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« on: February 28, 2020, 09:42 »

dont talk to him about management,career plan,communication,none of his business,just be the highest bidder

I’m more interested in the aftermath of all this...dramaaaaaaaaa!

assuming it happens i think we"ll see noko tshuke with a lot of "farira fampire tu sera mouri olie mbongo ya arido hypollite kanambe,tala mutu lokola stk ebaluki marche arriere na mbandaka vital kamerhe mobali ya amida zezabel matama minene oka mikate batekaka na mbandaka na avenue bonsomi numero 3"

i just followed one interview of her in french,she revealed that she made the decision in july of 2019 after(another) miscarriage and from then it had been building in her and that she basically went to church to try to solve her issue of multiple miscarriage but then she got touched and it took another dimension

Paris police says that any protests in the direct vicinity of the concert will result in a 7,500 Euro fine and or a six month jail sentence.

Seems like another tactic to scare the combatants lol who photoshopped this

Otimba,this looks like a document of 2017 modified,i hope for fally that he performs but the likeness with jb's concert continues almost the same things everytime
the decision is tomorrow ,well later in the day

« on: February 26, 2020, 02:18 »
actually lobeso developped that rude image out of frustration because he felt let down  and also he was unhappy with himself for having not stayed in france despite pressure of everybody including all his girlfriends and celeo and lacoste having warned him that the day he will not be wanted anymore they'll have no mercy for him
other than that he is a cool and very very funny person
the context is totally different for the comparison i will make here but its a bit like that with boketshu a lot of people know him for his rude combattant character but behind that there is a proper good guy i have known him way before combattants and he is a really good person

 guy's life is sweet lol he can talk about fally,koffi,werra easily,i saw an interview where he said he meets werra often at casino and  he talks about ferre with werra

Congolese Music / Re: Fally and F'Victeam rehearse for Bercy
« on: February 25, 2020, 02:23 »
i wanted so bad to go to that concert i had even taken way before some days off but the more it approaches the more it looks like something ugly will happen
its like carbon copy of jb zenith with the difference that some of the combattants have switched side and gone to kin to eat or are in europe but are happy that their brother(sometimes tribal ) felix is now president
other than that every thing is the same,plan of bringing dogs to intimidate combattants,fally and his production crew contacting gangsters from every dangerous paris suburbs to come and beat combattants(not taking this from rumours, i have a pire petit of my brother who is in one f those  who texted me to explain how they came but the guy meant to give them the money tricked them and he wanted advice about whether they should attack musicians to go for revenge since they have been moved elsewhere which i strongly said no too because it would only worsen things),somebody showing gun and threatening to shoot that day(this time its somebody who is for return of music),them also contacting bodyguards from various origins
combattants also on their hand trying their absolute best to block,this is intringuing especially as bercy is in a particular place, next to ministry of finances and big companies and is different to all other halls in terms of structure
zenith or olympia are much more easily to handle security wise for french police

wazekwa might not go to be on stage,he's been to 2 or 3 of maitre gims bercy's as a crowd guest


Lol this guy man even at home he has to zip his sweatshort up to the neck


lol you reminded me here of arsene wenger on french tv doing commentary the other guy would say endless facts then arsene would just respond a plain yes,no development or whatever :D :D


and apparently she'll soon do a video to talk more,whether she'll completely quit singing or will switch full time to gospel

thinking about it werra did something which is beyond logic  the logic  is even for french artists themselves is olympia,the zeniths of france,palais des sports,bercy then stadiums werra did bercy, an olympia appearance,palais des sports then double zenith

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