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both had made peace before he was arrested after months or even a year of abdoul getting himself involved in polemic of other artists and innoss and innoss hitting back,and recently  when he got released he said in several interviews that he wants to move on from beef with innoss and that innoss was making congo proud and that for him he is the number 2 behind the king fally,then recently he has restarted being a bit more direct  i remember he made an interview with cleboa and most comments being against him saying he should not restart it after what he went through and what himself said ,and now he announced that  he is doing a generique niawu which lyrics are " we raised a cat (he claims having been one of the mentors of innoss in his full settling in kinshasa) and suddenly that cat has become a tiger( innoss call himself a tiger) and wants to eat us"

yeah there was debate among the admins about ferre or seguin staying behind and that the other would make it on next tour should it happen,seguin was backed by most of the group being alain's cousin
also jb "had a debt" towards seguin for abandoning him at airport to bring somebody else who was not a musician
maann trips of those era were like a an album the whole kinshasa had eyes on every group who goes who stayed behind,i remember jordan kusa being booed and jeered when left behind by latino and slapping a couple of guys lol tala kaka brutandela agressivité

« on: August 02, 2020, 13:22 »
As i predicted to people around me,he will be the guest of papy mboma today,i am sure papy will seek revenge

Yes two times in kin first time was on tv they snubbed each other like they do not even know the other exists to the surprise of journalist,the second time it was  at house of a donor and they saluted and talked but both are very resentful guys,maybe with age they have forgotten it but what i am talking about is 10 years ago

Yeah maybe he is meaning that those donors  to appease them gave them that per month knowing they are the key guys after the leader and the chefs
hahaha i just remember an event between depitcho and jdt ,depitcho was one of the first to start that thing of humiliating colleagues by sleeping their sidekicks with another guy at the same time,it ended up in physical fight which could not separate them then it went spiritual

when he means depitsho wanted to become leader of el paris,its true since depitcho influence kept growing an he was feeling more and more like "el paris eza eloko na biso" while in people's eyes it was marie paul's group so he started  enjoying too much that president role and thinking that since he recruits people  they can perform with or without de paul,its kinda the same with manda both developed ego with the freedom de paul gave them with him wanting just to be the leader  "kolo butu na moyi"
on depitsho's case there is also women issues,he started getting some of de paul's sidekicks or getting gifts from them in de paul's back,even with jdt  it was very tense over women
people do not realise it because of how he gave an image of a classy guy from quartier latin until today but depitcho was proper bad boy
then he was approached with money by koffi who was liking him a lot
Mustapha came for babia voice wise and for chikito aspect wise,since koffi had jordan fally depitcho plus mamale who was improving on dancing
 if you remember there was that ex el paris and wenge reference guy the nephew of mampata i am forgetting his name who said  he did a whole spiritual preparation for mustapha to make him enter by surprise on the list
bro the story of edingwe is possible,  ya edi has always wanted to confront power wise with werra to see who is bigger in the game,werra has been running away from any chance of meeting him  i remember even recently ya edi made a video to  say he wants to meet werra and werra's fans were worried and saying in comments no he should not do that
in those events with several groups some things have happened almost always

during a concert cindy took his mic by force  to sing and he gave her rude answer and from the moment cindy told koffi koffi humiliated him in front of the whole group and he was basically fired but managed to ask for forgiveness 

Congolese Music / Re: Question 2: Quality of music produced.
« on: July 31, 2020, 17:04 »
Definitely not 2010s for sure lol
i d say 80's and 90's in a close gap early 2000's were good too then it started dropping


Apparently from the comments he will be produced  by f victeam(nini oyo efuti hein lol)

he surely asked for forgiveness,my  little sis before they broke up was saying  that he was looking to apologize for his reaction towards cindy

haha alain was living like a prince

He said it himself in the ado interview


ladies and gents the new prime minister of quartier latin

reddy amisi and heritier apparently did two songs, one for heritier's album one on reddy's new one being prepared

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