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koffi did well to credit  jf jordan and chikito who did not travel to SA
lol the ropa ropa mistake always make me laugh surely came from koffi's hand writing on paper  which was not well seen by editors

yeah there is something strange,for example the most popular francophone artists of africa,we can pick for example fally,toofan duo,late arafat,none of them picked true disque d'or( although fally managed single d'or with booba feat,and possibly with eloko oyo i have a little doubt) arafat put mad pressure of his fans  and even ranting at them in his videos to buy cds so that he brings first ivorian-based disque d'or since the days where his late father used to be arranger of big stars and could not even achieve 50K cd sold but look at millions of fans mourning him now around africa
one thing i want to add about the fake disque d'ors of the past is that producers also "gave symbolically" disque d'or to their artists based on estimation of cds from piracy sold in streets for little money
i have once hear for example monsieur simon say that on feux de l'amour there was over 200000 fake cds sold in africa

Alesh’s beats sound all the same and keeps releasing these type of songs....I get that he wants to be unique and differentiate himself from the rest but damn this is boring(my opinion).

bill also,we are a galaxy away from the bill of kibuisa who did waka waka and nakoyambayo with werra
surely took him like 30 seconds to write his lines

Grand libulu became something else which is still used i am forgetting the name but as for the rest it seems like it does not exist anymore or its used for other things than music

man she going to get (even more)big headed with those views lol

Sorry guys she is still there and just got offered a new house(her 2nd or third one) as a gift by the boss

I think its to perform at la zamba playa festival by claudine kinua

 lol i can sense that since she likes buzz and that arafat happened to have been introduced to her years ago  when arafat came for a concert in DRC or was meant to come,she'll try like other internet guys of DRC to ride the wave,especially as people have not giving a fxx about her for a while,same for her rival grace mbizi and her traditional crying when whoever dies to get attention


I can recognize her voice in shoutouts too

Congolese Music / Re: HAS ALI MBONDA RETURNED TO WMM?????
« on: August 16, 2019, 11:24 »
no its rather the return of awulu na mbonda who used to be with ferre,and who was ali's back up when ferre and co were in maison mere

About the ferre concerts,i just discovered today that  there is a campaign going on in cameroon against foreign artists, cameroonian artists that foreign artists receive amounts they would not even get half of in their craziest dreams so they decided to boycott behind the scenes foreign artists so that concerts fails crowd wise and artists who were lucky to be absolutely not harmed by it were guys like davido arafat and co who went there too much already so fanbase were not too affected by campaign

« on: August 15, 2019, 22:55 »
Man congolese media are so in look for views, they could not care less about arafat  but the amount of videos they steel from ivorian guys and put title in french unlike usual, to be found easily by those who click for exemple on youtube,dj arafat then in the option they pick today,all that just because of views

 not that extremely wealthy though lol he is doing well but i heard skol lowered his wages for example
 celeo is not rich but does not lack that much money,a lot of people underestimate him because of how his career has gone a bit down compared to the celeo of maison mere,but he is stable enough

 you surely mean bill?

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