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That’s generation of fans  ain’t got the patient for thing

he even adopted arteta's "trust the process" line,not the best strategy,lol the best thing is to do like bayern's coach most people dont even know him or his voice but man just won every club trophy in a season moyen o bouder ye eza te

i am sure he put a limit to it when in the turn of 2010's he understood that he entered a new dimension and that it would be bad for the image he wants to sell of himself otherwise its dead certain he did not lack propositions
 somebody like ouattara would not have hesitated to pay him a fortune to perform and sing a song,just like that clown of faure gnassingbe

lol man wont change anytime soon i think,he's busy selling the peaceful separation thing with patrick beckham crying on his shoulders to announce that he officially goes solo after having spent a while trying to put him in beef with but na filet to deal undercover the same way he took but na filet back from contremaitre project to fight undercover ibrator)
i like fabro a lotttttttt  but sometimes trying too hard to look too clean can backfire badly when things behind the scenes pop out
heritier was also like that a lot,a love for talking a lot of about others  in front of staff to feel special,impress them with stories and whatever but he managed to handle it at some point so that it remained secret and eventually stopped doing it so constantly
there you see how fally and ferre( who also have their flaws of course) were better prepared for leadership handleing
guys like fabro robinio and the heritier of the star seem to struggle to handle that fame of becoming a leader with some success

Congolese Music / Re: Alain Mpela & Ado Yuhe part 3
« on: April 21, 2021, 21:04 »
lol, so Seguin already started spying and snitching at that time kiekiekiekie
LOL I was so surprised at that part, he really started snitching on Blaise and Makaba. How could the rest of the group especially guys like Afande and co years down the line still trust him whereas he still ended up stabbing them in the back.

lol like my bro says seguin would know even the number of times you snore in the night if he has to follow you  a big big snitch
surely because its his cousin that alain did not explain how in his last 8 months in bcbg seguin was following him which created mind games with jb knowing already way before that alain has plans,alain even almost got removed of an african concert list but jb changed his mind for the sake of image

Congolese Music / Re: Alain Mpela & Ado Yuhe part 3
« on: April 21, 2021, 21:00 »
Guys the thing with jb which musicians liked about him is that,and many leaders do that,they'd help you on a private matter worth 6 months of salary  but strangely enough they'd rather that than pay you your salary for 6 months because okokoma tetu okoya retard na concert,and jb does those helps several times a year so it compensate somehow,but it always ends up being not enough at the same time because family's expectation based on the image they give is rocket high
alain says it in the interview(bolamu ya jb eza que asungaka soki o soumettre ye likambu"
i wonder how leaders prefer doing like that
(by the way an anecdote,last year wazekwa had suggested jb to do like him and sign with an hospital for treatment of his musicians and their relatives,bcbg musicians refused because it would lead to them not being able to lie that something happened to get money because they'd just have to be given a paper from mbuta or my bro or the two other assistants to go that hospital)
and like prince said its the controversial upset guys who talk bad about jb,most of the case because in reality their communication with jb is highjacked by the bullying chefs so if you have to ask for something to jb and he tells you kende ko mona seguin of course he will not give you then you'll go back hating on jb or of course he will not pass your message to jb that you are in need so you will think that you are ignored
bikou for example how you will remain peaceful in the group when you are snitched on that you are dating anya while the boss has his fun with her or that you want to follow alain mpela along with taking some of the young guys
for those who wonder why its until kipe ya yo fudji and co did not get much space here is one of the reason they had to prove they are loyal and reliable because of suspicion to be following alain mpela
sunda wanted his album and had got a pre-agreement with jb,how would he have resisted getting it totally given when he was in open conflict with the DP guys,same with abraham and his album axeing  the whole DP and TH guys only using the young guys and zulema  and sunda genta who were in the other camp
 all this paints jb as a weak leader,but unfortunately what happened is common with groups having competition within admins and staff members, no wonder koffi wazekwa  karmapa who are almost the whole administration by themselves face little of these cases in recent years

i watched it he seems a very smart guy,he looks a bit like djouna mumbafu to me,the lips,the style of talking a little bit

« on: April 21, 2021, 18:06 »
i think he is targetting a 2h concert VIP and i clearly would not be surprised at all if its accoustic with marchouse mabuma and wearing smokings and things like that

In his press conference today ferre and the promoters who by the way are the same with nsone's zenith announced that he will be performing at casino de paris,one of the most legendary halls of paris,a bit like olympia,not as big as those zenith bercy and the arenas but very prestigious
guys get the pop corns ready for 6 months of "he will be playing in front of 1600 people only which shows he is finished(which would have been said for anybody,knowing people's obsession with plein) but from what i understood he did not want to put a show just of noise excitment and crowd but something classy and very very very focused on his singing,he said that if it happens like he wants  it could well be his best concert ever as a singer and the best video of a concert he can have given how nice the hall looks


he says he participated against his will,and that the song was meant to be an independent song of aimelia inviting ferre  and when he heard ferre was participating and it was going  into dynastie now he even wanted to refund aimelia   but aimelia convinced him to remain professional,and he said that for him if ferre does not retouch the song afterwards its the best song of the project because its his composition as a

« on: April 21, 2021, 15:29 »
it has become a common habit of people to act like they take a pen a write out who came who did not come,some people like kisindjora or ken mpiana make headlines every single year making all sorts of comments in funerals,and a common habit to highlight lack of love between artists
but the same people who say that once the funerals is gone or once they have commented on it you will see them elsewhere saying that  x artist is finished like artist y and can see countless likes and laughs, then spend the rest of the days treating musicians with huge lack of balance,as if some dont even have the right to breath,or as if they never existed,then once those artists are gone the same people again put those people on profiles play their songs then moan that the whole corporation did not come and that sending chefs is not good enough
yes the artistic industry is very very very rotten and on daily basis almost at times is borderline lacking the most elementary level of humanity,but most of the fans are no better  so i have come to the conclusion that keeping blaming  artists over funerals is pure hypocricy for most people when the day before,the minute after and the days and years after they will do the exact opposite of what
they say at time T when something happens
and we have lost easily a hundred if not more artistic celebrities this century alone and if what happens both with the musicians and with the fans  still continues it means the lesson is never learnt 

fantastic,wayyy better than his overemotional voice,he really nailed the reddy style

Congolese Music / LOL KOFFI IS TOO FUNNY
« on: April 21, 2021, 13:45 »

man was literally in stitches after watching his own spot( have to say koffi was quite creative with his spots in that period though)

 rip zibankulu
 haha efandjo with the karate pose
you'd not have guessed that this team would become so big  in coming years,they really stepped up


 he's been saying for a while now that he always gets reported in no time what fabregas says to his guys about him and he has enough now of endlessly hearing that fabregas is talking about him bellitling him in front of his people and here he is argueing with one of fabregas guys and warns him that if his anger does not calm down overnight he will reach fabregas himself directly and whatever happens will happen because enough is enough,he accepts that he is poor and meaningless so why should the rich fabregas always gossip and mock him

This album is suffering badly

you know why no momentum around it, and heritier now talks like arsene wenger,not saying he should have stayed in the clash mode initiated by carine's arrival next to him but the guy talks longterm of his album while we are in a era in which a week is enough to decide the fate of your release regardless of quality,he is there talking like they will do this and that slowly while all 99 per cent of fans nowadays care about is instant impact

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