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 the studios of th cost something about 60000 which at the time was quite a big standard  set along with kibuisa and effrakata

Congolese Music / Re: Cuisse de Poulet doing porn
« on: November 13, 2018, 18:01 »
its not her guys i think i saw the guy on the left,he is a porn actor madjid or whatever like that who does proudly talk about his job on tvs at times in some of the late night talk shows here,so its in france,while cuisse is in angola
gotta be because of the likeness and the piercing

« on: November 13, 2018, 17:58 »
great bassist,at times you can feel he says some things just because he is still in a group,like we all know when you are in a group as soon as you start speaking too much you own mind,different from what the group wants you to say trouble starts e g lobeso

 in short opposition wanted to pick a common candidate to face the candidate kabila picked to replace him and  among those guys who are more known were in contention with another guy martin fayulu who you surely heard in songs but who is less influential than them so it was even a surprise for people that arguably the least influent was picked and those guys had signed  agreement to let him face the kabila candidate
 then the day after they changed their mind,by the way i saw on la mama people mocking jb over the fact soraya was calling vital papa and rooting for him so that her mother becomes the first lady

I think its because of how he could finally return to kinshasa after the deaths of saddam and his dad,so he went to kin and did wenge kumbela with alvarito,jordan,zakoko,champion kanda and co in  hope to compete with his brothers of wenge

this video inspired me one question guys which style do you think is "nicer" solo guitar wise,soukouss or sebene/ndombolo/ngwasuma or agwaya like heritier's 5eme vitesse

 If he could see he'd say with his typical self-mockery "nzoto dimitiri neti mutshopi boye" ;D ;D ;D

Even worse,he never had the chance to see his own clips of cocktail if i remember well,he died when lofombo was still editing videos

« on: November 10, 2018, 16:49 »


in short roga had been trying to control him since 2008,and there was a song for a the husband of his former producer leticia okouna which should have involved soleil and dede djasco as they were living together but he tricked them and later on he was boasting that he had sex with that producer,and after a first fallout they made peace and he covered a lot of events for roga but roga who wanted to control him while he remained very independent was having plans against him for years behind the scenes and it exploded recently when he intereviewed kevin mbouande who was also in paris recording some parts of his album, from then he started receiving threats and people creating fake profiles to attack him
and he says roga likes to control everybody and to keep money for himself only and we just have too look at ramatoulaye and espe bass and look at him  we'll see a huge gap of lifestyle while they have stuck with him through thick and thin for 30 years or more now since they were friends well before extra
and when they came for that concert of months ago,he accused the presenter of stealing something or whatever just to avoid paying him and he was often mistreating his musicians who are from the Kongo tribe of congo brazza so much that some of them ran away in that concert,he was not even  calling them by their names at times just "petit wana ya kongo"
then what motivated this journalist anger to do this video is that roga insulted his children saying bastard childs and he can accept stick or polemic or whatever but not somebody talking bad about his family
and he says roga likes to be very dominant then play the victim,but  is it possible  that quentin moyascko,hermann,oxygene,doudou copa,durell and all the people who left  are all wrong and him right?or it is him the problem because even with press 90 per cent of the press he has humiliated them direspected them,been ungrateful to them... and they dont want to deal with him anymore
and he issued a wakeup call to ramatoulaye and espe bass asking them if they find it normal that somebody like levyson is now miles ahead of them in the hierarchy and even has the courage to give them orders and bully them
and he challenged roga to respond and he'd drop big bombs

« on: November 09, 2018, 18:37 »

about the trace thing  i think it could be true i also heard it,and if memory serves me right even at some point werra's clips were difficultly show and yanki or somebody hinted about another artist blocking clips if you are not too well with him or something like that
something similar(and even worse) happened in ivory coast with the trace ambassador of there getting money to play several clips and never playing them even once
as for him boycotting other artists abroad,himself half admitted it indirectly in one of his last interviews he said something like if somebody is not good with me he should not expect me to have positive influence if promoters ask him and he could actually expect him to clearly be negative so its better for them artists to be good with him to have access(maybe thats where came his punchline in  the crown tirer reverence po le king a recevoir yo)
but obviously he aint the only one the system has been the same for years always somebody or a group of people ruling the music behind the scenes

If i remember well,it all started from his visit to jb's house in sarcelles back then,mampata came by aswell to chat with her friend amida before going back to kin (where later on lacoste and charly balaka now went to see her officially to rejoin the group) and from then people informed tata who went to belgium or something like that to get money for mabanga  and they told tata that she surely convinced him to go back to werra,because they were already spoiling tata's ears with the fact he was going to steal the leadership or go solo because he was negotiating with jb so that the group joins primus on his own and things like that,tata gave him a lot of freedom and he was the president of tonya tonya tata just being the leader so the way they pretended he wanted to return to maison mere worked better than what he was doing because tata was fine with him organizing concerts and so on  pretty much leading the group in daily life
and out of that anger tata gave the two sessions which were destined to that song to another group i think bozi but not sure and then its his own friends who funded the song sessions but then adolphe being torn between his love for his pire petit and the very insisting rumours still commented on that song as if he was fully commited

Congolese Music / Re: Inoss B continues with attacking Fally
« on: November 09, 2018, 16:34 »
It reminds me of one sentence he said in an interview with PM,he said  he feels very very very undervalued and underestimated,he is been going through that afrobeat like type of career and success ever since he grew up and was no more the innocent of vodacom,but he is getting no credit,while some artists like fally can do something very average and still get promotion everywhere and buzz and respect and recognition

ngeli yeyeye yaaaa yolo yeye ah ngaiii ayiiiii :D :D :D :D :D

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