per cent sebene 95 per cent rumba trend

« on: January 14, 2020, 21:37 »
 after work i took a little nap,and guess what i had a dream where there was a room,heritier arrived,then ferre arrived then fally arrived gave them both the handshake plus big up salute, few times after jb werra wazekwa and koffi arrived together and  they participated together to an awards ceremony and ended up doing a common donation for east of DRC ....and... I woke up to my cousin hardcore fan of dicap laughing his ass off with ken mpiana's videos saying stupid things and dissing people left right center put on tv loud
what a brutal reality check :D :D :D :D :D :D
in normal life it would be one arriving then spending a decade in his car sending people to spy which other artist is there already,how to make a noticed entrance or how to avoid crossing path,or those who will not come because they know they will see the rival win,or because for them national awards are  not prestigious,or because they did not win an award and have better things to do than watch rivals lift trophies

the argument of many people is "but eras change and you have to be on track with the new era"
at this rate in 20 years we'll have congolese musicians doing  east african,then french to go "weuld",then sing in english, then chinese music to be relevant then,then reggeaton to conquer south america
when the competition is bigger like congolese music faces,yes you can sneak a little bit into the assets of your rivals to learn few things but first and foremost you have to up your own game
for example barcelona will never ever betray their philosophy and have two 1,90 meters guys in midfield  or play counter attack like liverpool because they have failed to win champions league in past years,they will improve their attack to score more


AT 6 38  alain saint pierre(rip) in today's market koffi could get 5K for such a well placed shoutout
like jb would say " eh oyo eza penza ba caillou du siecle,beton armé penza "

« on: January 14, 2020, 06:44 »

abraham is there to assist him in picking the musicians,and there is a guitarist who came from abraham who is there as a guest and he came with an expensive guitar abraham bought from his trips in europe and he just wants the guitar back,while fabro says he cant recruit a guy who comes form the group of his big brother of 15+ years ago now abraham and abraham asks fabro to reconsider his position because he does not want to be like the guy who destroys the life of that guitarist who is his long term petit,maybe for him villanova is a better place and fabro disagrees and says first he has to give the guitar back then go back with him and if himself abraham wants to offer him he'll come back with him offficially,because he cant steal a musician from him given what he represents for him
and abraham agrees that he will bring him back officially
fabro reveals that its abraham who introduced him to fally back in the days since abraham is close to fally and that some of his first vocals in maison mere are actually abraham's and that abraham was writing songs already back in those days  15 years ago

voila bro that is my real concern,if we keep following trends to remain relevant one day we will not be able to conquer the world anymore
i might be naive on that but i think a common dance and animation for one two years would do our music some good and send to the other countries " you know in congo there is a new thing they are promoting,it is nice"
jb werra wemba wazekwa (and werra trying to bring in koffi) thought about doing something like that,at least trying to find something like that together but egos got the better of them,as usual
looking at it,the era since the progressive collapse of our music at expense of coupe decale and anglophone music is the most "separated" our music has ever been,there is probably the highest ever number of solo artists have seen and probably the lowest quality(in the past there was numbers too but there was high quality along with the diversity)
so instead of having several geniuses doing their "magic" and taking us far,we have talented trend followers(although some still make an effort of creativity) appearing as those who try to maintain the name of DRC on the map of african music
the perfect example is robinio and fabregas they could have been the guys giving a new breath to genuine congolese music,but they both went down the trend following( fabro is working on an "international" album,while robinio has dumped generiques for like you said the 3minutes of "fingers crossed that it can be a hit" formula
artists from abroad fear and respect congolese artists for their ability of doing rumba and sebene on live so well,and i dont want our musicians to be respected for trying to do like the brothers,yes they can do that but our music need its new micko's,new mario's,new loi's,new pentagone's... even if to eat faster our musicians have to follow on the odd occasion
because tomorrow out of the blue it can be the music of madagascar taking africa by storm,what will they do,trying to follow that music or trying to do what they know best either in its most natural form and timing,or in a intelligent adaptation in terms of timing and "efficiency per minute" of the reduced format,of what they do best

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