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lol my man's disappointed/angry face when saying to his manager manon loubaki "lets go"

 of course he is not guilty yet he is accused or seeked or whatever, but i never heard him with an official sentence,so i wish he could have courage to come and sort it,legally being away from the matter does not help too much the case
guys dont worry too much about people throwing their feelings into this affair,its not every of us who have that strength to put polemic aside  and "judge" artists on their cases first and foremost like their human being self
 either those who rejoice at his trouble or those who are affected or those who keep cold and neutral we are on the same line still,nothing is done and dusted there is still plenty of back and forth so we should just wait and see and hope for the best


In what looks like his last ever work with fally in libre parcours he said "kabuya stopped drinking and came back to work,Oh jesus" and now he changed it to "kabuya stopped drinking alcohol,oh satan i used to drink and now i am drinking again,"

its a pro werra nonetheless who gives the story of wenge totally in werra's favour,anyway these guys should just stop those debates,wenge 4X4 is dead the roles and influence of whoever will change nothing now

« on: July 15, 2018, 13:29 »

he turned 40 today,the wizard like his colleagues call him

Talking about jb's voice message,somebody transformed it into a song lol seguin plays it here at 5 37

hopefully there is no response to that lol they should just take it like sankara's comedian self,because knowing the man who decides to respond in the name of bcbg he would hit harder to counter and then it will end up again in 10+ people joining the beef

that thing with jb and fally is so ridiculous,just because jb says does not rate music abroad too much(while fally puts his "distance" ahead on everybody in DRC on that) and praises ferre it automatically became that jb is jealous of fally's rise(while he is still the one who praised him the longest in his 11 years of solo) and on the other side they say fally does not mention jb anymore because of his praise of ferre or throws indirect shade at jb in interviews because he thinks jb has become jealous of him
like that one,if not for fans of one artist which i wont name lol who in their beef with jb re brought strongly the tribal argument people would not even think straight of jb since its a common expression of bandal back then like recently tokosss and stuff like that
people automatically thought of jb because they heard again and again because of past/present beef return of the tribal argument

« on: July 15, 2018, 00:01 »

its the same boss kts of rendekita,although improved i think

Seems true,but he will be mocked seriously since now groups like bana ok zaiko anti choc and co have become a subject of mockery,whenever many many people mention them they are not far from rolling on the floor laughing,so good luck to manda,he already gets mockery that asila and so on now he might get the double

just noticed brandon in the background lol man has been eating well  :D :D :D

my comment will be controversial and i apologize for it but it was basically G7 when they did their first concert in brazzaville then became jet set or les gaulois when they started coming to europe,but then in the logic of rivalry with the rival pretending his group is his name,it became "the group of ferre"


« on: July 14, 2018, 10:45 »

he explained how he joined bcbg via gentamicine then kibens who he lived with for months and seguin and he impressed so much that he was straight aways sent to studio to co-lead kibens song(and now redid most abraham parts)
and he reveals outside bcbg songs at his test he sang a "world music" song he came with, at 15 28
and he expressed his delight at becoming a starter in bcbg in the role of tenorist saying its the result of hardwork and dedication

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